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She frowned, and a faint purple light appeared on the tip of her finger.

The wound on Zu Ans chest began to heal at a visible rate.

Zu An was shocked.

“What sorcery is this!”

Yun Yuqing smiled.

“You already know that Im a member of the demon race.

What is there to be so surprised about”

Zu An let out a helpless laugh.

“That was quite a refreshing explanation.

Then again, if your demon race possesses the Demonic Eye skill and even these treatment techniques, how in the world did you guys end up losing to the humans”

Yun Yuqing sighed.

“Even though our different races all had various incredible abilities, you humans possess an incredible potential for learning.

Moreover, your reproductive prowess is also astonishing.

As the war of attrition raged on, your human race grew stronger and stronger, and we found ourselves unable to achieve victory… can we not discuss this right now”

Zu An saw the grief in her eyes, and sensed as well that talking about these things had really spoiled the mood.

“Whats with your body” Yun Yuqing asked curiously.

“You seem as hard as someone of the dragon race.”

Zu An said, “Huh Im surprised you even know such things about the dragon race!”

Yun Yuqing was momentarily stunned, then her face became completely red.

“Thats not what Im talking about! That dark elf was trying to kill both of us, yet he only just managed to stab his sword through your body.

Even as Im healing you, I can feel the incredible toughness of your body.

Theres no way an ordinary person could compare to you!”

“I dont know either.

Maybe Im just super talented Hahaha…” Zu An laughed it off.

He obviously wasnt about to tell her about the Primordial Origin Sutra.

The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra alone had already drawn the interest of so many people.

Who knew how crazy it would get if they knew that he possessed the Primordial Origin Sutra as well.

“Isnt it obvious that its because of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra Why bother hiding it” She rolled her eyes at him and tried to get up.

Unexpectedly, his large hand pressed her back down.

Her entire body trembled.


what are you doing”

“I should be the one asking you that question.

Why are you suddenly getting up” Zu An asked in confusion.

Yun Yuqing bit her lip.

“I need to deal with that corpse first, obviously! I dont feel comfortable with him being there.”

That wasnt all.

If she didnt clean up this place properly, the Embroidered Envoy, King Liang, and the rest of them would surely notice something amiss.

“So thats it.

I thought you were going to leave, and felt a little reluctant to let you.” Zu An laughed in embarrassment.

Yun Yuqings heart skipped a beat.

She walked over to the dark elf without replying.

She reached out with a wave of her hand.

Purple light scattered across his body, and then his corpse disappeared.

She frowned when she saw the blood.

Taking out a porcelain bottle, she poured its contents onto the floor, and the blood stains were cleaned up as well.

Zu An sighed in amazement.

This woman really was beautiful! She even managed to clean up the mess in such a graceful manner.

The scene was made even more captivating because she wasnt even properly dressed.

The sight of her loose skirt and sleeves billowing in the night wind was breathtaking.

“What are you looking at” Yun Yuqing turned around.

She noticed that he was staring at her, and immediately became uncomfortable.

This person was a mere prisoner, while she was the glorious wife of a king, whose cultivation was far above his as well.

However, when the two of them were together, she always felt as though he had the upper hand.

Zu An stood up and walked towards her.

“You really are stunning.”

The corners of Yun Yuqings lips curved upwards when she sensed his sincere praise, and her heart fluttered with joy.

As he walked closer, however, she began to feel an intimidating pressure that made her subconsciously back away.

Before she could, she was pulled towards him by a pair of large hands.

“Weve taken care of everything else.

Lets continue where we left off,” Zu An whispered into her ear.

His tone was firm, leaving no room for her opinion.

Just like that, she was whisked away again.

Chaos swirled within Yun Yuqings mind.

This man was completely different from King Wu! King Wu was normally gentle and reserved, yet this man was direct and forceful!

For some reason, the masculine scent filling her nostrils was not the least bit offensive to her.

On the contrary, she felt a giddy anticipation.

However, she was still a shy and reserved lady at heart, which prompted her to resist him instinctively.

“I… I have to treat your wound first.”

“You can just do what you were doing earlier.

It wont interfere at all.” Zu An carried her back without letting her explain any further.

Yun Yuqings mouth fell open slightly, her heart pounding out a steady beat.

She could only continuously console herself that all of this was for the sake of completing her mission.

After a while, Zu An noticed that his wound had already healed completely.

He reached out a hand to hold onto hers.

“Thank you Madam for the treatment.”

“I should be the one thanking you for saving my life.” A complicated set of emotions were running through Yun Yuqings heart.

This was the first time she had seen a man risk his life for her.

After all, given Zu Ans cultivation, that dark elfs sword should have caused half of his body to explode, yet he still took the blow for her without any hesitation.

She didnt know how to face the man in front of her.

Before, given her infatuation with her husband, she would have trusted in him to protect her as well.

After the events of the past few days, however, she knew that the most important thing to her husband was still himself.

He most likely wouldnt have stepped in front of the sword for her.

Zu An carefully examined the beauty, who was just inches away from him.

Her soft, red lips seemed to draw him in.

He could no longer hold himself back, and pressed his lips towards hers.

Yun Yuqing instinctively backed away when she sensed his movements.

However, Zu An didnt give up this time.

He continued to move towards her.

He could already sense that she was no longer rejecting him as forcefully as before.

In the end, their lips made contact.

Yun Yuqing really was well and truly frightened.

She struggled frantically, trying desperately to push away the man in front of her with her hands.

Unfortunately, he seemed indifferent to her efforts.

After a while, her arms seemed to grow weaker and weaker.

Eventually, her fingers interlaced with his, and she began to return his affection.

A long while later, Zu An kept his arms wrapped around this particular beauty as she trembled uncontrollably.

“Does Madam want to cultivate the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra for herself”

“No…” Yun Yuqing replied instinctively.

“Thats good then.” Zu An laughed.

“Let me give you the chant, then.”

Yun Yuqing sat up straight.

Her pitch-black hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall, enhancing the radiance of her fair skin even more.

“This is your life-saving skill.

Are you really going to give it to me this easily”

She finally realized that she had forgotten to sense the other partys ki flow during the entire experience earlier.

However, she could tell that, even if she had tried to sense it, there was no way she would be able to figure it all out.

The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra was truly miraculous, and entirely different from other ordinary techniques.

“Im already about to die anyway.

Since Madam has been kind enough to share her warmth with me, how can I not hold up my end of the bargain” Zu An laughed.

He proceeded to give her the Phoenix Nirvana Sutras chant.

Of course, he hadnt lost his head over sex, and had obviously modified the chant.

She was clearly doing this for King Wus sake—how could he let that ambitious fellow get his way

After reciting it for her, he left her with a stark warning.

“Madam, dont bother learning this technique yourself.

It isnt suitable for women.”


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