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Sang Hong replied his son absent-mindedly, his full attention on the warriors of the Embroidered Envoy. What in the world did you steal from the emperor

“The Embroidered Envoy was sent to deal with Zu An” Sang Qians eyes widened.

He never expected a kid from the streets, one that he looked down on, to actually be this crazy! Zu An had actually provoked the emperor!

However, something stood out to him.

“The cultivation of these Imperial Envoy members dont seem to be that high, though.

They arent as strong as you make them out to be, dad.”

Sang Qian shook his head.

“Dont be deceived by outward appearances.

Most of the Imperial Envoy members are around the fifth to sixth rank, but they excel in cooperative techniques.

The Demon-capturing Prison King Liang just mentioned is a formation technique personally created by the emperor.

It excels in capturing cultivators who are much higher level than themselves.

“The Soul-reaping Chains in their hands are specially made.

Once they strike a cultivators body, the ki of those with lower cultivations will be scattered instantly! Those whose cultivation levels are higher will also be affected, and a large chunk of their real strength would be instantly shredded.”

Sang Qian was disbelieving.

“There has to be a limit to their strength, right Theyre only around the fifth rank.

I refuse to believe they could detain you, dad!”

Sang Hong revealed a bitter smile.

“I wont be able to stop them if they really wanted to hold me down.”

Sang Qian was stupefied.

“Theyre that powerful”

Zu An advanced by leaps and bounds surely because of whatever he stole from the emperor! Yes, that has to be it! What a pity, you still have to pay the price for your actions!

Sang Hong sighed deeply.

“The most terrifying part of the Embroidered Envoy isnt their Demon-capturing Prison.

Its the fact that they act at the behest of the emperor!”

Sang Qian was just about to ask what sort of things they did at the emperors orders, but a new development on the battlefield drew his attention.

Two Embroidered Envoy members suddenly moved.

Their chains became perfectly straight and rigid.

They stabbed these towards Zu Ans chest like two spears.

Meanwhile, the chains wielded by two other embroidered envoys did the exact opposite.

Their chains became soft as silk, and wrapped around him.

Zu An deflected the incoming iron chains with his sword.

He shuddered fiercely from the impact.

His ki density was already equivalent to a sixth rank cultivator, while these Imperial Envoy were all at the fifth rank.

None of them would be his match if hed fought them one on one.

Why was this battle taking so much out of him

He suddenly noticed that there was a faint layer of blue light surrounding one of his opponents bodies, which continuously streamed towards his companions.

Blue light surrounded his companions bodies as well, which flowed back towards him.

Zu An was shocked.

It was a formation! Hed witnessed the power of the Red Cloak Army with his own eyes before.

Even a ninth rank expert had been defeated so easily back then! He hadnt expected things to change so quickly.

It was now his turn to have a taste of the gang bang...

Despite all the thoughts racing through his mind, he didnt stop moving.

Now that he realized that clashing with them head on was a bad idea, he changed his strategy.

He flicked one of the iron chains in front of him upwards with the Taie Sword, and used it to block the chain aimed at his back.

Zheng Dan had been watching nervously the entire time.

Her fists tightened on the edges of her sleeves when she heard Sang Hongs explanation.

She immediately cheered inside when she saw this move.

She never expected Zu Ans sword skills to be so exquisite! It seemed to carry the traits of the academys Thirteen Forms of Elementary Swordplay, but also glimmers of Chu Chuyans Snowflake Sword.

If she was in his place, she probably wouldnt be able to do what he was doing.

Other than being a crazy pervert, his talent for cultivation was truly frightening!

Her joy was short-lived, and her heart immediately began to pound again.

Another iron chain was headed in his direction!

Zu An had just used his sword to deflect the previous chain.

His sword wouldnt make the block in time!

“Be careful!” She couldnt help but cry out.

Sang Qian suddenly turned to look at her.

The sight of his wife looking on nervously at another man immediately lit a bonfire of rage within him.

Zu An, you **ing bastard! I cannot live under the same sky as you!

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 740 Rage points!

At this time, the other six embroidered envoys, who had been waiting for their moment, now made their move.

