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“Why are you getting all worked up over someone elses marriage” Qin Wanru said in annoyance.

She was clearly taken aback by his reaction.

Zu An also realized that his actions seemed very out of place.

He smiled in embarrassment and said, “I just didnt expect the glorious Sang clan to be so superstitious.”

“Chasing away bad luck with a marriage is indeed a little detached from reality, but its always better to have a good omen.

Either way, theyre already engaged.

Its all the same if they get married earlier or later,” Qin Wanru said.

“How could this be happening” Zu An grew nervous.

Zheng Dan had told him before that the engagement period would last about a year.

He should have still had a year to grow stronger! By then, he would have already gained the confidence to snatch her back.

But if they got married now… he understood his own limits.

There was no way he could go against the Sang clan with his current strength.

Qin Wanru gave him a strange look.

His actions were totally unexpected.

She couldnt understand why he was so concerned with this matter at all.

After all, there was no way she could imagine what his relationship with Zheng Dan was like, no matter how rich her imagination was.

“Lets leave aside this matter for now.

Theres something else more worrying.” Qin Wanrus anxiety was clearly visible.

“That night, Sang Qian was attacked by those black-clad men because of the salt permits he was escorting.

Now, the salt permits are back in our hands.

Wont Sang Hong come to the mistaken conclusion that we were the ones who attacked his son When that happens, our clans would surely end up at each other\'s throats.”

Zu An now understood why there had been no news of Chu Zhongtians release, even after so many days.

This was where the issue lay.

“Havent we figured out who those black-clad men were yet Didnt we investigate these black marketeers”

“Of course we did!” Qin Wanru exclaimed.

“But none of the guests at the black market auction stopped Sang Qian from bringing the goods away.

They didnt resist at all.

They also declared that they knew absolutely nothing about the matter.

Even though Sang Hong captured some individuals, none of them knew anything important.

Clearly, these black market dealers were well prepared.”

Zu An was reminded of Qiu Hongleis disappearance as well.

Clearly, the most important figures had all withdrawn into the shadows.

There was no way Sang Hong would be able to find anything.

“What does Madam plan to do now” Zu An asked.

Qin Wanru replied, “We were slightly hesitant at first, but weve already notified Sang Hong about the salt permits through our channels.

This erases Zhongtians crimes, and he should be allowed to walk free.

As for Sang Hongs suspicions, I dont think he will come to the conclusion that our Chu clan is somehow connected to the black market.”

“I doubt things will go that smoothly…” Zu An still had his concerns.

However, he understood that Qin Wanru wanted to save Chu Zhongtian as soon as possible.

She couldnt bear to see him suffer imprisonment any longer.

Having already decided on the course of action, Qin Wanru gathered her trusted aides to discuss the exact details of Chu Zhongtians release.


Zu An was worried about Zheng Dan, but it would be inappropriate for him to head over to the Zheng clan just to meet her.

His only option was to go to the academy, and pray that she was also there.

When he reached the academy, there was a crowd gathered around Zheng Dan.

From the looks of it, they were most likely congratulating her.

The two maids behind her already bore an armload of gifts each.

“Thank you fellow students.

I didnt expect to receive so many gifts.” Zheng Dan had a beautiful smile on her face, without the slightest touch of gloom.

Zu An couldnt help but call out to her.

“Student Zheng.” 

Zheng Dan turned around to look at him.

She smiled and said, “Student Zu, this is most likely going to be the last day I will be attending the academy before my marriage.

I hope you do not mind if I do not address you as a teacher.”

Zu An couldnt hold himself back.

“You seem pretty happy.”

“Im about to get married.

Why wouldnt I be happy” Zheng Dan said with a strange expression.

Zu An was speechless for a moment.

However, he couldnt break character, not with so many people watching.

“Then Ill offer my congratulations to miss Zheng.”

Zheng Dan presented her fine white palm to him.

“I dont sense any sincerity from you.

Have you prepared a gift”

Zu An was stunned for a moment.

“I was in too much of a hurry to get here, so I didnt have time to prepare anything.”

Zheng Dan smiled.

“Thats okay.

I was the one who was being rude.”

Everyone praised her for her etiquette and grace.

At the same time, they looked down on Zu Ans stinginess.

Zu An grew sulky.

However, he couldnt really say anything in front of all of these people, so he could only pretend to leave.

Zheng Dan continued to bid her farewells to the other students, and then she walked out of the academy with a large pile of gifts.

She told the two maids to help her sort out the gifts near the entrance.

“Theres something else that Ive forgotten to deal with.

