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Chapter 609: Long-Haired Master

Zu An already sensed the fatal threat of danger even without her reminder.

All of his fine hairs were standing on end.

He saw a streak of cold radiance fire over.

He felt as if he could see the reaper’s scythe descending upon him, as if it was only a millimeter from his neck.

He was absolutely terrified and immediately used Grandgale to rush out.

Only then did he see that this streak of light was a small and exquisite sword.

A flying sword

He was always dazzled when he saw sword cultivators fight in those movies and novels, but right now, he loathed these flying swords he had never faced before, because it was after his life!

He intentionally didn’t choose to rush straight backwards and instead moved at a 90 degree angle from the incoming sword precisely because he was scared that this sword would continue to rush forward.

However, he didn’t know that this sword could make turns!

Damn it! Does it have a freaking cruise system Is it a damn missile Fucking **!

He didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest and instantly used the Sunflower Phantasm.

At this moment of life and death, he split into four clones that rushed in four different directions.But what he never expected was that the flying sword didn’t head towards the other three figures and instead relentlessly pursued his true self!

Zu An: “......”

He quickly summoned Snow Phoenix to try and slow down the flying sword’s speed.

The instant Snow Phoenix was summoned everything within several zhang turned into a frozen wonderland.

The flying sword was also covered in a layer of frost.

However, it only seemed to be stopped for an instant.

That flying sword rushed through the frozen domain and thrusted at him.

Zu An used Grandgale three times in succession.

He was sweating buckets.

This flying sword’s speed was actually not any lower than his instant movement skill! The flying sword would reach him nearly the instant he landed, forcing him to use Grandgale again.

However, he understood clearly that there was no way he could use Grandgale endlessly.

The reason why he could use it so many times was because he absorbed Mosquito Daoist and greatly increased his strength.

But that sword would still thrust straight at him even after evading a few more times.

He began to quickly think to himself.

Even the guided missiles of his past world needed to rely on infrared rays or a radar, so what did this flying sword use to pursue me

Wait, guided missiles needed all types of information about its target and infrared rays to track down its target.

If I change my data, then wouldn’t it be able to confuse this flying sword

What was the most important information for differentiation for a cultivator Their aura of course!

Once one reached a certain level of cultivation, they wouldn’t even need to use their eyes to see, they could tell who their opponent was purely through their aura.

It was because everyone’s auras were different.

No matter how similar they were, there could still be minor changes.

Of course, there were methods that could disturb the other party’s auras.

For example, the waist token Embroidered Envoys wore helped hide and change one’s aura.

This way, no one would be able to tell their true identities.

He immediately used the ‘Mirror Mirage’ Qiu Honglei taught him.

His aura completely vanished and he became like an ordinary person.


A voice of surprise sounded in the air, seemingly from a woman.

But right now, his life was hanging by a thread, so Zu An wasn’t in the mood to appreciate this voice at all.

His entire body was sticking against the wall, his back covered in sweat.

The flying sword stabbed into the wall, missing his neck by only an inch.

This entire imperial palace was fortified through formations.

This eastern palace was even more so a place of utmost importance.

Even the full force strike of high level cultivators would have its strength distributed across the entire palace, thus unable to cause any damage.

Yet this type of wall was stabbed straight into, down to the hilt by a sword.

One could imagine just how horrifying it would be if this sword made contact with one’s flesh.

Even though this took a while to explain, the entire process happened extremely quickly.

Qiu Honglei didn’t even have time to plea for leniency from her master.

The eastern palace’s people also saw this scene.

All of the assassins were inspired, their attacks becoming even more ferocious.

The crown prince’s side cursed.

All of them were confused.

Why was it that even though there was so much chaos happening here, his majesty still didn’t make an appearance They didn’t even see any sign of Zhuxie Chixin!

Zu An saw a graceful figure rush towards the crown prince at this moment.

Even though there was a black veil covering her, her black hair flowing behind her like a waterfall, he could tell that this was an exceptional beauty just from her rear figure.

Was she the one that attacked him earlier

Zu An shivered. Hmph, I’ll definitely return the favor one day.

He suddenly had a weird thought when he saw her hair that reached her bottom.

Does she have to roll up her hair first every time she uses the bathroom

The woman already reached the crown prince.

The crown princess’ maid Rong Mo held a thin needle in hand.

Her figure left behind a strange afterimage and rushed out.

Unfortunately, this woman only reached out a single finger.

Then, before everyone could even tell what happened, Rong Mo was blown back like a bag of sand.

No one knew if she was still alive.

The crown princess’ charming face paled.

However, she still faced this woman with a sword in front of her.

A furious roar suddenly sounded from the side.

“Scoundrel! You dare!”

A figure rushed out like an artillery shell, blocking in front of the crown princess and exchanging a blow with that woman.

The woman flipped through the air gracefully and then stood on a willow tree’s branch nearby.

The soft willow branches would normally  be blown all over the place by a slight breeze, yet this woman stood on one of them like it was level ground.

The figure who rushed over staggered.

An unnatural redness flickered past his face.

However, it was quickly suppressed.

Zu An now saw who this was.

It was a white haired elder with sharp brows and a straight figure.

There was a type of unruliness to his bearing.

It was easy to picture just how many girls chased after him when he was younger.

Huh Why does this elder seem a bit familiar Zu An was curious.

The crown princess’ reply solved his confusion.

“Thank you, great Minister of War, for your assistance.”

Zu An immediately realized.

This was Shi Kun’s father, one of the Great Zhou Dynasty’s eight dukes, Minister of War Shi Miao! He was a master level expert!

The father and son were quite sinister, both of them!

However, that son just died because of the crown princess, yet Shi Miao was now saving her.

Did he really not feel anything

Shi Miao was disgusted by this situation.

He was so depressed he wanted to throw up blood.

He heard that something happened to his son not too long ago and rushed to the palace to take a look.

In the end, he received new information that Shi Kun passed away from blood loss.

He consulted the hospital’s personnel about the details and found out that his son was playing with knives behind the door, and then the blade stabbed straight into his crotch when the crown princess slammed the door open.

He really was furious and angry.

If it was anyone else, he would just straight up smack them to death and get revenge for his son.

However, this was the crown princess! He really couldn’t do anything.

His status was venerable, and the Shi clan was a first rate clan, so there was no way he would submit to this humiliation.

That was why he was going to storm to the eastern palace and demand an explanation.

At the very least, he wanted them to hand over that Zu An who competed with his son.

Yet how could he have expected that he would run straight into an attack on the eastern palace

He instinctively stopped the other party, but he immediately felt regret when he did. What the hell is wrong with me Wouldn’t it be fine if I stepped in a second later and let that assassin take care of the crown princess and prince first I just freaking had to come in and save the one who killed my son! He wanted to throw up blood from his gloominess.

“Crown princess speaks too seriously.

It is something this subject ought to do.” Shi Miao said expressionlessly.

Then, he turned towards the woman standing on the willow branch.

“All masters are renown figures.

May I ask who you are Do you know that publicly attacking the crown prince is an offense punishable by clan eradication of nine generations”

Even though he looked calm on the surface, his thoughts were all over the place.

He was at a huge disadvantage during the past exchange.

This person’s cultivation was above his own, furthermore, this person was a woman.

Who exactly is she


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