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Just like that, he chatted with Zheng Dan while harvesting Sang Qians endless stream of Rage points.

If not for the ice cold prison carriage that constantly reminded him of his current situation, Zu An might have even felt as though he was on a holiday trip.

The carriage left through the city gates.

Zu Ans mind grew distracted as he watched the majestic city walls slowly grow further and further away.

When he first arrived in this world, he had slowly entered Brightmoon City through this very gate in Chu Chuyans carriage.

But now, he was leaving, and he was leaving in a prison carriage.

“What are you thinking about” Zheng Dan found his sudden silence a little strange.

“I wonder if Ill ever have the chance to come back,” Zu An sighed.

Even though he had some plans, he had no idea how it would really turn out in the end.

Based on what hed learned in the academy, this world was much larger than Earth, yet it lacked airplanes, high-speed rails, and other modes of transportation.

Distance alone became a huge barrier between family and friends.

Zheng Dan sighed.

“That doesnt seem too likely.”

Leaving Zu An aside for the moment, even her own future looked grim.

She had no idea what fate awaited her.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from not far off.


The carriage slowed down.

The discordant sounds of several people arguing could be heard from up ahead.

Zu An was stunned.

He had released the information about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra precisely because he foresaw that it would draw the attention of various factions.

But he never expected any of them to arrive this quickly.

They hadnt even left Brightmoon City yet!

He leaned over to the side to take a look.

A sloppy middle-aged man and a petite young lady had been stopped by the Imperial Guard.

Zheng Dan cried out, “Teacher Zu really is extraordinary! You have beautiful female friends sending you off even in this sort of situation!”

Zu An chuckled.

“Daner, please dont get jealous.

This only means that you know how to pick your man.”

Zheng Dan panicked.

She gave Sang Qians carriage a guilty look, but she saw that his eyes were closed restfully.

He had probably done this because listening to them any more might actually have caused him to die from anger.

“Zu An is a criminal! No visitors are allowed!” The Imperial Guard tried to chase them off.

If not for Ji Xiaoxis extremely delicate and lovely appearance, they mightve already used their weapons.

“I only want to say one sentence to him!” Ji Xiaoxi begged.

She blinked her large, misty eyes at them.

Even the hearts of these crude, fierce men melted when they saw her large and beautiful eyes.

How could they bear to treat her roughly However, they didnt dare agree to her request.

“What is going on Why havent you dealt with it yet” King Liang demanded impatiently, having arrived with a group of men.

When he saw Ji Xiaoxis cute and lovely appearance, his eyes couldnt help but light up.

Unlike those youngsters who liked women who were more mature, those of his age were more fond of cute and lovely little girls.

“I want her captured… ahem ahem.

Since she is seeking out a criminal, she is probably an accomplice.

Capture her too.” King Liang was more than proficient in utilizing such methods, and he swiftly gave his order.

Besides, after they had captured her, it would all be up to him how she was handled!

“Ahem, ahem!” A burst of dissatisfied coughs sounded from nearby.

King Liang reluctantly pulled his gaze away from Ji Xiaoxi, wondering who it was that had dared to disrupt his good mood.

He was just about to erupt in fury when he caught sight of the offending party.

He was immediately startled.

“Ji… Divine Physician Ji”

Ji Dengtu offered him a sneer.

“It seems the respected king still hasnt forgotten about my humble self.”

King Liangs expression immediately turned resentful.

How could he possibly have forgotten This fellow had brought disaster upon all the livestock and pets of every clan!

He had made it sound great, calling it an experimental drug, but after his medicine had been fed to them, all of them had gone on a crazy mating spree!

Ji Dengtu smiled, revealing teeth that were yellowed from smoking.

“Thats my daughter.

The two of them spent some time together in the academy, and she has something that she wants to tell him.

Respected king, please be accommodating.” 

“So thats who she is! Of course thats okay with me.” King Liang smiled.

He remembered how close-minded this doctor was.

Even though he only possessed an ordinary strength, it was almost impossible to defend oneself against poison.

Moreover, his poisons were all extremely sinister.

