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Zu An felt a headache.

How could he let them assassinate the crown prince when everyone was looking If that happened, it would be more strange if the emperor didnt execute him!

That was why he could only stop Qiu Honglei and the others.

Meanwhile, he sent a voice transmission.

“Honglei, you should get out of here.

Even Zhuxie Chixin has returned, you all dont have a chance anymore.”

“It wont be too late after killing the crown prince and this woman first.

You can just leave with us afterwards.” Qiu Honglei replied indifferently when she saw him protecting the crown princess the entire time.

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 555 555 555…

Zu An could understand why Qiu Honglei was so angry too.

If it wasnt because he popped up out of nowhere and ruined their mission, they wouldve already succeeded.

That was why there was no way they wouldnt be angry.

But from his perspective, there was no way he could just watch without doing anything! This was the problem with being on opposing sides, there will always be situations where he couldnt satisfy both sides.

During this time, new Embroidered Envoy and guards rushed over.

The Devil Sect gradually entered a disadvantaged position.

Zu An began to panic.

“Honglei, itll be too late if you dont leave now!”

He was worried that they might hurt the crown prince and princess at first, but now, he began to worry about Qiu Honglei.

Qiu Honglei bit her lip.

She was also hesitant.

The long-haired womans cold and clear voice sounded from the other side.

“The noble treat others with respect and self-restraint, those with humility will be blessed by heavenly law.”

The assassins who heard this were all stunned.

Then, they began to attack the palace even more viciously.

“Everyone, be on guard! Protect the crown prince and princess!” Another guard immediately fought with everything he had.

Zu An was puzzled.

The Devil Sect was clearly at a great disadvantage.

Why did they still launch this mad assault Could it be that the Devil Sect really didnt care about the lives of their subordinates But her disciples were among them!

He quickly warned Qiu Honglei, “Why are you still risking your life for your master if she doesnt care about you guys You need to hurry and find a way to leave, Ill help cover you!”

Qiu Honglei felt her heart soften when she heard his words of concern.

Her expression also eased considerably.

“Youve misunderstood.

This is a secret signal of retreat that we set up ahead of time.

Everyone is looking for a chance to withdraw.”

Zu An finally realized what was happening.

If they straight up said that they were pulling out, then the guards would immediately have a huge boost of morale.

They might instead fail to escape under the guards pursuit.

By putting on this bluff of fighting to the death, the guards would instead become confused and wouldnt adopt any extreme plans.

Their first priority would be to ensure the safety of the most important people, allowing them to escape first.

Sure enough, those black clad assassins looked for chances to escape one after another, with a group of people led by Qiu Honglei staying behind to hold up the rear.

They clearly already went through strict training.

Zhuxie Chixin was furious when he saw this.

“You all wish to leave All of you can just stay behind!”

He waved his hand towards the side.

A giant flame hand descended from the skies and smashed down on them.

The giant flame hands pressure wasnt something those below could resist at all.

They were instantly crushed to ashes.

But those black clad assassins didnt panic at all.

They continued to withdraw in an orderly manner.

The long-haired womans voice sounded again.

“Your opponent is me!”

A vicious streak of light shot over from the eastern palaces walls.

Zu Ans eyes were sharp, immediately recognizing it to be the flying sword that almost took his life.

The sword was flowing with radiance.

It was a bit shorter than a normal sword.

It seemed even smaller in front of that massive, blazing palm.

But it was precisely this small sword that stabbed straight through that massive flame palm.

There was a huge hole created in that palm, and then that hole grew larger and larger.

It was almost as if it was being destroyed by a type of natural law.

The flame palm completely vanished.

Zhuxie Chixin: “”

Zu An now felt so much better.

He was almost done in by this sword and thought that it was because he sucked.

He didnt expect Zhuxie Chixin to experience the same thing!

Zhuxie Chixin looked at that long haired woman with a frown.

