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Ten Great Beauties

“What kind of overused cliché is this” Zu An retorted.

“This is the kind of plotline used only in old novels from more than a decade ago!”

“What novels” Wei Suo was confused by the nonsense Zu An was rambling.

Nevertheless, he still continued on.

“Who cares whether its cliché or not Its because people like it that it becomes a classic!”

Zu An burst into laughter.

“Makes sense.

Go on, who are in the Ten Great Beauties”

Wei Suo nodded in approval to Zu Ans response.

A good listener should know when to fawn and when to respond, or else the talker would only look like a fool rambling on his own.

“The number one beauty is, of course, the First Miss of the Brightmoon Dukes clan, Chu Chuyan.

Shes like a snow fairy descended from heaven to the mortal world.

She boasts great beauty and powerful cultivation, making her the dream lover of 99% of the men in the academy!”

Wei Suo heaved a long sigh of regret and said, “Its just a pity that she married a few days ago, and its rumored that her husband is a renowned wastrel in the city.

There were many students in the academy who were infuriated upon hearing that news, and they wanted to confront him and challenge him to a duel.

I reckon that that fellow is dead meat.”

Zu An clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles were creaking.

He grabbed Wei Suos shoulder with a bright smile on his face and said, “What did you say Can you repeat it again for me”

“Yowch!” The excruciating pain on his shoulder made Wei Suo realize that he had misspoken.

He recalled what he had just heard at the entrance and quickly put on an apologetic smile.

“My bad, I nearly forgot that you were that wastr… Pui pui! Brother, youre a dashing man with great charms.

You have at least 70 to 80% of my charisma.

Its no wonder why the First Miss of the Chu clan chose you in the end!”

Zu An looked at Wei Suos jarring bucktooth.

This fellow is so thick-skinned that I can see some of my flair in him.

At the same time, he asked curiously, “Why do you say that only 99% of the men in this academy like her”

“The First Miss of the Chu clan is simply too cold-natured.

She has a natural disposition that seems to distance others from her,” Wei Suo replied.

“Is that so” Zu An thought of the romance novel that she was secretly reading, and the edges of his lips curled up a little.

“Thats because you dont understand her well.”

“Of course we dont understand her as well as you do!” Wei Suo grumbled in envy.

You have even interacted with her at negative distance before, so how can you possibly not know her

“Other than the First Miss of the Chu clan, who else is on the list” Oblivious to Wei Suos words, Zu An continued asking.

He thought it would be good for him to gather as much intelligence on the academy as possible.

Wei Suo pondered for a moment before speaking, “In the second place is Pei Mianman, who just transferred over from another academy recently.

Her figure… Hehehe! Let me just put it in this way, the first thing that comes to the mind of any man who sets his eyes on her is the bed.

Shes the romantic fantasies of all men in the academy!”

Zu An thought of the physical brawl he had with her yesterday night, and he subconsciously nodded in agreement.

“Mm, its indeed a lethal weapon.”

Wei Suo glanced at Zu An in disdain.

You never seen her before, so what are you talking as if you know a thing or two here

Zu An noticed subtle differences in the description between the two women.

“If she is liked by all of the men in the academy, why is she ranked in the second place instead of the first”

“Ah, thats because you arent thinking in the long-term!” Wei Suo began educating him with the tone of a senior.

“Shes a dream lover but not a suitable wife.

Someone like the First Miss of the Chu clan is far better for a long-term relationship, and thats why shes ranked in the first place.”

Zu An couldnt help but be impressed by just how much thought went into sorting out the rankings.

“Your wisdom knows no bounds! Whos in the third place then”

Wei Suo replied, “In the third place of the Sweetheart Ranking is our academys foreign language teacher…”

“What Foreign language teacher” Zu An was appalled.

“Theres such a thing as a foreign language in this world”

Just what kind of bad luck is this Zu An still remembered the days where he was tortured from having to learn a second language in his previous life, and it seemed like history was going to repeat itself once more in this world.

Based on what he knew, there was an author called Mars-something that scored really well in his examinations.

However, due to him failing his English examination, he ended up getting into second-rate university.

“Of course there are foreign languages in our world!” Wei Suo stared at Zu An as if he was an idiot.

“Due to the previous great war, the other tribes have been driven to the barren lands.

