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“Oh What kind of business proposal” The woman behind the screen was curious.

Chen Xuan laughed loudly.

He didnt immediately reply and instead said, “Both sides should express their sincerity before business is discussed.

Ive already come personally, showing enough sincerity, but the gang boss still shuns me and refuses to show yourself.

Dont you feel that this is a bit lacking in sincerity”

A delicate laugh sounded from behind the screen.

“This is a custom that I have already gotten used to after so many years.

I hope Stockade Master Chen does not take offense.”

A beautiful and moving figure slowly walked out from behind the screen as soon as she finished speaking.

Chen Xuans eyes immediately lit up.

The girl in front of him was dressed in a fiery red outfit.

Her upper garment was short, exposing her tight abs.

Her skin was fair and enchanting, supple and soft, yet he could tell from a single look that her waist was definitely extremely flexible.

If she moved while sitting on him, then it would definitely be graceful and full of explosive strength.

Not only was the bottom of her upper garment quite short, her cleavage was also well defined.

A deep groove could be seen between her tall peaks, immediately drawing ones attention there, yet nothing could really be seen.

But the more things were like this, the more it tickled the heart.

The only regretful thing was that her face was concealed under a red veil, hiding most of her face.

He couldnt see her appearance clearly.

But those large and beautiful eyes illustrated that the rest of her face below definitely didnt disappoint.

Chen Xuan thought to himself that with an exceptional figure like this, whether or not the face was attractive already didnt matter much.

At the same time, he found this a bit strange.

Those involved in underground smuggling were usually outside every day, eating and sleeping outdoors.

Her skin should be more tan, why did it look like she took milk baths everyday This type of gang boss looked more like a girl from a wealthy family.

However, this gang boss had always been mysterious, never appearing in front of others.

As such, it made sense for her to not be tanned.

This red clothed young lady didnt seem to mind much when she saw his fiery gaze.

A charming smile appeared at the corners of her lips.

“Is this enough to express my sincerity”

“But of course!” Chen Xuan thought to himself therell be even more sincerity if you stripped a bit more.

“Then I wonder just what kind of business Stockade Master Chen wishes to discuss with me” The womans voice carried a flirtatious tone.

Together with her sexy outfit and toned body, it was enough to make any man become a beast.

This chick might not even be outdone by that Immortal Abode Qiu Honglei! Chen Xuan gulped.

He really wanted to rush up and give that body a squeeze.

But he still carried some misgivings towards Whale Gangs reputation.

He didnt dare act recklessly before he learned more about this group.

“I came here today to discuss investment matters.” Chen Xuans eyes roamed back and forth between her chest and bottom, inwardly thinking to himself I want to invest in both of these assets.

“I do not know what Stockade Master Chen is referring to” That woman was a bit confused.

“It is obviously the illicit salt business! Could it be that Whale Gang still has a different business” Chen Xuan calmly leaned into his chair, wantonly admiring the beauty before him.

Discussing business with such a pretty girl really was a joyful thing.

The girls brows furrowed.

Her voice became a bit colder.

“The Blackwind Stockade has always operated our businesses independently for so many years.

What is the Stockade Leader trying to say”

The illicit salt trade had tremendous profits.

She obviously didnt want to share the profits with another.

“Gang boss needs not worry.

I didnt come here to fight over the respected gangs business, but rather to cooperate,” Chen Xuan explained.

The woman said in puzzlement, “How do you want to cooperate”

Chen Xuan said, “Whale Gangs business is even more dangerous than our Blackwind Stockades activities from a certain perspective.

Regardless of whether it is the royal court or Brightmoon Duke, they would be much happier without this thorn in their side.

But the stuff you sell arent even inferior to the official salt at all, perhaps even a bit better.

The fundamental reasoning behind this is that the same salt, without an official salt permit, becomes illicit salt.”

“Could it be that you can fetch some salt permits” This woman immediately reacted.”

Chen Xuan said with a smile.

“Why else would I dare come to this island to disturb the gang boss”

“These salt permit things are controlled extremely strictly by the royal court, and there is only a fixed amount every year.

How could you possibly…” The woman finally reacted mid-sentence, “I heard that Wang clans young master was kidnapped.

I reckon that this is stockade masters work”

Chen Xuan was a bit surprised.

“I didnt expect the gang boss to have such a great information information network on this island.”

The woman revealed a faint smile.

“It cant be helped.

Without a good information network in our line of work, our gang would have already perished several times over.”

Chen Xuan felt like this made sense as well.

“Correct, I have a way of obtaining a batch of official salt permits through Wang clan, which is why I want to invest these salt permits in the illicit salt business.”

The woman thought for a moment, and then she said with a nod.

“There is indeed a bit of attraction behind this deal.

I wonder how Stockade Master Chen wishes to split the profits”

Chen Xuan laughed and said, “Since everyone has already expressed such sincerity, then it obviously must be fifty-fifty, with neither side losing out.”

The woman laughed coldly when she heard this.

“Neither side losing out Stockade leader is merely providing us with some salt permits and does not need to do anything else, your salt permits also come without any costs.

Isnt it a bit too much to ask for fifty percent”

Chen Xuan put away his smile.

“This is where the gang boss words are incorrect.

The salt trade is full of great profits to begin with, the biggest difference between illicit and official salt is that there are no salt permits.

We are now offering you all a means to have a lawful identity, so how can fifty percent be too much”

“That is now how numbers are tallied up,” said the woman with an overcast voice, “Our illicit salt trade and the official salt go down entirely different paths.

