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Zu An was speechless.

This was a glorious divine physician, and yet he was vulgar to the point where, if he wasnt looking for adult-themed books, he was hunting for aphrodisiacs instead.

Even he felt embarrassed for him!

“Damned brat! What kind of expression is that” Ji Dengtu gave him a threatening look when he noticed his expression.

However, a wise man chooses his battles.

Zu An immediately smiled and said, “My respect for Elder Ji gushes forth like the relentless tides of the river! It is as vast as the Brightmoon River itself, inexhaustible and unending…”

Ji Dengtu stroked his chin in satisfaction.

“Not bad, kid, not bad.

You have prospects.

You are worthy of my good opinion of you.”

Zu An sneered inside, but he still asked, “By the way, since you are friends with Madam, could you help her get rid of those traitors Hong Zhong and Chu Tiesheng You can even grab the rest of Chu TieshengsBulls Cream along the way.”

“You fool!” Ji Dengtu cried with disdain.

“How dumb do you think I am Its my fervent hope that these two guys mess up the Chu clan! It would be better if even Chu Zhongtian were finished as well.

Wanru would have no one else to rely on, and it would be easier to take advantage… Ahem, ahem! It would be easier for me to take care of her.”

Zu An had nothing to say to that.

Bro, you are making so much sense, even I cant argue with your logic.

Ji Dengtu smacked his forehead.

“What was I just talking about Right,Bulls Cream! Its hard to get your hands on that, but whats harder to obtain is theEighteen Spring Winds.

Now thats some mysterious and precious stuff.

Theres still an antidote forBulls Cream, but once you are poisoned by theEighteen Spring Winds, theres really no other way to get rid of it unless a man and a woman go at it eighteen times.

“Theres still a way to cleanse yourself if youve only ingested a small amount.

Ive taught Xiaoxi how to deal with it, but I hope she never encounters it.

Theres no easy way out if youve been poisoned by theEighteen Spring Winds.” Ji Dengtu looked worried.

Zu An had a strange look on his face.

No wonder Ji Xiaoxi had managed to detoxify herself! It turns out her father had already taught her how.

Ji Dengtu really was amazing.

He was even able to cleanse such a poison! However, his perverted look still remained in Zu Ans mind… He clearly was the prime example of talent unrestrained by morality.

“If you ever hear anything about this drug, let me know.

Im willing to spend a lot of money to purchase it,” said Ji Dengtu, even though he didnt really have much hope that Zu An would have something like this.

He wasnt really counting on Zu An to ever get his hands on it.

It was merely an offhand comment.

Zu An had a strange expression on his face.

He did indeed have that stuff on him.

However, for the sake of world peace and the chastity of all the women in Brightmoon City, he absolutely could not let it fall into that mans hands.

He was also quite surprised that Ji Xiaoxi hadnt mentioned the incident involving theEighteen Spring Winds to her father. I guess that girl is just too shy to talk about such a thing with her father.

He immediately felt his body stiffen when he recalled Ji Xiaoxis delicate and lovely appearance.

He shook his head.

Why was he like this today He immediately collected his thoughts and continued chatting with Ji Dengtu.

Time passed by without them noticing.

There came a sudden creaking.

The door opened, and Ji Xiaoxi walked out.

Zu An immediately stood up and grabbed Ji Xiaoxis hand.

“Xiaoxi, how is she”

“Damn brat, how dare you touch my daughter in front of me!” Ji Dengtu was furious.

He snatched Zu Ans arm and twisted it.

Just as he was about to exert some more force, he heard Ji Xiaoxi cry out in alarm.


Ji Dengtus face went rigid.

His daughter had actually stopped him!

Did this brat secretly get close to Xiaoxi behind my back!

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 1024 Rage points!

Zu An found it strange that Ji Dengtu had gotten so angry.

However Ji Xiaoxis small hand really was comfortable.

He really wanted to pull her into his embrace and ravage her…

Huh Why would I think something like that

My thoughts had been all over the place when I was carrying Qin Wanru as well! Im not usually like this...

Ji Xiaoxi spoke into his thoughts.

“Youve been poisoned as well.”

“By what” Zu An was stunned.

He didnt immediately realize what had happened.

Ji Xiaoxis face was a bit red.

“Of course its… its the same poison that Madam Chu was afflicted with.”

