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Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun became nervous.

“Sir Eleven was wounded when he saved the crown prince and crown princess! Dont tell me that this is still not enough to obtain this type of medicine”

The commissioner assistant shook his head.

His expression was one ofthis is official business.

“Im sorry, rules are rules.

This medicine is only to be used for the royal family and cannot be used by anyone else.

The two guards thus couldnt say much else.

They were only two guards from the eastern palace and couldnt force the commissioner assistant to do anything.

Moreover, after staying in the palace for a long time, they also understood that the palace had some rules in place.

Zu An remained silent for a moment.

He took out his golden token.

“His majesty sent me to investigate a case.

If I am wounded, then I cannot carry out this task.

Will you be able to shoulder the responsibility if it affects his majestys orders”

That commissioner assistant immediately revealed an unhappy expression.

“Sir Eleven, please do not try to threaten me with the emperors orders.

I am not trying to cheat you of anything.

If you come with his majestys decree or vocal approval, then I will immediately give you the medicine and not say another word.”

You have trolled Ma An for 413 Rage points!

Zu An was a bit gloomy. I dont think Ive offended you before Why are you hostile towards me

But Yun Jianyues wounds might become increasingly problematic if he couldnt find some medicine here.

Should I sneak in and steal it

No, that wont work.

Forget about the attack making the security much tighhter, even if I did manage to steal the Five Aggregates Root, Ill end up drawing way too much suspicion.

Ive just been rejected.

If it was stolen so quickly afterwards, then it would be more strange if I wasnt suspected.

While both sides were in conflict, there was a sweet fragrance that appeared.

A pleasant sounding yet imposing voice sounded.

“I wonder if I have the right to request for this medicine”

Everyone turned around.

They suddenly saw a group of eunuchs and maids surround a beautiful woman.

Her fair skin formed a perfect contrast with the red beauty mark on her forehead.

The golden ornaments she wore in her hair reflected the lights of the fires around them.

She was dressed extravagantly.

Anyone else would have a hard time pulling off this style as it easily made one seem too tacky, yet she didnt have this problem at all.

It was as if this outfit was made for her.

“We greet the crown princess!” Piao Duandiao and Jiao Sigun immediately knelt down in greeting.

The commissioner assistant named Ma Ans previous arrogance immediately vanished.

“You all are wounded, there is no need for excessive formalities.” The crown princess reached out her hand and revealed a faint smile.

The two guards immediately felt blessed to be in her presence.

“The crown princess cares about us after all!” The two guards were both incredibly moved.

In reality, after all this time, the men of the eastern palace had more respect for the crown princess than the crown prince.

After all, it really was quite hard for them to feel sincere respect for the crown prince with his normal behavior.

What a pity! A goddess like the crown princess could only be married to this type of crown prince…

The two guards immediately threw these thoughts out.

These royal family matters werent things two trifling guards like them could comment on.

Zu An gave her a surprised look.

He really didnt expect to encounter her here.

However, when he saw the gifts in the hands of the euncuhs and maids around her, he realized that she probably came to express sympathy for the wounded guards.

This woman is really good at getting other people to like her! Just look at how moved Piao Duandiao and the others are.

The crown princess nodded in his direction when she saw his gaze.

Then, she looked back at the commissioner assistant.

“Sir Ma, I wish to use this Five Aggregates Root.

Would that be appropriate”

The commissioner assistant hesitated for a moment.

He could guess at why she wanted this medicine.

However, he immediately smiled apologetically and said, “What is the crown princess saying If your distinguished self wants it, then of course it is okay.

Men, bring out a Five Aggregates Root from the storage.”

A medicine assistant quickly left and returned with a jade case.

The commissioner assistant offered it respectfully to the crown princess.

“The Five Aggregates Root is extremely precious, so it is preserved in a jade case to prevent the medicinal effects from scattering.

Furthermore, there is a special protective formation in place around the case.

The crown princess should use it quickly after its removal.”

The crown princess smiled and said, “Thank you, Sir Ma.”

Zu An immediately felt annoyed. This old fart is incredibly arrogant to me, but hes a disgusting simp in front of the crown princess.

It was actually more troublesome if the Five Aggregates Root ended up in the crown princess hands.

It might be easier to steal it from her, but her status was too sensitive.

It was easy for any interaction with her to get out of hand.

The crown princess then took the maids and eunuchs to visit the other wounded soldiers.

There were immediately cheers.

All of them were excited by the crown princess soothing smile.

Zu An sneered. This woman is so fierce inside the eastern palace, yet she treats outsiders so kindly.

The crown prince really has some tough luck.

But isnt she scared of the emperors interference if she keeps roping people in 

However, Zu An quickly recalled the crown princes weak-minded appearance.

Perhaps the emperor is actually hoping that this daughter-in-law actually has some ability, as that would allow her to support the crown prince better in the future.

In that case, he obviously wouldnt worry about these things.

He shook his head and decided to leave this place for now.

Hell think of a solution later.

Not long after he walked out, there was suddenly a clear and melodious voice that called out.

“Sir Eleven, please wait a moment.”

Zu An turned around to look at the beautiful woman behind him.

“Does the crown princess need this one for something”

He noticed that the crown princes maids and eunuchs were currently giving the injured guards gifts.

With her status as the crown princess, an appearance alone was already enough.

There was no need for her to personally do these things, so she used this chance to come out.

For some reason, he had a feeling that the crown princess tone was a bit different from usual.

She normally maintained a dignified and strict tone, and at times, she would give off a rather fierce feeling.

However, her tone was gentle and sweet without a trace of anger.

The crown princess stopped several feet from him and didnt get any closer.

She understood the palace rules and maintained enough distance from other subjects.

“I am indebted to Sir Eleven for saving me… and the crown prince.

I havent had a chance to express my thanks yet.”

“The crown princess is too kind.

That was just my duty.” Zu An calmly replied.

It was all because he touched her that the emperor almost forced him to chop off his own arm, despite the fact that he saved so many people.

He still had some lingering fears from that, so maintaining enough distance was best.

“Sir Eleven saved my… our lives.

How can I not feel gratitude over this” The crown princess expression wasnt as serious as before.

On the contrary, she was smiling like a cheerful young lady.

“Oh, right.

I heard your conversation just now.

Were you injured by that assassin”

“Im alright, it wont be too much of a hindrance.” Zu An was a bit stunned when he saw her blossoming smile.

Is this really still the same vicious crown princess he saw earlier

The crown princess gestured to the side, and then a maid arrived with a jade case.

“I heard that sirs soul was wounded, so I will bestow sir this Five Aggregates Root.

How can we ignore such an injury after you saved both me and the crown prince”

She was the crown princess, so there were many pairs of eyes watching her every move.

She obviously couldnt personally hand this to another man.

Zu An didnt expect her to have asked for this Five Aggregates Root for his sake! He was immediately overjoyed at the turn of events and received the jade case.

“I am extremely grateful, crown princess.”

The two exchanged a few more sentences, and then Zu An withdrew respectfully.

It wasnt proper for the two of them to chat for too long with their statuses.

The crown princess was in a bit of a daze while watching his retreating figure.

No one knew what she was thinking.

The maid next to her said with a quiet vice, “We came to find medicine for Sister Rong Mo.

What is Sister Rong Mo supposed to do if your respected self gives the Five Aggregates Root to him

The crown princess smile froze.

“Ah! I forgot… Go, go, go, we need them to prescribe us some other medicine.”


The Left Guard General Cheng Xiong arrived with his men not long after the crown princess people left.

He sought out the commissioner assistant.

“What medicines did the imperial hospital lose today”


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