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“Remember not to mention this matter to anyone in the estate,” reminded Zu An sternly.

Cheng Shouping thumped his own chest and assured him, “Young master, have you forgotten my name I am the man who keeps secrets like a cork on a bottle, Cheng Shouping!”

Somehow, that assurance only stoked Zu Ans unease.

He felt like he had just planted a terrible flag here.

“Ill leave you to look into the matter.

Im feeling a bit tired right now, so Ill rest for a while first.

Ah right, get me a bucket of water to wash my face first,” Zu An dismissed Cheng Shouping with a wave of his hand.

He was hoping to wash his hands and face first before using the Rage points he had just earned from Plum Blossom Thirteen to draw the lottery.

He suddenly felt like his future looked very bright.

“Looks like youre in a good mood,” an old, hoarse voice suddenly sounded.

Zu An leaped in shock.

He quickly turned around and saw Old Mi standing behind him.

With his heart still throbbing from the jump scare, he retorted, “Why do you always walk around without making any sound Youll really scare me to death one of these days!”

Old Mi ignored Zu Ans remark and asked his own question, “You didnt play truant today, right”

“You already warned me beforehand, so how would I dare” Looking at the deep eyes that were hidden by layers of skin folds, Zu An suddenly had a feeling that he would have suffered the same fate as Plum Blossom Thirteen had he dared to play truant today.

“Thats good.” Old Mi laughed eerily.

“Did you meet Wei Hongde”

Old Mis smile made goosebumps rise all over Zu Ans body.

“Not yet.” A frown immediately started forming on Old Mis forehead, which prompted Zu An to quickly supplement on.

“However, I managed to become friends with his younger brother.”

“He has a younger brother” Old Mi was confused.

“Yes, his name is Wei Suo…” Zu An briefly explained the situation.

“I didnt think that he would have another son.

Heh, it looks like hes living quite a good life, hm” Old Mi muttered under his breath.

Zu An was stunned for a moment before asking, “What did you say”

“Nothing.” Old Mi shook his head.

He tossed a pouch of silver taels to Zu An and said, “Take this money.

Treat those two brothers to a meal and hang out with them more.

I need you to get on closer terms with them.”

“May I know whats the reason for that Can you let me in on it too so that I can prepare myself beforehand” Zu An tried probing a little.

Another chillingly eerie smile surfaced on Old Mis face as he replied, “Youll know in due time.” Then, he began to stagger away.

Zu An was a little dumbfounded.

You cant be trying to get me to steal some kind of secret treasure in the royal treasury, are you

He quickly counted the money in the pouch he had just received from Old Mi and found that there were a hundred silver taels in total.

He couldnt help but wonder how an old farmer inside the Chu Estate managed to save up so much money.

With a deep sigh, Zu An decided not to think too much into it for now.

He turned his attention to the keyboard and checked on his Rage points.

He originally only had 54 Rage points left after spending it up in the afternoon, but it had risen back up to 8305.

It was just a short encounter, but Plum Blossom Thirteen had single handedly provided him with more than 8000 Rage points!

Nevertheless, Zu An was still a little dissatisfied.

Once again, the result had proven that it was much more efficient to farm using AOE skills than single target skills.

He could only hope that there would get more enemies like Plum Blossom Thirteen.

He earnestly washed his face with systematic movements that looked as if they could have come out of a ritual before turning his attention to the lottery.

However, before he could start, a servant suddenly rushed in and reported, “Young master, the Master and the Madame are calling you over right now!”

Zu An widened his eyes in shock.

It cant be that they already know about me leading Chu Huanzhao astray, can it

With a feeling of unease in his heart, he followed the servant around the estate.

The servant led him from corridor to corridor, navigating an incredibly complicated pathway.

Zu An couldnt help but suspect that the servant was leading him into some sort of trap.

It was only when the two of them finally arrived before a hall with plenty of maids standing at the doorway that he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

With so many people around, I doubt that they would try to pull anything.

