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Chapter 604: Who is Threatening Who

The empress finally snapped out of it when she saw Zu An was in a daze.

A flush of redness appeared on her cheeks.

“What the heck are you thinking My injuries are really bad so I can’t sit on my own.

I can only lie on the bed!”

Zu An smiled in embarrassment, “You scared me to death! I thought that you…”

The empress harrumphed, “You thought I wanted to sleep with you What kind of stupid thoughts are in your head I really have no idea what Chuyan saw in you.”

Zu An was currently carrying her to the bed.

He was stunned when he heard this.

“Your highness knows Chuyan”

“We met once in the past.

She is first class in both looks and character.

There were far too many sons of nobility who chased after her.” The empress’s voice carried quite a bit of praise.

Her entire body suddenly went rigid.

Her brows already frowned, and she couldn’t say anything else.

She could feel something hard pressing against her.

She thought that it was a dagger or some weapon, so she didn’t really mind at first.

But she quickly saw it change, and only then did she react.

This was the imperial palace! How could he have brought in a weapon

Her face became red at first, and then it darkened.

“Damn brat, you really are daring! You dare have such thoughts towards this empress!”

You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 233 Rage points!

She wasn’t a young and naive young girl, so she naturally wouldn’t be shy and embarrassed like one.

Instead, she immediately berated him.

Zu An grumbled inwardly.

He could only try to explain himself.

“You can’t blame me for this! Any normal man would become like this if they hugged an incredible beauty like yourself.

It would be more weird if there wasn’t any reaction.”

Even he felt like this type of explanation was shameless.

What kind of situation were they already in!

The empress sneered.

“But isn’t your reaction a bit too ridiculous”

Zu An's skin had already been forged harder than a city wall.

“This only means that your highness’ charm is too formidable.”

The empress was so angry she instead laughed.

“Oh Then from the sound of it, I should be happy from hearing this”

Zu An placed her on the bed and said with a sigh, “Empress, you’re not an ordinary woman.

You should know that that wasn’t on purpose.

I never even wanted to get involved in all of this from the very start, it was you… Ahem, it was fate that willed it.

That is why there is no need to argue over such a small matter."

The empress obviously understood the reasoning behind this.

However, she was already used to being someone of great status.

She felt like she would be letting him off too easily otherwise.

“Hmph! How can this type of thing be small for women You’ve even disrespected me, meaning that you never held much respect for our ruler and etiquette to begin with, that you are just a scoundrel.

Say, should I just tell his majesty about this and have you beaten to death”

She noticed the hint of viciousness that flashed past Zu An’s eyes the moment she said this.

A heavy force pressed down against her.

“What… What are you doing” Under this heavy pressure of a man being so close, the empress immediately panicked.

The calmness in her expression finally disappeared.

Her figure curled up backwards.

Unfortunately, Zu An pressed down on her shoulder and gave this woman a cold look.

“Woman, it is you who do not understand the current situation.

I just saved you.

It is one thing if you don’t thank me, but you are threatening me right now”

The empress’ eyes widened.

“That isn't a sufficient reason for you to be disrespectful to me!”

She was already starting to regret her actions.

Her threat was a normal political tactic to scare the other party, and then she would rope him in afterwards.

However, how could she have expected that he wouldn’t behave like she expected and instead strike right back

Could it be that this fella didn’t know a thing about court regulations Furthermore, she is the empress! However, he still dared to treat her like this! He really is a scoundrel who doesn’t hold any reverence towards the ruler!

How could she have known that ever since they entered the palace, Zu An had always been taut and nervous.

There were just too many powers around him after all.

Regardless of whether it is the empress, King Qi, or those clans in the capital, he didn’t have much strength to protect himself if they wanted his life.

He was already incredibly tense from walking on this tightrope, and he was suppressing great rage.

Now, he ended up encountering this empress’ load of garbage.

When he saw how she was biting the hand that fed her, he could no longer suppress his rage anymore.

In the end, he was still a transmigrator.

He didn’t have the same level of respect towards the monarch as ordinary people did.

Zu An sneered.

“Empress, please understand clearly that you threw yourself onto me.

I didn’t even suspect you of seducing me, yet you are already biting back and claiming that I treated you with disrespect”

“I seduced you” Even the empress who was normally well tempered couldn’t help but become furious.

“I am the mother of an empire, the glorious empress! Why would I seduce a shameless scoundrel”

You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 444 444 444…

Zu An harrumphed.

“That’s hard to say.

