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“A merchant protest” Chu Chuyan frowned.

A myriad of possibilities filled her mind.

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“It seems like miss Chu is very busy today.

I will take my leave for now, so as not to disturb you further.”

Chu Chuyan gave her a strange look.

She had keenly sensed the change in the way she addressed her. Why did this girl suddenly stop calling mebig sis “That wont be an issue at all.

By the way, I wonder if Lady Qiu has any specific requests for when we take you into the household”

“Lets take our time over this decision.

The Immortal Abode has taken care of me for so many years.

after all, and Im sure theyll be reluctant to let me go immediately.

I fear that it may be a while before Im able to leave.” Qiu Hongleis thoughts moved like lightning.

Now that Zu Ans status in the Chu clan was already rather high, and his relationship with Chu Chuyan was more than amicable, she had to reconsider all of her plans.

Even though Chu Chuyan found her sudden transformation puzzling, she had no desire to bring her into the estate anyway.

“Well go along with Lady Qius wishes, then.”

Qiu Honglei stood up and bowed.

As she reached the doorway, she suddenly turned around.


By the way, miss Chu, I assume that Ill be allowed to return to the Immortal Abode now”

The Chu clan had kept her in the estate the night before in order to keep Chu Chuyans condition a secret.

Now that Chu Chuyan was completely fine again, this was clearly no longer necessary.

Chu Chuyan clearly understood what her fathers intentions were.

“Of course!” she said with a smile.

Qiu Honglei nodded in acknowledgement.

Her beautiful silhouette gradually disappeared into the distance.

Zu An blinked a few times. What just happened

Why didnt she say anything to me before leaving

“Honey, are women all this fickle” Zu An said, clearly depressed.

Chu Chuyan snorted dismissively.

“Who knows Maybe you did something to anger her earlier.”

Despite her words, she was extremely happy inside.

Qiu Honglei was too pretty, after all, and she had felt tremendous pressure in the presence of such a powerful woman.

However, she quickly sorted out her emotions.

She had to take care of the main matter at hand.

“Ah Zu, come with me.”

“Okay~” Zu An followed her, wondering how he had managed to offend Qiu Honglei.

Even though he knew that shed been pretending all along, for her to suddenly give up like this… how could he not feel frustrated


Women are despicable!

Chu Chuyan didnt head straight for the merchants protest after leaving the Chu Estate.

Instead, she made her way to the Zheng clan.

Having been involved in the business for so many years, she understood that, in order to solve a problem, one had to find the root.

This protest was clearly the result of the Zheng clans tricks.

The two of them arrived at the Zheng clan.

Chu Chuyan requested a meeting with Clan Master Zheng Yutang, but she was informed that he wasnt present.

“If they clearly refuse to meet with us, what else can we do” Seeing that the Zheng Clan had given them the cold shoulder, Zu An grew slightly anxious.

Chu Chuyan wasnt surprised at all.

“That is why I brought you with me,” she said.

“Me” Zu An was stunned.

He didnt understand what she meant.

Chu Chuyan looked at Zheng clans entrance.

“Go over and ask to meet with the Zheng clans young miss,” she said, her red lips moving quickly.

“You have done her a great favor before, and shes even sought you out several times.

I believe she harbors a fair amount of gratitude towards you, so she should be willing to meet with you if you ask for her.”

Zu Ans face immediately became gloomy.

“What the heck is this Are you sending me out like some gigolo”

Chu Chuyan snorted.

“Even I am not scared that I would be losing anything.

What is there for you scared of Just go!”

Zu An was baffled as he walked up to the Zheng clans gates.

He couldnt understand why Chu Chuyan thought shed be the one on the losing end.

The gatekeepers of the Zheng clan looked at each other in dismay when they discovered why he had come.

However, they knew that this young master never messed around when it came to such things, and relayed the message.

A while later, someone came out of the estate and addressed him.

“Young master, our young miss welcomes you.”

Zu An was inwardly pleased with Zheng Dan.

