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Chapter 611: Protector’s Silhouette

Zu An was speechless. The crown princess is a beautiful woman, for better or for worse.

She is soft and smelled nice, so I can barely tolerate hugging her.

But bro, you’re a **ing pig! I can see some grease and crumps left on your shirt! Who the hell wants to hug you Do you really have no self awareness

He calmly wrapped his arm around the crown princess’ waist, moved to the side, and then pushed away the crown prince with a gentle force.

Of course, he chose his words carefully.

“Your highness the crown prince, I still need to fight.

If I carry you too, then I won’t have a free hand to deal with the incoming assassins.”

The crown prince pouted.

He pointed at the crown princess in his arms.

“Then can’t you just drop her and carry me”

Zu An: “”

This kid really is a master of logic! I can’t even argue against him…

But shouldn’t your main focus be on preventing me from holding your wife Why don’t you feel jealous at all

A harrumph sounded nearby.

Qiu Honglei already rushed over with a sword in hand.

She didn’t attack Zu An but instead the crown princess in his arms.

Zu An fended her off while secretly sending a voice transmission.

“Honglei, what’s wrong”


I’m going for that vixen.

She can fall down even on level ground Does she take us all for fools” Qiu Honglei felt more and more annoyed.

She saw her fair share of her seniors seducing men like this.

This was but one of their techniques.

She looked down on them back then, but she never expected a woman to use it on her… Ahem, on her friend.

Zu An chuckled.

“She’s a glorious crown princess, why would she seduce me She’s obviously tired from fighting against you guys all this time.”

“Hmph, these vixens’ methods are the greatest at misleading stupid men like you.

Only girls understand girls best.” Qiu Honglei harrumphed.

She began to attack with even greater ferocity.

Zu An: “......”

He could only subconsciously deal with her.

He had to make sure Qiu Honglei didn’t really hurt the crown princess, yet he couldn’t hurt Qiu Honglei either.

It really was an awkward situation.

The other assassins reacted as well.

They rushed over out of worry for their saintess.

Qiu Honglei was now conflicted.

She was worried that Zu An might be accidentally injured, yet she couldn’t show that she was just letting their enemies go.

This really was quite the predicament.

The crown princess gradually recovered during this time.

She only experienced a moment of weakness a second ago.

Now that she snapped out of her daze and realized that she was actually in this golden token envoy’s arms, she immediately became ashamed.

She came from a distinguished clan and had never been touched like this by another man before.

Forget about being embraced, she had never even held hands with a man before.

Even after marrying the crown prince, she never felt too comfortable with him.

Furthermore, the crown prince was stupid, so she never let him touch her.

Yet in the end, she ended up letting this guard take advantage of her

In her eyes, the Embroidered Envoy was but a palace guard.

He was nothing more than a higher ranked one.

She wanted to struggle free, because being seen like this in front of everyone really damaged her reputation.

However, she also noticed the situation right now.

There were many people attacking this golden token envoy.

If she made any sudden movements, then there might be an opening for the enemy to exploit.

She endured the urge to push him away and silently observed those assassins’ attacks.

However, she immediately became alarmed.

She noticed that the arm around her waist was extremely strong, and the heat was passing through her thin clothes and entering her body.

It was as if an invisible force was spreading through her and gradually tugging at her heartstrings.

His focused gaze while facing these opponents, his moves that neutralized all of the incoming attacks, so handsome…

Which young lady didn’t yearn for love

She was also one of those romance novel readers not too long ago.

She used to smile stupidly while rolling in her bed sheets reading these novels.

But ever since she became the crown princess, her childhood fantasies were destroyed one after another.

She never read those books again.

Wasn’t this exactly the scene she dreamed of Her man would protect her like this, even if the entire world was against him!

If only the crown prince was like this, how great would that be…

She subconsciously gave the crown prince a look.

When she saw his chubby face and those little eyes that almost disappeared under all the fat, she sighed.

What was even more infuriating was that the crown prince didn’t get mad when he saw her in the arms of another man.

On the contrary, he was clapping his hands and cheering the Embroidered Envoy on!

Even though he was praising his strength, the crown princess still felt her mind go cold.

How can the crown prince be this simple-minded

She didn’t have any extravagant hopes of her husband being some great hero, but he should at least be a normal person, right Comparatively speaking, this Embroidered Envoy who was carrying her gave her a much greater sense of security.

She wasn’t normally that weak either.

However, there were too many things that happened today.

Furthermore, after repeated battles, even she felt the threat of death for the first time.

When one experienced extreme danger, their heart would begin to beat strongly.

They would also erupt with tremendous potential.

But once that passed, they would become extremely weak and weary.

This was the state she was currently in.

“You know no shame!” An angry shout sounded.

She noticed that an assassin was currently staring at her with scorching eyes.

The crown princess immediately reacted.

This scene was definitely extremely embarrassing.

If not even an assassin could continue watching this, how was she supposed to face anyone else in the imperial palace in the future

She couldn’t be bothered with so much at this point.

When she saw that the man next to her forced back a group of assassins, she struggled out from his embrace and rushed to her husband’s side.

Her heart was pounding.

The crown prince said out of curiosity, “Linglong, why is your face so red Are you sick Do you want me to ask the doctor to bring you some medicine”

“Shut up!” The crown princess shouted in irritation.

“Oh…” The crown prince felt incredibly wronged.

However, he was always scared of his wife, so he didn’t say anything in retort.

Qiu Honglei’s attacks grew more and more ferocious.

She transmitted her voice angrily, “No wonder you were stopping me, it was because of this woman! I knew it, you only smile for a new lover and won’t look at the crying old lover.


She felt great rage surge within her when she thought about how the crown princess was sticking to his chest earlier.

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 233 233 233…

Zu An’s head was hurting.

“I’m being wronged here! You know that I was about to run away on my own thanks to your amazing master’s appearance, but how am I supposed to know that the crown princess would run over to where I am”

Also, when have you ever been one of my old lovers

Qiu Honglei pouted.

“You could’ve just ignored her.”

Zu An had a gloomy look on his face.

“But my identity right now is one of the palace’s personnel! I’ll die for sure if I don’t do anything…”

Qiu Honglei knew that he was telling the truth, but she was still upset.

“Those are all excuses.

The truth is that you thought the crown princess was scary.

If she looked like the crown prince, would you have protected her”

Zu An: “......”

He really was a bit speechless.

If the crown princess looked like a pig, then he might really not have been so enthusiastic.

Qiu Honglei sneered.

“Hmph, men!”

Zu An was just about to say something when Shi Miao screamed miserably.

He crashed into a room, blood splurting out of his mouth.

That woman didn’t let up at all and flew right at him.

Zu An’s expression immediately changed.

Even though her flight looked graceful and otherworldly, he knew that her strikes were extremely terrifying.

He didn’t have any confidence in taking on her full strength attack while protecting the crown prince and princess.

Even keeping his own life would be a toss up.

He hesitated, wondering if it was time for him to bail.

Suddenly, a great vibration came out from his waist token.

He suddenly thought of something.

He stuck out his chest and pushed Bi Linglong behind him.

“Crown princess, please be careful.

Bring the crown prince behind me.

I will protect you at my side!”

The Devil Sect’s sect master was already in front of him.

That terrifying pressure made it hard for him to even breathe.

A cold voice sounded right at this time.

“Which scoundrel dares to cause trouble in the imperial palace!”


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