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The staff instructed Zu An, “You should go in by yourself.

Return to your classroom on your own after you are done meeting the principal.” It was apparent from the principals words that she didnt intend for the staff to enter the room as well.

Knowing his own place, the staff took his leave after urging Zu An to head in.

Zu An pushed the slightly heavy door, and he immediately spotted a bulky-looking office desk right before his eyes.

He couldnt discern what kind of wood it was made of, but it was apparent in a single glance that it was definitely not cheap.

Beside the office desk was a huge bookshelf that was filled with all sorts of books.

Zu An browsed through the books, only to find himself astonished.

With his enhanced eyesight, he should have been able to easily read the titles on the book covers.

However, no matter how he stared, he could only see some blurred, indistinct characters.

“You are Zu An” a cold voice sounded by the side.

Zu An turning his gaze over and saw the principal sitting on the sofa by the side.

The first thing that came into his line of sight was her alluring, long legs.

Her slightly dark-colored stockings reflected a gleam that made ones throat dry up from the heat.

Her plump thighs, paired with her A-line skirt, created an absolute hidden domain that spurred a mans thirst for adventure and knowledge.

Her tight-fitting shirt highlighted her well-filled breasts, and her beautiful and impeccable face was accentuated by her slender, swan-like neck and her hair, which was shaped into a graceful bun.

She emanated an air of nobility and elegance.

This was the woman ranked fourth in the Sweetheart Ranking, as well as the principal of Brightmoon Academy, Jiang Luofu.

“Enjoying your view” Jiang Luofu crisscrossed her fingers together as she spoke Zu An with an authoritative voice.

“Indeed,” Zu An replied subconsciously with a nod.

“But I find your gaze highly disrespectful.” As soon as Jiang Luofu said those words, it felt like the temperature in the room had plummeted several degrees.

You have successfully trolled Jiang Luofu for 99 Rage!

Zu An felt a great pressure weighing down on him that rendered him immobilized.

He hurriedly spoke up, “Soh cah toa”

Jiang Luofu: “”

Unwilling to give up, Zu An continued asking, “I solemnly swear that Im up to no good”

Jiang Luofu stared at Zu An as if she was looking at a man whose brain had stopped developing since infancy.

Is this fellow an idiot

Finally feeling the pressure lessening, Zu An rushed forward and asked in excitement, “Sis, are you really a transmigrator too Ill be your lil bro so cover me!!”

But before he could leap onto the sofa, Jiang Luofu had raised her leg up to stop Zu Ans advancement.

“What transmigrator” A knit formed between Jiang Luofus eyebrows.

She couldnt make sense of the situation.

Even though she had heard rumors that the drafted son-in-law of the Chu clan was a wastrel, she had never heard that he was a fool!

Zu An was surprised.

“Are you sure you arent a transmigrator Then whats with this office wear cosplay then”

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about” Jiang Luofu was utterly bewildered by all of the nonsense Zu An was spewing out.

“I acquired this set of clothes in a hidden realm by coincidence.

I thought that it looked interesting, so I ordered some tailors to replicate it.

Why, have you seen it before”


I happened to see them in my dream once before.” Naturally, Zu An dared not give away his background.

At the same time, he wondered just what ahidden realm was, but it was a pity that the other party didnt appear to be interested in explaining it.

Following the war against the foreign tribes, as the races began to co-exist in harmony, the culture and sense of aesthetics of different races began to overlap with one another.

At some point in time, clothes carrying modernistic elements got in trend.

As a result, while Jiang Luofus dress-up was indeed a little avant-garde in this world, it wasnt completely unacceptable.

“In your dream” Jiang Luofu frowned in contemplation.

It was not entirely impossible since all sorts of odd stuff that was beyond human comprehension often occurred in this world.

It was then that Zu An suddenly noticed something.

His gaze subconsciously moved downward.

Given their current positions—Jiang Luofu had one foot raised up in order to hold back Zu Ans body—he realized that he could vaguely catch a glimpse at something which he wasnt supposed to see.


