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To be honest, even Qin Wanru herself regretted entering that room.

The two of them had been doing… those things earlier.

Would it even be appropriate for her to go in now 

Despite her misgivings, she braced herself and went in.

There still seemed to be a hint of love and tenderness in the air.

Qin Wanrus heartbeat couldnt help but quicken.

However, when she saw her daughter lying silently on the bed, she still turned pale with fright.

“Chuyan, whats wrong Did that rascal say something to make you unhappy”

Chu Chuyan opened her eyes, her face going completely red.

“Mom, why did you come in”

“Dont worry about why Im here.

How are you feeling” Qin Wanru began examining her with her hands.

She discovered that her body wasnt as cold as before—instead, it possessed slightly more ordinary warmth.

Stranger still, her body seemed to have become much more limp than before, as if all of her bones had melted.

“Not… not too bad…” Chu Chuyan replied, her face still red.

“Then why are you so weak You cant even sit upright,” said Qin Wanru in distress.

“Its nothing, Im just a bit… a bit tired.” Chu Chuyans voice was extremely soft.

She was thankful that Zu An had helped her put on her clothes before he left.

If not, she would be even more embarrassed right now.

“Too tired” Qin Wanru was stunned.

But she was an experienced person after all, and it didnt take her long to understand what was going on.

She also began to blush.

They lapsed into a strange silence for a while.

Hesitantly, Qin Wanru spoke, worried for her daughters safety.

“Ah Zu said just now that… he needs to treat you a few more times before you are fully recovered.

How do you feel about that”

“Ah!” Chu Chuyan cried out in alarm.

She felt that her ki flow was already extremely smooth, although her body itself was still a little weak.

However, she couldnt be certain.

“May… be.”

Either way, the two of them had already done this more than once.

Once more wouldnt make any difference.

Besides… besides, the treatment process is still… still pretty enjoyable. She had never felt so good ever since she was little.

Qin Wanru noticed her daughters shy expression.

How could she not know what was going through her daughters mind

She never expected this prideful and cold daughter of hers to be subdued by that type of guy.

Sigh, even though I could go on all day about his faults, he is at least well qualified in this area… 

“Mom, are you okay” Chu Chuyan noticed her sudden blank expression, and nudged her out of curiosity.

“Huh Its nothing.” Qin Wanru snapped out of her daze, clearly still a little flustered.

“Enough, enough, you should get some good rest.

Ill make sure the others do not disturb you.”

She hurriedly took her leave.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the estate, Zu An brought Yue Shan to see Chu Zhongtian.

Chu Zhongtian took the initiative to ask Zu An about her daughters condition.

When he learned that she was all right, he exhaled in relief.

Only when he was completely at ease did he ask Yue Shan, “Were you able to save young master Wang”

“We were about to rescue him, but…” Yue Shan wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

“Whats wrong” Chu Zhongtian asked.

Yue Shan replied, “I learned from young master Wang that his resistance was broken by his captors vicious methods.

He told them everything about the Wang clans caravans that transported the salt permits.

I was worried that something major was about to happen, so I sent someone ahead to contact the Wang clan first.

Unfortunately, I do not know how the Wang clan transports their salt permits, so I couldnt make any more specific arrangements.

That is why I must ask Master Chu to discuss things with the Wang clan and make preparations.”

“What!” Chu Zhongtian got to his feet.

The Wang clan delivered provisions to the border in exchange for large quantities of salt permits, which the Chu clan would then purchase off them.

Even though a portion of them was reserved for the Zheng clan, the Yuan clan, and other clans, the bulk of it belonged to their Chu clan.

If something happened to these salt permits, they would have no way of selling their salt.

That would be a huge disaster!

He couldnt sit still any longer.

He made haste to the Wang clan estate, with Yue Shan following closely behind him.

“Has young master Wang been injured Was he crippled”

“He has not.

Despite the abuse that hes suffered, he should recover after some time.”

“Thank goodness.

We didnt let down brother Wang in the end.

By the way, did you all catch Chen Xuan”

“We didnt.

Chen Xuan was not there.

We wouldnt have been able to carry out this task so smoothly otherwise.”

Zu An watched those figures leave in silence, wondering why he had been left behind.

They were all in such a panic that they completely forgot about him.

Whatever, I already did what I had to.

Zu An stretched his body lazily.

That process just now wasnt pure enjoyment for him.

He still had to pay close attention to the changes in her body and guide the primordial ki towards the channels that needed repair.

Sigh, this really eats away at my life force…

He was physically tired as well.

He just wanted to go back and sleep.

When he returned to his room, he jumped in fright at the mess.

“What the heck Was there a thief”

An icy voice came from directly behind him.

“Two women were fighting over you here.

Did you not know about this”

“Two women”

Zu An was stunned.

