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Meanwhile, Chu Chuyan didnt notice what was off at all.

She frantically explained, “Mom, he really was treating me… This method might sound a bit crazy, but it really is healing me…”

Her neck even went red as she spoke.

After all, she had been an excellent daughter since she was little, never making her parents worry.

Yet she actually had to explain such an embarrassing scene to her mother.

It really was too humiliating…

“Its all this guys fault!” She couldn\'t help but give Zu An a hateful look.

Zu An looked completely wronged. How is this my fault

Who wouldve thought that your mom would suddenly break in

Qin Wanru turned her head rigidly to the side.

She then looked at her daughter in a deeply concerned manner.

“Yaner, has your condition improved”

Chu Chuyan bit her lip as she said quietly, “Im not fully healed yet, but I feel much better than before.”

“This type of thing really have healing effects” Qin Wanru was dumbstruck.

She had her fair share of knowledge and experiences, yet this was the first time she ever heard of such a thing.

“He might be different from other men…” Chu Chuyan explained quietly.

As a cultivation genius, she was able to keenly sense that the other partys ki could repair her meridians naturally in her place, as if it was her own ki.

But of course, she was a complete newbie in this type of matter, so she had no way of confirming if this really was true.

Zu An added from the side in a panic, “Its mainly because of my constitution and cultivation method.

Other men cannot do the same thing.”

I absolutely cannot have these two make any more misunderstandings at this type of time.

Qin Wanru wanted to ask him what kind of constitution and technique he was talking about, but her face became rigid as soon as she turned back around.

She immediately shifted her gaze.

Now really wasnt the best time to ask about this.

“Put on some goddamn clothes already!” Qin Wanru sat down with her side to him, head turned around.

Her ample chest rose and fell, unknown whether it was because her anger still hadnt disappeared or because of some other reason.

“Follow me out when you are dressed, and then explain the situation to the Master.”

Qin Wanru added.

She obviously couldnt allow Zu An to continue tormenting her daughter since she already came in.

This is completely outrageous! Cant you husband and wife just play around at night behind closed doors You guys just have to fool around now when everyone is still nervously waiting outside!

Chuyan used to be so good.

Its all that Zu Ans fault for leading her astray.

She immediately erupted into anger when she thought of this.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 777 Rage!

Zu An picked up his scattered clothes while saying with a forced smile, “But I still havent completed Chuyans treatment! If we leave now, all of our past efforts would be ruined…”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

Qin Wanru: “......”

What was this fella trying to say Dont tell me he wants to continue

Qin Wanru was about to go mad.

She said coldly, “Are you trying to use this chance to take advantage of Chuyan”

Zu An had a helpless expression on his face.

He pointed towards Chu Chuyan.

“Ask her then if you dont believe me.”

Qin Wanru could only look at her daughter.

Her daughter had always been a cultivation genius, so she naturally understood her bodys condition better than anyone.

“Some of the cold energy in my body have started to rebound again…” Chu Chuyan spoked with some hesitation.

Her reservation as a young lady made her not want to admit this, but after managing many of the Chu clans affairs all these years, she still trained herself to remain rational at all times.

If Zu An was chased out now, then everything might really be ruined at the last step.

She thought that she was already undoubtedly dead just now.

She even left behind so many dying words.

This was all because she couldnt let go of the Chu clan in the end.

Now that there was hope for life, how could she give it up because of a momentary impulse

Either way, me and Ah Zu are already… like that.

A few more times didnt make a difference.

Even though Chu Chuyan carefully chose her words, the meaning was still clear.

Qin Wanru: “......”

She knew that her daughter was always an earnest person.

If she spoke like this, then this was most likely the case.

Even though she felt a bit wronged, it was still her daughters health that was the most important.

She could only get up and said, “Then you two… can keep working hard.

Ill help you two guard the entrance.”

Why do these words sound so weird!

Just what kind of situation did I end up getting myself into!

Qin Wanru wanted to give Zu An another hateful look.

But when she recalled his appearance just now, her expression instantly became unnatural.

She left in a hurry.

“Its all your fault, making me so embarrassed.” When her mother left, Chu Chuyans strong appearance disappeared without a trace.

She began to sob on the bed.

Zu An rushed over to console her.

“Alright, alright, its all my fault.

I shouldve sensed her coming.”

His expression suddenly went blank as he spoke.

The blankets covering Chu Chuyans body slid off when she began to sob, exposing her flawless body.

“You are still looking Did you not see enough yet before” Chu Chuyan pulled the blankets back up in a panic.

She could only complain like this to hide her embarrassment.

Zu An said with a sigh, “Wife, you really are too beautiful! I wouldnt get tired of looking at you for the rest of my lifetime.”

No matter how prideful and cold Chu Chuyan was normally, she was still a little girl who had just experienced her first awakening of love.

A sweet feeling emerged in her heart when she heard her husbands praise.