Zu An felt a great force striking his chest before he was sent flying with a kick.

Jiang Luofus cold voice sounded.

“The Brightmoon Duke asked a favor of me to take care of you.

However, given your wretched nature, I doubt that you can survive for even two days in the academy.”

Zu An climbed to his feet as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

To his surprise, however, he wasnt as injured as he thought he was.

Clearly, Jiang Luofu had gone easy on him.

“Arent you exaggerating things a little”

Jiang Luofu looked at Zu An with surprise flickering across her eyes momentarily.

“You dont seem to be as weak as the rumors put you out to be.”

Zu Ans pupils dilated in astonishment upon hearing those words, but the other party quickly continued on, “You dont need to worry.

Be it whether you are seeking a leisurely life, or that youre a wolf cloaked in sheepskin, it matters not to me.

Im not that close with the Brightmoon Duke as to tell him everything I know of.”

Zu An wiped off the traces of blood by the corner of his lips.

“Thank you, principal.”

Jiang Luofu continued speaking calmly, “While your strength is greater than I thought, it isnt outstanding within the academy.

There are many students here who arent subordinated to the Chu clan, so I advise you not to go around causing any trouble.”

Zu An puffed his chest out as he asked, “Do I look like the kind to cause trouble”

Jiang Luofu blatantly disregarded his question and continued saying her piece “Fights are disallowed in the academy compounds, but if both parties agree to it, the right to duel will be permitted.

If such a situation occurs, you should know that the academy wont be in a position to side with anyone.

So, you ought to think it through before accepting any duels.”

“Thank you for your advice, principal.” Zu An was a little surprised.

He could tell that Jiang Luofu was really looking after him here.

Is it due to my relationship with the Chu clan That doesnt seem like it.

She did mention that she isnt close to Chu Zhongtian.

If so… could it be that she has been charmed by my handsome appearance

Jiang Luofu picked up a document that she just received and began flipping through it.

A moment later, a deep furrow formed on her forehead.

“Your aptitude is at lower Ding class Impossible! Hm You broke the crystal ball during your aptitude test”

Zu An immediately realized that the situation was going awry.

However, he couldnt deny it since there were plenty of eyes who saw what happened back then.

To attempt to hide something that happened in the academy from its own principal was nothing short of foolishness, so he could only admit to it.

“The crystal ball must have been spoilt.”

“Come over here.” Jiang Luofu beckoned with her finger.

Zu An walked up to her as he wondered if this woman was going to send him flying with another kick.

“Give your hand to me,” Jiang Luofu ordered with unquestionable authority.

“What are you going to do” Despite Zu Ans question, he still offered his hand to her.

What happened next left his eyes widening in disbelief.

Jiang Luofu straightened up her body before pulling his finger into her mouth!

Whats going on Could it be that the number one expert of the academy, the famed beautiful principal has succumbed to his dashing appearance and is lusting for his body.

Is she going to use her authority and power to take advantage of him

What a joke! I, Zu An, as a man, will never bow to such tyranny, even if it was from a beautiful woman…

Well, that being said, should I just give in this once I mean, just look at her! Maybe I should just ask her to be gentler with me later on…


A sudden surge of pain made Zu An yelp loudly.

“A man like you cant even take this bit of pain” Jiang Luofu pushed him aside with eyes filled with disdain.

Zu An noticed that there was a small bite mark on his finger, and blood was continuously seeping out of it.

Meanwhile, Jiang Luofu licked her lips.

The crimson blood staining her cherry lips gave her an irresistible touch of seductiveness.

“Are you a dog” Zu An couldnt care that much anymore.

The contrast between what happened and what he expected to happen was so great that his disappointment manifested as rage.

Surprisingly, Jiang Luofu didnt lose her temper at that insult.

Instead, she looked at him with a complicated look in her eyes, “Your aptitude has indeed reached the legendary transcendent class.”

