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“The **” Zu Ans eyes widened in shock.

He thought that there was a hidden attack, but he relaxed a bit when he saw that it was Yun Jianyues overly taut body.

“Its your fault for disrespecting me!” Yun Jianyue blushed, but she quickly recovered her composure.

At the same time, she was glad that she took the initiative, or else if he woke up first and saw her like this, then she would be absolutely destroyed!

When he saw where her eyes moved, Zu An was furious.

“This is a mans natural reaction.

Youre sleeping in my house, my bed, yet youre hitting me.

Isnt this going a bit too far!”

Yun Jianyue felt a bit guilty.

She harrumphed and said, “That kick was also a womans instinctive reaction.”

Zu An: “......”

This woman is actually so shameless! As if she inherited my teachings…

Yun Jianyue was now a bit embarrassed.

Her voice eased a bit.

“Thank you for saving me.

My injuries have improved a bit as well, so lets not bother each other anymore.”

She was a girl after all, so it wasnt all that comfortable living with another man under the same roof.

Furthermore, she had to sleep with him on the same bed, so she felt extremely uncomfortable.

If he noticed how she was sleeping… just the thought alone was embarrassing.

Zu An said with a serious voice, “Your injuries were so serious, how could you recover after just a single night Also, the entire imperial palace is under strict martial law, and the formation is up and running again.

His majestys divine senses even cover the entire palace.

How can you even get out”

Yun Jianyue became quiet.

Of course she knew these things! But she couldnt bring them up because of various reasons.

“My sects people have either died off or escaped.

They are definitely hiding in the imperial city, leaderless.

I need to find a way to contact Honglei and have her take care of some things.”

Zu An thought for a bit, and then he said, “You cant leave the palace right now.

Ill contact her in your place.”

He still had his identity as the crown prince secretary.

Even getting to the eastern palace was a bit of a headache, because all passages through the palace gates were recorded.

Later on, once those who were after him investigated closely and discovered that the crown princes secretary didnt pass through the gates, then his identity would be easily exposed.

After a bit of hesitation, Yun Jianyue didnt persist and said.

“Ill have to thank you for that.”

Zu An took out a bunch of food from his Brilliant Glass Bead.

“Im going out for a bit, you should just rest here.

You absolutely cannot go out.

Eat some of this first, Ill bring better things later.”

“Thanks.” With Yun Jianyues cultivation, there wasnt a huge issue even if she didnt eat for half a month.

However, she didnt refuse his good intentions.

“By the way, if you have the chance, help me buy a hammock.” She added.

Since she chose to stay here, then she had to do something about her sleeping arrangements.

She definitely cant continue to sleep on the bed, yet she cant sleep on the silk band either.

This meant that she needed a bed.

A normal spatial storage might not be able to store an entire bed, but a hammock can be rolled up, so it shouldnt be too big of an issue.

“Okay.” Zu An felt that it was a bit of a pity.

He wanted to pretend to be asleep, but accidentally fell asleep and wasted such an excellent opportunity and even offended her.

Yun Jianyue was a bit apologetic when she saw him leave.

“Does it still hurt”

Zu An was stunned.

Then, a smile appeared on his face.

“So big sis does care about me after all!”

“Hmph!” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“I was worried that no one would be able to help me if you got injured.”

Zu An laughed.

He left with a good mood.

After an entire night of inspection, the palace doors were already opened up again.

After all, the normal officials needed to continue their work, they couldnt always be locked up.

Zu Ans status as a golden token envoy would allow him to freely move in and out of the palace.

He noticed that the palace gate guards were acting a bit strange when they saw his waist token.

This reaction left him puzzled.

He raised his vigilance.

There was someone who was on his trail after all!

Can it be that Cheng Xiong still didnt give up

Zu An sneered.

With his current strength, it wasnt so easy to follow him!

He made a few circles around the city.

Once he threw off those tailing him, he changed in a corner, and then headed towards his own residence inside the city.

His entire body went taut as soon as he returned to his residence.

He suddenly attacked to the side.

A lantern rose at this time, and then a figure attacked at him too.

The two of them immediately recognized each other and stopped.


“Ah Zu!”

