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Even Zu An—who knew all about being shameless—was completely thrown off.

Wasnt this woman being way too aggressive

Zheng Dan suddenly smiled.

“I was just joking, of course.

Did Ah Zu think I was being serious”

Zu An sighed.

“I really did think you were serious… Look, my hearts all in tatters now.”

“I dont see a trace of heartbrokenness on your face, though.” Zheng Dan re-evaluated her understanding of this man.

Everyone thought he was some inexperienced virgin.

However, from the several interactions shed had with him so far, that hardly seemed true.

He was more like a war-hardened veteran when it came to this!

“Thats because Im actually pretty introverted, and I dont show much emotions on the surface.” Zu An pointed to his chest.

“If you dont believe me, come and press your ear against my chest.

Youre sure to hear the sounds of my heart shattering.”

Zheng Dan scoffed inwardly.

There was no way she would do such a thing! Sensing that Zu An had slowly gained control of the flow of the conversation, she hurriedly changed the topic.

“Why has Ah Zu come looking for me today”

Zu An sighed in his heart.

Such a pity.

“I believe the young miss is well aware of my purpose in coming here today,” he said.

”If this merchants protest gets out of hand, I believe that the outcome wont be favorable for anyone.”

Zheng Dan smiled and shook her head.

“I do not understand what you are saying.

I have only heard some rumors regarding these merchants protesting, and I fail to see how it has anything to do with our clan.

Does the Chu clan peddle in false accusations”

Zu An was unfazed.

“Dandan, the two of us are already so close.

Lets not treat each other like strangers.

How about this, Ill be straight with you.

Ill have your butler released shortly.

In return, do me a favor and help calm those protesting merchants.”

A satisfied smile teased the corners of Zheng Dans lips.

“Every citizen of Brightmoon City has a responsibility to ensure the safety of Brightmoon City.

As one of the four great clans, our Zheng clan naturally takes this responsibility seriously.”

Zu An exhaled in relief.

“Im glad to hear that.”

Zheng Dan fluttered her eyelashes at him.

“I have to make this clear though—I am doing this as a personal favor to you, Ah Zu.

You owe me a big favor now.”

Zu An chuckled and sidled up to her.

“Debts of gratitude can never be fully repaid.

How about I off you my body instead”

Zheng Dans heart skipped a beat, and she hastily took a few steps away from him.

“Youre so annoying,” she spat, her face completely red.

“Ill return the favor the next time I get a chance to,” Zu An said with a laugh.

He waved a hand in farewell and left, grinning ear to ear.

Zheng Dan gently bit her lips as she watched his departing figure.

For some reason, she didnt feel the slightest disgust at his naughty antics.

Instead, she found them refreshing, and they were something that she looked forward to.

“Sigh, Ive really gone crazy…” Zheng Dan muttered to herself, covering her burning cheeks.

Zu An suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“Dandan, do you know who is the Whale Gangs boss” he asked.

Zheng Dan shuddered.

“How would I know Why would you ask this” she said hastily.

“Nothing, just checking.

Ive heard that this fellow is exceedingly mysterious, and no one even knows their gender.

I thought that Dandan might know something, since you have access to so much information,” Zu An said with an innocent smile on his face.

Zheng Dan recovered her composure and said gently, “I must disappoint Ah Zu.

I really do not know anything about this.

I dont think there are many in Brightmoon City who know either.”

“Im quite curious about that gang boss too.

I hope I can meet this boss one day,” said Zu An.

A strange smile suddenly appeared on Zheng Dans beautiful face.

“I believe the two of you will meet in the future.”

Zu An nodded.

“I think so too.”

Zheng Dans brows furrowed with suspicion as she watched Zu An disappear into the distance. Does this fellow know something How could he possibly know, though

As Zu An walked out of the main entrance, Chu Chuyan hurried over to him.

“So How did it go”

Zu An shook his head, a grave expression on his face.

“Zheng Dan did not admit to their involvement with the merchants protests.

She claims her hands are tied as well.


“Unless what” Chu Chuyan enquired further.

“Unless I leave the Chu clan and become the Zheng clans young master.” Zu An said in a deadly earnest manner.

Chu Chuyans face grew cold.

“You agreed”

“That\'s why I came out to ask you for your opinion,” Zu An said, chuckling slightly.

Chu Chuyan narrowed her eyes, a dangerous glint appearing within them.

“Do you feel good about yourself That so many girls like you”

Zu Ans expression cleared up immediately “Absolutely not!” he protested in a panic.

“No matter how many beauties there are out there, I will only choose you alone!”

However, as soon as Chu Chuyans expression loosened slightly, she heard him continue on, “You clearly said before that you didnt mind if I chased after other girls, though.”

Chu Chuyan was left speechless.

This guy really loves to annoy people!

“Lets go.

Well try to think of another way.” Chu Chuyan turned around to leave.

Zu An sidled up to her.

“You know… I dont really mind sacrificing myself… Haha… Its all for the sake of the Chu clan after all.”

“Hmph! Its probably just because you think that Zheng Dan is pretty.” Chu Chuyan grunted resentfully.

“I refuse to believe that there is no other way!”

“Youve only just begun to recover! Please dont get too worked up!” Zu An panicked when he saw how angry she was starting to become.

“Zheng Dan has already agreed that the Zheng clan will contain their subordinates as long as we release butler Hou Yun.”

Chu Chuyan suddenly turned around to look at him.

“Whats the matter Are you that surprised” Zu An asked with a smile.

“You tricked me!” She thought about how sulky she had become after hearing what hed said.

Annoyed, she immediately chased him down and began to smack him.

“Wait! Please, be gentle!”

Chu Chuyans face blushed when she heard his screaming.

This was exactly how shed been pleading with him last night.

She lost all the will to continue beating him.

Worried that she might start beating him again at any moment, Zu An hurriedly said, “Honey, I believe that theres a huge connection between the Zheng clan and the illicit salt trade.”

Chu Chuyan rolled her eyes.

“Do I need you to tell me this She showed up to block your path during your investigation, and we even caught the Zheng clans butler on the pier.

Even a blind man can tell that they have a connection to the illicit salt.

The only thing missing is proof.”

She was deeply worried.

The salt smugglers alone were already a headache to deal with.

Having the Zheng clan backing them—not to mention that the Zheng and Sang clans were engaged—made rooting out the illicit salt business seem an impossible task.

She was in charge of many of the Chu clans businesses, and was fully aware of the effects of the illicit salt trade.

The Chu clans revenues were in steep decline.

If such a situation continued, the Chu clan might not be able to finance their massive debt much longer.

Zu An interrupted her thoughts.

“Zheng Dan should know who the Whale Gangs boss is!”

“How are you so certain” Chu Chuyan asked curiously.

“I deliberately tried to test her, and her reaction was a little strange…” Zu An recounted what had happened earlier.

Chu Chuyans eyes brightened.

“It seems like there is still hope in dealing with the illicit salt trade.

From today on, try to find a way to get closer to Zheng Dan.

I… I wont mind even if… even if you have to employ some of your masculinity.”


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