Zu Ans heart skipped a beat.

He finally understood why the other party wanted to taste his blood.

Jiang Luofu closed her eyes, seemingly hesitating among different choices.

A long time later, she breathed out deeply and asked, “Who else knows about this”

Zu An subconsciously took a step back.

“Dont mess around.

Ill have you know that quite a few people know about this.

My wife, my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law are all aware of this.

There are many people who have my back…”

Seeing Zu Ans guarded appearance, Jiang Luofu burst into laughter, melting down chilling air she had maintained all this while ever since Zu An entered the office.

“Little brat, are you worried that Ill take your life Given how you willingly bore the reputation of a wastrel for so many years, you must be aiming for something huge.

Someone that determined wouldnt tell such a massive secret to anyone, not even your own wife.”

Seeing how confident Jiang Luofu was, Zu An knew that his scam wouldnt work.

So, he bucked up his courage and replied, “Fine, youre right.

I have never told anyone about this, but there are plenty of people who know that I have come to your office today.

If anything happens to me, those of the Chu clan will hunt you down!”

“Enough, enough!” Jiang Luofus head was starting to hurt from all the shouting Zu An was doing.

She rubbed her temples with her thumbs.

“Who said that Im going to kill you”

“Then why are you asking about all this” Zu An had even secretly summoned the Heiress Ball of Delight, thinking that he would pit his life against her if she dared to make a move.

As long as he used the Heiress Ball of Delight together with Poisonous Prick well, he might just be able to turn the tables on her.

“I just want to warn you that youre still too weak at the moment.

If others were to learn of your transcendent class talent, itll indubitably bring a calamity upon you,” Jiang Luofu said.

Zu An was stunned.

“Is it that serious”

Jiang Luofu rolled her eyes.

“All this while, the transcendent class aptitude has been nothing more than a legend.

No one has ever seen it before.

What do you think”

Fearing that Zu An wouldnt understand the severity of this matter, she decided to explain it in an even more explicit manner, “A cultivator possessing a transcendent class talent is an existence that all powers vie for.

If they are unable to bring you over to their side, their next move will be to destroy you.

No matter what, they cant afford to allow a rival power to groom a cultivator that holds as much potential as you do.

Furthermore, its said that the blood of a human who possesses transcendent class talent can be used to…”

Jiang Luofus face flushed a little speaking up to this point.

“In any case, until youre strong enough to protect yourself, its best for you to keep this matter under wraps.”

Zu An gulped down his saliva as he finally understood the implications of his maxed-out talent.

“In other words, Im like Tripitaka now”(Tang Sanzang, the monk in the Journey to the West, the person whom all demons want to eat to obtain immortality.)

“Tripitaka Whats that” Jiang Luofu was perplexed.

Zu An quickly changed the subject.

“But earlier on, at the school gates, there are at least a dozen people who have witnessed my aptitude test.

What if they were to spread the word”

Jiang Luofu shook her head and replied, “Theres no need to worry.

Transcendent class talent is, after all, no more than a legend at this present age.

Ordinary cultivators wouldnt even think in that direction.

Besides, you have done well keeping up the appearance of a wastrel over the years, making it unlikely for anyone to doubt you.

Ill erase the relevant records for you, but youll have to make sure to keep a low profile too.

Give it some time, and everyone will forget about it soon enough.”

Zu An nodded his head earnestly.

“Thank you, principal.”

A short moment later, he asked hesitantly, “Principal, why are you treating me so well”

Jiang Luofu replied impassively, “As the principal of Brightmoon Academy, its my responsibility to protect each and every single one of my students.”

“Thats all” Zu An narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

“What else do you expect” Jiang Luofu glanced at him coldly.

“You cant be thinking that Im fond of you due to your looks, can you”

“I think that reason is much more convincing,” Zu An replied with a nod.

Jiang Luofu stared at him for a long while before remarking in wonderment, “Its truly a miracle that you can live to this day.”


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