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An emperor wasnt an ordinary person, after all.

In many instances, he could not act on his own interests.

With his strength, he was considered the number one cultivator in the world.

This, paired with the authority that he wielded as emperor, should have made it easy for him to eliminate the Chu clan and claim their salt and iron resources for himself.

However, he still chose to dispatch Sang Hong, who tried to employ all sorts of schemes to cause the Chu clan to collapse from the inside.

The emperor needed the other clans to antagonize the Chu clan precisely because he required a justifiable reason.

Such a reason would be enough to convince the masses of his cause, even though the intelligent people within the court would still realize what was going on.

These were the conventional rules of the court.

Without this, everyone would begin to question his actions.

Once that happened, then the very foundation of his dynasty would be shaken.

Even if youre strong enough to overwhelm anyone, what would happen to your posterity What about the future of the nation

That was why Sang Hong was extremely confused.

From what he knew about the emperor, he didnt think that His Majesty would be so rash as to do something so unwise, and incur the criticism of the people.

He would never have bothered to send him here otherwise.

He could only think of one reason for this, which was that Zu An was extremely important to the emperor.

His importance not only exceeded the Chu clans, it even exceeded anything else he could possibly imagine.

That alone could make His Majesty lose his composure like this.

“Just what did that kid steal from the emperor” He had treated King Liangs accusation with disdain at first, but he was starting to become more and more convinced that this was the truth.

Sang Qian was completely stunned.

He finally understood why his father was so scared of the Embroidered Envoy even though they were only at the fifth or sixth rank.

However, he quickly realized what this meant.

He said excitedly, “Isnt this a good thing for us Now that the emperor is focused on Zu An, he might not punish us as severely, right”

Sang Hong said with a bitter smile, “If only it were that simple… After all, the one who wants us dead isnt the emperor…”

Sang Qian was dumbfounded.

He immediately asked his father what he meant, but Sang Hong didnt reply.

His face was a mask of worry, his mind deep in thought.

Not only would it be pointless to tell his son, it might even cause his mind to break down.

In a different prison carriage, Zheng Dan overheard their conversation.

Her ten fingers gripped the bars tightly, her face riddled with worry.

“Ah Zu…”

Zu Ans face had drained of all color.

The contents of that imperial edict had been seen by everyone in the entire city, and he was no exception.

He felt completely powerless before the might that the emperor had displayed.

Even the most elaborate of schemes were practically useless in the face of such a massive difference in strength.

He didnt see any way out of this situation at all.

Mi Li couldnt help but say with a sigh, “I really dont know what to say.

Why are you so good at bringing disaster on yourself Youve managed to get on the bad side of so many powerful individuals.”

She thought about her soul contract with him.

Just how many times had they wound up in such a situation

This kids strength was clearly not that high, yet he somehow always ended up facing enemies that were so much stronger than him.

“Big sis empress, can you defeat the emperor” Zu An asked, praying for a miracle.

Mi Li rolled her eyes.

“Why are you asking if I can beat an enemy that you yourself provoked”

Zu An said, “Arent we in the same boat here If I die, youll be screwed as well!”

“I might have had a chance if I was at my peak.

But now Forget it.

Tough luck! Just accept your death peacefully,” Mi Li replied in a huff.

Zu An stared at her, speechless.

Sis, can you please not be so direct…

Mi Li was curious about something else.

“You werent even this scared when you faced me back then.

Was it because I was too pretty, and so you didnt find me scary enough”

“Big sis empress, it looks like your skin has grown much thicker after hanging around me so much.” Zu An couldnt resist mocking her.

How could this be considered a similar situation He had the Heiress Ball of Delights back then, and he couldnt have cared less about how high her cultivation was.

What the heck was he supposed to do against the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty!

Mi Li wasnt interested in finding out his answer anyway.

“To be honest, theres no reason for you to be so worried.

Just pick a mountain to hide in.

The world is so big, and they might not even be able to find you.

Once you finish cultivating your Phoenix Nirvana Sutra and Primordial Origin Sutra, there will come a day when you wouldnt need to be afraid of the emperor anymore.”

Zu Ans eyes lit up.

“How long will that take”

Mi Li looked at him.

“With your aptitude and my guidance, youll be done within eight hundred years.

Hell, if you are fast, even five hundred years would probably be enough.”

Zu An was less than comforted by this.

Putting aside the question of whether or not he could even live for that long, what sort of meaningless life would he lead if he hid in a damned mountain for a few centuries

Mi Li yawned and stretched her body lazily.

“Im tired, so I\'m going to sleep.

Take care!”

With that, she vanished.

Zu An had to admit that everything this woman did was beautiful.

However, why was this big sis so irresponsible Was she really going to leave just like that

Couldnt you at least console my terrified heart

Even if you cant beat the emperor, Ill gladly take an affectionate hug...

He put aside his jokes.

He had to figure something out on his own.

A thought popped into his mind.

He took out the Keyboard system and saw that he was sitting on a total of 77,589 Rage points.

Fuck it, Ill just bet it all!

Zu An found a wash basin to wash his face.

From within his Brilliant Glass Bead, he fished out some candles and incense, then took out offerings of a cows head, a lambs head, a pigs head…  He always felt as though his prayers alone werent solemn enough, so hed hoarded a bunch of stuff when he got the chance to.

The Brilliant Glass Bead had so much space anyway, and there was no need to worry about anything inside it going bad.

After bustling about for a while, his offering table was finally ready.

Zu An prayed, and then began to draw the lottery.

Thanks for playing… Thanks for playing… Ki Fruit… Thanks for playing… Ki Fruit…

Zu An clenched his fists when he saw these messages.

At his current level, Ki Fruits were pretty much the same as those useless consolatoryThanks for playing messages.

He needed way too many of them to move up each level.

His eyes suddenly brightened.

The flickering light meter had come to a stop above theM key.

A hat appeared on the screen.

This hat didnt look all that special.

It was not that different from an ordinary one.

The only thing strange about it was its color.

It was entirely green!

It was even a shimmering green, as if it was somehow scared that others wouldnt notice it.

Green light swirled across its surface, slowly converging on a single, sparkling point.

Zu An was stunned.

What was this thing Why did he feel like it was the same as the one hed given Sang Qian earlier

Then again, he knew that rewards granted by the Keyboard were all special in their own way.

He quickly read the description.

Congratulations on winning theHat of Forgiveness!

Hat of Forgiveness 

Introduction: Spring has arrived, and all things are coming alive! What should be green has finally started to turn green! If you want to get by, then you need a bit of green on your head.

What will you do when you find out the cruel truth You obviously have to forgive him/her!”

Description for use: Single use.

If you make the target wear this hat, then they will forgive you, no matter what kind of mistake you have made.”

Zu An just stared at the screen.

He almost sprayed saliva everywhere.

How could something as nonsensical as this appear He began to wonder what sort of weird taste the Keyboards creator had.

His head was beginning to ache.

If he ever made someone wear such a hat, he couldnt care less if they forgave him or not.

Wasnt this thing kind of useless

Wait, what if I…

While he was deep in thought, a quiet voice suddenly spoke into his ear.

“So this is your trump card…”

Zu An jumped up in fright.

He turned around and saw Mi Li sitting on his offering table, her legs casually swinging in the air.

“Big sis empress, didnt you say you were going to sleep” Zu An asked immediately.

A mysterious smile spread across Mi Lis face.

“You shouldnt trust a woman so easily, especially one as pretty as me.”


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