He couldnt figure out what was going on.

“Hmph, Pei clans young miss and that Immortal Abodes Lady Qiu.” Old Mi couldnt hold back a sigh.

“There are indeed outstanding talents in every generation… Those two are still so young, yet they already possess that level of cultivation.

The younger generation will truly surpass us in time.”

Zu An cursed silently. A battle between two beauties would have definitely been a stunning sight, yet all you were paying attention to were their cultivation levels Are you even a man

At the same time, he realized that Pei Mianman mustve come looking for him today, and just happened to run into Qiu Honglei.

Sigh, it seems like having many women isnt a good thing after all! What a pity that I wasnt here when it happened… so many Rage points were wasted.

Old Mi suddenly appeared in front of him.

He squinted at Zu Ans face from up close.

Zu An jumped in fright and hastily took a step back.

“Elder, whats wrong”

I hope this old man doesnt swing that way man… Why am I getting scared from his look

“I was checking to see just what kind of charm you have.

Even though you look all right, youre not at a ridiculously high level.

Why do so many girls like you” Old Mis wrinkled face was full of confusion.

“That young miss from the Pei clan and Lady Qiu have both seduced their fair share of men.

Why would they care about you”

“Ill get upset if elder talks to me this way! Isnt it because I am too charming” Zu An said angrily.

“Youre too charming” Old Mi sneered.

“Where does this charm come from From the fact that you are a drafted son-in-law Or that your cultivation is ordinary Or that you arent even a man”

Zu An cursed inwardly. Arent you just a lonely old man without any female companionship Dont be jealous just because you see others having luck with the ladies.

Keeping his thoughts hidden, he smiled apologetically and said, “Elder is wise, after all.

That young miss from the Pei clan merely wishes to obtain something from the Chu clan through me.

And even though I dont know what this Qiu Hongleis objective is, I believe she is also scheming against the Chu clan.

They obviously arent doing all of this because they like me.”

He had already deduced that this old man was up to no good, so he didnt dare tell him the truth.

He didnt even dare tell him that he was already a man again.

Seems like I have to be careful even when Im around my wife.

I absolutely cannot let him know.

Fortunately, Chuyan was thin-skinned, and Qin Wanru wouldnt go around yapping about this either.

Otherwise, if this old man found out that he and Chuyan had consummated their marriage, he might just explode from anger.

“At least you are aware.” Old Mi snorted.

“Ive felt rather ill at ease recently.

It feels like some great calamity is looming.

You absolutely must take care of yourself.”

Zu An was stunned. Why the heck are you telling me to protect myself when you are expecting some big disaster

Could it be that this guy really cherishes me like a nephew

Old Mi revealed a terrifying smile, then turned around to leave.

Originally, hed felt that having Pei Mianman and Qiu Honglei around would add too many variables.

However, if these devastatingly beautiful women really did start some sort of relationship with Zu An, he would be the one benefitting from it in the future.

It had already been several hundred years, yet he had never had a taste of women. It seems like the heavens do have pity! Not only am I being compensated by having Chu Chuyan as my wife, I even have a few exceptional lovers.

Haha haha~

Zu An turned a few things over in his mind, then he fell asleep.

Something startled him awake in the middle of the night.

He discovered that there was a sword pressed against his neck.

“Why is your reaction so much slower today” That woman in the darkness scoffed in displeasure.

In the faint moonlight, he saw her large chest rise and fall as she snorted.

“So its you, little Mianman~” Zu An laughed.

This woman was always a delightful sight.

“Who else did you think it was Were you thinking of Qiu Honglei” Pei Mianman retracted her sword and frowned.

“Dont call me something that disgusting.”

Yeah, youre right.

I shouldve called you big Mianman.


I heard that you got into a fight with someone.

Are you injured” Zu An sat up, subconsciously about to examine her.

Pei Mianmans face turned red.

She backpedaled away from him and sat swiftly.

“How could that bitch possibly injure me”

As she said this, she subconsciously rubbed her chest.

Even now, her final blow still hurt.

“Our heroines cultivation is outstanding after all! How can any random thief be your match…” Zu An praised her endlessly, a load of garbage coming out of his mouth.

Pei Mianman scoffed.

“Hmph, I wonder how hurt that Qiu Honglei will be if she heard you call her a thief.”

Even though shed left earlier, there was no way she would let the matter lie just like that.

She had to at least figure out who that woman was.

“How can my relationship with her ever compare to my relationship with you Of course Ill stand by your side!” Zu An said with an innocent face.

“Theres no way Ill believe a mans lies! The two of you will definitely deceive me like the last time.” Despite her words, a hint of a smile returned to her face.

“By the way, I came to warn you about another matter.

You need to be careful of your estates gardener.”


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