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Zu An carried Chuyan back to her room and laid her down on the bed.

Then, he pushed Qin Wanru to the entrance and said, “Mother-in-law, please help me watch the entrance.

Do not let anyone in.”

Qin Wanru hadnt expected him to display such great strength.

She found herself shoved outside before she even realized what had happened.

“Ive already ordered some servants to find physician Bao and Divine Physician Ji.

Its enough as long as you stabilize Chuyans condition for now.”

Zu An shook his head.

“They wont make it in time.

Besides, those two cant do anything about Chuyans current condition.”

Qin Wanru grew enraged.

“The two of them are known for their medical expertise! Are you telling me that you can do something that they cant”

This fellow had drawn in this vixen and put her daughter in such a precarious state! Her anger burned fiercely within her.

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 787 Rage points!

Zu An quickly replied, “I am definitely inferior to them regarding the treatment of other illnesses.

However, no one understands Chuyans condition more clearly than I.

Stay by the entrance and do not let anyone disturb me.

I must not be distracted at all.”

He didnt wait for her retort, but shut the door firmly in her face with a loud bang.

Qin Wanrus nose was almost flattened.

She was just about to erupt, but she suddenly recalled that both of her daughters had mentioned that he was the one who had been treating Chuyan.

Chuyans improvement so far indeed proved his treatments effectiveness.

She also knew that Chuyans clothes had to be removed in order to administer this treatment.

That was indeed something no outsider could be allowed to see.

She puffed her cheeks angrily and stood by the entrance.

She was going to slowly settle things with him after her daughter was saved!

Chu Zhongtian finally made it over, together with Chu Huanzhao, who had rushed over after hearing the news as well.

The two of them were anxious to go in and check on her, but they were stopped by Qin Wanru.

“Dont go inside.

Now is not a good time,” Qin Wanru said.

Chu Zhongtian was bewildered.

What do you mean,its not a good time I just want to see my own daughter!

Something struck Chu Huanzhao.

“Is brother-in-law treating big sis”

Qin Wanru grunted in acknowledgment.

Chu Huanzhao sighed in relief.

“Then big sis should be fine.”

Qin Wanru frowned.

Why did her second daughter trust Zu An so much It almost seemed as though she worshipped him a little.

“Is there something I am not aware of” Chu Zhongtian thought back to the previous conversation that shed had with Zu An in front of Qiu Honglei.

This conversation between mother and daughter was also quite strange.

After some hesitation, Qin Wanru told him about the treatment that their daughter was receiving, and how it was Zu An that administered it.

“So, the improvement of Chuyans condition was because of him” Chu Zhongtian was stunned.

“Wait, you said that she needs to remove her clothes during the treatment”

Qin Wanru nodded.


Because he needs to use acupuncture to remove the cold energy from Chuyans body.”

Chu Zhongtian remained in a daze for a long time.

The daughter hed doted on and raised with so much love had truly been ravaged by a swine! There was no way he could remain unaffected.

“Their relationship has already… reached this level of intimacy”

“It is probably just because of the severity of the situation…” Qin Wanru said, her voice tinged with uncertainty.

She hadnt let herself believe that her daughter would actually like Zu An before.

But her daughters jealous reaction earlier hadnt escaped her notice.

Moreover, someone as outstanding as Qiu Honglei had come to offer herself up in such a fashion.

The thought of her daughter falling for this man no longer seemed completely unacceptable.

But why, then Why cant I just figure out whats so outstanding about this Zu An How does he manage to get so many exceptional girls to like him Even her own youngest daughter acted all submissive around him!

Does this kid really have some strong points I dont know about


Inside, Zu An was busy examining Chu Chuyans condition.

Her anger had made a complete mess of the cold energy in her body.

All of the work hed put in these past few days had gone to waste.

Moreover, her condition was in a far worse state than before his treatment. 

It was as if a great snowstorm was ravaging her body from the inside, about to wipe out her life force at any time.

“Go away.

I dont want to be saved by you.” Chu Chuyan reached out a hand to push him away, but she couldnt muster up the slightest bit of strength.

Instead, her body fell limply into his arms.

Zu An hurriedly supported her.

“Dont act so rashly.

Your situation is precarious, and you might die at any time.” 

“Whats so bad about dying I should have died a long time ago anyway.” Chu Chuyans voice was lifeless, lacking the slightest trace of youthful energy.

Zu An exclaimed in alarm, “I only barely managed to save you in the dungeon! How can you give up on yourself like that!”

When she heard him mention the events in the dungeon, Chu Chuyans expression softened.

However, the recent events in the study came to mind again, and her brow furrowed once more.

Zu An was in the midst of taking her pulse, and was examining her condition closely when he sensed another wave of fluctuations in her aura.

He immediately said, “Are you angry about what happened just now Its really not what you think it is!”

“What is there for me to feel angry about After I die, youll recover your freedom, and itll even help you be with that Lady Qiu.” Perhaps because of her current weakness, Chu Chuyan discovered that she couldnt control her emotions like how she usually did.

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

“It turns out that my wife was jealous!”

“Nonsense! Whos jealous” Chu Chuyans face grew red, and she quickly turned her head to the side.

She didnt want to look at him anymore.

What is going on Why am I so angry This isnt like me at all! Her feelings were all jumbled up.

Is it really because of him

Zu An said, “Honey, I recall asking you this several times, but youve always said that you dont mind if I look for other women, right”

Chu Chuyans face grew cold.