The empress looks clean on the surface, but it’s lonesome in the palace.

You might have missed the feeling of a man.”

The empress’ face became cold.

“Absolutely disgraceful! Do you know that with just these words alone, regardless of whether it is me or his majesty, we can order your clan to be eradicated countless times over”

You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 999 999 999…

She was on the verge of ordering the execution of all of his relatives!

Zu An was now angry as well.

“I fear that your highness does not understand the situation you are in.

There are many assassins outside right now.

Even if I kill you, everyone will think that it was the assassins who did it.

They wouldn’t suspect me at all.”

The empress’ breathing became panicked.

Her large chest rose and fell.

However, she didn’t end up shouting out ‘you dare!’ in the end.

Everything that this man did until now proved that he really would do anything.

She didn’t want to really die here because of temporary emotions.

Her eyes moved around.

She already came up with a plan and her voice eased.

“Fine, it was me who was wrong just now.

I’ll offer you an apology here.

Please let me off here so we can talk properly.”

She already made her decision that after all of this was decided, she was going to order Eunuch Lu to secretly get rid of this scoundrel.

Zu An saw the You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 1024 Rage points! that continued to come in through the backend.

He thought to himself, if I didn’t have the keyboard system, I might’ve really been fooled by you.

He sighed.

“Your empress plans to kill me off after pacifying me, right”

The empress was shocked. Does this fella know mind reading How does he know what I am thinking

But her face immediately paled, because she knew that things were turning sour.

Why would this guy let her go if he knew what she planned to do There were so many assassins outside too! He could just push the blame onto them.

The only witnesses were the two lesser eunuchs outside.

But they didn’t have any cultivation, so it was just too easy to kill them.

She didn’t dare hesitate any longer when she thought of this.

She finally accumulated some ki again and sent a palm flying at his chest.

Zu An was already prepared.

He grabbed her wrist and pressed it against her bed.

The strength she mustered with great difficulty instantly vanished.

The empress wanted to cry.

Her cultivation was enough to dominate the entire world in the past and could kill him with a single strike.

Yet now, she dropped so low that she was being bullied by a dog, no, pressed down under a dog.

This was just too tragic!

Zu An instinctively took out the Poisonous Prick from his Brilliant Glass Bead and moved it towards her neck.

The empress could clearly sense the chilliness on the blade, that it cut straight at the soul.

This was the threat of death.

She cried out and instinctively closed her eyes.

The Poisonous Prick stopped by her snow white neck.

Zu An’s expression flickered.

To be honest, he wasn’t an indiscriminate murderer.

Killing someone like this wasn’t something he wanted to do if he could afford not to.

Yet if he didn’t, the consequences would be endless.

However, he couldn’t really stop halfway.

The empress felt his hesitation.

She opened her eyes and sneered.

“What, you don’t dare touch me If you respectfully kowtow to me three times in apology, it’s not entirely out of the question for me to consider forgiving you.”

“Kowtow my ass!” Zu An was furious.

His palm smacked straight down on those large and juicy peach-like cheeks.

The empress was immediately stupefied.

She was so stunned she momentarily lost her ability to form words.

Now that this already happened, Zu An couldn’t stop halfway.

He smacked her viciously. Though, the feeling really is pretty nice…

“Ah!!! What are you doing”

“Stop hitting me!”

“I… was wrong! Is that not enough”


A loud and muffled cry sounded.

Zu An was stunned.

Wasn’t this girl a bit too weak to these strikes

The empress’ eyes were already filled with tears, her body shaking uncontrollably.

She said through gritted teeth.

“I will definitely chop up your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” Her voice carried a bit of a sobbing tone.

She came out of a great clan from birth.

Her older sister was the empress ever since she could remember, and she later became the empress as well.

Her status has always been venerable and lived extravagantly.

When had she ever encountered something like this

She was about to curse out again, but her mouth was suddenly covered by his.


Zu An raised his head.

He wiped off the drool around her mouth and said coldly, “You keep saying that I’ve offended you, and you’re using this to threaten my death.

Fine then, now, I've truly offended you.

In the future, as long as something happens to me, I will let the emperor know that you were violated by another man.

At that time, let’s see how you will continue being the empress! I believe you know what choice to make then.”

The empress became completely dumbstruck.

However, after her initial rage, she suddenly realized that she really had no way of getting revenge on him.

Right at this time, a cold sneer sounded from the nearby entrance.

“What a spectacular pair of adulterers!”


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