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He saw a petite figure fall backwards.

Reacting quickly, Zu An reached out and grabbed hold of her.

His fingers wrapped around a hand that was cool to the touch, and felt extremely comfortable to hold.

Perhaps because he had run all the way here, he had begun to feel really warm.

That was why this hand felt extremely good.

He didnt ever want to let go.

He noticed who he was holding on to, and immediately became excited.

“Xiaoxi, thank goodness I ran into you.

I need…”

Ji Xiaoxis face went red before he had even finished his sentence.

She struggled free of his hand and took to her heels.

Zu An finally remembered that she had been angry over the incident with theEighteen Spring Winds, but he hadnt expected her to hold a grudge for this long.

“Xiaoxi, I really have something I need your help with!” Zu An said anxiously.

Qin Wanru had almost lost consciousness.

She was completely limp in his arms.

“Im not helping you!” Ji Xiaoxi glanced at the woman in his arms.

She couldnt see who it was, since Qin Wanrus face was buried in his chest.

This guy actually ran over to me while holding another woman in his arms!

You have successfully trolled Ji Xiaoxi for 33… 33… 33…

Zu An was stupefied when he saw the Rage points.

This girl was usually pretty good-natured.

He hadnt expected her to behave in this manner at all!

“Xiaoxi, the incident with theEighteen Spring Winds really was my fault.

You can curse and beat me up all you want later, but I really need you to help me save someone today!” Zu An was really panicking now.

Ji Xiaoxis face went red.

If it had just been about her accidentally testing theEighteen Spring Winds, she wouldnt have been so angry.

The main thing eating away at her was the fact that shed had to strip and soak in a tub, after which Zu An had seen her, and even touched her! The misunderstanding with Chu Huanzhao afterwards only compounded matters further.

She had always been incredibly pure.

When had she ever experienced something like that before That was why she had harbored this grudge all the while, and her feelings were always complicated whenever she saw Zu An. 

She wanted to refuse him, but the kind, gentle side of her noticed that something was wrong with the woman in his arms.

She was just about to say something when a furious bellow echoed around the courtyard.

“‘Eighteen Spring Winds How dare you bully my daughter!”

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 678 Rage points!

Ji Dengtu came roaring out.

He looked like he was about to tear Zu An to shreds.

Zu An jumped back in fright.

Before he had a chance to explain himself, Ji Xiaoxi panicked and said, “Dad, its not what you think!”

“How could it not be what Im thinking I just heard you guys sayEighteen Spring Winds.

How dare this brat use such a vicious drug on you! I am going to skin him alive!” Ji Dengtu was clearly an overprotective father who doted endlessly on his daughter.

Yet, despite all his efforts, this pearl that he had carefully nurtured all these years had been fed to a pig! This drug needed eighteen rounds in order to dispel its effects! He was about to explode from anger.

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 999… 999… 999…

Ji Xiaoxis small face was entirely red.

She wanted to explain matters, yet she had no clue where or how to start.

Sensing Ji Dengtus anger skyrocketing, Zu An knew that he was about to be ripped apart if he didnt fix the situation right away.

He blurted out, “Divine Physician Ji, youve misunderstood! We werent talking about Xiaoxi! Its Madam Chu who has been afflicted with theEighteen Spring Winds!”

He turned Qin Wanru over while saying this.

She was currently unconscious, and her skin had gone completely red.

Her temperature was alarmingly high, and he could even feel the heat through her clothes.

He didnt know if it was because of the medicines effects, but her entire body was giving off a rich fragrance.

It smelled similar to a rose, but there was something different to it.

“Wanru” When he saw the stunning woman in Zu Ans arms, Ji Dengtus eyes instantly lit up.

“No problem, I will cure her!”

He immediately reached out his hands to take Qin Wanru.

Zu An hurriedly took a step back.

He looked at Ji Dengtu defensively.

“I fear that I cannot trouble Divine Physician Ji with this matter.

After all, men and women are slightly different.

Ill need Xiaoxis help for this.”

Are you kidding me Do you think I dont know what sort of person you are

This dude asked me for Qin Wanrus undergarments! Why would I ever hand Qin Wanru to such a vulgar person Thats like sending a sheep straight into a wolfs den!

Ji Dengtu was all smiles.

