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Qin Wanru couldnt contain her anxiousness.

“This is just dancing on a tightrope! A single mishap and well be done for!”

“Weve no other choice.

Unless we completely give up on our Chu clan, we can only steel ourselves and carry on.” Chu Zhongtian looked out at the night scene outside the Chu clan estate, his voice growing heavy.

“Also, over the many generations, history has proven that, as long as we keep resisting, we still hold destiny in our own two hands.

If we truly give up ahead of time, not only will we be unable to preserve the foundation of our Chu clan, everyone who relies on the Chu clan for their livelihood will be finished.

That is why we have to persist.”

Qin Wanru patted her husbands shoulder.

Her heart broke when she saw the wisps of white hair around her husbands temples.

Her husbands cultivation was already extremely high, and he was in his prime.

However, toiling away under the huge pressure facing the Chu clan was making his hair turn prematurely gray.

They were truly fortunate to have Chuyan help him out with many matters.

Deep in her heart, she hoped that her oldest daughter wouldnt walk the same path as her father.

She hoped that Zu An could help Chuyan shoulder some of the burden.

Unfortunately, as soon as she thought of Zu An, that image immediately appeared in her mind.

Her cheeks immediately grew hot.

She inwardly spat in disgust, throwing those thoughts out of her head.

To her husband, she said, “Despite all that, its still too risky to help the Wang clan this time.

Wouldnt this be gifting Sang Hong a reason to drive us out, a reason he has been longing for all this while”

Chu Zhongtian wore a worried expression.

“We have no choice but to help them… The Wang clan has been our Chu clans ally for many years.

Too many things have happened to them this year.

If we still dont help them out, their clan might really disappear.

“In Brightmoon City, the Yuan and Zheng clans do not get along with us, so weve always relied on our relationship with the Wang clan.

Things will become much more difficult for us in the future if we let them collapse right now.

“On top of that, if we stand quietly by and watch our ally fall, who else would be willing to cooperate with us in the future Wouldnt that be that the same as pushing more people to Sang Hongs side”

Qin Wanru nodded.

“I am aware of these things as well.

However, misappropriating future salt permits is too dangerous.

If even the slightest rumor got out, it could spell disaster.”

Chu Zhongtian held his wifes ice-cold hand.

He could sense her concern.

“Dont worry.

Most of the salt commissioners are our own people.

There shouldnt be any issues.”

The salt commissioners always got along well with the Chu clan.

Wang Fu knew this, which was why he had proposed this scheme.

“I hope this is the case.” Qin Wanru sighed deeply.

Even though her husbands hand was warm, her heart still felt completely cold.


The next morning, Zu An felt completely refreshed.

After taking a shower, he noticed there were quite a few servants running around, which drew his curiosity.

When he saw that Cheng Shouping was also wrapped up in the commotion, he pulled him over.

“What are you guys doing”

“Of course were going to see Lady Qiu!” Cheng Shouping replied excitedly.

“Everyone is talking about how beautiful she looks while combing her hair by the window!”

It wasnt only male servants that were streaming across, there were a few maids as well.

After all, none of these people would ever have a chance to go to the Immortal Abode in their lifetime.

Qiu Hongleis reputation was just too great, and all of them were dying to see for themselves just how beautiful the courtesan queen from the Immortal Abode could be.

“Perfect, lets head over together then.” Zu An thought about how this girl came all the way here on her own, providing him with intelligence and affection.

Even though he knew that she had other objectives, it would be a bit too heartless if he didnt show any response.

“Young master, what are you in such a rush for” Cheng Shouping couldnt help but mumble.

“Shes already yours, anyway.

You get to see her every single day.”

Zu An gave him an annoyed look.

“What Are you scared that Ill go too slowly and hold you back”

Cheng Shoupings fawning smile appeared instantly.

“How could this humble one dare Right this way, young master!”

By the time the two of them arrived at Qiu Hongleis small residence, there was already a ring of people outside.

The audible swallowing and whispers of admiration fully reflected their sincere admiration for Qiu Hongleis charm.

“God damn, shes pretty.”

“Is it because she smiles more I feel like shes even prettier than the first miss.”

“How could there be such a beautiful woman in this world Look at how pretty her red lips are! On the other hand, our kids mouth exists solely for eating.”

“Sigh, thats why we can only ever hope to be servant girls…”

“Sister Snow might have been able to give her a run for her money, but shes not even around anymore.”

“Young master, this way! This is a good spot.” Cheng Shouping had darted into the crowd and back out again like a rabbit.

He quickly found the best viewing spot, and beckoned the young master over excitedly.

“Idiot!” Zu An had a look of disdain on his face.

He strutted forward, pushing aside everyone in his way.

Cheng Shouping finally got it.

Considering the young masters relationship with Lady Qiu, there was clearly no need for him to admire her secretly from a distance.

Sigh, the young master is so cool!

But why do I suddenly feel like crying

Zu An walked straight through the throng of people, ruffling the feathers of the ones he shoved aside.

“Who is being so arrogant!”

“Oops! Its the young master… Haha…”

“What young master Who knows if he even gets along that well with our first mis.”

Zu An wasnt affected at all by the whispers of the crowd.

Hed already established much higher standards for himself.

