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“Qiu Honglei”

Qin Wanrus expression instantly became awful.

She had never seen any girl be this proactive towards someone elses son-in-law before! 

Chu Chuyan didnt seem very happy either.

What wife would be happy to hear that a prostitute came looking for their husband late at night

“Who is Qiu Honglei here for” Chu Zhongtian was still confused.

“The young master!” Cheng Shouping blinked his eyes.

He recalled that this master had also complimented Qiu Honglei on her appearance a few years ago. Is the Master jealous

But the Master really is better than the young master in almost every way! The only part where he is too far behind the young master is in picking up girls.

Chu Zhongtian didnt have a concubine all these years, and Cheng Shouping himself was sent to work in the woodshed because of this matter.

Now check out the young master! There are already all types of legends about him not long after he entered the estate!

Master, oh Master, you really need to learn this skill from him!

Under everyones strange looks, Zu An said in embarrassment, “Maybe the other party has something proper to discuss with me… Ill be right back.”

“Proper matters What kind of proper matters would make a brothel courtesan run all the way here in the middle of the night for” Qin Wanru harrumphed.

“You know what, this is a great chance.

Im going to see for myself just what is going on!”

Chu Zhongtian nodded.

“I should take a look as well.”

Qin Wanru shot her husband a look.

Was this guy interested in knowing what was going on or interested in Qiu Honglei herself

But it wasnt good for her to act out under so many pairs of eyes.

She could only shoot Zu An a hateful look.

This entire mess was because of this brat!

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 333 Rage!

Zu An was already numb to this when he saw the Rage points.

He decided to just let Qin Wanru throw her tantrum, its not like shell actually do anything.

Their group rushed to the entrance.

Chu Chuyan never said anything from start until now, but her action of silently following already spoke about everything.

When they arrived at the entrance, they discovered that quite a few people had gathered.

All of them came out from within the Chu clan to join in on the liveliness.

After all, Qiu Hongleis reputation was something everyone in Brightmoon City knew about, from those in their eighties all the way down to little kids.

There was no way they wouldnt know about her as long as they were male.

Even though the Chu clans discipline was strict, all of them still couldnt resist their curiosity.

They rushed over to get a look at this world-shocking beauty.

After all, with their status and income, they really didnt have any chance of seeing Immortal Abodes courtesan queen.

“With that type of figure and look, tsk~”

“If I could land myself a wife like this… no, even if I could have her for a day, even dying would be worth it!”

“She really is too gorgeous! I dont think shes much inferior to the first miss”

“Do you want to die You actually dare to use the first miss as a comparison! … but I guess the first miss is a bit cold.

Lady Qius smile does tug a bit more at the heartstrings…”

“I heard she was looking for the young master.

How could this be possible”

“Bro, youre so behind on the news.

The young master has some mad skills in this field.”

Of course, not everyone was this excited.

Chu Hongcai didnt believe his ears when he heard of Qiu Hongleis arrival.

His shoes werent even on the right feet when he ran out the door.

Sure enough, he saw that figure he yearned for day and night.

Every smile and frown from this girl made him go crazy.

But this type of perfect woman instead looked for a different man in the middle of the night.

Chu Hongcais heart was like a vase that shattered onto solid ground, instantly smashed to countless pieces.

Forget it, its just like what Yucheng said.

Its better for her to be with Zu An than some other man, the fertile land not given to other men to farm.

But why do I feel like crying

Qiu Honglei didnt feel anything under the surrounding whispers.

She still stood there with a smile, calmly waiting for that person.

The gates soon opened.

The guards all put away their smiles at once when they saw Chu Zhongtian.

All of them raised their heads and stuck out their chests, no longer speaking any nonsense.

Qin Wanru was originally fuming with rage.

However, her anger seemed to have sudden been jammed the instant she saw this girl.

How could there be such a beautiful girl in this world

Her oldest daughter was also extremely pretty, but that was a type of reserved and lonely beauty, a type of otherworldly feeling.

This woman before her seemed like the perfect embodiment of worldly beauty.

Her entire figure was filled with feminine charm.

Forget about men, even women might uncontrollably let their imaginations run wild.

But she reacted a second later. Why am I praising a girl who is trying to steal my daughters man

Pah! Shes just another charming vixen!

She was just about to say something when she noticed her husbands eyes widening.

She was so angry she walked over in a hurry, secretly pinching him.

Chu Zhongtians face blushed, coughing to hide his embarrassment.

“I pay my respects to Brightmoon Duke, Madam Chu, and first miss Chu.” Qiu Honglei was a bit surprised when she saw their arrival.

However, she didnt feel too nervous.

She greeted each of them with a smile, every action full of proper bearing, not a single flaw could be picked.

Chu Zhongtian looked guiltily at his wife, but he was the clan master.

It was only natural that he was the one to reply at this type of time.

He cleared his throat and said, “I wonder why lady Qiu decided to visit so late in the evening”

“Honglei came to tell Ah Zu some things.

I didnt expect to disturb the Master and Madam, I truly must apologize.” Qiu Honglei bowed to express her apology.

The hearts of all of the surrounding men were about to melt, how could they bring out a shred of rebuke against this girl

“What do you need Ah Zu for” Qin Wanru said in displeasure.

She knew that her daughters personality was more cold, so she might not be able to bring herself to say anything.

