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Chen Xuan leapt towards the shore and ran after the fugitives into the mountains.

Liu Chan exchanged looks with the other Whale Gang higher-ups.

They had no choice but to send their subordinates back to the island, and follow Chen Xuan into the mountains themselves.

Firstly, they wanted to leave their new boss with a good impression, and secondly, this matter was just too important.

There was no way they would feel at ease without personally seeing Zheng Dan captured.

Thirdly, they couldnt let go of the fact that their gang boss was an extremely ravishing woman.

If the effects of the Eighteen Spring Winds really lived up to its astonishing name, all of them were hoping that they could get in on the action.

Under other circumstances, none of them would dare to challenge Chen Xuan.

However, they were dealing with the Eighteen Spring Winds! She had to go eighteen rounds!

Which man could manage this feat alone

It was completely impossible, no matter how strong Chen Xuan was!

Wouldnt it be their time to shine once he collapsed from exhaustion

Liu Chan gave his companions a look.

He figured that these fellows were most likely thinking along the same lines as himself.

His heart began to burn with desire whenever his thoughts turned towards that beautiful and unreachable gang boss.

His footsteps quickened.

Zu An ran aimlessly with Zheng Dan in tow.

He had no idea what his bearings were, and was running entirely on instinct.

He tried to leave as few traces as possible to confuse his pursuers.

At first, Zheng Dan managed to keep pace with him.

However, soon afterwards, she stumbled and almost fell over.

Zu An ran to support her in a panic.

He noticed that her entire body was incredibly weak.

Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and she was gasping for breath.

He sighed and smacked his head in regret.

“Maybe we should\'ve just jumped into the water if I had known this would happen.

Perhaps a rinse in cold water will get rid of the drugs effects.”

Zheng Dan shook her head.

“I cannot fall into Chen Xuans hands.

Quickly take me away from this place.”

Her entire body was limp, and Zu An had no choice but to carry her.

He started running through the trees again, with her in his arms.

He sensed something amiss.

The last time he ventured out to the outskirts of Brightmoon City to look for goubaos, hed run into so many vicious creatures.

Wasnt this place even further away from Brightmoon City Why hadnt he run into any vicious beasts yet

He quickly dispelled these thoughts for the moment.

The highest priority right now was still to evade the pursuit of Chen Xuan and the others.

After running for some time, Zu Ans eyes suddenly brightened.

He pointed at a cave nearby.

“There is a cave over there.

Lets get some rest first, and see if we can deal with your poison.”

Zheng Dans mind had already started to slip.

She could only subconsciously grunt in approval.

Her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck.

Her body subconsciously twisted about in his embrace.

Zu An swallowed his saliva. Sis, do you know how much youre tempting me right now

Their two bodies were pressed closely against each other.

Zheng Dan only wore a thin dress that did little to conceal her svelte figure.

He could still clearly feel the heat given off by her body.

His mouth felt really dry.

It was only with great difficulty that he controlled himself. I cant take advantage of someone like this! I have to at least try and see if theres another way out, even if its only for the sake of my conscience!

The two of them made it inside the cave.

This cave seemed to be much larger than usual.

After walking for a period of time, everything before them suddenly brightened.

A huge open area came into view.

The path they had just passed through was already quite wide, but this space was many times bigger.

But before Zu An could feel happy, his entire body went rigid.

He noticed a massive figure not too far away.

This body was several dozen zhang[1] in length.

This giant crimson dragon was circling in midair, flying around a glistening, shiny pearl.

Several times, the dragon flew close to the pearl, only to fly away again.

It seemed like this pearl was of vital importance to this dragon.

Zu Ans throat went dry.

He suddenly remembered that this mountain outside Brightmoon City was called the Hidden Dragon Mountain, but a dragon had never appeared all these years.

He just assumed that this was some random name someone had given it.

Who knew there would really be a dragon in here!

Even though he didnt know how strong this dragon was, he knew that, no matter which world one was in, or whether it was in movies or books, dragons were always powerful creatures.

Moreover, he could feel that the pressure this creature gave off was even greater than what hed felt when facing Zhang Han in the dungeon.

No wonder there were no beasts along the way! What beast would be dumb enough to come close to this place, with a dragon living here

“What happened How did you end up provoking such a terrifying enemy” A shocked voice suddenly spoke in his head.

Zu An was immediately overcome with joy.

“Big sis empress, youre finally awake!”

Mi Li grunted.

“I only roused myself quickly to take a look after sensing such a powerful aura, which is greater than anything youve faced before.

What exactly is going on”

“Itll take a while to explain.” Zu An didnt know where to start.

Mi Li cut him off.

“Forget it, lets get out of here first.

That fellow seems to be working on something critical at the moment, so it hasnt noticed you yet.”

Zu An nodded.

This was precisely his thought as well.

He withdrew carefully and quietly.

“Ugh…” Right at this moment, Zheng Dan moaned in his arms.

She twisted her body about while slowly opening her eyes.

“Ah Zu, ah… why is there such a long…”

Zu An knew that he was in trouble as soon as she spoke.

He began to run for his life.

Unfortunately, he couldnt use Grandgale anymore.

The massive dragons tail swept towards him.

Feeling the tremendous force of the wind, Zu An cried in alarm, “Be careful!”

He turned around at once, using his back to shield Zheng Dan.


A muffled noise rang out.

Zu An felt as if he had been rammed into by a speeding truck.

Blood poured out of his mouth as his body flew through the air.

He could no longer hold onto Zheng Dan, who fell to the ground.

“Ah Zu!” Zheng Dan screamed bitterly when she saw Zu Ans body fly through the air like a ruined sandbag.

She wanted to help him, but the effects of the drug had already made it impossible for her to even walk.

She was powerless.

“Ignorant human, you dare defile this kings peace”

“Hm A human woman.”

A muffled voice sounded from the cavern depths.

This dragon was clearly a high-level life form, capable of human speech.

Zheng Dan was struggling towards Zu An, trying to see if he was still alive.

A giant dragon tail wrapped around her waist and instantly pulled her back.

“Let… me… go!” Zheng Dan frantically struggled against the dragons tail, trying to free herself, but the tail didnt move in the slightest.

She was lifted into midair.

A big dragon head moved close to her, its two scarlet eyes giving off endless pressure.

After looking her over for some time, that giant dragon began to speak.

“It is actually a pretty woman.

This king likes how your body smells right now.”

Zheng Dan remembered something Shang Liuyu had mentioned in one of her classes in the academy.

Something about how it was in their nature for dragons to enjoy lewd things. Dont tell me this guy is going to…

Her heart skipped a beat, but she forced herself to remain calm.

The two of them were so different in size, so how would that be possible At worst, shed just die.

She couldnt help but turn to look towards the caves entrance.

When she thought about how Ah Zu had died for her sake, she figured there wasnt much meaning in remaining alive either.

The words uttered beside her ear snapped Zheng Dan out of her self-pity.

“There is no need to look anymore.

Your lovers cultivation is too low, and he has surely perished from my strike.

Follow this king in the future, and you will understand the true happiness of a woman.”


One zhang is about 12 feet, or 4 meters.


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