Why would he bother lowering himself to arguing with these fellows

“Sigh, the young master really is daring! Hes come out in the open to court Lady Qius favor.

Doesnt he know what kind of person Lady Qiu is Why would she give him the time of day”

Even though many people knew about Qiu Hongleis arrival at the Chu estate the night before, none of them were clear on the details of what had happened.

The consensus in the Chu estate was that she had been invited to give a performance, either by the first miss, or by the Master and Madam.

No one believed that it could be anything else.

As the crowd continued to castigate him, Qiu Honglei finally caught sight of him.

She lifted her skirts and ran over to him, a big smile across her face.

The disdainful whispers immediately came to a screeching halt.

This sight was just too shocking!

The famous Qiu Honglei of Brightmoon City was running towards Zu An like a girlfriend in love!

What the heck

Damn it all!

You have successfully trolled the servants for 66… 66… 66…

“Ah Zu, youre here!” Qiu Honglei stopped in front of Zu An, her smile radiant and beautiful.

Even though shed fought against Pei Mianman the night before, her face showed no signs of fatigue.

Her skin was almost glowing.

“I should have visited you last night, but it was already late, and I was worried that you wouldnt have opened your door for me,” Zu An said with a laugh.

Qiu Hongleis large eyes were fixed on him.

She blinked.

“I wouldnt give any other man any attention if they came to me in the middle of the night, but I will always welcome a visit from Ah Zu!”

Zu An stared at her flawless face, feeling slightly flustered.

He knew full well that her words werent reflective of her true feelings, yet her sincere expression still tugged firmly at his heartstrings.

Thankfully, this absentmindedness lasted but a moment.

He quickly snapped out of his daze and circled his arm around her waist.

“Haha! Since youve come all the way here, lets introduce ourselves to everyone.”

Qiu Hongleis entire body went rigid as she felt his arm slither around her waist.

She hesitated for just an instant, then decided not to resist.

Instead, she said with a smile, “What if your wife sees us and gets jealous She seemed so angry last night.

Is the first miss okay”

If something really did happen to Chu Chuyan, that would only be even more beneficial to my plans.

Of course, I dont want her to die immediately.

One or two years more would be perfect.

Once she helped Zu An gain a stable footing in the Chu clan, her death would only justify further authority for Zu An.

“Dont worry, shell live,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

It was as if he had read her mind.

While she was still stunned, he pulled her over in front of the gathered crowd.

“Lets give everyone a bit of an introduction.

This is Qiu Honglei of the Immortal Abode.

Pretty, isnt she”

Hearts shattered one after another as the onlookers saw his arm wrapped tightly around Qiu Hongleis waist, and her not offering the slightest resistance.

This guy is doing this on purpose! He ran all the way here just to show off in front of us!

You have successfully trolled Chu estates servants for 99… 99… 99…

Qiu Honglei was somewhat surprised by his behavior.

She didnt understand why he was doing this at all. Maybe hes just venting a little after being mistreated for so long.

She relaxed slightly after reaching this conclusion.

She greeted the crowd with a smile.

“Hello everyone, I am Qiu Honglei.”

Even though her beguiling smile and charming tone were just for show, they had long been trained to perfection in the Immortal Abode.

How could these servants possess any resistance towards her charm

One by one, they felt their souls leave their bodies.

“Ah Zu, shouldnt we meet with the Master and Madam” Qiu Honglei asked him quietly.

She clearly had little interest in these ordinary servants.

“Theres no rush.” Zu An chuckled.

He pulled her back in front to face the crowd.

How could he pass up such a great chance to farm Rage points “By the way Honglei, I havent yet introduced you to the handsome men and pretty girls in our estate! This is our estates… sorry, what was your name again”

You have successfully trolled servant A for 666 Rage points!

The crowd were collectively struck dumb. Even you dont know who we are! Why the heck are you trying to introduce us to Lady Qiu!

Arent you just trying to show her off in front of us

You have successfully trolled the servants for 99… 99… 99…

Zu An beamed with joy.

In such a short amount of time, he had already banked up so many Rage points.

Having a few close female friends around me really is a good way to rake in Rage points! Why am I such a genius

Qiu Honglei was stunned as well.

She didnt know why this person was doing such a thing.

Wasnt this something only a petty person would do A small seed of disdain grew within her.

Forget it.

Ill endure this for the moment, for the sake of the sects great undertaking.

At this time, a maid hurried over with a message.

“Lady Qiu, the first miss invites you to dine with her.”

Qiu Honglei smiled to cover her inner shock.

“I was just about to seek an audience with the first miss myself.” Chu Chuyan had gotten so angry yesterday that she suffered a serious injury.

It even seemed as though her life could be in critical danger.

However, shes somehow already recovered after just a single night


Ill use this opportunity to gather more information from her.

“So, my wife is inviting us for breakfast!” Zu An said jovially.

“Ill tag along, then.”

He didnt know Qiu Hongleis objective, and Chu Chuyan was still seriously injured.

He really didnt feel at ease leaving the two of them alone.

The maid grew troubled.

“The first miss didnt say anything about inviting the young master… She only told me to invite Lady Qiu.”

Quite a few of the other servants were elated by his apparent predicament.

Hmph, act cocky all you want.

Did you forget that youre nothing more than a drafted son-in-law

Look at you, embarrassing yourself in front of Lady Qiu!


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