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Chapter 603: Man Among Men

Everyone inside the palace was stunned when they saw this.

Little Gui who was shaking in the corner: “......”

Little Zhuo: “......”

This guy really is daring! He dares hug the empress! Only his majesty can hug her in this world, yet you dare touch her

They began to regret taking Zu An’s pearl.

They didn’t know if they would be caught up in the aftermath once this matter was looked into.

They both looked at Zu An with pitying expressions.

Even if this fella was lucky enough to avoid death, he would most likely become one of them.

At that time, should they call him Little Zu or Little An

Zu An was obviously stunned too.

He planned to just ride this event out without doing anything while watching the empress show off her skills.

Maybe he would cheer her on a bit.

Yet now, everything flipped on its head.

The crazy strong empress was suddenly done, and then the situation completely reversed!

Sis, can’t you just run the other way Why the hell are you coming to me

You’re even jumping straight into my arms… Wow, this body is really soft, her butt feels crazy good… Ahem, that's not important right now.

Does this count as skinship if I’m hugging the empress

Will the empress be able to accept this Will the other officials accuse me of misconduct

Will my punishment be an execution or castration

He subconsciously brought his legs together.

If he knew that this was going to be the case, he should’ve just watched her fall.

He had just dealt with the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra matter, why did he suddenly end up provoking the emperor again Should he burn some incense to chase away the bad luck

But his majesty put on my Hat of Forgiveness, so he shouldn’t be that against me, right…

All of this nonsense filled his head in a second of time.

The empress didn’t expect herself to fall into the embrace of another man.

Her charming face turned a bit red, either from shame or her injuries.

However, she was a mature woman and not a young lady who didn’t know anything.

She quickly recovered her cool and quickly reminded, “What are you staring for The assailants are coming!”

Zu An snapped out of his daze.

Forget about the assassins that were coming after the empress, the two assassins that were running at him also brandished their swords.

This was freaking pain in the ass! He even considered just throwing the empress at them.

However, he would definitely be finished if this happened.

He might still survive if he saved the empress.

I just want to do my job without any drama.

Is it that freaking hard

He could only run with the empress in his arms while cursing.

These assassins were all experts, while he had someone in his arms.

His arms were completely occupied right now.

How was he supposed to even fight

The empress wanted to say something to help him avoid these attacks.

After all, even though she was wounded, her sight remained.

Unfortunately, Zu An’s figure twisted a few times before she could even say anything, and then there were several afterimages left behind.

He actually easily avoided the incoming attacks!

This movement technique… it seems to be Mi Lianying’s Sunflower Phantasm!

No, even though it’s similar, it’s much more profound. She thought to herself.

When she saw him running outside, she suddenly said, “Don’t run outside”

Zu An stopped and looked at her in confusion.


The empress blushed and said quietly, “If you appear in front of everyone with me in your arms, then I can’t protect you even if I want to in the future…”

Zu An suddenly realized what she was saying.

There were only a few people who saw the scene right now.

As long as the empress didn’t look into it, then his situation would be dealt with much easier.

But once he appeared outside, there would be countless pairs of eyes.

They couldn’t hide this even if they wanted to.

At that point, even if both the empress and emperor didn’t mind, the righteous faction and imperial censors definitely wouldn’t let him off.

At that point, the emperor would have no choice but to kill him.

Zu An felt a chill by his neck.

He quickly dodged backwards and hid behind the door that wasn’t broken, making sure that no one outside saw anything.

But he quickly realized something.

“Then can’t you just get off me”

He was about to toss her away when the empress quickly grabbed his hand.

“No! My condition is really bad.

I cannot move.”

Zu An: “......”

Sis, what the **

Huh Why is there a soft feeling on my arm

He gave his arm a look.

His expression became even more grave. Yup, there’s no way the emperor is going to let me go.

Those assassins already stormed over again.

Zu An was incredibly pissed.

It’s all these guys’ fault!

As such, he roared out, “Fuck off!”

He summoned Snow Phoenix.

A blast of frost spread outwards.

The incoming assailants' eyes widened in shock, and their figures gradually slowed, eventually coming to a standstill.

A layer of visible frost covered their clothes.

Then, they were turned into ice sculptures.

Little Gui and Little Zhuo’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. Why is this guy so strong Is he really the same guy that just bribed them

The empress’ eyes widened too.

She had just seen him use that strange movement technique.

She also knew that he had the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, so she knew that his cultivation should be pretty good.

However, never could she have expected that he was this strong!

He just dealt with the assassins just like that

What kind of move is this It seems a bit similar to the Chu clan’s ‘Snowflake Sword’.

This was the reason why Zu An used this technique.

He had many trump cards that he didn’t wish to reveal.

The Snow Phoenix indeed had similar effects to Chu Chuyan’s ‘Snowflake Sword’, so others wouldn’t grow too suspicious if he used this.

But the empress was thinking of something else. If this fella is so strong, why did he pretend to be in danger fighting against two assassins I’m dying over here, but you were loafing on the job

You have successfully trolled Liu Ning for 55 55 55…

Zu An almost dropped this woman when he saw the Rage points. The hell is wrong with you Why would you get angry at me for saving you

Fortunately, the Rage points weren’t too high, indicating that this situation could still be redeemed.

He coughed and said, “Empress, where do we go now”

The empress bit her lip.

“Carry me to the inner room.”

“Alright.” Since they cannot go outside, then he would just drop her off inside for now.

The empress frowned when they passed by Little Gui and Little Zhuo.

Zu An knew that she was feeling killing intent.

Even though her nature was more gentle, there were many situations where she didn’t have another choice as an empress.

With a sigh, he said, “These two eunuchs treated me quite well on my way here.”

He didn’t say that they were his friends.

That would instead harm them.

That was why he merely tactfully expressed his attitude.

The empress obviously understood his plea.

She had just been saved by him, so she had to at least respect this much.

As such, she gave the two lesser eunuchs a cold look and said, “If I hear a word about today’s matter, then your families can forget about living.”

“This servant doesn’t dare!” The two lesser eunuchs pounded their heads against the ground.

Their bodies began to shake even harder.

The empress nodded in satisfaction.

“My eunuchs have just been killed.

The two of you will be my personal servants from now on.”

Little Gui and Little Zhuo were stunned at first.

Then, they were overjoyed.

“Thank you, your highness, for your grace!”

They were only two lesser eunuchs with no status at all in the Palace of Peace.

Now, they became the empress’ personal eunuchs! This was a crazy jump in status! This was glory they never dared to even hope for before!

They gave Zu An’s figure a grateful look.

They knew that they were saved, moreover shown such favor because of this man.

Before, they merely had a friendly meeting.

They didn’t expect him to actually be this loyal.

Worthy of being a man who dares to even hug the empress! This is a man among men! Following him in the future is definitely the right choice!

Zu An didn’t know that these two eunuchs wanted to set up a shrine for him in their homes right now.

He carried the empress into the inner room.

The precious incense inside soothed the mind.

It truly was a nice feeling.

The empress pointed at the phoenix couch to the side.

“Take me to bed.”

Zu An: “”


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