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Who is it The voice caught everyone by surprise, and they quickly looked in the direction from which it had come from.

A group of people had made their appearance, ranging from tall to short, fat to skinny.

It was none other than the Solitary Eight of the Devil Sect that they had encountered earlier.

Zu An was none too pleased.

Is this a public restroom They never stop coming!

If you guys were going to come by anyway, you should have come earlier! You guys could have tangled with that old dragon and that Cash Warrior, and left me to reap the harvest at the end! 

Instead, he had been the one who had to deal with those two on his own, and now this group showed up to pillage the rewards.

This left him extremely annoyed.

The rest of his group had similar expressions on their faces, clearly thinking along the same lines.

“It seems theyve managed to deal with those dark elves.

When I snuck away earlier, those dark elves were still holding on,” Pei Mianman said quietly.

She was quite annoyed with herself.

If she had known this would happen, she would have stopped Zu An from returning.

They wouldnt have bumped into those people then.

A seductive figure slowly walked out.

Her eyes flickered with a glint of happiness when she saw Zu An safe and sound.

However, her expression changed again when she noticed the beauties standing at his side.

“Young master Zu really is the envy of all other mortals.

Youre always surrounded by beauties wherever you go.”

Pei Mianman said with a laugh, “Is Lady Qiu jealous of our positions at Zu Ans side I can give you my spot if you want.”

“How dare you shame the holy saint of our sect!” One of the women berated her loudly.

Zu An couldnt help but give her a look.

It wasnt because she was beautiful—rather, it was the exact opposite.

She was fierce and imposing, and she had few feminine traits, if any.

She was even taller than an average man, and her arms bulged with muscles, thicker than the thighs of many men.

She wielded a massive sledgehammer in her hand.

He recognized her as the lightning cultivator from the earlier battle.

Whats up with all these damned lightning-wielding cultivators and their bloody hammers In his past world, the Duke of Thunder from Eastern mythology wielded a hammer, and Thors Mjolnir was yet another hammer.

Now, a lightning cultivator of this world had also appeared with a hammer.

However, the shaft of her hammer was much longer than Thors, which made her weapon seem more like a polearm.

Pei Mianman didnt seem to mind her angry words.

She smiled and said, “Miss lighting cultivator, I fear that you do not understand the hearts of women well.

This female saint of yours might actually be secretly delighted to hear my words.”

“Youre courting death!” This lightning cultivator was often quick to anger.

Furthermore, because of her own nature, she saved most of her contempt for such flirtatious women.

Qiu Honglei was the holy saint of her sect and the sect masters disciple, so she was an exception, but there was no way she would tolerate this womans continued provocation.

Rage surged within her whenever two ridiculous melons on her chest caught her eye.

Added to that, every single movement this woman made was flirtatious and seductive, constantly drawing the eyes of men all around her.

She had despised Pei Mianman ever since the first time she laid eyes on her.

Now that she had an excuse, she sent her hammer flying straight at her.

“Be careful!” Zu Ans group immediately dispersed when they saw this.

That hammer sent smoke and dust flying everywhere as it impacted the ground, smashing a massive crater into it.

Lightning crackled in all directions.

Zu An and the others just managed to avoid the shockwaves by retreating a significant distance.

That lightning cultivator didnt stop, paying Zu An no attention whatsoever as she continued to pursue Pei Mianman.

Pei Mianman was both angry and speechless.

Black flames surged all around her.

Since the lightning cultivator had made her move, the other solitary eight members rushed forward as well, charging at Zu Ans group.

The wood element cultivator was comparatively weaker than his companions in terms of fighting strength.

He threw himself at Zheng Dan, preventing her water element from affecting his companion who wielded the fire element.

The wood cultivator was a man, and even his hair was green.

Plants flourished on the ground as he passed by, and Zheng Dan suddenly found herself surrounded by snake-like vines, which were covered with thorns and were as thick as pythons.

Zheng Dan danced away from them, preemptively evading them and making sure that she wasnt caught within the cage of powerful vines and immobilized.

That wood cultivator froze momentarily, but continued his attacks.

The two soon found themselves in a messy tangle.

Given the gap in their respective cultivations, Zheng Dan had no chance of breaking through his ki armor, but the wood cultivator couldnt quickly take down Zheng Dan either.