If we end up giving you half our profits just like that, then we might even end up having less profits than selling illicit salt alone.

Why would we bother going through all this effort at that point”

Chen Xuan shook his head.

“Gang boss, please do not try to bully me by thinking that I do not understand this trade.

Illicit salt sells for twenty to thirty coins a jin, while official salt normally sells for 100 coins, sometimes even selling for 150 coins.

There is a difference of six to seven times the profits, so how can you say that you might instead be losing money through this deal”

“Stockade master only knows part of the information.

Even though the price of government salt is high, the ordinary people cannot afford it at all, all of them turning to our illicit salt,” explained the woman, “That is why the six to seven times the profit is only theory.

In reality, it doesnt reach this price at all, actually far below this price.”

“Then how much does the gang boss feel is suitable” Chen Xuan actually knew about the real situation as well.

He was deliberately pressuring the other party just now.

The woman remained silent for a while.

Then, her red lips spoke a number.

“Ten percent of next years profits at most.”

“Ten percent” Chen Xuan was furious.

He suddenly stood up from his chair.

“Are you trying to bait a beggar or something here I came in good faith! Isnt the gang boss crossing the line here”

A wave of pressure surged outwards.

The outside Whale Gang members all rushed over to come inside, but they were all prevented from entering by this woman.

After shouting those subordinates to a stop, only then did she turn around and reply in a manner that wasnt too fast nor too slow, “Please do not be quick to anger, Stockade Master Chen, listen to me explain more in detail.

Our illicit salt actually does not need any salt permits, these are still two entirely different paths in the end.

Of course, having salt permits can add an extra layer of protection, decreasing our business risk.

It is just a pity that Stockade masters salt permits are only a one time deal.

You have no way of providing a steady source of them.”

“In addition, the stockade leader should not think that we have it incredibly comfortable here.

In reality, a portion of our income is used to bribe various parties, or else how could we have survived for so many years With most of the profits in the hands of those people, we only have a small share to ourselves.

That is why offering the stockade master with a tenth of the profits is already something I can barely accept.”

A ruminate smile appeared on Chen Xuans face.

“Ive already heard that Whale Gang had some connections with the government.

I wonder which great figures limelight you are sharing”

This womans expression changed.

“Stockade master is going too far with this question.”

Chen Xuan knew that she wouldnt reply either.

He laughed loudly and said, “Then twenty percent, I cant go any lower.”

The woman shook her head.

“Fifteen percent at most!”

Chen Xuan became quiet.

“Fine, weve reached a deal!”

Heh, this one is going to take you into a room sooner or later.

At that time, youll be mine, your money will be mine, everything will be mine.

Its not a big deal to take a bit less now.

“I hope for our cooperations success.” The woman had a faint smile on her face.

She raised her teacup as a toast.

Chen Xuan was experienced in these things as well.

He wasnt scared of her poisoning him, raising his cup as well.

He took a sip and said, “I still havent heard the gang boss name after chatting for so long.”

The woman replied, “My surname is Guan.”

“Guan…” Chen Xuan was a bit annoyed, thinking to herself that this woman didnt even give him her name.

However, hell find out one day anyway.

While this type of business deal was being carried out on the island, Zu An was searching for Chen Xuans hiding place with the documents Jiang Luofu gave him.

She had always been racking her brains over how she was going to take over the Plum Blossom Sects property ever since Zu An gave her his 7.5 million taels debt note.

With the academys ability, it wasnt too difficult to find Plum Blossom Sects assets on the surface and in the dark.

When she saw that Zu An paid a visit, Jiang Luofu didnt feel any hesitation either.

She directly handed him the information she compiled.

She was going to have him take over the property anyway, so giving him this information ahead of time wasnt that big of a deal.

When he saw all the properties packed together, Zu An was inwardly speechless. A casino actually made that much money!

He didnt dare dally either.

He brought Jiao Shan and the other Chu clan guards with him.

Unfortunately, they didnt find anything even after searching for most of the evening.

“Did I guess wrong” Zu An was a bit dejected.

He could only return to the Chu estate first.

He still had to provide Chu Chuyan with treatment after all.

When he returned to the Chu clan and reported these things, the Master, Madam, and Chu Chuyan all frowned.

This situation was clearly what they were the most worried about.

If they couldnt save Wang Yuanlong, then the Wang and Chu clans relationship would be done for.

Things would really be troublesome then.

Right at this time, Cheng Shouping ran over and said excitedly, “Young master young master! Someone is looking for you outside!”

“Who” Zu An was a bit curious.

Who was looking for him so late at night, even making this fella so excited

Cheng Shouping opened his mouth.

He suddenly noticed Chu Zhongtian and the others at the side, immediately swallowing his previous words.

“This humble one doesnt dare say.”

“What is there that you dont dare say When did you learn to hum and haw like this” Qin Wanru said impatiently.

She had some impression of this fella.

Back then, she offered to find the best concubines for her husband, angering her quite a bit.

Cheng Shouping thought to himself that his injuries from the whipping still hadnt healed yet.

But with the master and madam staring at him, he didnt dare to remain quiet, replying, “Its lady Qiu.”

“Which lady Qiu” Chu Zhongtian was stunned, unable to immediately react.

Cheng Shouping said proudly, “What other lady Qiu is there in Brightmoon City Its obviously Immortal Abodes Qiu Honglei!”

Endless men found it difficult to even have a meeting with her, yet she came all the way in the middle of the night to seek out the young master! He immediately felt a type of second hand pride.


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