Wait for me outside.”

“Understood, miss Zheng.” The two maids acknowledged respectfully.

They left quickly, carrying the gifts with them. 

Zheng Dan turned around and walked towards a side path, well shaded by trees.

Following the path, she soon arrived at a remote place.

“Hm How did you know that I was waiting for you here” Zu An said as he appeared from behind a tree.

Zheng Dan snorted.

“For better or for worse, I still have five ranks of cultivation! Besides, werent you constantly dropping hints earlier”

“I thought that you might not meet with me,” Zu An couldnt help but say.

“There were so many people out there.

What could I do” Zheng Dan sighed.

“Are you really happy about your marriage” Zu An asked her.

“What, are you jealous” Zheng Dan grinned.

Zu An felt a flame ignite within him.

He pulled her over and pressed his knee against her.

“Ah...” A sweet sound escaped her throat.

Her eyes immediately became watery.

“Not here, it will be trouble if were seen! Lets go to your staff residence…”

Zu Ans heart pounded like a drum.

This girl really was a natural temptress!

However, he still remembered his reason for meeting her.

He walked by her side, his expression growing serious.

“How are Sang Qians injuries Are they really so bad that he needs this marriage to drive off bad luck”

Worry creased Zheng Dans brow.

“It doesnt look good.

I might become a widow soon after marriage.”

“Doesnt this mean that the Sang clan has decided to throw you under the carriage as well” Zu An grew anxious.

“Is the Zheng clan only going to watch from the sidelines”

“The Zheng clan” Zheng Dans laugh was full of self-pity.

“Im nothing more than a chess piece used to join the two clans through marriage.

They only need me to tie them to the Sang clan.

They couldnt care less if my husband was tall or short, fat or skinny, alive or dead.

They are far more afraid of Sang Qian dying before he has ratified our marriage.

“Those students who gave me gifts spoke pleasant words, but they could very well have been laughing and mocking me inside.”

Her sorrowful expression was like a dagger through his heart.

“What if you just dont marry him” he blurted out.

“What if I claimed you instead”

Zheng Dan looked at him in shock.

Her expression grew more tender.

“What is this Are you going to bring emotions into our relationship”

Zu An frowned.

“Theres no need for you to deceive yourself like that.

I refuse to believe that you dont feel anything.”

Zheng Dan blushed.

“Whatever the case, knowing that your heart feels this way makes all that Ive given to you during this period worth it… Nonetheless, I was raised in the Zheng clan.

Ive enjoyed a comfortable life, and have been provided with abundant cultivation resources.

Now that its my turn to give something back to them, I cannot possibly run away.”

Zu An wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

Theyd already talked about this many times, so he knew that it was meaningless to try to change her mind.

Zheng Dan grabbed his hand and flashed him a big smile.

“Im about to get married.

Can you give me a present to serve as a memento”

Zu Ans expression grew melancholy.

“Like hell Id be willing to give you something! Not when youre getting married to another man.”

“Im sure this is a present youll definitely be willing to give me.” Zheng Dan noticed that the two of them were already approaching the staff residences.

She got up on her toes and whispered in his ear, “Give me a child.”

Zu Ans heart pounded.

How could he possibly hold back any longer He dragged her into his room.

Perhaps because they believed this would be the last time, or that there was no future for them, the two of them immersed themselves even more deeply.

In the privacy of the room, they twined around each other ever more tightly.

Meanwhile, in the Sang clan estate, Sang Hong was currently entertaining a guest dressed all in green.

That man clasped his fist respectfully and asked, “How is the young master doing”

“Whether or not hell be able to make it through this difficulty depends solely on him.” Sang Hong seemed to have aged considerably during this period.

The green-clothed man said, “The heavens help the worthy.

The young master will surely make it through safely.”

Clearly, Sang Hong was already numb to these words.

He waved his hand impatiently.

“I called you over this time to discuss the Chu clan.

Qin Wanru managed to get her hands on a bunch of official salt permits somehow.

I could only detain Chu Zhongtian temporarily, but I wont be able to hold him here for much longer.

That is why you have to seize control of the Chu clan before that happens.”

The green-clothed mans face darkened.

“That wont be easy.”

“Thats something for you to worry about,” Sang Hong sneered.

“I refuse to believe that you have nothing up your sleeves after scheming for so many years.

However, do not worry.

Ill offer you any help you need.

 This is truly the final chance.

If we miss this one, we wont have another.”

A few different expressions crossed the green-clothed mans face.

Finally, he steeled himself and said resolutely, “Fine!”


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