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Chapter 606: The Sorrow of Parting

“Follow me!” Zu An pulled her into an alley.

Qiao Xueying suddenly felt at ease when she felt his hand hold onto hers.

Nothing seemed that dangerous anymore with him at her side.

She already made her decision.

If she really couldn’t get away, then she would find a way to cut off all relations with him so that she wouldn’t drag him down with her.

While she was thinking this, she was already led through many complicated paths.

She was shocked.

“Ah Zu, how are you so familiar with these roads”

“Did you already forget that I’m now a palace official” Zu An chuckled.

He already brought her to a courtyard.

Qiao Xueying was completely dazzled when she saw him casually open up the door.

Her lover was becoming more and more incredible!

Zu An closed the door behind her and brought out a set of clothes.

“Change into these clothes and wear this mask.”

Qiao Xueying was shocked when she saw the unique embroidery.

“This is an Embroidered Envoy uniform!”

Zu An smiled.

“What did I just tell you You already forgot so soon”

He had more than one set.

These clothes were a bit too large for Qiao Xueying, but it would be fine once she adjusted them a bit.

There are guards running everywhere in the palace right now, so it was incredibly hard to leave.

However, if she was dressed in Embroidered Envoy clothes, then that made things much easier.

Snow stuck out her tongue.

“There was so much going on that I forgot, okay”

She picked up the clothes.

Suddenly, her face turned red.

“Can you turn around”

Zu An laughed.

“We’re already partners, what is there to be embarrassed about”

“Who’s your partner” Qiao Xueying harrumphed.

She was still shy and ran behind a curtain to quickly get changed.

Zu An said from the other side of the screen, “Why did you guys try to assassinate the empress Do you not know how dangerous that is”

In his opinion, this was complete suicide! They might be able to catch the palace unprepared at first, but once they reacted, these assassins would undoubtedly die.

“This is a huge mission the Shadow Group has accepted.

The other party has offered great rewards for this mission, and Shadow Group’s creed is that as long as the price is high enough, they are willing to even kill a deity.” Qiao Xueying explained, “This was the final task I had to complete for Shadow Group.

I didn’t know what the mission was either.

I only realized what was happening after I was brought into the palace, but by then, it was already too late.

I could only brace myself and follow through, since there might still be hope of life that way.

But who would’ve thought that you would be fooling around with that empress Hmph!”

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 23 23 23…

“It’s not what you are thinking!” Zu An finally had some room to explain.

“I had no choice, I had to do it in order to protect myself in the future…”

He gave her a rough explanation of the events that transpired.

Qiao Xueying was stunned.

She reached her head out from behind the curtains, her fair collarbones faintly visible.

“You said that you spanked the empress and kissed her In the end, not only was there no punishment, she even had to protect you”

“I think so.” Zu An had a strange look on his face.

“I actually have to thank you.

If it wasn’t because you scared her a bit, she might not have been able to make her decision.”

Qiao Xueying gave him a long look.

She had so many thoughts in her head that she didn’t know where to start.

In the end, she could only say, “That's you alright.”

Zu An smiled in embarrassment.

He quickly changed the topic.

“Didn’t I tell you to let me know last time before you go on your last mission Thank god I just happened to be in the imperial palace too, or else the consequences would be too tragic!”

Qiao Xueying returned behind her curtains.

“I didn’t find you at home, and there wasn’t enough time, so I could only leave together with Shadow Group’s people.

Hehe, the fact that you saved me in the palace means that we really are destined for each other after all, right”

“We might not be that lucky next time.” Zu An thought to himself that women all seemed to care about this destiny stuff when he saw her smile.

“Right, do you know who the employer of this assassination is”

Qiao Xueying shook her head.

“I don’t know.

Shadow Group always maintains absolute secrecy towards its clients.

This was also a massive project as well."

Zu An didn’t have much hope regarding this matter either.

“After today’s affair, the court will definitely attack the Shadow Group.

You shouldn’t come back here again.”


I already fulfilled my agreement with them, so I am now completely free.” Qiao Xueying said this while sorting out her clothes.

Zu An’s eyes lit up.

Qiao Xueying was an attractive person to begin with.

After putting on these clothes, there was a bit of a heroicness to her appearance.

The words ‘cosplay foreplay’ suddenly appeared in his mind.

Qiao Xueying immediately lowered her head to look at herself when she saw him staring.

“What’s wrong Did I put these clothes on wrong”

What she received in reply was a firm hug, and then a passionate deep kiss.

Only after a long time had passed did Zu An reluctantly separate from her.

He looked at the young lady in his arms and said, “Snow, you really are beautiful.”

The young lady was extremely happy to hear his praise.

Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at him.

“Ah Zu~”

Zu An felt extremely moved.

He picked her up and moved her to the desk, and then he swept everything off the table.

Qiao Xueying’s heart began to pound even harder.

“I just finished putting on these clothes…”

“Just how I like it.” Zu An kissed her.



