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Zu An felt his heart sink. Why are all these pretty girls so irritable

However, he had no time to spare on idle thoughts.

He quickly raised his arm to block her kick. Oh Judging from her ki fluctuations, she seems to be at the fifth rank.

Given her age, this level of cultivation is enough to mark her as a prodigy.

Murong Qinghes shock far surpassed his. What the heck is going on She could not understand how he had blocked her confident attack so easily.

How high is his cultivation

He was still so young, after all.

How could such a thing be possible Furthermore, it was rumored that Chu First Miss had married a nobody from the streets.

How could this brat be at all formidable 

Im sure I went easy on him subconsciously, which was why he managed to block it so effortlessly.

She could feel the heat from his palm, from where he had grabbed her leg.

She was both ashamed and annoyed.

You have successfully trolled Murong Qinghe for 444 Rage points!

Her body twisted about her waist, and she spun in the air, sending her other foot at him.

This rotation helped her to utilize all of her strength.

The power of this kick was far greater than the first.

Zu An was not expecting her to be able to carry out another attack so quickly.

Her combat instincts were rather sharp.

He had no choice but to let go of her foot and take a step back to ward off this second attack.

After breaking free of his grasp, Murong Qinghe unleashed a flurry of attacks, battering him with her long legs.

She danced quickly from side to side as she struck, pummeling him with blows from all directions.

This woman is doing tsunami kicks straight into roundhouse kicks! No wonder she isnt wearing a dress.

He was amazed that his mind still had the capacity for such distracted thoughts.

He did not know it was possible in such a situation.

Her attacks were becoming increasingly impatient.

Zu An raised a finger, then jabbed it at her when he saw an opening.

Shining Finger!

He had attacked her weak spot instinctively, but he immediately regretted it as his finger sank into a soft, tender spot.

He had jabbed her inner thigh.

Murong Qinghe screamed and collapsed to the side.

She instinctively tried to rise, but the soreness immediately spread out through her entire leg.

Her legs were so weak that she almost couldnt remain still.

Her expression grew extremely bizarre.

Zu An was wondering if he should explain himself, but she was clearly the one who was out to kill him.

Apologizing at this point would just be sad.

Murong Qinghe was about to say something, but her eyes suddenly darted to his finger in shock.

“What is this move of yours called”

Zu An was stunned. She isnt crying or throwing a tantrum over how Ive infringed on her purity

What was up with her reaction She was actually only interested in knowing the name of his technique!

Was she one of those legendary martial idiots

Despite this, he still subconsciously replied, “ Shining Finger.”

“Shining Finger” Murong Qinghe remained silent for a moment.

“Thats not a bad name at all.

However, you better watch out.”

She removed two short spears from her waist.

She hadnt used her weapons earlier due to her pride.

She thought that her legs were enough to deal with him.

Now that she knew he was an expert, though, she wasnt about to show the least bit of negligence.

“Haiyah!” With a cry, she flew at him, the two spears striking at him, one from the left and one from the right, cutting off almost all means of escape.

Zu An could sense the killing intent from the spears even from a distance.

It was an aura that seemed to have been tempered in the blood of her enemies on the battlefield.

He had noticed the two spears from the very start, but had believed them to be some strange ornaments.

Apparently, they were actually ferocious weapons.

This girl didnt look that old, yet she already had the aura of a war hardened soldier.

Despite the thoughts running through his head, he did not stop moving.

He took a step to the side and used his Sunflower Phantasm.

Murong Qinghe was sure that her two spears would hit, yet her opponent suddenly  vanished in the blink of an eye.

By the time she reacted, he was already next to her.

Alarmed, she hurriedly retracted a spear, bringing it back in front of her just in time to intercept the incoming finger.

Zu An was quite impressed.

Her earlier attack had been excellent.

Even though her cultivation wasnt that high, her combat sense was much higher than those of her peers.

It was worth mentioning that the sixth rank assassins had been eliminated by him in mere moments, yet this young lady at the fifth rank had managed to keep up with him after so many moves.

Even though he was holding back, her response was still remarkable.

Murong Qinghe felt her arm go sore.

The force of the blow was too much for her fingers to handle, and one of her spears was sent flying.

Zu An smirked. Ive already disarmed you.

Isnt it time to concede

Unexpectedly, Murong Qinghe thrust her other spear outward, catching up to the spear that had been knocked flying a moment ago.

With an audible clack, the two short spears combined together to form a long spear.

Zu Ans eyes widened. Something like this exists

Without hesitation, Murong Qinghe thrust her spear out, flying at him like a silver dragon.

Zu An frowned as he watched the multiple images of spear-points jabbing towards him closely.

He reached out with two fingers, and the images disappeared.

There was only a single spear point, gently clasped between his fingers.

Murong Qinghes face was entirely red.

She couldnt wrench it free no matter how she tried.

She was horrified.

How could he have such strong fingers She shuddered to think what would happen if those fingers struck her body.

“Stop trying already.

You wont be able to get it free.

If you want your spear back, its not a problem at all.

Just beg me to return it, and I might just do so,” Zu An said casually.

In his previous fights, if it wasnt an eighth rank cultivator he was facing, then it was a ninth rank one. I can stomach getting bullied by them, but if I let a young woman bully me as well, I dont know where to hide my face.

Murong Qinghe was furious.

“Keep dreaming!” 

You have successfully trolled Murong Qinghe for 999 Rage points!

Her rage seemed to feed her strength.

She let go of her spear and wrapped her forearm around the spear shaft instead, then began to twist.

The spear began to spin along with the rotational force she was exerting.

Not even Zu An could hold onto it, and he quickly let go.

Murong Qinghes lips curved upwards.

She was just about to retract her spear when her smile stiffened.

Zu An had reached out two fingers to clasp her spear again.

At the same time, his fingers slowly moved up and down the shaft.

“What a fine spear!” he marveled.

“Let go!” Murong Qinghe was incredibly embarrassed.

After all, she had been trained in the art of the spear since she was young.

After more than ten years with it, she had formed a bond with this spear.

It was like an extension of her body.

Him fondling the spear was no different from fondling her body!

She didnt mind if he ended up touching her while they were fighting.

After spending such a long time in the army, she had long grown accustomed to ordinary physical contact with her enemies.

However, this spear was the source of her pride and glory.

If she wasnt using it to cut down enemies, then she was beating people into submission with it.

Yet now, it had been seized and fondled by this awful man.

She felt a strange sense of humiliation.

Zu An noticed her body trembling slightly.

His first thought was that she was angry, but he quickly realized that this wasnt the case.

He too was vastly experienced.

He immediately realized that this was how Qiao Xueying was when she had been stimulated the night before.

Zu An was stupefied. Come on.

Really Youre getting aroused just because Im touching your spear

What kind of weird fetish is this

At this moment, the gates to the Qin Estate opened, and an alarmed voice called out.

“What are you two doing”

Murong Qinghe seemed as though she had received a great amnesty.

She even lost all interest in retrieving her spear.

She rushed over to the newcomers side and pointed at Zu An.

“Big brother Chu, this guy is bullying me!”

Zu Ans eyeballs were about to pop out of their sockets.

Where had that valiant woman who brandished her spear so ferociously go

The tomboy had suddenly transformed into an obedient little girl

She was clearly slightly taller than Chu Youzhao, yet she was suddenly acting all cute and helpless, staring at him with starstruck eyes.

Zu Ans eyes went wide.

Had this woman made some sort of mistake Had she fallen for the cross-dressing Chu Youzhao


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