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She had caught up to them.

They were definitely going to be exposed.

Qin Wanru panicked.

She prepared to grab Zu An and run.

Even though she knew that she couldnt escape from a seventh rank expert, they had to at least give it a try.

Sensing her reaction, Zu An immediately stopped her.

“Madam, dont do anything rash!”

Qin Wanru was confused.

They practically had blades against their necks! They still had a sliver of hope if they tried to run now, but there would be no chance at all once that woman exposed them.

“Trust me.

I believe everything will turn out fine.” Inside, Zu An was actually extremely nervous.

After all, he was gambling as well.

“Hm Why did you come back here” The old man asked when he saw the black-clothed Qiu Honglei.

At the same time, he gave the slowly-departing duo a look.

His killing intent only dropped fractionally when he saw that they didnt turn around.

“I was chasing after someone.

One of our opponents fled the scene,” replied Qiu Honglei.

Hearing this, Qin Wanru felt a shudder run through her entire body.

She gave Zu An a fierce pinch.

This kid had advised against running away.

Now, it was already too late.

Zu An hissed in pain.

Why did women love to pinch people so much

“You were chasing after someone” That elder voiced his surprise.

He pointed at Zu An and Qin Wanru.

“Was it them”

Qiu Honglei studied the two of them, a pensive look on her face.

The corners of her lips curved upwards when she saw Zu Ans hand around that womans hips.

Qin Wanrus body suddenly straightened, almost as if she had felt her gaze.

Even Zu Ans nervousness grew.

Even though he had already cast his bet, this womans thoughts were truly unfathomable.

He had no clue what choice she would make in the end.

After a brief moment, Qiu Honglei shook her head.

“Its not them.

I was chasing after a single person.”

Qin Wanru was bowled over by this statement.

She gave Zu An a confused look.

Even though she didnt say anything, her meaning was clear: Why would that woman lie

Zu An sighed in relief.

He smiled, but didnt explain further.

He wanted to take Qin Wanru away from this place first.

“Does that person have a high level of cultivation How did he manage to escape, even from you” That elder didnt doubt her words.

After all, he didnt see any reason for Qiu Honglei to lie.

Qiu Honglei shook her head.

“His cultivation is slightly higher than mine, but hes extremely crafty.

However, I managed to strike him with my palm, so hes already guaranteed to die.”

Qin Wanru had been listening in carefully.

This woman had clearly misled her own companions, and even helped to forestall any future attempts against them.

The old man nodded.

“Anyone who suffers a strike from you in a vital area doesnt have much of a chance at survival.

However, you cannot lower your guard.

Men, send someone to search the surroundings for any suspicious and wounded individuals.”

A group of subordinates detached themselves from the main group to carry out this order.

The old man carried on, “Right, wheres Gu Yueyi”

“Senior brother is back there.

Hes currently facing off against Sang Qian,” Qiu Honglei replied.

The elder snorted.

“Gu Yueyi probably cannot match Sang Qian.

Lets move! Were heading over to help him!”

As he said this, he dashed in the general direction of the fight, as fast as a large bird.

Qiu Honglei turned around to glance in the direction that Zu An and Qin Wanru had disappeared off to.

“You owe me one,” she muttered.

Turning back around, she followed the old man.

After establishing that the group of them had left, Qin Wanru finally relaxed as they turned the next corner.

However, she was still confused.

“Why did that woman let us go”

Zu An shook his head.

“I dont know either.

Perhaps theres some infighting among the ranks, and she didnt want us to fall into the old mans hands.”

Qiu Honglei had just saved him, after all.

There was no way he would sell her out right after that.

Qin Wanru was a duchess, after all, and had a vast amount of resources at her disposal.

After experiencing such a humiliating loss, she would surely send soldiers to the Immortal Abode to investigate the organization behind those black-clad men.

What would Qiu Honglei do then

“Is that so” Qin Wanru was doubtful.

“I get the sense that the two of you know each other, though.

Why else would you have dared to stay”

“Really” Zu An feigned ignorance.

