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Yun Yuqing tossed him a booklet.

“This is what you wanted,” she said coldly.

King Wu took it and immediately began to examine it.

He could tell that it was incredibly profound and mysterious after reading just a few lines.

However, he couldnt shake all of his worries.

“That fellow gave it to you that easily Did he agree to our proposals”

“What do you think” Yun Yuqing said nonchalantly.

King Wu felt his heart skip a beat.

“Could it be that you really…”

“Wasnt that what you were hoping for” Tears glistened within Yun Yuqings gem-like eyes as she reminisced about the past affection theyd shared.

Everyone had called them a perfect couple, and many times, even she herself had felt that it was true.

However, the things that had happened over the past two days made all of it seem like a mirage.

King Wus heart was broken by wifes expression.

His wife had really done it with another man… and he was the one who had incited it.

His mind was overwhelmed by emotions.

He reached out an arm to hold his wife.

“Yuqing, Ive wronged you.”

“Dont touch me!” Yun Yuqing backed away.

She looked at him as though she was looking at a stranger.

King Wu was at a loss as to how to console her.

A heavy silence fell across the room.

Despite this, he still remembered the most important part.

“Is this Phoenix Nirvana Sutra real or fake Did you verify it”

“Of course I did.” Yun Yuqing recalled the strangeness within Zu Ans body, and how she couldnt sense any ki flow within him.

However, she didnt plan on telling her husband about that.

King Wu immediately felt as if his heart had been cut out of his chest.

There was only one way his wife could have confirmed this.

At the same time, he felt a mysterious sense of relief.

“This secret manual is surely very complicated.

Did you confirm every part of it”

This matter was too important, and he had to take any and all precautions.

It would be a real joke if he ended up cultivating a fake version.

“Of course.

I had all night to confirm it.” Yun Yuqings face flushed red as she recalled everything that had happened.

She looked at her husband, resentment burning in her eyes.

“What Do you want me to tell you all the details bit by bit Should I explain to you just how another man toyed with your wife”

“All night!” King Wu almost fell over.

He initially believed that the two of them had spent most of that time negotiating.

However, from his wifes tone, it seemed the truth was completely different.

Was that Zu An still human

He felt his throat go dry when he thought about how his wife had been tormented for an entire night.

To be honest, he really did want to hear the details, but there was no way he could say it out loud.

He had enjoyed his lofty status for many years, and he was way too proud to be able to admit to something so shameful.

He could only say with a bitter laugh, “No… no need.

That should be enough to get you pregnant, at least, which will take care of that other issue.”

Yun Yuqing rubbed her belly subconsciously, a gentle expression flashing across her face.

Her expression did not escape King Wus notice.

His voice couldnt help but grow cold.

“You didnt fall in love with that guy or anything, did you”

“Fall in love with him” Yun Yuqing was at a loss for words.

Could she really fall in love with someone else so quickly Then again, that fellow really did have a peculiar sort of charm…

She shook her head, tossing all of these thoughts out of her head.

“I do not know if I ended up falling for him, but he is surely more of a man than you.”

She meant to say that he, an outsider, had shown enough pity to tell her not to do such stupid things in the future, yet her husband was the one who had forced her to sleep with another man in the first place.

She turned around to leave after saying this.

She was physically and emotionally exhausted.

All she wanted was to get some well-deserved rest.

However, those words meant something else entirely to King Wus ears.

He thought that she was mocking him for not being able to get it up.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Yan for 999… 999… 999… 

As he watched his wifes silhouette disappear, hatred appeared in King Wus eyes.

When Yun Yuqing had left, he immediately called over his trusted aides, Sun Buqi and Cheng Hong.

“Help me make the arrangements to kill Zu An.”

He already had the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, so there was no need to keep him alive anymore.

It was enough for him to be the only one with eternal life; there was no need for there to be another, and he definitely didnt want his all-powerful father to live forever either.

Something else was driving him to order the kill.

