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Liu Chan and the others exploded in anger.

Even Chen Xuan felt rage rush to his head.

When he saw how cocky Zu An was being, and thought about how Zheng Dan, now poisoned, would end up being toyed with by him, Chen Xuan almost imploded from anger.

All of them cursed Zu An endlessly.

This time, it was Chen Xuan who led the charge.

He knew that this hatred of his would only go away after he had chopped up this bastards corpse into tiny pieces.

Look at how theyre running at me! This Fragrant Barf is really effective.

He noticed that Chen Xuans speed had increased by about five percent.

Most likely, Chen Xuan had still been holding back a bit all this while, and finally couldnt hold himself back anymore.

He pushed the Sunflower Phantasm to its limit and ran at full speed towards the cave.

When Chen Xuan finally reached the cave entrance, red-faced, alarms were blaring in his mind.

The many years hed spent in perilous situations had honed his sense of danger.

His instincts told him that he couldnt continue chasing after Zu An, and that it would be dangerous to do so.

However, a different voice tugged at his ear. Just how many times have you allowed him to get away already Are you going to let him escape again Arent you going to get revenge for your brother Do you not want Zheng Dan for yourself nymore

Zu An noticed that he had stopped at the cave entrance.

Fearing that he wouldnt come in, he activated the Fragrant Barf again.

“From all your hollering, I thought you might actually have some skill.

It turns out youre just a coward.”

He continued to walk further in as he ridiculed Chen Xuan.

Chen Xuan was usually immune to such pathetic psychological attacks.

But now, it was as if every single word stabbed straight through his heart.

His thoughts had been warped until they were hardly recognizable as his own.

In his mind, Zheng Dan was going to become his wife anyway.

But right now, someone else was playing with his wife, and all he could do was stand outside and guard the entrance…

He had no idea why he was thinking such thoughts, but he already considered Zheng Dan his possession.

His cooked duck was flying away! All his rage was leveled at Zu An.

“I will kill you!”

Chen Xuan couldnt take it any longer.

He charged forward in anger.

Zu An had long since found himself a good nook to hide in.

Because of the dim lightning inside the cave and his Mirror Mirage concealing his aura, the furious Chen Xuan couldnt find him at all.

There was only one thing in the bandit leaders mind as he charged into the cave.

He was entering this cave to save his own woman while hacking Zu Ans corpse to endless pieces.

A ferocious roar greeted him as soon as he charged in.

Chen Xuan wailed miserably.

He was struck so hard that his body shot backwards like an artillery shell.

The massive crimson dragon followed him out.

“Despicable humans! You dare disturb this kings cultivation All of you are courting death!” The crimson dragon circled about in the air.

Its enormous body made all humans seem insignificant in comparison, which filled the humans with a natural dread.

Cold rationality flooded Chen Xuans mind.

He finally understood what Zu An had been plotting.

This guy had deliberately baited him here so that he could use this dragon to deal with him.

His hatred for Zu An grew exponentially when he realized this.

This son of a bitch really was treacherous!

He definitely had to kill this bastard today, before he brought a huge disaster upon his head.

He found this thought a little strange.

There was a huge dragon in front of him, yet a part of his mind still seemed obsessed with killing Zu An.

His top priority shouldve been finding a way to stay alive.

The giant dragons glowing eyes examined his glowing golden body.

“So, youre a metal element cultivator.

No wonder youre still unharmed after taking my blow.”

Chen Xuan groaned inwardly.

His organs had already been thrown into chaos, and he knew he had suffered severe internal injuries.

He said quickly, “Great king, I only stumbled upon this place while pursuing my personal enemy.

I had absolutely no intention of disturbing you! I hope the great king can pardon my actions.

I will leave right away.”

At the same time, he cast his gaze about, looking for a place to hide.

He wanted to wait until Zu An came back out.

He just couldnt abandon the thought of killing Zu An.

The giant dragon snorted.

“I cannot allow any human to learn of my whereabouts,” he said.

“That is why you must die.”

It twisted its body right after it said this, lashing out with its tail with devastating power.

Alarmed, Chen Xuan immediately tried to evade.

Unfortunately, even though the dragons body was massive, its movements were nimble, and a slight twitch like that was enough to cover a massive swathe of ground.

Even though Chen Xuan did everything he could to dodge, he was still clipped by the dragons massive tail.

He was sent flying, his tumbling figure crashing through several trees before stopping.

Half of his body went numb.

This second blow had much more force behind it, compared to the one hed taken in the cave.

This attack had been meant to kill.

“Boss, what happened… holy **!” Liu Chan and the others were well below Chen Xuan in terms of cultivation, and they had only just caught up to him.

From all the commotion, they thought that Chen Xuan was beating up Zu An, so they were full of excitement as they rushed over.

None of them had expected their boss to be the one being beaten up instead!

Their bodies went ice cold when they saw that massive crimson dragon.

Dragons were mythical creatures, yet somehow, there was one right before their eyes!