At least he hadnt embarrassed himself by coming here.

He hurriedly turned around to invite Chu Chuyan in with him, but she shook her head.

He was just about to try to persuade her when Chu Chuyan transmitted through ki, “The Zheng clan has no intention of meeting with me.

My presence would only cause them worry.

You should go in alone.

When you meet her, ask her about these things…”

Zu An committed her words to memory, then followed the servant inside. 

This was actually the first time hed visited the Zheng clan estate.

He looked around.

At first glance, the residences seemed just as luxurious as those in the Chu clan, if not more so.

However, upon closer inspection, he realized that the Chu clan estate had a mysterious aura that the Zheng clan estate lacked.

This was probably the difference between an upstart clan and one that was well-established over many generations.

He passed through several courtyards, and another maid took over from his guide to lead him the rest of the way.

As they walked on further, a faint zither music drifted along the wind.

Zu An sighed with praise.

“Who is playing the zither Theyre not bad at all!”

“Of course its our clans young miss! Besides our young miss, who else could have this level of skill” That maid said, her expression proud.

“Zheng Dan” Her traditionally-beautiful face appeared in his mind.

Truly, the zither suited her well.

The zither music slowly grew louder and more distinct.

In a few moments, he was brought into an elegant and refined residence.

Learning from his previous lesson, his eyes instinctively darted to the plaque above.

Zhuluo Residence![1]

“Young miss, Ive brought young master Zu.” That maid bowed in the direction of the residence.

“You may leave us.” A voice, gentle as a flowing mountain stream, came from within the residence.

Zheng Dan was leisurely playing the zither by the window.

“Understood!” The maid bowed and withdrew quietly.

Zu An couldnt contain a laugh.

“You seem to care quite a bit about your privacy.

Not even a maid dares to get too close,” he said.

Zheng Dan smiled.

“I merely do not like being disturbed when Im playing the zither.

Thats why she was a bit more careful.”

Zu An sighed.

“Havent I come at a bad time, then”

“Youre different.” Zheng Dan revealed a sweet smile.

“Ah Zu, please come inside.”

Zu An sighed to himself.

Why did all the women he bump into seem to have Oscar worthy acting skills

“Commander Sang might not be too happy if he hears you say such a thing,” Zu An said casually as he walked in.

The music of the zither gradually came to a halt.

Zheng Dans slender fingers rested on the zither, her eyes calmly looking into his.

“Are you going to tell him”

“Of course not.” Zu Ans heart skipped a beat. This girl is really trying to seduce me!

“Thats good, then.” Zheng Dan smiled.

She stood and gestured for him to take a seat.

At the same time, she poured a cup of tea for him.

Zu An looked at her from up close.

She was dressed in a blue and white dress, and every single movement she made was graceful and elegant.

Even her action of pouring tea was a sight in itself.

“I am surprised Chu First Miss is willing to send you in,” Zheng Dan said suddenly.

Zu An didnt deny it.

“Miss Zheng is exceptionally intelligent.”

Zheng Dan favored him with a smile.

“Isnt she afraid that Ill eat you right up”

Zu An laughed and said, “I have no idea if she is scared, but I will be the first one to give my approval.”

The perfect amount of red colored Zheng Dans cheeks.

“Since you approve, why dont you join our Zheng clan instead Our clan surely wont treat you as poorly as the Chu clan does.”

Zu An shook his head.

“I wouldnt dare to, unless I was drafted into the Zheng clan as a son-in-law.” 

“Im sure that can be arranged,” Zheng Dan agreed straight away.

“If I am not mistaken, arent you engaged to Commander Sang Hong” If I were any other guy, I might have already been completely bewitched by this woman.

Zheng Dan smiled.

“Its just an engagement.

We havent officially gotten married yet.

There is still time.

Besides, even if I really did get married to someone else besides you, I would definitely want my child to be yours.”


Zhuluo is the name of a mountain.

A legendary beauty from the past used this term synonymously with the wordbeauty.


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