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Chapter 610: Only One Who Knows

“The ascent of a stupid crown prince will only bring disaster to the land.

For the sake of the common people, all those capable should offer up their strength for this cause.” The woman standing on the willow branch said.

Her voice drew you right in.

It was clear and melodious, yet at the same time carried a mature feeling.

Zu An thought that her voice really was nice to listen to.

Unfortunately, he was almost killed by this very woman.

Shi Miao was shocked, “You are from King Qi’s faction”

The first half of what she said was what King Qi’s faction often said, while the latter half was what those people thought.

However, out of misgivings towards the emperor, they just didn’t dare say it out loud.

The woman shook her head.

“I am not someone under King Qi.

This act represents the desire for the good of the world.”

But the more she spoke like this, the more Shi Miao suspected her of colluding with King Qi, that she just didn’t want to admit it.

He suddenly felt a bit of hesitation.

With his status and position, he wasn’t really willing to get caught up in King Qi and the crown prince’s conflict.

He thought that it was just a random group of assassins, but how could he have expected that he would end up trapped like this

Zu An instead had a strange expression on his face.

Shi Miao thought that the woman was someone under King Qi, but he knew that she wasn’t.

He had just seen Qiu Honglei.

She was from the Devil Sect, and he had never heard of the Devil Sect relying on King Qi.

She mentioned her master earlier.

Was this person her master

This made much more sense.

Only someone exceptional like this could have such a stunning disciple.

Even though this woman was masked, her eyes were beautiful like the moon in a starry sky.

She was definitely an exceptional woman.

This was the Devil Sect’s sect master Then why did she put up this type of appearance of being with King Qi, intentionally or otherwise

Wait a minute!

Zu An was startled.

He was no longer a novice in politics.

He was now familiar with some treacherous schemes as well.

He quickly deduced that the Devil Sect used Shadow Group to attack the empress, which would help them draw away the attention of the imperial palace’s guards.

Then, they would send their own elites to assassinate the eastern palace’s crown prince, and then throw all of the consequences on King Qi’s shoulders.

This way, the emperor would take his anger out on King Qi out of rage.

King Qi was wronged here to begin with, so there was no way he would just allow himself to be resigned to his fate.

Furthermore, King Qi’s strength had always been powerful.

When both sides had a falling out like this, then the entire country would rise up in rebellion.

This would grant the Devil Sect their greatest opportunity.

Zu An gulped.

Qiu Honglei’s master really was quite something! She definitely put a lot of thought into this plan! There was no way he would be able to guess at the truth if he didn’t recognize Qiu Honglei.

When he realized how he was the only insider, he decided that leaving for now was the best choice, or else Devil Sect’s sect master might just decide to silence him.

The only thing that was strange was… where the heck was the emperor

Even though the Devil Sect came up with an excellent plan, with the emperor’s strength, he could calm the disorder in nearly an instant!

The woman spoke up again.

“Sir Shi, this matter does not have anything to do with you.

Please move aside.”

Shi Miao became more and more calm.

Since this assassin recognized him, then she was probably someone from the court.

“Since I am already here, how can I just watch without doing anything”

What kind of joke is this It was one thing if he didn’t come, but there was no way he would just sit on the side at this point! Wouldn’t this be the same as telling the world that he was on King Qi’s side There was no way his majesty would let him off afterwards!

He really felt regret now.

He thought that it was just some normal assassins, so he would just quickly deal with them.

That way, he would have achieved great contributions.

The emperor will most likely greatly compensate the Shi clan out of commemoration for Shi Kun’s death too.

However, how could he know that it was such a huge matter today Forget about the crown prince, even he might lose his life here.

The woman’s voice grew cold.

“Since Sir Shi insists on choosing the wrong path, then do not blame me for offending you.”

After saying this, she already appeared in front of Shi Miao.

Her fair palm struck out, sending out a terrifying wave of force.

It was clear that she planned to get rid of the crown prince behind him as quickly as possible as well.

Shi Miao’s expression changed.

He immediately became extremely vigilant.