Without the slightest hesitation, they all turned tail and ran.

As for their boss… they only hoped that he could delay this dragon just a little longer.

In fact, it would be even better if Chen Xuan died.

The Whale Gang would be completely under their control, and they could even use the opportunity to take over the Blackwind Stockade.

The crimson dragon turned towards them.

It didnt chase after them, but opened its mouth instead.

A torrent of flame burst outwards.

Liu Chan and his men were engulfed in flames.

They rolled frantically on the ground, trying desperately to put themselves out.

But unfortunately, the flames wouldnt go out no matter how they tried.

Howls of pain and anguish came from within the flames.

In just a few seconds, their bodies were all turned into charcoal.

A gust of wind blew over them, disintegrating them and scattering their ashes about. 

Chen Xuan was absolutely horrified, and started running for his life, all thoughts of fighting abandoned.

The metal element was naturally countered by the fire element! His unbreakable metal body, which he perfected with great difficulty, might be able to take a few hits from physical attacks.

However, death was the only outcome when faced with fire.

The crimson dragon chased after his fleeing form.

Zu An heard the pitiful screams outside. You all brought this upon yourselves.

He ran over to Zheng Dans side.

He quickly undid the mist-like binding around her.

“Ah Zu!” Zheng Dan was already burning up, her eyes blurry.

She was shocked and elated when she vaguely made out Zu Ans appearance.

“Am I dreaming”

“Youre not.

Im getting you out of here right now.” Zu An didnt dare waste any time.

He picked her up and turned around.

As he was about to leave, he heard Mi Lis voice.

“Take that pearl along with you.

It is definitely something extraordinary.”

“Got it!” Zu An replied.

He jumped into the air and seized the pearl.

Warmth immediately flowed through his hand.

Without bothering to try to determine what this pearl was for, he casually slipped it into his pocket.

Carrying Zheng Dan, he ran out.

Just then, a violent roar shook the heavens.

A powerful gale beat down upon him, and he felt an incredible pressure.

The crimson dragon had made it swiftly back to the cave, and had caught Zu An red-handed.

“Despicable human! You actually used your companions to draw out this king so you would have a chance to steal my Brilliant Glass Pearl!” The crimson dragon roared furiously.

Chen Xuan screamed inwardly. Who the hell are you calling that bastards companion I was also scammed!

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 1024 Rage points!

Zu An was stunned to receive Chen Xuans rage points.

Was Chen Xuan still hiding nearby

His eyes darted left and right, but he saw no one else.

He had no idea where that fellow was hiding.

Just when he was feeling a twinge of regret, a weak voice suddenly came from midair.

“Bastard, Im right here!”

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 999 Rage points!

Zu An lifted his gaze, and joy spread across his face.

The wild and arrogant Chen Xuan was deathly pale, his entire body gripped within the dragons huge claws.

Pei Mianman had told him that Chen Xuans body was incredibly tough.

However, this nearly-invincible body had been easily penetrated by the crimson dragons claws.

One of them had pierced through the bandit leaders back and came out of his chest.

Blood flowed down that claw.

No wonder Chen Xuans face was pale! He was leaking all this blood from the wound in his chest!

Zu An couldnt hold back his laughter.

“Stockade Master Chen, werent you acting all high and mighty before You dont look so good right now.”

Chen Xuan couldnt muster up a reply.

He was already in such a terrible situation, yet this guy was still mocking him!

He was already close to his last breath, but rage seemed to take control of his body, giving him one last burst of energy.

“You damned mongrel, I wont stop hunting you even if Ive turned into a ghost!”

His sudden movements made the dragons claw dig deeper into him, and he almost fainted from the pain.

This was all Zu Ans fault!

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 999… 999… 999…

Zu An roared with laughter.

“From the very first time we met, youve only had hateful things to say to me, and youre still banging on the same drum now that youre about to die.

How pitiful.”

Chen Xuan couldnt take this anymore.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 1024 Rage points!

He struggled with everything he had.

He wanted to bite off a chunk of this bastards flesh, even if he had to die for it!

Unexpectedly, the crimson dragon grew unhappy at his squirming.

It slammed its talon into the ground, and his body popped like a melon.

Just like that, an ambitious and ruthless character met his end.

Zheng Dan was so frightened she buried her head in Zu Ans chest.

Even though shed killed her fair share of people as the Whale Gangs boss, she had never witnessed such a horrible sight.

The one who died had been an equally-famous underworld leader, and she couldnt help but feel a bit of sympathy.

After all, there was a scant chance of victory against such a terrifying dragon.

Chen Xuan had merely left this world one step ahead of them.

The crimson dragon turned its large eyes on Zu An.

“So it was you.

You didnt die.”

Zu An smiled.

“Youre not dead yet.

How can I let myself die before you”

You have successfully trolled the red dragon for 1024 Rage points!

“Youre courting death!” The red dragon roared in rage.

Scorching hot flame shot out towards Zu An.


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