As a mother, she obviously had to help her out here.

Hm If it was before, I wouldve been more than happy to see someone take Zu An, that annoying brat, away.

Why am I now worried about him being taken by someone else

Qin Wanru thought back and forth, but she settled with the reason ofWell have to find someone else to take his place to refuse the offers of different powers, and itll even tanish my daughters reputation as an excuse.

Hmph, even if its a piece of trash, its our clans trash.

How can we let another girl randomly take it

Qiu Honglai unconsciously looked around her when she heard her question, a hesitant expression appearing on her face.

“I wish to talk to Ah Zu about these things in private, talking about them here might not be too… good.”

“Oh…” The surrounding men revealed a knowing expression.

Did they even have to guess what a man and woman did in private in the middle of the night

Chu Hongcai had finally picked up the broken pieces of his heart with great difficulty, only for it to be crushed ruthlessly once more by the ambiguous laughter all around him.

His rationality told him that he would be hurt less if he left earlier, yet he just couldnt let go of his emotions.

He felt like giving that beautiful woman a few more looks was still a good thing.

Qin Wanru forcefully restrained her rage.

“Our Chu clan has always done things in a straightforward manner.

How could we have anything that cannot be spoken out in the open Just what kind of matter is it!”

Qiu Honglei blinked her eyes, saying in an innocent manner, “But I am not someone from the Chu clan.”

Those large, flickering eyes drew everyones pity.

Qin Wanrus breathing stopped. This damn vixen… if I was a man, I really wouldnt be able to say much as a rebuttal.

When she was just about to flare up, Qiu Honglei changed the topic.

“But what I wish to talk about doesnt need to be hidden from the young miss.

Could we find a quiet place to talk”

Even though she was responding to Qin Wanrus question, she still focused most of her attention on Chu Chuyan.

She was previously a bit discontent as to Chu Chuyan being the publicly acknowledged number one beauty.

She merely attributed it to her being the dukes precious daughter.

But now that theyve met, she couldnt pick a single flaw no matter how high she set her standards.

She was cool and elegant.

What made her even more envious was that she naturally gave off a type of aloof and transcendent quality.

This was something that she had always lacked.

She released a deep sigh inside.

She couldnt help but have a bit of inelegance from staying in a place like Immortal Abode, a place filled with men for so long.

While Qiu Honglei was sizing her up, Chu Chuyan was doing the same.

When she first heard that Zu An and Immortal Abodes courtesan queen were close, even though she seemed a bit displeased on the surface, deep down, she didnt care much at all.

She had absolute confidence in herself among her age range, regardless of whether it was her appearance or her appearance.

No matter how much people boasted about Qiu Honglei in Brightmoon City, she merely dismissed it all with a laugh.

But when she personally saw this exceptionally beautiful woman before her, she suddenly felt a bit of regret.

Did she make a mistake in letting Zu An get close to this woman

Zu An who was watching this with amusement from the side suddenly felt chills run down his back.

He immediately looked all around him.

What the heck This place isnt even windy

Qin Wanru looked around.

There were indeed too many people that gathered here.

Even though the Chu clans guards were usually loyal, it was still possible for others to have planted a few spies.

“Then well go inside first!” She turned around to leave after coldly saying this.

He pulled her husband that was staring blankly with her.

“Thank you Madam~” Qiu Honglei smiled.

She indicated for her servants to wait outside, and then she lifted her dress, following them inside.

Qin Wanru thought what are you thanking me for Suddenly, her expression froze, because she realized something.

From a certain perspective, didnt she let her in the door[1]

This fox demon really was terribly cunning!

But when she gave this girl a look and saw that her expression didnt change at all, Qin Wanru couldnt help but wonder if she was overthinking things.

When their group entered the study, Qin Wanru chased everyone else out.

Only then did she look at her and say, “Now can you talk”

Qiu Honglei smiled.

She looked at Zu An next to her and said, “Ah Zu, I heard that you were rushing about everywhere today.

Were you looking for that Wang clans young master”

Zu An nodded.

“How did you know That was indeed what I was doing, but I didnt see a single trace of him.”

Qin Wanru frowned, a bit unhappy that they were leaking such important intelligence to an outsider.

If this leaked out and Wang Fu found out, wouldnt he run over and start another disturbance

But it was already too late to stop him now.

At worst, should they just detain Qiu Honglei here to prevent the secret from leaving

Hmph, the men in this household might be too happy if I do that.

Qiu Honglei said, “I actually have some news regarding young master Wang on my end.

I wanted to let you know since this might be important for you.”

Meanwhile, on Whale Gangs side, the young female gang boss asked the same question.

“I really wonder where the stockade master is keeping Wang Yuanlong.”

Chen Xuans expression became cold.

“What is the gang boss intention by asking this question”

The young lady said with a smile, “There is no need for the stockade master to feel so nervous.

The entire city is definitely searching for Wang Yuanlong right now.

If the stockade master isnt overseeing things in the town and he is found, wouldnt our deal be ruined”

“There is no need for the gang boss to feel worry.

We obviously wouldnt be discovered,” Chen Xuan said proudly.

“Then thats good.” That young lady suddenly changed the topic.

“By the way, I heard that the stockade master wishes to kill someone named Zu An”


Letting someone through the door can also mean join ones husbands household upon marriage


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