How could Zu An possibly resist this beautiful shy appearance He dove into the sheets and embraced her.

Chu Chuyan immediately voiced her complaints when he pressed down on her roughly again.

“Why are you always so rough”

Zu An laughed.

“Isnt that Dominating Sword Immortal book your favorite”

“Ah! You scoundrel! You did see it that day!” Chu Chuyan became so embarrassed she wished there was a hole she could hide in.

He could no longer hold himself back, giving her a kiss…

Chu Zhongtian and the others quickly surrounded Qin Wanru when she left the room.

Bao Youlu also walked up with a curious expression.

“How is Chuyan doing” Chu Zhongtians face was full of concern.

Qin Wanrus face became red when the previous scene appeared in her mind.

“Ah Zu is currently treating her.

She should be past the critical phase.”

Chu Zhongtian laughed loudly.

“Thats good, thats good then.

I have to give this son-in-law some credit.”

Qin Wanru was full of hidden grudges. You might have just killed him there and then if you saw what he was doing to your daughter in that room!

Bao Youlu also voiced his praise.

“I didnt expect the young master to have such miraculous skill! He is actually able to treat the young miss! This old one will have to properly consult him when he comes out.”

He was the first one to diagnose Chu Chuyan back then, at that time at his wits end for a cure.

Who would have expected that Zu An could save her How could he not be curious

Qin Wanru had a strange expression on her face.

“I dont think its something you can learn.”

Bao Youlu immediately became dissatisfied.

“Madam, are you looking down on this old one This old one still has some attainments in the field! Even that Ji Dengtu is only a bit better than me! What medical skill is there in this world that I cannot learn”

“This… I fear that you might really not be able to learn it.

The main reason is that his technique is a bit special.” When she saw Qin Wanrus elderly figure, that young and vigorous thing appeared in her mind.

The powerful contrast made her heart jump.

She chased those thoughts out of her head at once.

Bao Youlu wasnt willing to let her off, continuing to ask her.

Qin Wanru randomly found some excuse to appease him.

Out of worry that he would continue to ask about this, she hastily said to her husband, “Master, why hasnt Huanzhao returned after so long Did something happen to her”

Chu Zhongtian was stunned.

“What can possibly happen in the estate”

Qin Wanru replied, “She has always been close to her big sister.

What if she gets mad when she hears about Qiu Hongleis matter and uses the wailing whip on her Our Chu clans reputation will really be done for then!”

“Youre right! Ill go and take a look right now!” Chu Zhongtian left in a hurry.

He didn\'t have any room to think about these things out of worry for Chu Chuyan.

Now that he learned that Chu Chuyan was no longer in danger, he felt much more relaxed.

He began to panic when the thought of Qiu Hongleis beautiful figure being struck by the wailing whip emerged in his head.

This wasnt because he had any other thoughts towards Qiu Honglei, but rather that as a man, he couldnt bear to see the face of an exceptional beauty like Qiu Honglei suffer the slightest damage.

This almost seemed like letting down heavenly grace.

Qin Wanru inwardly released a breath when she saw her husband leave.

The matters between this young couple in this room was indeed a bit troublesome, it wasnt convenient to tell him these things.

But making a father wait outside stupidly seemed improper as well.

That was why she found an excuse to send him away.

Bao Youlu wanted to ask about Zu Ans treatment method again, but she already found a good excuse during this breather.

She rushed to say, “I must ask sir Bao to prepare some body nurturing medicines for Chuyan.”

“No problem.” Bao Youlus expression instantly changed now that he was finally of some use.

When he had just begun to leave, Qin Wanru suddenly called out to him again.

“Hold on.

Please prepare some vitality boosting medications as well.”

“Vitality boosting” Bao Youlu was stunned.

However, he quickly reacted.

It wouldnt be bad to prepare some vitality boosting medicines for the young miss with her current condition.

As for those from the second and third branch who came over, they were all sent away.

Besides, Chu Yucheng was still seriously injured and needed proper care.

Qin Wanru finally sighed with relief when everyone was sent away.

She didnt have to worry about anyone finding out about what was happening inside anymore.

There really will be a huge scandal if something unexpected happened!

Its all that Zu Ans fault.

Her heart really was being tortured by this guys things!

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 233 Rage!

Chu Zhongtian was on his way to meet Chu Huanzhao, but he ran into her midway.

He immediately asked, “Little Huanzhao, what did you do with lady Qiu”

“I was just going to ask you about her! I didnt find that woman at all!” Chu Huanzhao said with an angry huff.

A strange look suddenly appeared in her eyes.

“Dad, youre being weird, really weird.

Shes not your concubine, so why are you so nervous”

“Just where did a brat like you learn to think so many random things” Chu Huanzhao gave his daughter an annoyed look.

He looked at the Chu estate.

His expression became a bit strange.

Did that woman come here to steal


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