Zu An was happy and surprised.

“Its great that youre okay! His majesty sent General Liu Yao and Guerilla Warfar General Zhao Yuan to search the capital city.

I was worried that something might have happened to you.”

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“This girl has spent many years as a warrior.

Do you think Ill be captured that easily”

She suddenly noticed that her tone was a bit off and quickly apologized.

“Ah Zu, I wasnt trying to criticize you.”

“I know.” Zu An smiled.

He held her hand and walked inside.

“Lets talk inside to prevent anyone from listening in on us.”

“Okay.” Qiu Honglei subconsciously wanted to pull back her hand, but his grip was tight.

She bit her lip and let him do what he wanted.

Zu An thought to himself that this girl was already getting used to holding hands and other physical contact.

Hugging her didnt seem to be okay too.

Unfortunately, even though he worked so hard to get here, there was no future ahead.

Hm Wait, even though they cannot lose their virginity because of the method they cultivate, there are other ways to play around! I dont have a stash of japanese stuff for nothing!

“Ah Zu, did you find my master” Qiu Honglei asked with worry.

She was raised by her master, and she taught her everything too, so she really respected her master.

She was extremely worried about her right now.

“I found her, and we slept together.” Zu Ans mind was elsewhere and replied subconsciously.

“Huh” Qiu Honglei was shocked.

“Ahem…” Zu Ans face heated up and quickly said, “I saved her and brought her to my residence inside the palace.”

“How is the elder master” Qiu Honglei nervously grabbed his hand.

“Um, your master isnt old at all.” Zu An said with curiosity.

Qiu Honglei stuck out her tongue.

“I was just being respectful…” She remembered being beaten several times for calling her this in the past.

Looks like women all cared about their age after all! However, her master really did look like she would be her big sister at most.

Zu An replied, “Her soul was injured from her battle against the emperor… But you do not need to worry.

Ive already given her a Five Aggregates Root to treat her injuries, so she is fine.

She was more worried about you guys and told me to tell you guys about her following plans.”

“Thats good then.” Qiu Honglei sighed in relief.

“We went into hiding after leaving the palace.

Weve done business in the capital for many years, so hiding some people isnt too big of a problem.

The most regretful part are the brothers who were captured last night.”

There was even an elder who was caught because of her.

She felt more and more awful.

She was about to say something, but then hesitated.

She wanted to ask Zu An to help those people, but these prisoners werent easy to rescue at all.

He already took a huge risk trying to save her master, so how could she burden him with the others

“Ah Zu, youve really helped us a lot.

We dont even know how to properly thank you.” Qiu Honglei gave him a sweet look.

Zu An laughed and said, “Were all our own people, youre treating me like a stranger by saying these things! Of course, if you really want to thank me, then why dont you offer yourself to me”

He pulled her into his embrace after saying this.

He wanted to see if Yun Jianyue deceived him.

Qiu Hongleis face reddened when she sat in his embrace.

“Ah Zu, the technique I cultivate is special.

I cannot let my body be tarnished for a period of time.”

Zu An sighed inside when he heard what she said.

It was like this after all!

Qiu Honglei merely treated this as disappointment on his end.

She bit her lips, and then suddenly said, “Ah Zu, even though I cannot give myself to you, Ive seen what those girls in Immortal Abode have done.

I can take care of you in other ways.”

Zu Ans heart immediately began to pound.

Qiu Hongleis cheeks became more and more rosy.

She was sitting in his arms, so there was no way she didnt feel his bodys reactions.

Meanwhile, a few streets out, a beautiful white clothed woman was currently walking over with a handsome young master.

Their attractiveness were both off the charts and drew eyes from all directions.

“Big sis, their looks are really annoying!”

“You have the identity of a man right now anyway.

What is there to be scared of”

“Hmph, I just dont like it.” The youngster added.

Her big sisters expression was the same! But I guess she doesnt look as annoyed.

“Your brother-in-law lives here” The goddess-like white clad womans voice was no longer as cold and indifferent.

It sounded a bit panicked instead.

“Two more streets.

Were not far already.” The young man couldnt help but remember that scene from that day upon seeing her expression.

His cheeks also became pink.


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