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“Im still dead even if I run,” Zu An said nonchalantly.

“Who knows how many other people want to get their hands on me, besides the emperor At least I have the Imperial Guard to protect me right now, and can live a few days in peace.”

“If the young master is worried about that, we of the demon race can offer you protection,” Yun Yuqing said in panic.

“Do you think Im stupid” Zu An refused her immediately.

“Isnt that the same as leaving a tigers cave and going straight into a den of wolves Ill be more surprised if the members of your demon race didnt hang me up and torture me for information.”

“Our offer is sincere.” Yun Yuqing felt her head begin to ache.

This brat was just too sharp! There was no way she could deceive him.

“Sincerity” Zu An laughed.

Even though he looked happy and willing to negotiate, he was fully aware that without the protection of King Liang and his Imperial Guards, she might have already thrown him into the torture chambers.

Yun Yuqing had no choice but to offer him the proposals she had discussed with her husband.

Unfortunately, Zu An showed no interest in any of them.

She fell silent.

Could it be that she really had to go that far

Zu Ans own mind began to work.

What exactly could he try to obtain from the Wu Manor that would help him with his plan in the capital Unfortunately, he knew far too little about the capital, so it was hard to make a decent decision.

He was looking to get some ideas from her here, but everything she proposed was useless.

He was just about to prompt her again when Yun Yuqing suddenly said, “Fine.

I agree.”

Zu Ans face scrunched up in a puzzled frown.

I havent even said anything yet.

What are you agreeing to

He was just about to ask, but Yun Yuqing had already begun to slowly remove her white coat.

She removed her outer garments, revealing the skintight clothes inside.

Her figure looked even more seductive and enchanting.

“Um…” Zu An was stunned. Why are you stripping for no reason Is this another demon race trick

Yun Yuqing slowly walked up to him.

Her face was gorgeous enough to draw the breath out of his lungs, but her expression was cold and indifferent.

“Are you going to be a man of your word”

Zu An swallowed.

He suddenly remembered his joke from yesterday.

“You discussed something that important with your husband”

“Dont mention him here.” Yun Yuqings voice was icy.

“Just answer me.

Are you going to keep your word”

They were so close to each other.

Zu An was swallowed up within her enchanting fragrance, and he began to feel a little dizzy.

“Of course I am, but dont tell me you really are—”

His words came to a screeching halt as she answered him with her actions.

Yun Yuqing slowly undid the sash around her waist.

Her pure white dress slowly slid down her body, enhancing the smooth, soft texture of her skin.

Zu Ans breathing instantly sped up as he took in the stunning figure in front of him.

No man could remain calm in such a situation, and he was clearly no exception.

“Can you tell me the chants for the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra now” Yun Yuqing felt her goosebumps rising, now that her entire body was exposed to the frosty night air.

However, the chill of the air around her was not as intense as the ice that she felt within her heart.

With some difficulty, Zu An managed to force out some words.

“Madam, you are…”

Yun Yuqing took it that Zu An wasnt about to act without more of an incentive.

With a sigh, she slowly walked over to him, and then lowered herself into his lap.

“I am yours tonight.

If you are going to do anything, then please hurry.” She turned her face to the side.

Her eyelids continued to tremble.

A flood of emotions was roiling within her.

Even though there was a soft, warm body in his lap, Zu An instead found himself at his wits end.

After all, she looked for all the world like a young lady at the mercy of a villain, which made him feel slightly apologetic.

“Um, even though it might sound a bit dumb to say this now, but Im really not that…”

“Do you want me to take the lead” Yun Yuqing misunderstood his intentions.

She sighed in her heart.

Since they were already at this point, it wouldnt matter much to take it another step further. Lets just get this done as quickly as possible.

Zu An reached his hands out and was just about to help her up, but Yun Yuqing moved closer to him instead, and kissed his neck gently.

At the same time, her fine, jade-like hands slowly undid his clothes for him.