“Correct, that\'s what I said.”

Why are you bringing this up now Is this even fair The two of us were spouses in name only and barely talked, so of course I wouldnt have selfishly tied you down!

But now, the two of us are already…

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 233 Rage points!

“Honey, you were jealous after all.” Zu An gently embraced her.

Her body was as cold as a block of ice, but it wasnt hard.

Instead, it felt as soft as the finest cotton.

Chu Chuyan was just about to push him away, but she heard him continue, “There really is nothing between myself and that Qiu Honglei! I dont know why she would talk like that either! Perhaps I am just too handsome, and she is lusting after my body But I absolutely havent… havent done anything with her that would let you down! I can swear an oath right now!”

The night hed had with Snow popped into his mind, but fortunately, he managed to quickly change what he was about to say.

“Really” The power of contracts in this world was binding.

Even without the oath, Chu Chuyan had a strong confidence that he was telling the truth.

Then again, why did she want to hit him so badly when he said that Qiu Honglei desired his body

“Of course! I have a wife at home who looks like a goddess to me.

Why would I care about any other girls” Zu An said with a laugh.

Chu Chuyans face flushed red.

“That Lady Qiu is clearly also beautiful.”

“Her motives might not be that pure.

I just have yet to figure out what exactly shes after,” Zu An said, his voice growing dark.

Chu Chuyan gradually pulled herself out of the depths of her anger, her logical mind reasserting control.

“Now that you mention it, it does sound a little strange.

Why would someone of her caliber end up liking you”

Zu An ground his teeth silently.

Im busting my ass trying to comfort you here! How could you turn around and say such hurtful things

Chu Chuyan giggled at his reaction.

To Zu An, it felt like the first snowmelt in Spring.

“All right, I know youre charming.

Maybe she does really like you.”

“Thats more like it,” Zu An grunted, his wounded pride restored.

However, his mood fell immediately after.

“Honey, your condition really is not great…”

Chu Chuyan lost her smile as well.

As a cultivator, she was acutely aware of her condition.

She shook her head slightly and said indifferently, “This is why I said I shouldve died back then.

Ive already lived on for so long, and I should be more than satisfied.

It is only a pity that the Chu clan is in the middle of a huge storm right now, and lil Huangzhao hasnt matured either…”

Zu An immediately cut her off.

“How can you still be worrying about others at a time like this”

“Let me finish speaking.

I might not have another chance,” Chu Chuyan said, enduring the pain.

“Our Chu clan is currently caught between the emperor and King Qis factions.

Were fighting against the current right now.

Unfortunately, our clan has a thousand years of tradition and honor that we have sworn to uphold, and we do not wish to be swallowed up by any side.

That is why the current situation was inevitable.

“Before, with me around, we could still try to hold out until the new emperor took the throne.

Now, it seems like there is no chance at all.

It will be hard for my father to hold out alone…

“Ah Zu, after I leave, can you help the Chu…” She sighed.

“Forget it.

Your days in the Chu clan have been far from joyful.

My request is too selfish.

“Despite all that, I still hope that you can promise me one thing.

If something unexpected truly happens to the Chu clan, please help me take care of lil Huanzhao.

I know the two of you are pretty close.

Also, I still have another younger si… ahem, ahem… younger brother who is studying in the capital.

If it is possible, please help me save him from this sea of suffering as well.”

Her weak voice finally fell silent.

Zu An wanted to laugh, yet he also felt heartbroken.

“Why does it seem like youre saying your final words Who said that you were going to die”

Chu Chuyan laughed, although it seemed to cause her some distress.

“Ive cultivated for so many years, so I at least have this amount of judgment.

My current condition is something not even an immortal can cure.

The previous frost-extracting acupuncture wont be of any use now either.”

Back then, the frost in her body was still at a level that could be controlled.

That was why it could still be removed bit by bit through the use of needles.

However, the frost in her body was now completely out of control, ravaging through her like a blizzard.

The tiny bit that could be extracted through acupuncture wouldnt amount to much.

“An immortal cant do anything, but I can! You should know that there is still another way.” Zu An looked into her beautiful eyes.

Chu Chuyan stared blankly.

It took her a long while to grasp his meaning.

Her face, pale with weakness, suddenly flushed red.

“No! Absolutely not!”

“You would rather die than agree to it” Zu An was crestfallen.

“Of course!” Chu Chuyan subconsciously blurted.

Immediately realizing her mistake, she explained in a hurry, “Its not because of you… sigh, how can I agree to something like that”

“We are husband and wife to begin with, after all!” Zu An smiled.

“We are only a fake couple.” Chu Chuyan hurriedly corrected.

“Fake” Zu An couldnt help himself.

“Were already officially wed, and everyone in Brightmoon City knows that we are husband and wife! Besides, weve already done it before…”

Flustered, Chu Chuyan tried to defend herself, but Zu An continued, “Besides, if you really werent willing, why did you get so angry when you learned about what had gone on between Qiu Honglei and myself”

“I…” Chu Chuyan was at a loss.

Her mind was a huge mess, and she wasnt sure what to think anymore.

Seeing her confusion, Zu An seized upon this chance to kiss her.

This was the time for a man to be more proactive.

Often, the relationship between a man and a woman was sealed off by a final layer that was thinner than paper.

Once it was broken, things would flow smoothly.

If they always held back, the two might only grow further and further apart.

Feeling his lips brush against hers, Chu Chuyans eyes widened.

Her grip on his clothes tightened.


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