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Zu An felt discouraged.

Chen Xuans cultivation was higher than his, so his speed was obviously much greater as well.

Even though the Sunflower Phantasm movement technique was formidable, it only excelled in short distance maneuvering.

Of course, if he wasnt restricted on his uses of Grandgale, he would have already left Chen Xuan far behind him.

“Do you not have anyone you can still use to get us out of here” Zu An asked in panic.

Those in the meeting hall were all the higher level figures of the gang, but if these people wanted to rebel, there was no way they could contact everyone ahead of time, right Otherwise, news of the betrayal would have leaked out a long time ago.

But Zheng Dan would shake her head and said, “I am only rarely on the island.

These subordinates are practically all under Liu Chans control.”

Zu An was completely speechless.

“Arent you just a bit too much of a failure of a gang boss”

Zheng Dan was also embarrassed.

The main reason was that she still had the status of the Zheng clans young miss, and that she was going to become a madam in the future.

She didnt really have much interest in the world of violence and blood either, which was why this type of thing happened.

When Chen Xuan was about to catch up, someone suddenly rushed out and stood in his way.

Chen Xuan roared out, “Fuck off!”

That person vomited blood from their first exchange. 

However, that person didnt stop at all.

He continued to fight against Chen Xuan.

“Gang boss, you need to get away!”

“Ya Xiao!” Zheng Dan couldnt help but feel moved when she saw his bloodied body clinging to Chen Xuans leg.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

“We should hurry and escape.

Dont let his actions be wasted.” When he saw how she began to have thoughts of turning back, Zu An quickly pulled her and continued to run.

Zheng Dan bit down on her lower lip until a bit of blood even came out.

She was clearly full of anger and hatred.

“You can only get revenge if you stay alive.” Zu An was worried that she might do something stupid, so he warned again.

Zheng Dan trembled.

She suddenly remembered that she had been poisoned by that filthy medicine, so her ending would be extremely bitter if she stayed behind.

She thus gave up on thoughts of going back.

She muttered to herself, “Ya Xiao didnt even know what I looked like all these years, nor did he know who I was.

Im truly sorry…”

Zu An sighed.

“This world will always have young lads willing to risk their lives for those they love...”

I definitely wont do something that stupid.

But he then quickly recalled his experiences in the dungeon.

Didnt he also risk danger this time to save Zheng Dan

I guess were all idiots.

What right do I have to mock him

The two already reached shore.

There was a hidden dock within the reeds that was connected to a small boat.

Zu An didnt have time to undo the rope.

He hacked through it with his Poisonous Prick, and then he jumped on with Zheng Dan before frantically rowing.

Unfortunately, he had never operated a boat before, so he had no idea how to do it.

The more strength he used, the more the small boat spun about in place.

Zheng Dan couldnt help but smile.

This was the first time she saw him in such a silly state.

She quickly said, “Let me do it.”

She stopped Lin Xi while rolling up her sleeves.

The water surface rippled, and then the small boat shot out in a straight line.

“What the heck Youll make a killing if you start a ferrying business!” Zu An sighed in admiration.

Zheng Dan: “......”

What kind of situation were they in What was wrong with this guys head

An air shattering noise sounded behind him at this time.

Zu An turned around and saw Chen Dan running crazily on the water surface, his face red as he charged at their boat.

“Why the heck do you have this kind of superpower too!” Zu An was stunned.

Wasnt this guy only sixth rank Why was he flying now

But he quickly reacted that this shouldnt be too difficult for those of higher cultivation levels.

Zheng Dan clenched her teeth.

She stood up, and then she pushed backwards.

A huge wave surged behind them.

It was only a foot tall in the beginning, but the wave grew larger and larger, eventually reaching several zhang in height.

Zu Ans eyes completely widened.

That sweet-tempered and delicate appearance he was used to seeing was completely an act!

Sigh, why were all the women at his side so tough

Chen Xuan didnt become flustered when he saw this huge wave.

He drew his long blade.

He didnt use his blade when he fought against Chu Yucheng and Chu Hongcai in Immortal Abode, but he used it this time.

A trace of cold light flashed past.

Blade energy condensed into a giant sword mirage in midair, and then it hacked down.

It almost felt as if this blade could completely cleave Brightmoon River in half.

The tremendous blade energy hacked apart the huge wave in front of him.

Then, the power continued to travel forward, striking towards the small boat.

Chen Xuan clearly wanted to destroy their boat so that they wouldnt have any way to escape.

Zheng Dans arms crossed in front of her.

A screen of water formed in front of her and blocked that overbearing sword energy.


Blood spurted out from Zheng Dans mouth.

Her body looked like it had been rammed into by a carriage, flying out uncontrollably and about to fall into the water.

Zu An reached out a hand at once to carry her.

However, he was also knocked up a bit from that tremendous force.

“Whats wrong” Zu An asked with concern when he saw the blood trickling down the corners of her lips.

Her bodys temperature was also incredibly hot.

Zheng Dan groaned, her voice terrifyingly soft and delicate.