Even though Yun Yuqing had tried her best to hide it, he could vaguely make out the hickeys that were all over her slender neck, just beneath the fox coat.

It was obvious just how intense that session had been.

There was even a trace of gentleness in his wifes tone, as though she had already developed some level of affection for that guy.

That made him incredibly jealous.

He could tolerate another man entering Yun Yuqings body, but he could not tolerate the same man entering her heart.

Sun Buqi and Cheng Hong were both shocked.

They immediately offered their counsel.

“My king, please think it over! Killing Zu An is the same as incurring his majestys wrath! We would never survive something like that!”

King Wu snorted.

“Of course Im not foolish enough to do it myself.

Find a way to contact the Lu Sanyuan Rebel Army in Gan Mountain.

Tell them about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, and give them the Imperial Guards itinerary and whatever other intelligence they might need.

They will surely attempt to attack their convoy.”

“The Lu Sanyuan Rebel Army” Cheng Hongs expression paled slightly.

“They have always been a huge problem for the imperial court.

Wouldnt contacting them be a huge risk”

Once the Zhou Dynasty had unified the world under its rule and defeated the foreign races, an age of peace had been introduced.

However, the empire itself wasnt without its own internal battles.

Rebellions sprung up from time to time due to oppression and other such injustices.

Among them, the Lu Sanyuan Rebel Army of Lushui Commandery was the largest rebel army.

The armies sent out by the imperial court to suppress them had already suffered several crushing defeats.

This army was a threat to all levels of society.

Sun Buqi offered his advice in much the same way.

“Indeed, my king! This is just too great of a risk for us to take! If we are found out, the consequences will be too great!”

King Wus expression was grim.

“No one else can handle King Liangs Imperial Guard, apart from the Lu Sanyuan Rebel Army.”

He had planned to get rid of Zu An from the very start.

The way his wife was acting only further hardened his resolve.

“As for the issue the two of you are worried about, its not that big of a problem.

The two of you can just pretend to be from King Qis faction when you contact them.

Everyone knows that my uncle is the one who most fervently wishes that my father, the emperor, would not obtain eternal life.”

King Wus smile carried a slight chill.

He had two main rivals blocking his ascent to the imperial throne.

The first was King Qi, and the second was the crown prince.

The crown prince was so weak that he hardly deserved consideration.

The one he feared the most was still his revered uncle.

Sun Buqis eyes lit up.

“As expected, my king is wise and brilliant! I will try to find a way.”

After the two of them had taken their leave, King Wu went looking for his wife in fiery rage.

Unexpectedly, she wouldnt even let him into her room.

“Im tired.

Please go back on your own.”

King Wus expression flickered darkly.

However, he really had let her down today, and he didnt dare to offend her any further.

He could only return to his room, grabbing a random maid along the way.

His head was swimming with various imaginary scenes, and he felt as though his body was in a much better state today.

Several minutes later, the maid smoothed out her clothes and left.

Then, he opened up the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra and began to cultivate.

He had paid such a huge price for this, so he definitely had to cultivate this technique properly.

Soon afterwards, the sky brightened.

King Liang and Liu Yao had enjoyed themselves for an entire night, so they slept all the way until noon.

Once preparations had been made, they bade King Wu farewell.

King Wu didnt keep them this time, and escorted them out of the manor.

Along the way, King Liang let out a sigh.

“ Madams complexion seemed a little pale two days ago, but she seems much better today.

Its important to take care of yourself.”

He had no idea that his words had entirely different meanings to those who were listening.

King Wu turned around and glared at Zu An, who was nearby.

He clenched his fists within his sleeves so tightly that even his fingernails were about to dig into his skin.

You have successfully trolled Zhao Yan for 666… 666..


Zu An was given a huge fright when he saw the string of Rage points coming in.

However, he reacted quickly.

He probably knew that Yun Yuqing had paid him a visit the night before.

Maybe he had even told her to.

Sigh, there are some real bastards in this world…

Actually, I wouldnt mind meeting more of them.

Ill teach them all a good lesson!


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