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Zu An jumped in fright.

He suddenly got up and followed the source of the sound with vigilance.

He saw that the beauty was already gone from that silk band.

He subconsciously lowered his head and saw that Yun Jianyue was currently rubbing her butt on the ground.

Her long hair was all over the place, her appearance rather sorry.

He gave that swaying band above a look, and then looked at her below.

He seemed to have understood something, and then his lips curled upwards.

“Youre dead if you laugh!” Yun Jianyue suddenly turned around to look at him, her expression dangerous.

However, her face was heated up.

This was just too embarrassing! She vowed that she would never fall a moment ago, yet she humiliated herself so quickly afterwards.

She was a glorious Holy Sect Master! Embarrassing herself like this in front of a youngster made her so humiliated her toes almost dug into the floor.

“Dont worry, Ive gone through strict training.

I wont laugh, unless… I cant hold it in.” Zu An couldnt hold it in.

Yun Jianyue: “......”

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 233 233 233…

She really was too embarrassed.

She said coldly, “Then you give it a try if you can! Lets see if you fall off!”

Zu An shook his head.

“Im someone who loves to think random things all day, I cannot achieve purity of mind.

I wont embarrass myself.”

Yun Jianyue: “......”

She remembered that he just reminded her a moment ago.

She thought that she would be fine.

“I refuse to believe in this nonsense!” She harrumphed.

With a tap of her toes, she returned to that silk band.

Her figure swayed a bit, but she still steadily remained on the band.

Zu An said, “Your soul is wounded.

Itll take longer for you to recover if you force it and dont get any rest.”

Yun Jianyue thought of something.

She was indeed forcing herself to not fall asleep.

Otherwise, it would be way too embarrassing if she fell again.

When she returned to the silk band, she understood that what he spoke of was that this sleeping method was one of empty mind.

Even though she reached the grandmaster realm, her soul was damaged and her thoughts were all over the place.

She couldnt calmly sleep on this band at all.

It was still manageable when she was awake, but once she fell asleep and she lost control, then it was easy for her to fall down.

Zu An knew that he wouldnt be able to convince her otherwise, seeing that she didnt reply.

“Im gonna sleep first then.

If you cant hold on later, then just come and sleep on the bed.

Well both sleep on our own side.

Were all warriors anyway, we dont have to bicker over the small things.”

He turned around to continue sleeping after saying this and didnt wait for her response.

Yun Jianyue was stunned.

She couldnt help but become shaken as well.

This was a special situation.

If she couldnt get some proper rest, then her soul would recover slower.

Why did she have to go through this torment just because of her pride

Furthermore, would this fella even be able to do anything to her The one he liked was Honglei.

She was his senior.

She also had her own strength too.

If he really crossed the line, then she would make sure he regretted being born into this world.

Thus, she made her decision.

However, it was a bit too shameless to go over now.

Thus, she lay on the silk band for a while, and then when she heard his breathing gradually ease and saw that he already fell asleep, she then gracefully hopped off the silk band.

She noticed that Zu An was sleeping on the side of the bed and left most of it for her.

Yun Jianyues expression changed several times.

In the end, she still laid down on her side.

Of course, she stayed far away from him and didnt touch him at all.

She took a deep breath.

She calmed her messy breathing and said coldly, “I dont care if you are really asleep or not, but Ill cut off your hand if it crosses over.

Got it”

But the only thing she got in return was Zu Ans breathing.

Yun Jianyue thus restlessly closed her eyes.

Her soul was seriously injured, so she should be resting a lot.

As such, she finally couldnt hold on anymore and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Cheng Xiong couldnt fall asleep at all.

His eyes were bloodshot as he investigated the Palace of Peaces assassination attempt.

So many things happened in the palace this time.

He knew that he was going to be eliminated by the emperor if he didnt find out anything.

He had people continue to search the palace for assassins while calling over the patrolling guards to question them.

He told those men to not let any details go.

He wanted to investigate every last clue.

While investigating troop after troop of soldiers, there was someone who said guility, “We recall two Embroidered Envoy coming out of Sir Elevens room.”

“Golden token eleven” Cheng Xiong frowned.

Why was it him again His eyes lit up and he seemed to have realized something.

He quickly asked, “You are certain that it was two Embroidered Envoy”

After all, Embroidered Envoy had special status.

They rarely even showed their identity to each other.

They would head to a government office if they had something to discuss, as there were areas specially designated there for them to work.

They definitely wouldnt invite another Embroidered Envoy to their private residence.

“Yes, I am sure.

The other Embroidered Envoys figure was a bit smaller, so everyone thought that perhaps Sir Eleven swung that way and found someone of smaller build to play with, haha.” That guard was glad that his superior didnt have such fetishes.

Seeing other people involved in misfortune was always better than going through it yourself.

“Wait, the other persons clothes seemed to be a golden token envoy too… He shouldnt be Elevens subordinate, right” Another guard said with puzzlement.

“Really I didnt notice anything.

Their uniforms look about the same.” Those guards began to discuss among themselves whether the subordinate was also a golden token envoy.”

Cheng Xiong became more and more excited.

This Eleven definitely had something wrong with him!

But after his previous failure, he didnt dare rush straight in and instead summoned the palace gate guards.

Eventually, he learned that not long after the Palace of Peace was attacked by assassins, there were two Embroidered Envoy who left.

One of them had a golden token, but they didnt know about the other one hiding behind him.

Because Embroidered Envoy were rather mysterious, everyone was more careful.

That was why they didnt look too closely.

Cheng Xiong finally laughed out loud when he heard all of this. Lets see where you try to run off to now!

Zu An didnt know that a huge sinister net was wrapping around him.

He was sleeping soundly right now.

Next to him, Yun Jianyue was sleeping even nicer.

However, she suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.

She felt Zu An turn around with an evil smile, and then sneakily reach his hand towards her.

She sneered.

She was about to chop off his limbs to teach him what it meant to offend a sect master.

But for some reason, she suddenly discovered that she was completely powerless.

Her eyelids were also incredibly heavy.

She couldnt muster any strength to counterattack.

During this moment of distraction, his hand was already on her.

She was about to explode from anger.

She struggled frantically, yet she just couldnt muster any strength.

“Stop resisting.

The more you resist, the more excited I become.” She seemed to vaguely hear him say.

Then, she felt his hand slide into her clothes.

Her entire body went rigid, and then she suddenly opened her eyes.

The morning sunlight seeped in from outside the window.

She realized that it was already daytime.

So it was just a dream… Why the heck am I dreaming something so embarrassing.

After her cultivation made great achievements, her soul became stabilized and she rarely dreamt.

She figured that it was probably because her soul was damaged from her battle with the emperor that she dreamt.

Only, she didnt dream of her battle against the emperor and instead dreamt of this fella.

This made her feel extremely strange.

He definitely did something to me in the middle of the night!

She was alarmed and subconsciously looked to the side.

She was just about to scold him when she was completely stunned.

She discovered that the two of them were tightly hugging each other.

It wasnt Zu An who was hugging her, but rather her who took the initiative to hug him.

She was wrapped around him like an octopus, her thighs pressed against his waist.

Yun Jianyue: “......”

She actually knew that she had always been a messy sleeper too, or else she wouldnt have fallen off that silk band in the middle of the night.

However, she didnt expect herself to be this bad.

What was even more upsetting was that because it was early in the morning, his thing had risen as well.

It was pressing right against her lower abdomen.

She could sense its ferocity through her clothes.

“No wonder I had that dream!” Yun Jianyue was so angry she kicked him right off the bed.


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