A while later, there were messy footsteps that sounded outside.

There were guards that shouted, “The assassin seems to have escaped in this direction.

Everyone, search through this area carefully.

“Ah!!” Qiao Xueying cried out in alarm and quickly pushed away her lover with a reddened face.

She sorted out her messy clothes.

Zu An was irritated.

Why did these guys have to come now However, he knew that proper business was top priority, so he didn’t cause trouble.

He put on a set of Embroidered Envoy clothes as well, and he helped Qiao Xueying put on her mask.

Soon afterwards, there were two Embroidered Envoy inside of this room.

Zu An gave her a look and nodded in satisfaction.

Apart from her build being a bit smaller, she didn’t look much different from other Embroidered Envoy.

But there were short men in this world too, so it wasn’t a big deal.

As such, he and Qiao Xueying walked straight out.

“Show yourself!” There were guards that quickly surrounded him.

Zu An fished out a command token and waved it in front of them.

“Golden token Embroidered Envoy!” Those guards were all shocked and quickly greeted him respectfully.

After all, the Embroidered Envoy was a mysterious group to begin with, and their status was great.

Furthermore, golden token envoys were the highest rank apart from Zhuxie Chixin.

There were only ten golden tokens out of the entire Embroidered Envoy ranks, with every single one of them having a large number of silver and bronze token envoys beneath them.

That was why these golden token envoys were all individuals of tremendous status.

These guards didn’t dare provoke them.

“If I may ask, has sir seen an assassin run over to this side” The guard leader mustered up the courage to ask.

Zu An said with a stern voice, “I did not.

However, I do not believe any assassins have appeared within a range of several dozen zhang.”

The guard felt relieved.

“Since sir is saying this, then there is no mistake.

We’re leaving!”

With a wave of his hand, his group continued their search in a different direction.

Zu An and Qiao Xueying walked towards the entrance.

Qiao Xueying was excited.

“I didn’t expect your status to be so useful!”

Zu An chuckled.

“Your lover is extremely capable, you know”

Qiao Xueying harrumphed.

“Hmph, rascal.” However, there wasn’t a trace of annoyance in her voice.

Those guards also began to discuss amongst themselves.

“Leader, there seems to be something off with those two.

I never heard of two Embroidered Envoy exiting from the same room before.”

That guard harrumphed.

“I know what you are trying to say.

I might suspect something if it was any other Embroidered Envoy, but that is a golden token! Those with golden tokens all have tremendous cultivations.

How could an assassin pass off as one of them”

The others chuckled.

“You are right, sir.”

“But I have always heard that Embroidered Envoy live alone.

It feels weird to see two of them living together.”

“Did you notice that the one next to the sir with the golden token was a bit shorter”

“Was she a woman Are there women among the Embroidered Envoy”

“Even if she isn’t a woman, he is the petite and pretty type.

Many high officials love this type.

He is a golden token envoy, so isn’t it normal for him to pick up a subordinate like that”

“Leader, why do you sound so excited talking about this stuff Please don’t have those thoughts about us!”

“Pah! You should look in a freaking mirror first!”

Zu An already brought Qiao Xueying near a palace entrance.

Even though the security around the imperial palace was strict, the golden token Embroidered Envoy identity was too powerful.

The guards didn’t even ask any questions when they saw his attire and token, letting them straight through.

“Ah Zu, let’s separate here.

I have to bring my clansmen home.” Qiao Xueying said reluctantly.

The reason she stayed in the capital, to the extent where she worked for the Shi clan, was because she wanted to rescue her elven clansmen that were trapped here due to the past war.

Later on, she found out that even though the Shi clan promised to help her rescue her clansmen, this was what they used to keep a leash on her.

They didn’t really do much, but rather engaged in many elven slave transactions themselves.

After she rebelled, she used the strength she accumulated in these years and the strength of the Shadow Group to successfully rescue many of her clansmen.

She already sent several batches out of the capital.

It was now the final batch, and she was going to leave herself too.

The human world wasn’t her home after all, and her status was special.

The clan continued to urge her to return and complete an important ceremony.

Zu An was a bit reluctant.

“Snow, I really don’t want to part with you, but I have too many things to take care of.

I can’t leave with you.”

Qiao Xueying harrumphed.

“You’re making it sound like you are actually willing to leave behind Chu First Miss and the others… I won’t be unreasonable and make you give up everything to return home with me.

But if you have a chance, please visit me in the Elven clan.”

Zu An said seriously, “I will definitely come and look for you!”

Qiao Xueying immediately beamed.

She got on her toes and kissed him on the cheek.

“Ah Zu, you’re the best!”

Zu An sighed.

Separation would forever be the most sorrowful thing.

He felt all types of conflicted emotions.

There was something that he wanted to say, but then his Embroidered Envoy golden token flickered with radiance.

A strand of divine will transmitted, “All Embroidered Envoy near the palace are to cease everything and aid the eastern palace at once!”


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