Nevertheless, there are still many foreigners in our society, and they have their own culture, language, and practices.

Naturally, we should try to learn about them, or else we would be disadvantaged when dealing with them!”

Zu An was a little surprised.

As he had just arrived in this world, he knew very little about the war between mankind and the foreign tribes.

Nevertheless, he could sense the pride and confidence that the humans of this world gave off.

Its good that I got transmigrated into an era of prosperity and peace.

This way, I can spend my life in bliss as a scion, Zu An thought in relief.

“Where was I” Wei Suo took some time before he finally got back on track.

“Ah yes, in the third place is the foreign language teacher, Liu Shangyu.

On top of her captivating appearance, she has a graceful and gentle personality.

If it was up to me, I would have surely placed her in the first place! Its just that those bunch of brats in the academy prefer those of the same age.”

So, this fellow prefers older women despite being a brat himself Hm, wait a moment! Did he just mention that the foreign language teacher is called Liu Shangyu

Isnt that the person Ji Dengtu mentioned Hmmm, it looks like I should find an opportunity to get close to her…

“Do you know what is the cultivation level of this foreign language teacher” Zu An felt that he should gather intelligence properly now, or else he might just die a tragic death when caught red-handed stealing her dudou.

“Cultivation” Wei Suo frowned.

“Miss Shang isnt known for her cultivation in the academy, so there isnt any news on that.

I reckon that she should be in the fourth rank at most.”

“Fourth rank” Zu Ans eyes lit up.

It looks like the gap between us isnt too big.

Does that mean that I can give it a try

Meanwhile, Wei Suo had already continued on.

“In the fourth place is our principal, Jiang Luofu.

Shes definitely a queen bee, giving off an air of power.

Not only is she beautiful, but shes also the strongest cultivator in our academy.”

“The principal is a woman” Zu An was surprised.

“Who says that the principal has to be a man” Wei Suo looked at Zu An as if he was a countryside bumpkin who was blinded by stereotypes.

“Principal Jiang could have been in the first place, but she ended up sliding to the fourth rank due to her busy schedule.

I must say that the brats of this generation really cannot make it.”

“Cough cough.

To dare to gossip about the principal behind her back, are you tired of living” A staff member, who had been listening to the gossip intently in front all this while, turned around and warned Wei Suo.

Wei Suo immediately put on an apologetic smile and said, “Alright alright, I shant talk about the principal anymore.”

It was only then that the staff member turned back around.

Wei Suo turned to Zu An and continued speaking, “In the fifth place of the Sweetheart Ranking is the young miss of the neighboring Sunspring Duke, Wu Qing.

Just like the others, shes known for her good looks, but there are rumors abound that she has a horrible temper.

“In the sixth place is the young miss of the city lord, Xie Daoyun.

Shes the older sister of Xie Xiu, whom you met at the entrance of the academy earlier.

Unlike her younger brother, shes an incredibly talented woman.

On top of that, she has a gentle personality too.

In my view, the only reason why Wu Qing is ranked ahead of her is due to her fathers halo.”

“In the seventh place is Ji Xiaoxi, the daughter of Divine Physician Ji Dengtu.

She has a miniature appearance that makes her look really adorable.

In terms of hardcore fans, she doesnt lose out to Chu Chuyan or Pei Mianman at all.

Shes the love of all lolicons.

Its just a pity that she isnt my type of dish.”

Zu An nodded in response.

He didnt think that the young woman he met in the valley would actually be studying in Brightmoon Academy too.

This sure was a huge coincidence.

I should probably hang out with her more often.

After all, my life as a man is banking on her father!

“In the eighth place is the young miss of Brightmoon Citys Zheng clan, Zheng Dan.

Its rumored to be the second wealthiest clan in Brightmoon City, losing out to only the Chu clan.

Anyone who marries her in the future will be able to save 30 years of struggling in the corporate world.

Of course, thats nothing compared to you, who married the First Miss of the Chu clan.”

Zu An sighed deeply.

Others thought that he was living a carefree and abundant life in the Chu clan, but only he knew of the difficulties and danger he faced on every step of the way.

There was no one in the Chu Estate who really treated him as the son-in-law of the Chu clan.

But of course, as a man, he still had his own pride to uphold.

So, he put on a look as if he had been flattered by Wei Suos remark.