Zu An was completely bewildered.

Ji Dengtu gave Zu An a strange look as well.

“What the heck happened between the two of you Why would you be affected by the same drug”

Zu An said, “Theres no way, right How could that be possible”

Ji Xiaoxi shook her head.

“Theres no mistaking it.

I helped to detoxify Madam Chu, so I am familiar with the characteristics of this drug.”

Ji Dengtu pulled his wrist over to feel his pulse.

His expression also grew strange.

“Its true.

Youre affected by thisBulls Cream too.

Theres some dried blood on your face.

Qin Wanrus blood probably splattered out and seeped in through your skin and the corners of your mouth.

Thats how you became poisoned as well.”

Ji Dengtu deserved his title as a divine physician after all.

He had quickly identified the source of the problem.

Zu An was stunned.

“What can a man do if he is poisoned, then”

“Tough luck.” Ji Dengtu laughed, rather amused at Zu Ans predicament.

Zu An stared at him, speechless.

Since the divine physician was of no help, he grabbed Ji Xiaoxis hand instead.

“Xiaoxi, can you help to detoxify me”

Ill use your daughter to help me get rid of it then.

“What!” Ji Xiaoxi was stunned.

Her mind went blank, and she was momentarily unable to react.

Zu An couldnt tear his gaze away from her lovable appearance.

He began to find her more and more cute.

“Damned brat!” Ji Dengtu roared.

He immediately separated the two of them, and shoved a pill into Zu Ans mouth.

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 666 Rage points!

Zu An coughed violently and clutched his throat.

“What did you make me eat”

Ji Dengtu snorted.

“I gave you a Heart-calming Pill.

You were only indirectly poisoned, after all, so you dont have too much of the drug in your system.

Youll be fine after taking that pill.”

Sure enough, a cool and refreshing feeling began to spread within him.

The restlessness that he felt gradually subsided.

“What a convenient pill.

Ill need some more of them.” Zu An didnt know why either, but this sort of thing always seemed to happen around him.

If he had some of these pills, he wouldnt need to run all the way to the Ji Estate every time.

Ji Dengtu refused him straightaway.

“Im not giving you any!” 

“Ill pay you for them.” Zu Ans face darkened. This dude is not only vulgar, but hes greedy as hell too.

Hm Why do I feel like our personalities are similar

“This stuff is not for sale! Theyre for my Xiaoxi to protect herself.” Ji Dengtu said with an angry huff.

This guy is really a slave to his daughter! But I guess that would count as one of his few good points.

Ji Xiaoxi grew anxious.

“Stop arguing already, you two! The most important thing to do is to save Madam Chu right now.

Even though weve cleansed her body of the poison, her life force is incredibly weak.

She might die at any time!”

Zu An panicked.

However, Ji Dengtu was quicker.

He rushed into the room and measured Qin Wanrus pulse.

Then, he reached his hand towards Zu An.

“Soul Return Pill! I wont make it in time if I start concocting one now!”

Zu An remembered that hed bought a bunch of medicines from this place before.

The most precious of them all was the Soul Return Pill.

It was said that this pill could drag whoever ingested it back from the brink of death, as long as a single breath still remained within them.

He didnt dare hesitate.

He took one out and fed it to Qin Wanru.

“If one isnt enough, should I give her another one”

Ji Dengtu stopped him.

“One is enough.

The medicinal effects are extremely strong.

Giving her more would backfire and have the opposite effect.” After saying this, he gathered his concentration and began to treat her using acupuncture.

Zu An didnt dare disturb the treatment process.

He watched nervously from the side.

Ji Xiaoxi stepped in to assist her father.

Visible drops of sweat formed on Ji Dengtus forehead.

This treatment was clearly extremely taxing.

The treatment progressed in the time it took for a stick of incense to burn away.

Suddenly, Ji Dengtus complexion changed drastically.

“This is bad.

If she had only suffered the blow from the Heart-smashing Fist, I could surely bring her back.

However, her blood flow was accelerated by theBulls Cream, which amplified the extent of her injuries.

It might already be too late.”

Zu An felt blood rush to his head.

“Arent you a bloody divine physician Why cant you save her You were just bragging about how that return-soul-whatever pill could bring someone back from the brink of death, as long as they had a single breath left in them! Madam Chu still has so many breaths left in her! Are you toying with me!”


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