“That wont do, that wont do.

Xiaoxi doesnt know how to cure something like that.

I have to be the one to do it.”

Zu An sneered. Nonsense! Even I can perform the method youre thinking of.

Why would I bother coming all the way here if that were the case

The two of them glowered at each other, neither side willing to back down.

Ji Xiaoxi couldnt keep watching this.

She walked over and said, “Ill give it a try.”

She was naturally kindhearted.

When she learned what kind of poison Qin Wanru had been afflicted with, she immediately sympathized with her, since shed also experienced the same thing herself.

Zu An finally relaxed when he learned that she was the one who would be administering the treatment.

He was about to hand Qin Wanru over when he was reminded of her delicate figure.

He decided to help her bring Qin Wanru inside, afraid that she wouldnt be able to bear her weight.

As he walked, Zu An said, “Shes been seriously injured as well.

She might lose her life at any time.”

Ji Dengtu had lost his frivolous smile.

He walked over with a frown.

After taking a look at the wound on her back, he said, “Heart-smashing Fist Hong Zhong rebelled This is truly unexpected.”

Zu An was surprised. This fellow seems to know the Chu clan pretty well!

Ji Dengtu took out a pill and fed it to Qin Wanru.

“This medicine can temporarily protect the arteries around her heart.

Well detoxify her first and then treat her injuries.

Administering any other medicines will only worsen her condition.

We need to move quickly.”

Zu An was given a shock when he saw just how serious his expression was.

“Is it really that bad”

“Its worse than youve imagined.” Ji Dengtus face was completely overcast.

He said to Ji Xiaoxi, “Xiaoxi, the poison she suffers from isntEighteen Spring Winds, but ratherBulls Cream.

Use the detoxifying method Ive taught you before.

Use a Heart-calming Pill with Imperial Bamboo Herb, Rootless Water…”

“Okay, okay.

You men need to get lost!” Ji Xiaoxi placed a hand on their backs and gave them each a shove, chasing them out before slamming the door shut.

Ji Dengtu had turned around and was just about to say something.

The door almost smashed into his nose.

He immediately became upset.

“Why are you being so defensive Isnt there a saying that a maiden will always act like a princess that clings to her father My daughter isnt like this at all!”

Zu An gave him a strange look. Does this guy really have no self-awareness

Despite this, he couldnt help but feel a sense of admiration.

He had wanted to warn Ji Xiaoxi that Qin Wanru hadnt been afflicted with theEighteen Spring Winds, but Ji Dengtu had seen through it right away.

He truly deserved his reputation as a divine physician after all.

“Tell me what happened in the Chu clan.” Ji Dengtu pulled him to the side and sat down along the stairs outside.

Zu An told him about everything that had happened.

“Chu Zhongtian, you spineless good-for-nothing!” Ji Dengtu said angrily.

“You cant take care of your businesses outside, and you cant even protect your wife inside.

Wanru really was blind for choosing you back then.”

“You had some kind of relationship with Madam back then” Zu An probed.

Ji Dengtu said smugly, “The two of us were obviously an ideal match! But that Chu Zhongtian used his status as a duke to rob me.

The Qin clan also had their own interests in mind.

Thats why we lovebirds were ripped apart, with no say in the matter at all.”

Zu An stared blankly at him.

Bro, are you listening to yourself right now Youre crazy.

Qin Wanru always had a look of disdain on her face whenever she mentioned him.

He never saw a trace of affection from her when she met Ji Dengtu!

This dude was probably just a resentful simp whose goddess had been stolen by Chu Zhongtian.

“Speaking of which, that Chu Tiesheng looks so stupid and cowardly.

I didnt expect him to have such skills.” Ji Dengtu sounded impressed.

Zu An was curious.

“Skills Are you talking about his takeover of Chu Estate”

“You call that a skill” Ji Dengtu looked at him as though he were some sort of idiot.

“Im obviously talking about the fact that he got his hands onBulls Cream! All the years Ive spent on this earth, and I only stumbled upon a tiny amount of it when I was a kid.

I ended up using it for research! Sigh… Kids really do some stupid **… Later on, I couldnt find any more no matter how hard I tried! Heh, I didnt expect Chus Second Master to have some.

Ill have to steal the rest of it from him when I get a chance.”


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