“Its nothing… its just that…”

She could finish her sentence.

After all, this type of thing was just too embarrassing for a young lady.

“Why do you look like you drank some aphrodisiac” Zu An mumbled to himself.

Her face was blushing crazily and her eyes were misty.

He wasnt unfamiliar with this sight.

Snow was the exact same back then.

“You keep asking even though you already know the answer.” Zheng Dan gave him a resentful look. This guy is making fun of me on purpose!

“What do you mean” Zu An was stunned.

He was completely focused on unsealing his acupoints through the Snowflake Sword earlier.

He didnt notice what was happening in the hall.

Chen Xuans arrogant and overbearing voice sounded from behind them.

“Hahaha! I thought the gang boss would have some type of exceptional cultivation, but it turns out that this was all you had!”

Zheng Dan wiped away the blood by her lips.

She said angrily, “Youre despicable! If it wasnt for… if it wasnt for… I wont have lost to you so easily.”

“If you didnt suffer from myEighteen Spring Winds You should just cease your struggles! The effects will only grow stronger the more you resist! Isnt your entire body burning up now You really want to embrace a man, right” Chen Xuan roared with laughter.

“Eighteen Spring Winds” Zu An was shocked.

He could guess just from the name what kind of effects this medicine had.

No wonder Zheng Dan was acting like this.

Just who came up with this type of indecent name

But when he noticed Zheng Dans embarrassment, together with how he really couldnt stand to watch Chen Xuan continue to remain arrogant, he held the beauty closer to him and said with a raised voice, “Isnt she embracing me right now What are you hollering like an idiot over there for”

Chen Xuans breathing stopped.

When he saw Zheng Dans body grow limp in Zu Ans embrace, he suddenly felt like all of his efforts instead helped another man.

“You son of a bitch! We havent even settled our past debt, yet youve provoked me again! Very good, Ill teach you what it means to rather be dead than alive once I get my hands on you,” Chen Xuan said through gritted teeth.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 999 Rage!

Zu An sighed.

“Youve already said the same things so many times.

Look at me, Im still fine and well! Turns out the glorious Blackwind Stockade Chen Xuan is just another good-for-nothing who is only good at shooting his mouth!”

Zu An could hear Chen Xuans teeth grinding from all the way where he was.

But this time, Chen Xuan didnt say anything in return and just chased after them with an overcast face.

He vowed to himself that his anger would only abate after he skinned this bastard alive.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 1024 Rage!

But he soon realized that something was off after he suddenly accelerated.

The water beneath his feat suddenly turned into ice, and then because he stepped down rather fiercely, the ice instantly cracked apart.

Caught off guard, his entire body sunk into the water.

Turns out Zu An deliberately angered him, and then he secretly used the Snowflake Swords cold energy to form a thin layer of ice over the water surface.

“Go!” With a kick, Zu An sent the small boat in the other direction.

Meanwhile, he used Grandgale to speed towards shore with Zheng Dan in his arms.

Then, with a few more jumps, they disappeared into the trees.

Remaining on the boat would be disadvantageous for them.

It would be difficult for them to break free once Chen Xuan resurfaced.

He also noticed a Whale Gangs ship approaching from a distance.

Since going by water wouldnt work, then they should just escape into the mountains and rely on the complex terrain.

Perhaps they might have a chance to throw off their pursuers this way.

Unfortunately, he had been masked the entire way here.

He knew nothing about the defenses of this place, and it was even harder to differentiate east from west in this type of place.

Thus, he could only instinctively run towards the complex terrain.

When Chen Xuan leapt out of the water, Liu Chan and the others ship also rushed over.

Chen Xuans face was overcast.

He pointed at the small ship in the distance and said, “Chase after them!”

Whale Gangs ships were always rather fast.

Soon afterwards, they discovered that there was no one on the ship.

“I think they went ashore over there.” Liu Chan and the others deduced.

“I will definitely catch them today!” Chen Xuan was fuming with rage.

Even if he couldnt get revenge on Zu An right away he couldnt let Zheng Dan slip through his fingers.

Otherwise, wouldnt all of his careful plans only help out another man

I, Chen Xuan, have never done something so idiotic!

When Liu Chan and the others saw that he was about to rush ashore, then hurriedly pulled him back.

“Stockade master, you must not go there! This region is already approaching the borders of Hidden Dragon Mountain! Itll be bad if you run into wild beasts!”

“Wild beasts Do you think Im scared of some beast” Chen Xuan sneered.

Their Blackwind Stockade was also in this mountain.

The surrounding beasts had practically all been captured and eaten by them.

If it was some other mountain depths, he wouldnt dare act careless even if he had six ranks of cultivation.

However, he had never heard of any formidable fellas appearing around Brightmoon City.

Like hell hed be scared!

The metal element practically gave him an invincible body.

Even if he ran into a beast of the same level, or one that was a level higher, he was still confident that he could protect himself.

He only had a single goal in his mind: He had to catch the poisoned Zheng Dan as soon as possible.

He didnt even have his chance to feel good yet!


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