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Big sis was really scammed badly by that fella! Shes rushing here so early in the morning! The young man could never figure out how her amazing and proud big sis would be like this towards another man!

The brother and sister were precisely Chu Chuyan and Chu Youzhao.

No, they should be called sisters.

“Did you get the address right Why havent we arrived yet” Chu Chuyan became a bit unhappy.

Chu Youzhao really wasnt used to this pouting little girl side of her big sister.

“I already sent some people to look into it.

His baron manor is where Sir Ding used to live.

It should be right over there.”

Chu Youzhao voiced her reply.

Her footsteps unknowingly quickened.

Chu Youzhao curled her lips in disdain, but she still followed her sister.

They finally arrived in front of a courtyard.

Chu Chuyan saw the placard with the large wordsPhoenix Baron on it and momentarily entered a daze.

Everyone said that he was just a Chu clan wastrel, yet now, he already became a baron!

Even though baron was the lowest of the titles of nobility, this was the beginning.

Now, he could already be considered a true aristocrat who could enjoy status and wealth normal people couldnt.

She wondered what her parents reactions were after learning that Zu An became a baron.

Chu Chuyans lips curled upwards, as if she remembered something interesting.

Chu Youzhao, who was watching her the entire time, wrinkled her nose.

It was just a trifling baron, why was her sister becoming so happy for

Chu Chuyans previous impatience disappeared.

She stood in front of the gate and began to sort out her clothes and hair, returning to her usual aloof and cold beauty.

“Help me knock on the door.”

Chu Youzhao rolled her eyes. Sis, you looked like you were already impatient, and look at you putting on this wise and virtuous appearance again.

You have your pride, but that doesnt mean that I dont!

But the obedience that had been instilled within her by her big sister still made her do it.

She walked over with a pout and knocked.

“Brother-in-law, are you there Me and big sis came for a visit! Hm This door doesnt seem to be locked…”

The man and woman who seemed to be playing a game almost had a heart attack when they heard her voice.

Zu An immediately sat up.

He couldnt hold it in anymore from the sudden stimulation.

He erupted like a volcano.

Qiu Honglei was playing around with a charming smile a moment ago and definitely couldnt dodge in time.

She was immediately stunned.

Zu An was also stunned.

Brightmoon City was a place where rich merchants gathered, a tier one city.

The people there were used to seeing grand sights.

However, even so, Qiu Honglei still turned the entire city upside down in just a bit over a years time.

All of the other courtesan queens were completely overshadowed.

Even though she was always charming and flirtatious, no one had ever seen her truly get close to a man.

This instead gave her a special feeling of purity.

It was because of the perfect combination of these two that so many officials in Brightmoon City became completely hooked on her.

There were even some people who worshipped her like an untouchable goddess.

Her stunning appearance already possessed fatal attraction.

Now that there was this feature added as well, it really was too much for those men to resist.

She was no longer an untouchable goddess, but rather one within reach!

He took out a handkerchief and gave it to her.

“Here, wipe it off.”

Qiu Honglei received the handkerchief with a grumbling expression.

She didnt understand what came over her for her to help him with this type of thing.

Even though she liked him a lot, things shouldnt have developed so quickly!

Was it because they fought together yesterday, and then he took on a huge risk to save her master Did she want to repay him out of a moment of emotion

But that doesnt seem right! If it was any other man, they would be begging to help her out!

Its all because this man is too shameless.

She was only making a joke.

After all, she stayed in Immortal Abode for more than a year, so she was influenced by the way they spoke.

But who wouldve thought that he actually treated them seriously!

She didnt know why, but she strangely let him get away with it.

She was still a bit shy in the beginning, but she became more and more passionate too, only thinking about how to better please her lover…

The room was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere, so she didnt feel anything then, but now that she was suddenly roused awake by the one at the gate, she was already beyond embarrassed.

She didnt feel regret, she was just worried that she gave off the impression that she was cheap.

“What do we do now” Qiu Honglei was a bit upset.

She couldnt even wipe this stuff off properly!

“You should hide inside for now.” Zu An quickly pointed at a screen inside.

Qiu Honglei didnt want anyone else to see her current appearance.

She voiced her agreement and hid herself.

Zu An thus quickly sorted out his clothes before greeting his visitors.