They could tell that Zu An wouldnt be able to avoid that final iron chain as well.

The moment he was locked down, they would send out the other six iron chains and restrain him completely.

He would have no chance of escaping then.

Seeing that he was on the verge of being tangled by that iron chain, Zu An suddenly extended two fingers.

His fingers were slender, and sparkled in the sun.

Many of the women watching suddenly felt a sense of inferiority.

Both Xie Daoyun and Zheng Dan bit their lips at the sight of these two slender fingers facing the crude, black iron chains.

A malicious smile emerged on Sang Qians face.

This fellow was going to get his hand crippled! An iron chain imbued with the power of ten embroidered envoys wasnt something he could deal with if he used both of his arms, yet he wanted to face it with two miserable fingers They would be instantly shattered!

However, his smile quickly froze.

Those two fingers hed thought would be instantly shattered actually clamped down on that terrifyingly powerful chain!

Huh This technique… King Liang felt as though hed seen such a finger technique somewhere before, but he just couldnt pinpoint where.

Sang Hong gave an astonished cry.

His judgment had been right after all! This kid was definitely a genius! If only hed taken him under his wing earlier!

He couldnt help but glance over at his son, who was watching this battle with delight.

If hed known this was going to be the case, he wouldve brought his daughter along with him instead.

Of course, back then, he could never have predicted that this Zu An would be way more useful than the Zheng clan.

Zu Ans Shining Finger clamped down on the chain, but he immediately felt the strength bursting within that chain.

He gave his wrist a quick flick, sending a wave of power surging along these chains to the other end.

This chain flew towards the six incoming embroidered envoys, thrashing like a frenzied snake, sending them flying backwards.

None of them had expected this sudden development.

They were caught completely off-guard.

The chains they had flung out tangled together, and there was a loud explosion.

The bodies of the six embroidered envoys trembled violently, and they groaned in pain.

They had all suffered severe damage.

Zu Ans own power was obviously not enough to defeat ten embroidered envoys.

He had used his own ki to set off the enemys ki, which had been held inside of those chains.

In that instant, the six of them, wrapped in their own iron chains, had suffered an attack that was equal in force to ten of their own.

It hadnt been that difficult for Zu An to evade those four previous attacks.

What he was afraid of were the six embroidered envoys who had been biding their time, waiting for an opportunity to capture him. 

There was no lack of powerful cultivators present.

When they analyzed everything that happened, they too understood what had been going through his mind.

They were thoroughly impressed by this fellows outstanding battle instincts.

Was he really a piece of trash, like everyone constantly claimed he was

Zu An used this chance to use Grandgale, blinking several hundred meters away.

Since he was up against a master rank cultivator, he immediately used Grandgale again.

He didnt care about exhausting his remaining uses.

His only thought was that he had to get as far away as possible.

“What kind of movement technique is this!”

Cries of alarm rang out amongst the crowd.

Zheng Dan was aware of this skill, but Xie Daoyun rubbed her eyes in disbelief.

As for the others, they were even more shocked.

Sang Qians face turned deathly pale.

How was this possible How could that guy be such a monster!

He turned around and asked, “Dad, what is he… huh Dad, where did you go”

Surprise flashed across King Liangs eyes when he saw Zu Ans speed.

However, he sneered and said, “You think you can escape me”

A master rank cultivator could fly through the air! No matter how fast you are on the ground, it is nothing but a useless trick when faced with a master rank cultivator!

He rushed into the sky, but suddenly noticed another person in front of him.

His face darkened, and immediately thrust out a palm.

Sang Hongs expression grew serious as well, and he faced this oncoming attack with two palms.

A huge explosion erupted, releasing an incredibly powerful shockwave which knocked all of the guests off their feet.

The candles on the heaven-and-earth table, as well as the lanterns and all the decorations in the Sang Estate, were sent flying.

King Liang landed back where hed been standing before, his arms behind his back.

Meanwhile, Sang Hong slammed into the ground like a sack of sand, smashing a massive hole into the Sang Estates carefully-curated marble flooring.

King Liang gave him a cold look.

“Sang Hong, do you know what you are doing You dare help a criminal escape!”


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