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Qiu Honglei was already seriously wounded after that arrow had struck her lantern.

How could she possibly stop this arrow

Zu An felt his heart stop beating, and his body subconsciously straightened.

In that instant, the earth element cultivator from the Solitary Eight appeared in front of her, reaching down towards the ground with his hand and making a digging motion.

A large chunk of the earth was lifted upwards to form a massive earthen wall.

However, even though that earthen wall was thick, the arrow still flew right through it.

Faced with the power of this arrow, the earthen might as well have been made out of papier-mâché.

The earth element cultivator had already predicted that this would happen, and immediately summoned an earthen elemental armor which glowed yellowish-brown.

The arrow crashed against the translucent armor, and began to spin rapidly, releasing a shrill grinding sound as it began to bore into the armor.

In moments, the armor had crumbled, breaking apart into several pieces.

However, the arrows force was spent as well.

The earth element cultivator managed to catch it between his palms.

Even so, the arrow still forced his hands backwards, only stopping an inch from his chest.

It was easy to imagine just how terrifying this arrow was.

Sang Hong sighed.

“It looks like Qiu Honglei isnt a lowly member of the Devil Sect.

Even one of the Solitary Eight willingly stepped in to block that arrow for her.”

Zu An smiled and said, “I think its also because Lady Qiu is so pretty that the men cant help but want to protect her.

After all, it wasnt a female member of the Eight who blocked it.”

Sang Hong gave him a strange look.

This kid always has a weird way of looking at things that is different from everyone else… but I guess hes not entirely wrong.

Sang Qian snorted coldly.

“Only someone like you would make such a base comment.

Your head is filled with this stuff about guys and girls all day long.”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

“Youre speaking as if youre not the same.

Who was the first one to rush out and greet Qiu Honglei earlier”

Sang Qians face heated up.

He felt a little guilty.

He probably wouldve saved Qiu Honglei too, if hed had the chance.

The Solitary Eight here were worried that the dark elf leader would fire another arrow, and they all rushed to attack him.

However, some dark elves had already moved to stop them.

The dark elf leader drew another arrow and prepared to attack again.

The members of the Devil Sect grew nervous, and crowded around Qiu Honglei.

She was considered the saint of the sect, and in terms of status, she was second only to the sect master! They would all meet a horrible end if something were to happen to her.

Unexpectedly, the dark elf leader chose not to aim at Qiu Honglei, but changed targets instead, firing the arrow straight at the carriage.

The cultivations of everyone inside the carriage had been sealed, making them no different from ordinary people.

Given the power that this arrow had displayed earlier, there was absolutely no chance of survival.

They had been given two tasks: they would capture Zu An alive if they could, but if not, they were not to let him fall into anyone elses hands.

When they held the advantage earlier, it would have been easy enough to extract the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra from Zu An.

Unfortunately, now that a few of their compatriots had died, and the advantage had swung in the Devil Sects favor, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to seize Zu An from them even if they continued fighting.

Since they couldnt capture him, they would erase him from the face of the earth.

Qiu Honglei turned pale when she saw that arrow streak towards the carriage.

She wanted to save Zu An, but she was too far away, and her serious injuries had rendered her completely powerless anyway.

Zu Ans eyes narrowed as well.

He grabbed Zheng Dan.

He couldnt care less if their relationship was exposed right now.

Huang Huihong suddenly erupted with power.

His Soul-reaping Chains flew outwards to intercept the arrow, wrapping around it almost instantly.

The fact that his sight was good enough to allow him to entangle that fast-moving arrow with such accuracy was truly impressive.

However, the arrows power would not be so easily contained.

With a shrill grinding noise, the Soul-reaping Chains were blown to pieces.

The fragments of the chains shot into Huang Huihongs body.

It was as if a car had rammed straight into him.

Blood gushed out from his mouth.

He fell to the ground, watching helplessly as the arrow continued on towards the carriage.

Suddenly, black flames surged all around, forming a wall of flames in front of the carriage and blocking the swiftly-moving arrow.

The arrow still carried ferocious power, spinning at an impossibly high rate in an effort to drill through the wall of flames.

However, these black flames were clearly special.

Strands of flames wrapped around the arrow, encasing it layer upon layer, clearly causing the arrow to melt.

“What kind of flames are these Theyre so powerful!” The eyes of everyone on the battlefield widened in shock, especially the flame cultivator from the Devil Sect.

He knew that the fire that he wielded had no chance of melting that arrow.

The level of this flame was definitely far above his own!

A beautiful figure landed in front of the carriage.

Her skintight outfit only served to further emphasize her enchanting figure.

All eyes couldnt help but wander towards her chest.

Zu An had a strange expression on his face. Big Manman, your body is a unique work of art, and easily recognizable.

Is there even any point in hiding your face

Is this girl always at the gym or something Even if you hate dresses, wear some loose fitting black clothes… why do you always have to wear this skintight stuff

Pei Mianman turned around.

She grabbed Zu An subconsciously, wanting to take him away with her, but she suddenly realized that the one she had grabbed was Sang Qian.

Stunned, she looked off to the side and saw the real Zu An in a grooms outfit and Zheng Dan in her bridal dress, their arms wrapped around each other.

Her face sunk, and she sniffed lightly.

“I thought that you were having a hard time, but it seems like youre enjoying yourself.”

“So its her,” Qiu Honglei muttered to herself.

She had fought against this woman back in Brightmoon City.

Aside from Zu An, she was probably the one person here who knew her best.

Her mind started to wander back to their earlier fight, but her eyes subconsciously drifted over to the womans chest.

She bit her lip. What the heck did this girl eat to get that big

She was actually quite proud of her figure.

Compared to Pei Mianman, however, she was clearly lacking in the chest department.

“Kill Zu An!” The dark elf leader ordered, his face pale.

He put away the bow.

Firing those arrows had taken quite a toll on his body, and he wouldnt be able to loose another arrow for some time.

At his order, the other dark elves moved as one, charging murderously towards the carriage.

Sang Qian gave a frightened start.

He had dressed himself up as Zu An because he wanted to hang onto his life, not lose it! He pointed at Zu An and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Im not Zu An, he is! Please dont mistake me for him!”

Zu An stared at him for a moment.

In the end, he shook his head and said, “Young master Sang, youre throwing away whatever is left of your miserable reputation.”

Sang Qian saw the contempt in Zheng Dans eyes, as well as his fathers frown.

He knew that his cowardly act was rather shameful, but none of this bothered him right now.

Survival was more important than anything else!


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