“So you were inside! Why did it take you so long to come out” Chu Youzhao was unhappy when she saw him.

Wouldnt her big sis strangle her if they ended up finding no one here after making this trip

“I had something to take care of just now haha, so I was a bit absentminded.” Zu An said guiltily.

Then, he gave Chu Chuyan a look.

“Chuyan, you came too.”

“Yeah, I came to see your new place.

I havent visited yet.” Chu Chuyan smiled.

She suddenly stared at his cheeks.

“Huh Why is your face so red”

“It might be because its a bit too hot inside, haha.” Zu An waved his hand like a fan and tried to muddle his way through.

“Is today hot” Chu Youzhao was confused.

Zu An didnt pay her any attention.

He thought to himself that it was best if he didnt bring them inside, or else they might notice Qiu Honglei.

But how could he do that It would be strange if he didnt bring them inside to sit down when they came all this way!

The two sisters still entered in the end.

Chu Chuyan immediately frowned when she entered.

Chu Youzhao didnt have so much misgivings and asked, “Huh What is this smell”

Zu Ans face went rigid.

He said with an awkward smile, “I just moved in and havent had time to clean it yet.

It might have some leftover smell.”

Chu Youzhao replied with anoh.

She accepted this reply.

Chu Chuyans expression was more strange.

Her youngest sister was still a little girl, so she might not be able to distinguish this type of special smell, but how could she not

No wonder this guys face is so red and his clothes look a bit messy! So he was doing that stuff by himself…

Maybe he couldnt hold it in anymore But the two of us had just…

Her face flushed red.

It was probably because he was scared by her little sister that he couldnt hold it in.

Her cheeks became really hot when she recalled what happened that day.

“Huh Big sis, why is your face so red Is today really that hot” Chu Youzhao was stunned.

She didnt feel hot at all! Her big sister even cultivated the Snowflake Sword, so why would she be scared of heat

Chu Chuyan gave her little sister a look.

This little brat had that stupid bewildered look on her face, she really needed a good spanking.

She changed the topic with a cough.

“Why arent there any servants or maids here”

Zu An pointed at the imperial palace.

“Im scared that therell be spies planted here, so I decided to reject their offer for servants.

Im already used to living alone anyway.”

Chu Chuyan shook her head.

“This is a large place, how can you take care of everything alone If news gets out, youll become a laughingstock in the entire capital city.

I thought that it was because you were so poor that you couldnt hire any servants.”

Zu An chuckled and said, “Its their mouths anyway, if they want to talk, then let them.”

Chu Youzhao rolled her eyes and said with disdain, “Even if we ignore the other things, you need people for normal cleaning, right Otherwise, this place will always have this weird smell.”

Zu An: “......”

Chu Chuyan couldnt help but smile when she saw his expression.

“How about this Ill arrange for some servants for you.

If you dont trust the capital citys people, Ill send some people I know from Brightmoon City.”

“Thats a good idea.” Zu An figured this made sense as well.

This wasnt an apartment like his past world.

Hell really work himself to death if he had to clean it himself.

Chu Chuyan gave him an unhappy look.

She felt like he was acting a bit strange for some reason.

“By the way, I heard that there were assassins in the eastern palace yesterday.

Did you encounter any danger”

“It wasnt too bad.” Zu An held her soft small hands.

He didnt have a chance to tell her that he was now an Embroidered Envoy yet.

He always had this stupid third-wheeling Chu Youzhao next to him.

Even though he trusted Chu Chuyan, he didnt trust this brat.

Chu Youzhao didnt look like the tight-lipped sort at all.

The Qin clan was even a core part of King Qis forces.

If he told her, it would leave Chu Chuyan quite conflicted too.

Chu Youzhao said, “I wonder where those assassins came from.

They just had to say that King Qi incited them! Absolute nonsense.”

Zu An gave her a sidelong glance.

“How do you know that it wasnt King Qi”

Chu Youzhao harrumphed.

“Of course it wasnt.

King Qi is an outstanding and wise man, why would he do something like this He was clearly set up! Those assassins really are shameless!”

Qiu Honglei was currently massaging her sore wrist from behind the curtain.

She frowned when she heard this.

This kid was cursing her people right in front of her!

Chu Chuyan suddenly turned around.

“Show yourself!”


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