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The fatty was elated.

He ran over to the pond, looking left and right excitedly.

He looked as happy as a child.

Zu An heard many people refer to the crown prince asunsophisticated.

Back then, he thought that they were too embarrassed to call him an idiot, so that was why they changed their wording.

Now, it looked like the crown prince was indeed simple and unsophisticated.

If he was born in an ordinary clan, he might just enjoy his life as a wealthy heir, but in the royal family, he was doomed for a bad ending.

He remembered that there was an emperor from the Western Jin Dynasty who was similar to this crown prince in front of him.

In the end, the entire country rose in rebellion.

Normally, the emperor of this world would be the most powerful cultivator.

The emperor should know this, yet he insists on creating this danger due to his selfish desires!

While his mind was wandering, the fatty ran over with a big smile.

His fat jiggled like waves as he ran.

“You really can speak to frogs! How did you do it Teach me! Youll be my big bro from today on!” The big fatty tugged on his sleeves in adoration.

Zu An knew that he already had this fatty in the bag.

“I can teach you, but honestly, Im pretty hungry right now, so I dont think I can teach that well.”

Little Xu and Little He were completely gobsmacked.

The crown prince actually called this fella big bro The worst part was that this guy agreed! He had no idea what the hell he was getting himself into!

“Thats not a problem, theres a lot of snacks here.

Little Xu, Little He, hurry and come serve this…” The fatty was stunned.

“Big bro, what is your name”

“Im Zu An.” There was no need to hide this.

Everyone inside the palace was going to know sooner or later.

“Oh, Im Zhao Ruizhi.” The fatty welcomed him with a big smile.

This was the seat that his people prepared for him.

There were all types of fine refreshments and fruits on the table.

“Big bro, these arent anything special, but you can eat some for now.

Ill have them make something good for you later.”

When they saw the fawning smile on the crown princes face and how he stuck to this newcomer like a dog, the eunuchs were stupefied.

They wanted to berate Zu An, but with how much the crown prince liked him, they were all too scared to say anything.

“You dont have to go through all that trouble.” Zu An picked up a pastry and took a big bite out of it.

 Suddenly, he remembered that there were definitely many people who envied this stupid crown prince.

If someone poisoned him, then it really would be incredibly unlucky if he ate it instead.

As such, he handed the pastry in his hand to him.

“Eat some too.”

“Sure!” Zhao Ruizhi smiled in a simple and honest manner.

He took it and threw it into his mouth.

The others couldnt stop him in time.

All of their faces paled.

What if there was some poison on this fellas hands There was no way they would survive if something happened to the crown prince!

All of them stared at the crown prince to see if there was anything wrong.

Zhao Ruizhi picked up another pastry.

“Big bro, you should keep eating.

It tastes pretty good.”

When he saw how quickly the food disappeared, Zu An finally understood how this dude ended up becoming so fat.

But now, he didnt have to worry about the food being tampered with.

He also picked up a pastry and began to eat.

Zhao Ruizhis face was stuffed with food, so his voice was muffled as he said, “By the way, how did you talk to the frogs Hurry and teach me!”

“You need to imagine that you are one of them first, and then you have to let go of your thoughts.

You cannot use only your mouth to communicate with them.” Zu An told him a load of bull**.

The reason he could talk to them was because of the jade badge he got from the Eastern Barbarian girl in the Yinxu dungeon.

That thing allowed him to communicate with lower intelligence life forms.

Hm His expression suddenly changed.

He wondered if he could use it to control this dummy crown prince.

He didnt seem to be that intelligent.

Zhao Ruizhi seemed to have gained the most important treasure.

He wasnt even in the mood to eat anymore and quickly ran over to the pond to play with the frogs.

Then, he suddenly ran over and squatted down, releasing a croak sound.

The frogs also replied with a croak.

Zhao Ruizhi was immediately excited.

“Big bro, big bro! I learned how to talk to them too!”

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

“What did you tell them” He didnt have time to make those frogs cooperate with him.

Zhao Ruizhi replied, “I asked them if they ate yet.”

“Did they reply” Zu An had a strange look on his face.

“They did! They told me they ate already!” Zhao Ruizhi said without any hesitation.

Zu An: “......”

What the heck.

Saves me the effort I guess.

This fella is actually too smart for his own good.

Those eunuchs were stunned.

If they knew that it was this easy to con the crown prince, why the hell did they jump around naked like frogs earlier

But they also knew that they couldnt make the frogs greet the crown prince like Zu An did, so the crown prince obviously wouldnt believe them.

Zhao Ruizhi ran back over to Zu Ans side after playing with the frogs for a bit.

“Big bro, youre so awesome, so I have something else I want to ask you.”

“Ask me anything.” Zu An peeled a banana while replying nonchalantly.

Those eunuchs all widened their eyes from how laid back he seemed.

This person really was freaking daring!

Zu An knew what they were thinking from the incoming Rage points.

However, he wasnt intentionally courting disaster, but rather felt that with an oddball like the crown prince, you cant play your cards the same way you usually do.

It was instead easier to gain the crown princes favor by putting on this type of smug attitude.

Zhao Ruizhi chuckled.

He gave those eunuchs a look, his expression seemingly a bit embarrassed.

He moved next to Zu An and said with a hushed voice, “So… theres someone I want to mess with, maybe make her smell my fart or something, but shes way too smart.

She always avoids it before I prank her.

Do you have any ideas”

Zu An: “”

Im still freaking eating! Why are you saying something so disgusting to my face

But when he saw his pure and hopeful expression, he knew that this fatty was being serious.

As such, he chuckled.

This fella really was like a child who just wanted to prank his friends.

He casually replied, “Thats easy enough.

Next time, when you are about to fart, tell your friendssomething smells like its burning.

Then, they will subconsciously pay more attention to their sense of smell to check to see if something really is burning.

However, thatll just make them breathe in your entire fart.”

Those eunuchs were extremely shocked.

Is this something a freaking human thinks of This is just way too evil!

Zhao Ruizhi became even happier.

“Big bro is really strong! Ill definitely be able to prank her this time!”

Zu An was surprised.

“Who are you trying to prank”

Zhao Ruizhi replied, “My wife.

She is always making fun of me for being stupid, so I wanted to mess with her for once.”

Zu An: “......”

This is the freaking crown princess! What the hell am I supposed to say now You actually want your wife to smell your fart

“Were you trying to prank me” A cold voice sounded from behind them at this time.

Zhao Ruizhi trembled.

He immediately began to shake all over like a quail.

Zu An turned around with curiosity.

His eyes couldnt help but light up.

A beautiful woman slowly walked towards the two of them.

Her shoulders looked like they were sculpted, her waistline thin as if it was bound.

Her neck was long and graceful like a swan.

Her skin was fair and smooth.

She was dressed in a set of dazzling and luxurious palace outfit, the two ribbons fluttering behind her making her waist look even more thin and enchanting.

There was a red beauty mark at the center of her forehead.

Her hair was dressed meticulously, decorated by an exquisite lotus flower woven out of threads.

There were several delicate hairpins at both sides, as well as a shining golden ornament.

She naturally exuded a type of noble grandeur.

Her enchanting and dignified eyes were staring coldly at Zu An.


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