A giant tornado took form in front of him, and then countless wind blades flew at the other party.

Zu An was completely stupefied.

He had seen Shi Kun use something similar in the academy dungeon.

However, Shi Kun’s tornado was like a loach compared to this massive dragon!

Furthermore, Shi Miao’s tornado had blades of wind hidden within, every single one of them possessing destructive power.

Any one hit might instantly turn into an explosion of blood.

Zu An was even more convinced that he should leave as quickly as possible.

With the Devil Sect’s master here, Qiu Honglei’s safety was already guaranteed.

A great explosion sounded.

This giant tornado and the other party’s slim and fair palm clashed.

Not only was this hand not diced up, the tornado was instead scattered.

The shockwaves made the entire eastern palace tremble.

The assassins and guards who were fighting against each other all fell to the ground.

This was the power of just a single strike!

The woman smiled sweetly.

“Your cultivation was a bit inferior to mine to begin with, and now, you have to protect both the crown prince and princess.

This makes you even less of a match for me.”

Shi Miao adjusted the swirling blood and ki within his body while replying, “We will eventually see whether or not I can win anyway.

Does your distinguished self fight with your mouth”

The woman’s eyes turned cold.

“You’re courting death!”

She attacked even more viciously, aiming straight at his vitals.

Shi Miao was stunned. Did I really say something deserving for you to become that angry

He didn’t have time to think either.

He could only frantically defend himself.

Zu An was the only one who almost laughed out loud. She’s the Devil Sect’s master, those she interacts with normally are all extremely careful around her.

A girl using her mouth to fight It was easy to associate this with something else.

She probably thought that Shi Miao was mocking her, but Shi Miao didn’t have such intentions at all.

Yes, keep fighting! Beat the ** out of Shi Miao for me! Zu An wanted to see the world in chaos.

Shi Kun’s death had something to do with him after all.

He was worried that because the Shi clan couldn’t get revenge on the crown princess, they would instead come after him.

That was why it would be great if the Shi clan’s greatest backing was beaten down.

Things would be much safer for him then.

But right at this time, there was a fragrant wind that rushed over.

The crown princess already carried the crown prince and arrived at his side.

Her beautiful eyes looked at him while pleading, “Sir golden token, both me and the crown prince will have to rely on you for our safety.”

Even though Shi Miao was formidable, they could clearly sense that his entire body was shaking and they could see bits of blood on his robes.

He was already wounded from facing that woman.

The crown princess was an intelligent person.

She knew that she would be in danger if she continued to stay behind Shi Miao.

The two of them might die if he showed even a single opening.

That was why she decisively left.

This way, Shi Miao wouldn’t have to be distracted while defending the two of them, and he could even hold on a bit longer.

What they needed the most right now was time.

As for where she would go after leaving Shi Miao’s side, there were assassins everywhere right now.

The crown prince’s lesser tutor was originally the best place to be since his cultivation was high and he was loyal to the crown prince, but there were too many powerful assassins attacking him.

Bringing the crown prince there would only be causing him more trouble.

That meant that the only choice left was the golden token envoy.

The strength he displayed earlier was great.

Even though he was left in a sorry state by that woman’s flying sword, that was a master level cultivator’s full powered attack after all.

It was already quite impressive that he was able to evade it.

The most powerful member of the assassins, that woman, was being held up by Shi Miao.

The remaining people shouldn’t be this golden token envoy’s match.

After saying this, the crown princess felt her entire body go weak.

Then, she staggered and couldn’t help but fall into Zu An’s arms.

Zu An: “”

What the ** I was about to bail, why the hell are you coming here and pulling all the aggro with you

Also, why the heck are you falling into my arms Can you please conduct yourself with dignity!

He had just experienced the stupid situation of saving the empress and accidentally carried her.

Not only did he not receive any contributions, he instead provoked a heap of trouble.

The crown prince’s eyes lit up when he saw this.

He also spread his arms and jumped at Zu An.

“I want a hug, I want a hug too!”

Zu An: “......”


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