Zu Ans hands, still hovering in midair, clenched immediately.

How could he remain unmoved

Silent tears trickled down Yun Yuqings face as she sensed his bodys reaction.

She actually didnt blame Zu An at all.

Everyone had their needs, after all.

There was nothing to criticize.

He wasnt even forcing her to do this—she was the one who was in full control.

She only felt resentment towards her husband, while also laughing at the bitterness of fate.

However, she did not lose sight of the goal of this mission, or the future of the demon race.

She secretly wiped away her tears and resolved to complete this mission as quickly as possible.

She sensed something strange.

She lowered her head to look, and was given a fright.

“You… are you a beastman”

Zu An was stunned.

“Beastman No”

“Then are you a mixed-blood” Yun Yuqing asked.

“You are the one who is mixed.

Im one hundred percent human.” Zu An immediately got mad.

“Why would you ask that”

“No… its nothing.” Yun Yuqing felt a blush spread across her face, and her expression became unnatural.

She was completely overwhelmed.

She glanced out the window, vaguely making out the lively, joyful atmosphere in the distance.

She knew that holding up King Liang and the others wasnt easy, and she wondered if her husband felt as terrible as she did.

She sighed and bit her lip.

Her legs could no longer support her, and she let herself sink completely into the abyss.

In this instant, a hint of pain creased her beautiful brow.

It was obvious that she wasnt used to this feeling…

Meanwhile, in the banquet hall, Liu Yao couldnt help but joke around.

“Little Yan seems a little weak today.

Its not even that late yet! Why is your face already so red”

“Really” King Wu rubbed his cheeks, and sure enough, they felt rather hot.

He said with a smile, “Theres no way I can compete with you when it comes to drinking, great uncles.”

Liu Yao said with a laugh, “Relax and drink up! Either way, your wife will surely prepare some wonderful recovery soup for you tomorrow.

Youre not like we old men, who have no one to care for us.”

At the mention of Yun Yuqin, King Wus hand, which was holding his wine cup, trembled slightly.

However, he reacted quickly.

“Theres no need to worry at all, great uncles.

If my lords find any of these entertainers and maids to your liking, take your pick.

I promise that they will serve you well.”

“Hahaha, even though Little Yan looks a little delicate, you sure are quite direct and straightforward! Come, cheers!” King Liang was also in high spirits.

King Wu smiled and drank from his cup, his mind drifting elsewhere. Who cares about some dancers and maids I even…

I wonder what Yuqing is doing right now.

He was clearly in great pain, yet, as several different scenes played out in his mind, he felt a strange feeling of satisfaction.

His heart was pounding like a drum.

He could only keep drinking to hide his strangeness.

Elsewhere, Zu An and Yun Yuqings fingers were intertwined together in the throes of passion.

Spurred on by this, he moved to kiss her.

Unfortunately, Yun Yuqing turned her head to the other side and refused to kiss him.

Zu An laughed.

He didnt mind.

He had to admit that this girl was an unrivaled enchantress.

Her entire body was truly blessed by the heavens themselves, and she completely combined the purity of an angel and the allure of a succubus. Is there something wrong with King Wu Why would he make such a perfect wife do something like this

Or was it Yun Yuqings own decision

Is she doing this for the sake of the demon race

He soon lost the will to think about these matters.

It would be too much of a waste to spend this time dwelling on such thoughts.

The knot between Yun Yuqings brows had eased, but she was still full of confusion. Why cant I sense any ki flow within him Is he not yet stimulated enough

She bit her lip.

She had already sacrificed so much, and there was no option for her to stop halfway.

She would be letting too much go to waste if she didnt obtain anything right now!

As such, she endured the humiliation.

She let her waist grow even softer, and allowed herself to be tossed and turned by this storm…

Right at that moment, a ripple that resembled a black hole appeared several meters behind her, and a black figure rushed out from within.

A thin, pitch-black longsword stabbed towards the center of her back.


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