“I felt it would be too obvious if we ran.

It was a gamble.

Thank goodness luck was on my side.

It seems like my gambling luck is always reliable.”

“The Chu clan forbids gambling!” Qin Wanru scoffed.

However, she knew full well that this fellow had won seven-and-a-half million taels of silver from Silverhook Casino, and another million from the Clans Tournament.

He even bet correctly in such a  perilous situation! She really couldnt find it within her to lecture him.

She suddenly sensed something amiss.

She scowled at him.

“How much longer are you going to hold on to me!”

Only now did Zu An realize that he was still holding her.

Cold sweat poured down his face.

He jumped away at once.

“Madam, please dont take offense! The situation was dire, and that was the only thing I could do!”

Qin Wanru wore a sullen expression as she listened to his endless excuses.

She remained silent throughout.

Zu An really was a little scared.

He might have offended her badly this time.

The customs governing male and female interactions in this world werent as strict as those in ancient China, but they were hardly relaxed enough to allow a son-in-law to casually wrap his arm around his mother-in-law.

However, he really had no choice back then.

Besides, hed transmigrated from the modern world, and lacked the sensitivity towards such matters.

That was why he had instinctively done such an outrageous thing.

Qin Wanru was silent for a long time.

Finally, she said, “The salt permits.

Where are they”

“The situation was pretty tense.

I had to hide them away.

Ill bring them to you tomorrow,” replied Zu An.

The Brilliant Glass Bead was too great of a secret.

Mi Li had told him before that she had never even seen such huge spatial storage before, and that he absolutely could not tell anyone else about it.

To do so would be to invite a huge disaster upon himself.

Qin Wanrus expression finally eased.

“Ill disregard your disrespectful actions today, out of respect for your contributions to the Chu clan.

However, this is the last time!”

“Of course, of course! It wont happen again.” Zu An snorted inwardly. Do you really think Im tired of living Like hell Id do it again. “Oh, right.

Madam, since I did so much for the clan today, is there a reward for me”

“You dare ask me for a reward!” Qin Wanrus eyes widened. This fellow is outrageously shameless! I just let you get away with your disrespectful actions, and yet you have the gall to ask for a reward immediately after that

Apart from her husband Chu Zhongtian, no other man had ever been allowed to touch her.

If any man dared do such a thing, she had the authority to throw him straight into prison.

If the offence was serious enough, even ordering an execution was in accordance with the courts laws.

However, Zu An didnt know any of this.

He sulked and said, “Of course I want a reward! The Chu clan is in charge of so many people.

Isnt the proper dispensation of reward and punishment a basic part of governance I was the one who brought the salt permits back.

Thats a huge achievement, no matter what you say.

If I dont even get a reward for this, who would ever want to do anything for the Chu clan anymore Should we find someone else to judge who is right or wrong Ive made such huge contributions to the Chu clan.

Ive bled for the Chu clan…”

“Shut up!” Qin Wanru looked around her guiltily.

Fortunately, no one else was around to hear his rambling.

“What kind of reward do you want”

“I want…” Zu An was stunned before he had barely begun his sentence. Wait, what do I want


The Chu clan might be even poorer than he was right now.

Besides, past a certain point, money was only a number.


He wasn\'t interested.



That seems pretty good.

But I should probably forget about this one.

Bringing this up in front of her is just begging to get my ass beaten.

“Rewards are for outsiders.

Youre already one of us, so what reward is there to speak of Besides, you already have Chuyan.

Do you really still want something else” Qin Wanru snorted.

She turned around to leave.

Further discussion was beneath her.

Zu An could only laugh helplessly and follow in her wake.

He never expected Qin Wanru to stop suddenly.

Zu An was caught off-guard, and almost bumped into her.

Seeing his sorry appearance, Qin Wanru said coldly, “By the way, you cannot tell anyone what happened today.

Not even Chuyan.”

Zu An grunted in acknowledgment.

“Can I tell father-in-law about it, then” He suddenly asked.


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