In days gone by, the Qin clans finest steeds, after being poisoned by this guy, had ravaged eighteen female horses each before finally dying on the spot.

King Liang thought about his little one, which had long since gone limp and flaccid.

If he were afflicted by such a poison, wouldnt he just die

“Thank you, respected king!” Ji Xiaoxi said happily.

She quickly ran over to Zu An.

“Wait!” King Liang held her back.

“Leave your bag here.

You cant bring anything with you.”

Even though he was scared of Ji Dengtu, Zu An was a criminal, so he couldnt afford to be sloppy.

He would have strictly prohibited others from approaching him, let alone pass him anything.

Regardless of whether it was giving him something or taking something from him, he would leave no room for that to happen.

Ji Xiaoxis face reddened.

She removed all of the things she was carrying.

“Is this good enough”

King Liang frowned.

Even though it all looked fine on the surface, who knew if she was still hiding something on her body However, it wasnt appropriate to search for her right now.

If hed known something like that was going to happen, he wouldve brought a few female servants with them from Brightmoon City.

“Of course you can.” As he said this, he sent Liu Yao a voice transmission.

“General Liu, I have to trouble you to monitor the situation.

Do not let anything happen.”

Liu Yao snorted loudly. This old fox is pushing the responsibility onto me! But there was nothing he could do but follow Ji Xiaoxi to the prison carriage.

Zu An sighed when he saw the young lady who had walked over.

“Xiaoxi, thank you for seeing me.”

Ji Xiaoxi bit her lip.

“Sorry, I cant do anything for you.”

Zu An laughed.

“What is there to be sorry about Im already extremely happy that you came to see me.”

“If Id known things would turn out like this, I wouldnt have been angry at you for so long…” Ji Xiaoxi blushed like an apple.

Zu An knew that she was talking about the time she had been accidentally poisoned by theEighteen Spring Winds.

He laughed and said, “Im the one who was in the wrong.

It  was completely normal for you to get angry.”

Liu Yao and the surrounding imperial guards were speechless.

They thought that she had stood in the way of all these fully armed soldiers because she had something important to say.

In the end, all she wanted to do was exchange some words of endearment

Despite this, they couldnt help but feel a little impressed.

Zu An looked rather ordinary from the outside, yet not only was the number one beauty his wife, the City Lords daughter had even taken such risks for his sake, and now this pure and lovely young lady was dead set on talking to him before he left.

Sang Qian ground his teeth in anger. Are these girls blind or what Why are you all throwing yourselves at him!

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 555 Rage points!

Liu Yao coughed.

“Lady Ji, time is almost up.

We need to be on our way.”

He clearly didnt feel great watching this play out from the sidelines.

“Im almost done.” Ji Xiaoxi flashed him an apologetic smile.

She walked over to the prison carriage and waved towards Zu An.

“Zu An, theres something I need to tell only you.”

Zu An was stunned.

He moved closer.

“What is it”

Zheng Dan pricked up her ears too.

Her womans intuition had sensed a sudden hint of danger.

Liu Yao, and even King Liang and Ji Dengtu who were further away, stared in her direction.

They were all curious as to what she was about to say.

“Bend down a little more,” Ji Xiaoxi said quietly.

Zu An grew more and more confused.

What did this little girl want to say Did she not know how many experts there were here Even if she spoke right into his ear, she still wouldnt escape their detection!

Despite this, he still subconsciously bent closer to her.

He was just about to say something when a pair of soft lips pressed against his.

His nose was filled with a pure and sweet fragrance.

Everyone around them was stunned.

They had all been curious as to what this lovely little girl wanted to say, but they were tricked into watching this revolting public display of affection!

A French kiss Are you kidding me

Youre a monster! How can you do this to such a pure and innocent young girl

You have successfully trolled the Imperial Guard for 666… 666… 666…

Zu An had a look of injustice on his face.

He wasnt the one who initiated this! It was her tongue that first reached into his mouth!

However, his expression quickly changed.

He noticed that her tongue had pushed something against the side of his teeth.


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