“However, there are rumors that the Zheng clan is intending to get into a political marriage with the newly-appointed governor of the Linchuan Commandery.

I wonder if the rumors are real.” Wei Suo couldnt help but feel a little indignant speaking up to this point.

“It really is frustrating.

There are so many wolves out there but only so few meat.

Yet, another one just got taken.”

Zu An patted Wei Suos shoulder and said, “Relax, there are still many single women out there.

I believe that with your capabilities, youll surely be able to find a good wife in the future!”

“Of course!” Wei Suo tilted his head upward gleefully.

However, when he recalled that the one he was the most interested in was Principal Jiang, he felt his motivation deflating like a leaking balloon, such that his tone also grew a little lifeless.

“In the ninth place of the Sweetheart Ranking is the Second Miss of the Chu clan, Chu Huanzhao.

Its clear that she has the making of a great beauty, just that she hasnt fully bloomed yet.

On top of that, she acts like a rascal, which is why shes placed near the bottom of the ranking.

“As for the tenth place, I cant remember her name at the moment.

She has a special disposition that makes others subconsciously forget about her…

“In any case, those who are able to get into the top ten of the Sweetheart Ranking are outstanding beauties.

In my view, theyre roughly equal in terms of appearance; what really affects their ranking are their personalities and other external factors at play.”

Hearing Wei Suos logical analysis, Zu An couldnt help but feel newfound respect for him.

“I didnt think its possible to look at things from such a perspective.

As expected of a veteran!”

Wei Suo quickly waved his hands humbly.

“Youre too kind.

My knowledge is limited to just theories.

Im nowhere on par with you, who have already gotten some action with the number one beauty on the Sweetheart Ranking… Ah, why do I suddenly feel like crying”

“Enough enough, the two of you should stop spouting nonsense here.

Wei Suo, you should head to your class.” The staff member gestured to the classroom not too far away.

The academy was simply too big that it took them a long time before they finally arrived at their destination.

Following that, the staff member beckoned to Zu An and said, “Come with me.

The principal wishes to meet you.”

Wei Suo immediately protested indignantly.

“Were all freshmen! Why is the principal meeting him and not me”

The staff member rolled his eyes at Wei Suo.

“You got in here through clearing the entrance examinations whereas he got in here through connections.

How can the two of you possibly be the same”

Zu An felt a little awkward standing by the side.

Hey hey hey, should you really be saying these words before me Im a man with pride, you know!

Hearing the staffs explanation, Wei Suo had no choice but to resign himself to his fate.

He began trudging lifelessly toward his classroom, but a few steps later, he suddenly turned around and said, “Make sure to take a good look at the principal.

I want you to tell me what color her stockings are today when you get back!”

Zu An: “…”

The staff members face darkened, and it looked as if he was going to wallop Wei Suo into place.

Seeing this, Wei Suo immediately dashed into the classroom to seek refuge.

Only then did the staff member turn to Zu An and warned him vexatiously, “Dont listen to that fellows nonsense.

If you were to get on the bad side of the principal, not even the Brightmoon Duke will be able to protect you.”

Zu An replied with an “Orh” as he began to feel a little curious about the principal.

The staff led him to a tall building by the side that looked different from the teaching building.

The stairs in this tall building were covered with a red carpet covered with exquisite embroidery.

It must have been expensive.

“How extravagant!” Zu An couldnt help but marvel how those in power were always different from the others.

Regardless of which world one was in, the grandest building in a school was always the administrative building.

The staff turned to Zu An and reminded him, “The staff office is here too.

While most teachers rarely drop by here, its in your best interest not to mess around.”

Zu An replied with yet another “Orh” as he took a look around the staff office, hoping to find Liu Shangyus table.

But then, it suddenly struck him that there was no way Liu Shangyu would leave her dudou lying on her office table.

The two of them walked up the stairs, heading all the way to the top floor.

After passing by a long corridor, they were finally standing before the room at the very end.

The staff knocked on the door and said, “Lord Principal, I have brought Zu An over.”

“Tell him to come in,” a voice sounded behind the door.

Those words were spoken with a formal tone, but the uniquely melodious and rich voice was more than enough to spark all sorts of thoughts in a mans mind.

[1] Dudou: Top undergarment, a bit similar to a corset but not really.


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