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Zu An panicked.

Even though he was certain that what he was waiting for would surely come, he wasnt certain if it would be arriving today.

If it came today, everything would be perfect.

If it didnt, however, was he supposed to just watch as Zheng Dan and Sang Qian cemented their union as husband and wife

Even though they had both known that this was going to happen, and hed even gone as far as to poison Sang Qian with Ji Dengtus drug to make him impotent, he couldnt prevent a strange mix of emotions from welling up in him as he watched the two of them proceeding with the wedding rites.

Sigh, it was just a casual fling! What am I doing, getting my emotions mixed up in this Arent I just shooting myself in the foot

A gentle voice spoke into his ear.

“Ah Zu, I heard you gave Sang Qian a green hat”

Zu An raised his head.

Zheng Dan was walking while holding that red ribbon.

Everyone was praising her for her gracefulness, yet none of them knew that she was actually talking to Zu An through ki transmission.

“What else can I give him” Zu An replied in a huff.

“Youre too evil.” Zheng Dans voice sounded different, and her expression under the veil was surely more amazing.

“Sang Qian might kill you if he knew what a green hat really meant.”

Zu An laughed.

“You are the only other person who knows what it symbolizes.

He wont find out if you dont tell him.”

Zheng Dan sighed.

“Ah Zu, youve already had your fun with him.

Its already too late to stop this marriage between our two clans.

Please dont do anything that would put you in danger.”

“Too late Maybe not,” Zu An said with a cold laugh.

Zheng Dan bit her lip.

“I would just drop everything and leave with you if I only had to worry about myself, but this marriage goes beyond just Sang Qian and myself.

It represents the joining of the Zheng and Sang clans, an arrangement that will bring mutual benefits to countless people.

I really cannot back out of it.

“Im sure you also know that I am only marrying him in name.

I wont let him touch me.

Besides, after what you did, he cant do anything to me even if he wanted to.”

Zu An replied, “Dont worry, I wont make trouble for you through my actions.”

Zheng Dan sighed deeply.

“I hope so.”

A host of ceremonial procedures followed.

Sang Hong glanced in Zu Ans direction several times, and sighed in relief when he saw that he was only drinking alone.

The situation would quickly grow complicated if Zu An really decided to start something during this wedding.

Xie Daoyun gave Zu An a strange look.

“Ah Zu, is there something going on between you and Miss Zheng”

“Why would you think that”

“I dont know either, but I feel like your relationship with her is quite strange,” Xie Daoyun said.

“Zheng Dan would always consult you about arithmetic in the academy, but thats probably unavoidable if she wishes to help out with her familys business.

However, youre acting weird today as well! You look like a frustrated lover, full of unrequited love, drowning your feelings in alcohol.”

Zu An was stupefied.

Women really possessed a ridiculous sixth sense! Shed managed to get this close to the truth from just these clues

“Miss Xies imagination really is rich.

You must have read quite a few romance novels in your spare time.” He naturally wouldnt admit to it.

Even if he didnt care, he still had to show consideration for Zheng Dans reputation.

Xie Daoyuns face heated up.

“I read all kinds of books in my spare time,” she said, her voice tinged with embarrassment.

Zu An laughed and said, “Have you readSweet Pampered Wife: Dominating Sword Immortals Ninety-Nine Days of Searching For Love”

Xie Daoyun looked at him in shock.

“You like that book too”

Zu An felt his jaw drop open.

Youve really read it

Was this book some kind of drug Why else would both the normally cold and arrogant Chu Chuyan and the publicly acknowledged genius Xie Daoyun actually appreciate this kind of stuff

Xie Daoyun immediately grew excited when he mentioned this book, and launched into an enthusiastic and highly-detailed discussion with him.

Why in the world would Zu An have read this book, though He tried his best to reply to her absent-mindedly.

He had already seen his fair share of such dramas with female leads in his previous world, so he could more or less guess at the plot.

Eventually, the loud voice of the master of ceremonies sounded.

“It is time for the bride and groom to pay their respects!”[ref]In old-fashioned wedding ceremonies, this is the part where both the bride and groom would kneel and acknowledge various people.[ref]

Zu An frowned.

All of the other rites had been observed, and the ceremony had moved into the most important phase.

Sang Qian and Zheng Dan walked forward together, with the red ribbon between them, stopping at a table covered in red cloth in the center of the hall.

Incense and red candles were arranged on top.

This was known as theheaven and earth table.

The master of ceremonies shouted: “First, pay your respects to heaven and earth!”

The two of them slowly knelt down, and bowed three times towards this table.

“Second, pay your respects to your esteemed parents!”

Sang Hong and Zheng Yutang sat on an elevated platform, stroking their beards as they observed the two people below them with smiles.

This scene clearly brought them great happiness.

“Lastly, pay respects to each other!”

This was the final step.

The two of them were about to pay their respects to each other as official spouses.