It was then that Zu An noticed that there was one particular lass with a slender waist and a delicate ponytail dressed in a green robe.

He was a little alarmed by her appearance, but he maintained a brilliant smile on his face as he walked over and said, “Oh It has only been a few days since we last met, but Snow, your waist got even slimmer.

Are you not eating well outside Aw.

Come, Ill help you massage it a little.”

As he spoke, his hands darted forth to hug that lass.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 256 Rage!

Zu An was a little surprised.

He didnt know that Snow wasnt her real name.

It was quite rare for maids to have a proper surname and name these days, let alone such an eloquent one.

It seems like this lass has quite a mysterious background to her.

Even though he managed to infuriate Snow back then, he hadnt awakened the Rage system back then.

Thus, this was the first time he was seeing her true name.

The young lass easily dodged his hands before glaring at him frostily.

“It has been a few days, but youre still as detestable as ever.”

Zu Ans face immediately turned grim.

“Youre going a little overboard here.

No matter what, we did spend a night with one another.

Are you going to shirk off responsibilities now that you got your clothes back on”

“You!!!” Snows face flushed red right away.

It was a huge trauma for her that her pure maidenly body was sighted by this dirty man.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 999 Rage!

“Are you angry Hit me then.

Hit me then~” Zu An taunted like a little hoodlum.

Back then, when she kicked him into the pond, he wasnt a cultivator yet, so he wasnt able to discern her level of strength.

It was high time for him to check her out.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 1000 Rage!

Snow was feeling faint with rage.

She never thought that there would be such a shameless fellow in the world.

Her fury burst right through the roof as she seriously considered heck care everything and pummel the man before her.

“Stop messing around and come in!” Chu Chuyans unique cold, melodious voice sounded from the hall.

Snow took a deep breath as she forced herself to calm down before speaking coldly, “The Master and Madame are waiting for you inside.

You should hurry up and enter.”

Zu An shook his head regrettably before tidying his clothes and entering the hall with widened strides.

Chu Zhongtian, Qin Wanru, Chu Chuyan and Chu Huanzhao were seated around a round table, annd there were all sorts of exquisite dishes placed on the table.

Chu Huanzhao shot him a glance, silently gesturing for him to take heed.

This lass is still quite loyal after all.

Looks like I didnt dote on her for nothing, Zu An thought.

“Zu An, the audacity of you to seduce a maid of the estate in our presence.

What do you take Chuyan for What do you take our Chu clan for” Qin Wanru bellowed with a darkened face.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 447 Rage!

How could she possibly not be furious In the first place, she was already dissatisfied with having her precious daughter marry such a wastrel, and yet, the latter still went around seducing the maidservants of the estate.

This was preposterous!

“I didnt seduce her!” Zu An cried out like a wronged victim.

“You still want to argue your way through this Do you think that our ears are there for decoration” Qin Wanru harrumphed.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 522 Rage!

Beside her, Chu Zhongtian coughed softly and explained, “Zu An, you might not be aware because you arent a cultivator, but this bit of distance isnt much for us.

We can hear everything happening outside loud and clear.”

Zu An felt that Chu Zhongtian was really quite a good person.

“Father-in-law, I really am not lying.

Thats because Snow is already my woman.”

Those words caused a ripple of shock to wash through everyone present.

Even Chu Chuyan, who was watching the drama leisurely as if she had nothing to do with it, ended up choking on her tea.

She hurriedly took out her handkerchief to wipe off the tea that had spurted out of her mouth.

Chu Zhongtian also stared at Zu An in disbelief, though his shock was mixed with a tinge of respect too.

Qin Wanrus mouth fell agape, and it looked like her mind had short-circuited a little there.

Chu Huanzhao was in the midst of sneaking some food into her mouth when she heard those words, and she secretly snuck him a thumbs up.

She earnestly thought that her brother-in-law was really quite a formidable figure.

