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Zu An raised his chin up high.

“Look who youre talking to! Ive always been an honest husband! I never lie!”

“All right, Ill trust you for now.” Inside, Plum Blossom Four was full of misgivings.

Deep down, he felt that this guy was completely different from how he was describing himself.

However, he really didnt have a choice.

Zu An ran over to Xie Xiu and patted him on the shoulder.

He slipped him a banknote.

“Bro, Ill have to trouble you to entertain everyone first.

Ill drop by a little later.”

He felt like he would be humiliating Shang Liuyu if he gave her money, so he could only entrust this to Xie Xiu.

Xie Xiu frowned.

“How can I take your money Hurry and take it back.”

Zu An laughed.

“I know that young master Xie has money, but I really should be the one treating everyone today.”

“Fine.” Only then did Xie Xiu feel at ease.

“But Ah Zu, where are you going now”

“I just have some things to take care of first.” Zu An said vaguely.

He then walked over to Shang Liuyu to let her know as well.

Shang Liuyu was somewhat surprised when she heard that Zu An had things to take care of.

However, she let him go without pressing him for further details.

Xie Xiu eagerly sidled over to Shang Liuyus side.

“Teacher Shang, I know a new restaurant whose dishes are quite outstanding.

Right this way!” he said in a fawning manner.

Shang Liuyu only smiled politely in return, and she slowly walked off.

Xie Xiu followed after her.

Even he himself was put off by his actions.

When it came to those girls that he played with, he had always come and gone as he wished.

Yet now he followed Teacher Shang around like a dog.

However, Teacher Shang really was too outstanding! She was completely different from the other girls he got together with, and he couldnt help but humble himself before her.

Meanwhile, Zu An had changed into a set of ordinary Plum Blossom Sect attire, and followed Plum Blossom Four to the meeting place that he and the Whale Gangs boss had agreed to beforehand.

Along the way, Zu An asked in detail about what he had to be careful of.

He had thought of enlisting the academys help.

However, Shang Liuyu didnt excel in cultivation, and he was worried that something bad would happen to her if he brought her along.

Plum Blossom Four also said that the mysterious boss of the Whale Gang was always careful.

If there were too many people in their group, it would easily draw suspicion.

The meeting was imminent, and there was no time for him to contact the Chu clan to send backup.

In the end, he decided he might as well take his chances without extra help.

He had the freedom to choose whether to fight or to run.

With his current level of cultivation and experience, he was confident that he could keep himself alive.

Besides, he wasnt going there to pick a fight, but to gather information.

Why would the gang boss bother with alowly person like him at all

Out of an abundance of caution, this gang boss had reserved a private room in a first class restaurant.

A tough looking man stopped them while they were still downstairs.

He checked them thoroughly for weapons.

Satisfied, he gestured for them to head on upstairs.

Meanwhile, several other gang members examined the streets outside closely to make sure that they werent being followed by anyone.

Only then were they allowed to pass.

Zu An admired their sense of caution.

This was exactly like how the crime syndicates in TV dramas operated!

Wait, but this Whale Gang really is a real-life crime syndicate…

As they reached the second floor, someone opened the door for them.

Plum Blossom Four gulped.

He was already incredibly nervous.

Zu An reached out a hand and gave his back a gentle push, partly in encouragement, and partly as a form of silent threat.

Plum Blossom Four had no choice but to brace himself and enter.

Zu An followed behind him while secretly observing his surroundings.

There werent many people inside at all.

Compared to the heavy security outside, the interior of the room seemed almost empty.

There was only a single person sitting at the table.

Shock jolted through Zu Ans mind when he saw this person. The Whale Gangs boss is female

Not only was she female, she was a gorgeous one.

Even though she wore a mask, her well-proportioned figure and fair skin were terribly seductive.

For some reason, Zu An sensed something familiar about this person.

However, he just couldnt put his finger on where exactly hed met her before.

The eyes of the Whale Gangs boss fell on him, and he hurriedly lowered his head.

He didnt dare continue staring at her.

After all, he was currently acting as Plum Blossom Fours subordinate, so he had no right to let his eyes roam around freely.

“I… I pay my respects to the boss of the Whale Gang…” Plum Blossom Four hadnt expected the gang boss to be a beautiful woman either.

Even though he was nervous, he still swallowed subconsciously, and stole glances at her long legs which were crossed under the table.

That woman chuckled.

Her voice seemed to swallow up his very soul.

“Plum Blossom Four is too polite.

We are all one family from now on.

Did you bring the goods”

“The goods… the goods are here.”

Plum Blossom Four immediately broke out in cold sweat.

Most of the banknotes had already been seized.

Only a few that were left were real, and all of the others were fake.

“Please allow me to take a look first.” The woman reached out her fair and soft hand towards him.

Plum Blossom Four swallowed.

He cursed Zu An endlessly while recalling the words hed been told to say.

Just as he was about to speak, the woman suddenly let out a startled cry.

“Gang boss, whats wrong” Plum Blossom Fours heart began to race when he noticed the other party looking towards the subordinates behind him.

The Whale Gangs boss tapped her fingers lightly on the table.

“Who are these people” She looked over the group of men with a thoughtful expression.

“Gang boss, they are all my subordinates.

They lack experience, so I beg the gang boss not to take offense if any of them have acted rashly,” said Plum Blossom Four.

“Dont worry, I was just asking casually.” The young lady laughed and stood up.

She walked up to the group of them and paced around them slowly.

“It came to my mind that, even though the Plum Blossom Sect is already falling apart, these people are still willing to follow you.

They really are loyal and courageous men.”

Plum Blossom Four took out a handkerchief and dabbed at the fine sheen of sweat covering his face.

“Indeed, indeed.

These men have always remained faithful and true.

That is why I wanted to bring them with me when I join up with your gang.”

The young lady chuckled.

“I have always been fond of talented individuals, and these seem like such charming and intelligent youngsters.”

Zu An frowned inwardly.

Something was well and truly amiss.

Someone with the status of the Whale Gangs boss should be focused on discussing business with Plum Blossom Four.

Why would she pay any attention to his subordinates

Perhaps someone had seen through his disguise

That shouldnt be the case, though! He considered his disguise to be very passable.

Plum Blossom Four hadnt given anything away either, so there shouldnt have been any way for the members of the Whale Gang to recognize him.

He gradually calmed himself with these thoughts.

The last thing he wanted was for  her to notice him acting strangely.

“If the boss is happy then Im happy,” Plum Blossom Four said with an apologetic smile.

“This one seems to be the most attractive.” The young lady had stopped at Zu Ans side.

Zu An suddenly smelled a delicate fragrance.

His expression grew horrified as realization struck him, but it was already too late.

The young lady moved as fast as lightning, sealing away several of his bodys acupoints.


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