A sudden, sharp crash interrupted the proceedings, and everyone immediately looked towards the source of the sound.

“Sorry, sorry, my hand slipped.

My wine cup fell accidentally and broke,” Zu An said in embarrassment.

Both Sang Hong and Sang Qian were less than amused by this.

You have successfully trolled Sang Hong for 444 Rage points!

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 444 Rage points!

This is such a vital moment! Just how much of a fool did you have to be to accidentally drop a wine cup at this moment Arent you basically telling everyone that you dont approve of the marriage

The expressions of the guests began to change, one after another.

They were about to be treated to yet another mouth-watering drama.

Sang Hong coughed.

“Young master Zu, please be more careful.”

With that, he waved his hand towards the others.

“Please continue.”

The master of ceremonies shouted, “Pay respects to each other!”

Another crash, and a second cup fell to the ground.

All eyes darted towards the shattered cup by Xie Daoyuns feet, whose face flushed red.

She hurriedly waved her hands.

“It wasnt me, it wasnt me…”

Sang Hong obviously knew that it wasnt her.

His gaze shot at Zu An.

“Young master Zu, do not go too far!”

You have successfully trolled Sang Hong for 666 Rage points!

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 666 Rage points!

Zu An shrugged innocently and said, “That wasnt my fault.

She was the one who dropped it.”

Xie Daoyun was extremely annoyed.

This guy was too shameless!

Sang Hong took a deep breath, and then he said to everyone.

“Its just a misunderstanding.

Its all just a misunderstanding.

Please continue.”

The master of ceremonies gulped.

His throat was about to go hoarse from all this hollering.

He really hoped that nothing else would go wrong.

“Husband and wife, pay your respects to each other!”

Zu An was holding a plate in his hand, about to throw it to the ground, when he suddenly froze.

A figure was already standing in front of him, grabbing on tightly to his wrist.

“Young master Zu, you arent going to say that this is also an accident, are you”

Zu An was shocked to realize that his wrist had been grabbed.

With a twist of his wrist, he struggled free at an inconceivable angle.

He quickly backed up several zhang and looked at Sang Hong vigilantly.

An eight rank expert was no joke after all!

Sang Hong was stunned.

He hadnt expected that Zu An would be able to struggle free from his grip.

The technique hed used seemed to be the Pei clans Entangling Feathersilk Art.

Did he have the Pei clan behind him

“The one called Zu, Are you trying to start trouble Guards, capture this despicable bastard!” The constant interruptions had left Sang Qian utterly furious.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 999 Rage points!

By now, his River Patrol Army brothers had already arrived.

Together with his fathers eight ranks of cultivation, there was no need to fear the Chu clans Red Cloak Army anymore.

His soldiers had already been given prior instructions.

They rushed out one after another, at the same time that the Red Cloak Army burst in to surround and protect Zu An.

A battle was on the verge of breaking out at any second.

The surrounding guests quickly fled to the sides.

Even though such drama was always worth watching, it wasnt worth getting swept up in, especially if they were too close! 

Sang Hongs patience was running thin as well.

“Zu An, I have always treated you with all due respect, yet youve disturbed my sons wedding again and again.

State your intentions!”

You have successfully trolled Sang Hong for 567 Rage points! 

“What do you mean Your clan is clearly to blame for providing cups and plates that are so easily knocked over! Why are you blaming me for that” Zu An cried out as though severely wronged. Since this old man wants to play the fool regarding the Chu clans problems, then he should have no problem with me learning a trick or two.

“Dad, dont waste your time talking to him! Just get rid of him!” Sang Qian grabbed a blade out of his servants hand.

Zheng Dan raised her veil slightly, looking at Zu An with a face full of worry.

She had no idea how he was going to wriggle out of this situation.

He wasnt usually such a reckless person! What was going on Could it be because of me…

Her expression oscillated between joy and worry.

Sang Hong snorted and said, “If I dont teach you a lesson today, you might come away with the impression that my Sang clan is easily bullied!”

With a wave of his hand, archers appeared on the rooftops all around them.

All of them had drawn bows, aimed towards Zu An and the Red Cloak Army.

After being humiliated by the Red Cloak Army earlier, how could he not take any preventative measures

When Sang Qian had contacted the River Patrol Army, he had also secretly assembled some men to lie in wait nearby.

Seeing the situation Zu An was in, Zheng Dan could no longer hold herself back.

“Father-in-law, today is Daners important day.

It would be really inauspicious if blood was spilled today!”

Xie Daoyun was alarmed.

Zheng Dans words seemed reasonable and fair on the surface, but she felt as though Zheng Dan was definitely speaking up for Zu An!

Sang Hong frowned.

His would-be daughter-in-laws words had clearly given him pause.

Just as he was hesitating, the main gate opened, and a shrill voice called out, “An imperial edict has arrived!”


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