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Chapter 605: Reunion

The empress was extremely vexed right now.

She thought that she could just use Zu An’s disrespect towards her as a bargaining chip, and then she would continue to threaten him.

This would allow her to eventually completely control him.

But Zu An ended up turning this fake ‘offense’ into something real.

This made things much more troublesome.

Whether or not his actions were an ‘offense’ was actually up to her discretion.

That was why she could deal with it as she pleased.

But now, if he truly disrespected her, the right would be in his majesty’s hands.

If his majesty really looked into this matter, then Zu An would be dead for sure.

However, the emperor will definitely loathe her.

She only planned to keep Zu An on a leash with this little secret, but it now became a secret both of them were forced to keep.

If she only had herself to worry about, she might even take a risk out of desperation after being offended like this and try to get rid of Zu An.

However, she wasn’t alone.

She had the massive Liu clan behind her.

She didn’t dare take any risks.

If something happened, then the entire Liu clan would go down with her.

Was she supposed to let it go just like this

She was the glorious empress of this empire, yet she was going to just let this man kiss and mess around with her

She thought for a long time, and in the end, she realized that there really wasn’t anything she could do.

She became more and more angry when she thought about this.

You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 1024 1024 1024 Rage points…

Zu An knew that he really provoked the empress this time when he saw the incoming Rage points.

However, there was nothing he could do.

Apart from killing her, he couldn’t think of anything better.

The empress was about to say something, but a sneer suddenly sounded.

“What a spectacular pair of adulterers!”

They saw that there was a black clad assassin staring at them from not far away.

The empress felt a huge explosion go off in her head.

She was still thinking of what to do to Zu An, but she instead instinctively said to him, “Hurry… hurry and kill him!”

This was something only she and Zu An knew about.

Once they reached a tacit agreement, they could still keep it under covers.

However, things would be really bad once a third party found out!

She already unknowingly considered Zu An as someone in the same camp.

But this wasn’t wrong either, because they really were stuck on the same boat.

Zu An was also annoyed.

He really wouldn’t be able to escape death if an assassin leaked out the affair that took place here.

That was why he charged at that assassin without any hesitation.

That assassin reacted even faster.

He immediately rushed outwards.

Zu An was stunned.

Wasn’t this assassin here to kill the empress Why did he just run

The empress was already about to cry.

When she saw him stare blankly, she screamed, “Chase after him! Once he gets away, he doesn’t even need blades to have us killed!”

Zu An snapped out of his daze and charged at the assassin.

The situation outside was now completely different.

The guards from other parts of the palace already rushed over, and more and more assassins were being cut down.

These guards were the real deal, all of them elites among elites.

One of the Shadow Group assassins blew a loud whistle when he saw this.

All of the assassins began to withdraw.

The one who stopped Eunuch Lu was clearly the leader of this Shadow Group operation.

He borrowed the force of Eunuch Lu’s strike to withdraw, and then he pulled back under the cover of his companions.

Eunuch Lu didn’t chase after him, because this assassin was the same rank as himself.

He had suffered an injury on top of that, so he didn’t wish to fight someone at the same level at such a disadvantage.

But the most important part was that he was worried about the empress’ safety.

He saw a black clad assassin and Zu An rush out one after the other.

He immediately charged inside with a panicked expression. I hope nothing happened to the empress!

Zu An sighed in relief when he saw Eunuch Lu rush in.

What he was most worried about was that an assassin would rush in to kill the empress while he was chasing after someone himself.

That would be the absolute worst case scenario.

Judging from the empress’ tone, it was clear that they already tacitly agreed to some terms.

As long as they could maintain a certain degree of balance, neither one of them would dare mention what happened.

This way, both of them would protect this secret.

The only thing he needed to do was silence this Shadow Group assassin.

But he frowned after chasing for a while, because why did this fella look familiar But he was sure he never heard this person’s voice before.

That was why he continued to chase after this assassin.

This person was quite strange.

Even though he was slowly closing the gap, he couldn’t catch up for some time.

Zu An began to panic.

Two guards rushed out when he was about to pull out some of his trump cards.

The attire of Shadow Group’s members was infamous.

The two guards immediately drew a blade to stop him.


The two of them attacked this black clad individual from the left and right.

The black clad individual changed directions a few times, but actually couldn’t stear free.

He was instead pressured into a dangerous situation.

Zu An was happy to see this.

As expected, there were many hidden experts in the palace! These seemingly ordinary guards were actually both at the fifth rank, and they were proficient in a tag team technique.

They were much stronger when they coordinated with each other.

The black clad assassin was quickly placed into a dangerous situation.

A palm struck his shoulder, making him groan.


This voice was a bit familiar! The voice he heard in the palace was that of a man, yet it was now the voice of a girl.

The two guards didn’t show any mercy just because she was a girl. 

The black clad woman didn’t hold back anymore.

She suddenly raised her hand, and then countless vines tangled around the two guards.

“Wood element” The two guards panicked.

A flame quickly appeared on their blades.

Normally speaking, with this black clad woman’s cultivation, it wasn’t that hard to deal with these two guards, but she just happened to run into fire element cultivators.

This was her natural counter!

“Ah!!!” The woman cried out in alarm.

She already suffered a blade strike.

Even though she evaded quickly, there was still a bloody cut left on her body.

How could Zu An still wait He rushed over and said, “Guard brothers, let me help you!”

The two guards saw the official uniform Zu An wore.

Furthermore, he was chasing after this assassin before, so they didn’t guard against him.

“Just watch from the side and make sure she doesn’t escape! You’ll get in our way if you join in the fight.”

“Okay!” Zu An agreed on the surface, but he instead continued to charge at them.

“What are you doing” As inner palace guards, they were extremely vigilant.

They quickly noticed that something was wrong and guarded with their blades

But their ki seemed to have entered a black hole.

Everything was sucked dry.

How could the two of them have expected this They almost vomited from the sudden feeling of weightlessness.

Zu An used this chance to strike out with his finger two times, one per person, ending their lives.

Even though he didn’t like to kill needlessly, he wouldn’t be soft-hearted when someone he cared about was in danger.

After dealing with the two of them, Zu An turned around towards that black clad woman.

“Snow, how are your injuries”

“Huh You recognized me” The black clad woman removed her veil, revealing her delicate face.

Who else could this be but Snow

“I thought you looked familiar just now, but I wasn't sure because you used a man’s voice.” Zu An became even happier.

He didn’t expect to run into her here.

Qiao Xueying removed a small jade plate from her neck.

“It’s something from Shadow Group.

It can change your voice and protect your identity to a certain degree.”

After explaining this, she harrumphed.

“It’s your fault for messing with the empress.

Of course you wouldn’t recognize me.”

“That’s a misunderstanding…” Zu An broke out in sweat.

How could he have predicted that kind of situation He was just about to explain when he heard footsteps.

There were clearly more guards rushing at him.

“The assassin is over there!” Some people already saw them.

Qiao Xueying’s expression changed.

She was dead for sure if she was trapped here.

She might even drag Zu An down with her.


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