Off to the side, Sang Qien was amazed.

“Sister-in-laws combat sense is extraordinary! Shes amazing!”

“But of course!” Sang Qian was quite proud.

Zheng Dan had been the boss of the Whale Gang, after all, a big shot in Brightmoon Citys underground world.

How could she be just another fifth rank cultivator

However, right in the middle of his gloating, he suddenly remembered that she seemed to be more partial towards Zu An than himself, and the smile of his face quickly froze.

Thankfully, he didnt have much time to feel jealous.

Several people were charging right towards them.

The ones who squared up with them were the water-, fire- and earth-wielding members of the Solitary Eight.

Two of them by themselves should have been enough to deal with these wounded opponents, but they had to be extra careful of Sang Hong.

He was at the eighth rank after all, so they didnt dare lower their guard no matter how wounded he was.

The water element cultivator was an elder who wielded a staff.

As he waved his weapon about, a light, misty rain sprang up, drenching their clothes.

The three of them from the Sang clan were all fire element cultivators.

The effects of their elemental skills would be greatly reduced after being doused in water.

The earth element cultivator was a large and fierce-looking man.

His hands struck the ground, and the ground rippled like an earthquake.

The three Sang family members were unable to keep their balance, and began to lean unsteadily from one side to the other.

The fire element user produced an exquisite bow and fired it at the three opponents reeling in front of him.

His arrows were different from ordinary arrows.

They were surrounded by bright flames that greatly augmented their power.

Sang Hong roared.

A ring of flames erupted around him, stabilizing a small area of the ground around himself and stopping it from shaking.

Thus balanced, he sent a fist flying out towards the flaming arrow.

He was an eighth rank cultivator after all, and even though he was seriously injured, his powerful sight remained.

His sense of timing was still excellent.

However, after deflecting the arrow successfully, he still spat out a mouthful of blood as his previous injuries flared up again.

The enemies attacked again.

Fortunately, Sang Qien reacted quickly, rushing over to his side to offer aid.

Only then did Sang Qian wake up from his daze and dash over as well.

The two of them coordinated their movements with their heavily-injured father, just barely dealing with the relentless attacks of the three Solitary Eight members.

Zu An was the one facing the greatest pressure, since he was the Devil Sects main target.

The metal, ice, and wind element users surrounded Zu An.

The metal element user was a fatty dressed in golden robes embroidered with golden ingots.

He gave off the aura of a rich local landlord.

He held a golden abacus in his hand.

When he shook it, the beads flew out like hidden weapons, targeting Zu Ans vital areas.

Zu An quickly used his Sunflower Phantasm to evade.

His unpredictable movements made all of those beads miss.

However, those beads seemed like guided missiles.

They didnt drop to the floor, but continued to attack him.

Zu Ans eyes narrowed.

He split into three copies using his Sunflower Phantasm in order to confuse his opponent.

Employing a series of strange, sneaky movements, he slipped beside the metal cultivator and thrust his sword towards his body.


Metal collided on metal.

Zu An noticed that his attack had met his opponents metal ki armor.

No wonder metal element and earth element cultivators were publicly acknowledged to be the ones with the most powerful defenses! Sure enough, his armor was incredibly tough.

Thank heavens Yuan Wenlong hadnt reached the sixth rank yet during the Clans Tournament.

Otherwise, I would have had no chance of victory against his ki armor.

Three ice arrows flew towards him at great speed.

These clearly belonged to the ice cultivator.

Zu An barely managed to dodge to the side, but he was still clipped by one of the ice arrows.

Half of his body was instantly covered in a layer of frost, weighing that side of him down significantly.

These ice arrows clearly had slowing effects.

“Hmph, I can sleep in bed with my wifes freezing body! You think Im scared of this little bit of cold that you have” Zu An fired up his Primordial Origin Sutra, and most of the frost quickly dissipated.

Another attack came flying out from the golden abacus.

Zu An tried to evade with his Sunflower Phantasm, but he suddenly discovered that the air had become extremely viscous.

It was difficult for him to move quickly.

The wind element cultivator had summoned five small tornadoes in a formation around him.

Zu An found himself trapped in a powerful field of wind, which greatly affected his movements.


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