It was no wonder why Plum Blossom Thirteen got done in so badly.

“Zu An, how can you spout such nonsense!” The infuriated Snow immediately darted right in and berated Zu An.

Similar to how Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru could hear what was going on outside, it was only to be expected that Snow, who had pricked up her ears to listen to the happenings inside, would be able to hear what was going on inside too.

The moment she heard Zu An claim that she was his woman, she nearly lost her mind.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 999 Rage!


Qin Wanru slammed her palm on the table and berated, “Where have your manners gone Get out!”

Snow looked at Qin Wanru indignantly, and she attempted to protest weakly, “Madame, I…”

Chu Chuyan also interjected in as well, “Snow, you should leave the room for now.”

Left with no choice, Snow could only back out of the room.

She didnt forget to direct a vicious glare at Zu An before walking out.

You have successfully trolled Qiao Xueying for 400 Rage!

Watching all of these, Zu An chuckled on the inside as he praised himself for his sharp wits.

All it took was a single sentence from him to earn this huge sum of Rage points.

As soon as Snow left the room, Qin Wanrus gaze turned so severe that it looked like she wouldnt hesitate to strangle someone.

“Zu An, you better tell us whats going on here.

Do you know that we reserve the rights to sentence a drafted son-in-law like you to death for seducing a maid in the estate”

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 587 Rage!

Zu An lamented in his mind that drafted sons-in-law really had no human rights at all.

Sighing softly to himself, he began explaining himself unhurriedly, “I didnt seduce Snow; Chuyan gave her to me.

She personally ordered Snow to accompany me in bed.”

Qin Wanru frowned upon hearing those words.

She turned to her daughter and asked, “Chuyan, is that true”

Whats wrong with my daughter Did she really send a woman to her own husband I thought that I should have already set a good example for her to follow.

All these years, have I ever allowed any woman to approach your father, Qin Wanru wondered.

Chu Chuyans face flushed red.

She shot a maddened glare at Zu An before answering, “Mother, I did say such words.

However, it was intended to be no other than a joke.

You need not listen to his nonsense.”

“Is that true” Qin Wanru asked doubtfully.

“Of course!”

Chu Chuyan shot a glance at Zu An and said, “Hurry up and take your seat.

You should watch what you say in the future, or else you wouldnt even know who you have offended.”

Zu An immediately protested against those words, “That wont do! Im relying on my mouth for a living!”

How was he supposed to earn Rage points if he didnt run his mouth

Those words evoked laughter from Chu Huanzhao.

“Didnt you say that you make a living out of your face”

Zu An answered her question with hardly any embarrassment at all, “Im going down both routes.

Its always better to expand your field of specialties so as to remain competitive on the market.”

“Enough! Stop talking all of that nonsense and eat!”

For some reason, Qin Wanru felt a little irritated by the friendly chatter between Zu An and her second daughter.

Zu An got onto his seat before directing a discreet look at Chu Chuyan.

To be honest, this woman did treat him fairly well.

Despite the earlier circumstances, she still didnt reveal his impotence.

That would have effectively dispel any doubts that Qin Wanru harbored between him and Snow.

“What are you looking at me for” Without turning to look at Zu An, she picked up a piece of vegetable as she asked nonchalantly.

“Youre beautiful.

Ive read books where they describe a woman to beso beautiful that one couldnt resist feasting on her looks.

To be frank, I was quite skeptical at the start, but Im starting to see it for myself,” replied Zu An with a smile.

His wifes side profile was truly perfect in every sense.

Her smooth and delicate skin looked so inviting; it was such a pity that he couldnt give her a kiss.

Chu Chuyan was a little surprised to hear those words.

“Looks like you have gotten much more optimistic than before”

Zu An knew that she was referring to his impotence.

He kicked up a huge uproar the last time she saw it.

“I was still brooding over it earlier on, but all of my frustrations seem to vanish in the face of your beauty.”


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