“Are you really only a master”

The long-haired woman said indifferently, “Wont you find out if you continue fighting Rambling on and on doesnt seem like the style of the terror-inducing Embroidered Envoy chief commander.”

Zhuxie Chixins eyes narrowed.

Killing intent surged within him.

His sleeves swung out, and then a pitch-black chain wrapped around the other party.

Zu An was alarmed.

“Soul Reaping Chains!”

He saw Huang Huihongs subordinates use these Soul Reaping Chains.

Back then, they were able to multiply their strength by working together.

Furthermore, the Soul Reaping Chains were able to cut off a part of a cultivators ki flow.

It was quite an incredible weapon.

Now, it looked like the reason the Soul Reaping Chains became the standard weapon for most of the Embroidered Envoy seemed to be related to Zhuxie Chixin.

He created suitable weapons for lower level cultivators using his own weapon.

He was a powerful master rank cultivator after all!

He quickly noticed that the Soul Reaping Chains in Zhuxie Chixins hands were a bit different from the ones he saw before.

There was a pitch-black sickle at the end, with only the blade revealing a white color.

It seemed like the weapon of the god of death!

These were the true Soul Reaping Chains!

Zhuxie Chixins complexion was extremely grim.

It had already been many years since he used his true weapon.

However, this long-haired woman was too strange, so he didnt dare show the slightest bit of carelessness.

He wouldnt be able to shoulder the guilt if these assassins were allowed to escape.

The long-haired woman didnt wish to face these chains head on.

She backed up several zhang of distance with a tap of her feet.

With a flick of Zhuxie Chixins wrist, the Soul Reaping Chains extended several zhang, perfectly wrapping around this long-haired womans waist.

He grinned.

This woman was too careless! She didnt predict that his Soul Reaping Chains could lengthen! Hmph, once you are wrapped up by the Soul Reaping Chains, your ki will be restrained.

You wont be able to struggle further then!

At the same time, that cold and sinister giant sickle hacked towards her waist.

The long-haired womans slender waist and the massive sickle blade formed a stark contrast.

Zhuxie Chixin licked his lips, a mad look flashing past his eyes.

He couldnt be bothered to keep her alive for interrogation anymore.

Killing a top level expert like this would be extremely beneficial towards his cultivation.

He could already picture the wonderful scene of this woman being cleaved in two by his sickle, how her blood would splatter all over her long-hair.

At that point, he would fully consolidate his cultivation at the grandmaster rank.

Zu An was alarmed.

Even though he was almost killed by her flying sword, he still found it hard to watch this long-haired beauty be killed like this.

He hoped that she could escape alive.

A white clothed angel appeared on his shoulder.

“She is Hongleis master.

Honglei will definitely be sad if she dies.”

A red clothed devil appeared on his other shoulder.

“Dont waste your breath.

You only think she looks pretty and lust after her body.

Youre despicable!”

The white clothed angel retorted, “Nonsense! Her face is covered, how can I even tell if she is pretty or not”

The red clothed devil said with mockery, “Look at her figure and beautiful eyes.

Do you really need to see her eyes to know that shes a beauty”

The white clothed angel: “......”

While Zu An was experiencing great internal conflict, there was suddenly a change that happened on the battlefield.

Zhuxie Chixins expression changed, because he realized that something wasnt right.

The long-haired woman was cut in half by the spinning sickle.

However, the scene of blood eruption didnt happen.

Instead, the womans figure gradually disappeared, and what was wrapped by the chains was a snapped pillar.

“Substitution technique” Zhuxie Chixin was shocked.

He quickly evaded to the side.

A long haired beauty appeared behind him at the same time.

A sword thrusted at him.

Fortunately, Zhuxie Chixin evaded fast enough.

But even so, there was a long, bloody wound hacked open across his ribs.

His eyes narrowed.

He didnt give his wound a single look and instead stared at that long-haired woman.

“You arent a master, but a grandmaster! Who exactly are you!”


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