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Zu An saw a group of people come out of another alley.

The one in the lead was an elderly man with silver hair.

Despite this, he was bursting with health and vigor, betraying no sense of frailty.

His eyes seemed as though they could peer through a persons soul, and his gaze was sharp, like a wolf seeking its prey.

Just meeting him eye-to-eye was extremely uncomfortable.

This was probably the seventh-ranked expert Qin Wanru had spoken of.

“How do you know they are on the same side as those black-clad men” Zu An was puzzled.

They were all dressed in ordinary clothing, instead of all black, like what the others had worn.

How could she tell that they were a part of the same group

Qin Wanru moved closer and said quietly, “Look at the decorative designs on their sleeves.

Theyre the same as those worn by the black-clad men.”

Zu An looked more closely.

Sure enough, there were strange cloud-like symbols on their sleeves.

He vaguely remembered those black-clad individuals wearing similar symbols.

He wouldnt have noticed this at all if Qin Wanru hadnt pointed it out to him.

He felt a slight admiration.

Even though she seemed so irritable and headstrong all the time, she actually possessed a meticulous side to her as well.

A sudden thought occurred to him, leaving him slightly stunned. If you mixed Chuyan and Huanzhao together, wouldnt you get Qin Wanru

Poor Huanzhao really got the short end of the stick though.

She only ended up inheriting her bad qualities.

Sigh… I need to treat her better in the future...

Zu An brought his mind back to the present.

Dealing with the situation at hand was still the top priority.

“Can you defeat him” 

Qin Wanru blushed.

She shook her head slightly and said quietly, “I cant.”

Zu An said with a sigh, “That Qiu… ahem, ahem, that woman from before managed to beat you despite being one rank below you.

Arent you only one rank beneath that old man too”

Qin Wanru resisted the urge to slap him.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 250 Rage points!

Cant you say something nice for once!

However, that woman had indeed gotten the better of her despite being a full rank below her.

She couldnt argue against this fact.

That made her even more angry.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 337 Rage points!

Zu An couldnt help but give her a look. If you cant beat that old man then you cant.

Why are you getting so mad at me

By this time, the elderly man had reached them, along with his dozen or so followers.


Qin Wanru froze.

She was just about to attack when Zu An stopped her.

They were clearly outmatched, so fighting wasnt the smartest choice.

“Whats wrong with you” Zu An had an impatient look on his face.

“What are the two of you doing out here in the middle of the night” That elder demanded.

An idea came to Zu An.

“Im on a stroll with my wife.

Is something wrong”

Qin Wanru was furious.

How dare this rascal take advantage of her

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 777 Rage points!

Zu An merely tapped her hand gently, asking her to remain calm.

Qin Wanru hesitated.

They knew next to nothing about these people, and they had formidable levels of cultivation.

It wouldnt end well for them if they ended up fighting.

These people had even dared to rob the River Patrol Army in the middle of the street.

She probably wouldnt be able to get away even if she revealed her true identity.

On top of that, she was also a woman, and a pretty one at that.

It was entirely likely that she would suffer a different type of humiliation.

Rather than risking such a fate, she might as well see if Zu An had any other ideas to get them out of this predicament first.

“Going for a walk” That elder was skeptical.

“A walk in pitch darkness”

“Sir, youre clearly inexperienced at this.

This is called setting the mood,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

Qin Wanru tried her best not to roll her eyes.

The elder looked around them, then asked in a seemingly casual manner, “Since you two are out on a stroll, did you two see or hear anything strange”

Zu An suddenly turned into a warmhearted neighbor, eager to help.

“Now that you mention it, I think someones fighting over there.

It sounded really bad! We ran away as soon as we noticed that something was off, and were just about to head on home.

Sir, you must be careful, and stay away from that area.

You might just run into some bad people if you went there.”

Qin Wanru was impressed.

Even though this kid was really, really annoying, he had some decent acting chops.

He had completely assumed the role of an enthusiastic youngster.

“Bad people, you say Do you perhaps know who these bad people are” The elder removed his hands from his pockets as he said this.

His long fingernails looked incredibly sharp, as if they could easily pierce through flesh.

Zu An pretended not to notice his killing intent.

“I have no idea,” he replied.

“Its pitch black out there.

How could I possibly be brave enough to check out what was going on You all really should leave as soon as you can.

It would be trouble if you ran into those bad people.”

“Ill have to beg your assistance to report this to the authorities, then.

They should move quickly to investigate these bad people,” The elder said with a chuckle.

Qin Wanru immediately tensed up when she sensed his killing intent.

If a seventh rank expert decided to attack at such close range, she had no idea if she could even protect herself, let alone protect Zu An.

The elderly man looked at her suspiciously, as if sensing her nervousness.

Zu An stood in front of her and said with an embarrassed laugh, “Sir, this woman of mine is somewhat afraid of strangers.

Shes a little scared of all of you.”

The elder laughed.

“Young man, your wife had a good figure.

But the two of you dont seem like husband and wife at all.

In fact, you seem quite unfamiliar with each other.”

Zu An immediately wrapped an arm round Qin Wanrus waist.

Her waist felt slightly softer and more well-rounded than that of a young ladys.

“Haha, my wife is quite shy.

Sir, I really cant chat with you anymore.

Well all be finished if those bad people find us!”

Qin Wanru couldnt contain her shock or her anger as she felt his arm wrap around her waist.

Her face immediately grew entirely red.

This only made her look even more like a bashful young wife in the eyes of others.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 813 Rage points!

“Madam, please calm down! Please calm down! This is all for the sake of the Chu clan! We are trying to save father-in-law here!” Zu An frantically said via ki transmission.

He hid his mouth behind Qin Wanrus body, afraid that the old man would notice.

Qin Wanrus chest heaved.

However, after taking a few deep breaths, she remained mercifully silent.

“Young man, you are quite blessed.” The old man looked over Qin Wanrus voluptuous curves.

Even though this womans face was ordinary, her figure was exceptional.

Together with her radiant eyes, it lent her a graceful charm.

If he were ten years younger, he would have surely spent a good three days and nights with this woman, even if he did have pressing matters to take care of.

It would have been even better if her husband were tied up and forced to watch from the side.

It was a pity that he was already an old man.

He had the will, but not the way.

“Haha, thank you so much for your praise, kind sir.

I also think my luck is pretty good,” Zu An said as he led Qin Wanru away to a side alley.

Just as they were about to turn the corner, a female voice rang out.


Qin Wanrus entire body went rigid.

She recognized this voice.

It belonged to the woman she had fought with earlier on!


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