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No matter how alarmed the voice was of this young lady was, the voice was still extremely pleasant sounding.

However, this voice sounded a bit familiar.

As someone who came from a different civilized world, even though he didnt really bump into her, it was because of him that she fell.

He hurriedly got off the horse and asked, “Miss, are you alright”

Even though the weight of the palanquin and people were heavy, with his cultivation, supporting it wasnt too difficult.

Unfortunately, his good intentions instead proved to have made things worse.

The sound of something heavy bumping against the side sounded.

The movement of the palanquin most likely made the one inside lose balance and bump back and forth.


The one inside was clearly knocked all over the place.

She subconsciously wanted to get out of the palanquin, but because she wasnt able to stand steady, she instead fell out.

“Be careful!” Zu An hurriedly reached out a hand to support her.

The feeling from his hand was soft and gentle.

Zu An was startled.

A lovely and displeased face appeared in front of him.

Her elegant brows and graceful nose gave her a type of elegant, court lady like impression.

“Miss Zheng, what are you doing here”

He now already saw the other partys appearance.

Who could it be other than Zheng Dan

Good thing its someone I already know, therell be a lot less trouble this way.

I wonder if theres something like car crash scams here.

“Ah Zu, why are you here”

Zheng Dan also saw him, a look of pleasant surprise on her face.

“Cough, cough~” Sang Qians dissatisfied cough sounded at this time.

“How long are you two planning on embracing each other”

Only then did they realize that they were snuggling against each other.

They separated at once as if electricity ran through their bodies.

Zheng Dan was extremely flustered.

Zu An immediately reacted. Why do I feel like I was just caught red-handed in an affair

Bro, I just saved your wife.

You should be thanking me.

A flame was burning within Sang Qian.

Zheng Dan didnt even let him hold her hand normally, yet she was being so intimate with another man right in front of him.

Even though he knew that this was something unexpected, why was there such a strange feeling

“Ah Zu, where are you headed to in such a rush”

Zheng Dan recovered a bit of her composure.

She sorted her hair that became a bit messy from the chaos just now behind her ears while asking.

Why are you asking me and not your fiance

But Zu An still replied, “We have things to take care of.

Well explain things to miss Zheng when we are back.”

He immediately got back onto his horse after saying this.

Zheng Dan saw the surrounding police camp troops and said, “Are you all cracking down on some illicit salt traffickers”

Zu Ans expression changed.

“How did you know

Were they already exposed!

Zheng Dan said with a smile, “Theres no need for you to be nervous.

Isnt the police camp in charge of capturing those illicit salt smugglers A large portion of our Zheng clans revenue also involves salt, so Im familiar with these things.”

Only when he heard her say these things did Zu An feel a bit relieved.

“Take me with you.

My Zheng clan also hates these illicit traffickers bitterly,” said Zheng Dan.

“I have never seen these smugglers get caught, so thisll be a good experience.”

“Dont cause trouble.

We are taking care of official matters, how can we let our women go with us” Sang Qian harrumphed and directly refused.

Zheng Dan smiled.

“If I do not remember incorrectly, I havent joined the Sang clan yet.

Strictly speaking, I am not the Sang clans woman, but rather a daughter of a salt merchant.

My request to witness this scene should also be reasonable and fair, dont you think”

Zu Ans eyes widened as he watched from the side. Zheng Dan always gave off a warm and reserved feeling before.

Why did she suddenly decide to spit in Sang Qians face like this

Isnt she screwing herself over if shes going to marry into his family

Maybe shes just putting on an act because Im here

Sigh, it really sucks to be too handsome.

You end up ruining other peoples households.

Sang Qian snorted.

“Even if that is the case, so what We are in a hurry, your palanquin wont be able to keep up.”

“I can ride a horse as well!” Zheng Dan raised her snow white neck proudly like a beautiful swan.

Sang Qian frowned.

“I dont have any horses for you to ride here.

These are all army horses and not for personal use.

Ill be accused of misconduct if I let you ride them.”

Zheng Dan pursed her lips.

She knew that he was telling the truth.

She was stuck in a dilemma.Right at this time, a weak voice sounded from the side.

“These horses of mine arent army horses, I can bring you with me.”

Smoke almost blew out of his ears and nose when he heard this. Are you flirting with my fiance in front of me

Bring her with me

Are you **ting me The two of you are going to ride on the same horse

How am I even supposed to act as a commander in front of my subordinates anymore if they watch this happen

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 666 Rage!

Zu An sneered inwardly. Why does this guy get angry so easily Did Zheng Dan really not approach him with ulterior motives

Oh baby, that makes things way more interesting.

Zheng Dan looked at Zu An, and then looked at Sang Qian.

In the end, she still shook her head.

“Thank you young master for your good intentions, but there is no need.”

If the two of them were alone, she might have agreed on an impulse.

She still had her honey trap mission after all.

But in front of so many people, riding with another man in such an intimate manner would definitely mess up the marriage between Zheng and Sang clans.

The Sang clan definitely wouldnt allow themselves to become laughingstocks.

Even the Zheng clan might even start whacking her with brooms.

Zu An was only testing the waters, he wouldnt really be that brazen.

He quickly had one of his guards give up his horse for her.

Then, they headed out.

After a stick of incenses worth of time, their group finally arrived by the pier.

The pier was bustling with activity, countless boatmen busy unloading their cargo.

“Immediately cease everything you are doing, or else you will be executed for smuggling without exception!”

Sang Qian was furious to begin with.

Now that he found a channel to vent out his resentment, he immediately stepped forward and shouted this.

His voice carried great penetrative force.

Together with the dispersing soldiers, the pier immediately became quiet.

Zu An was a bit alarmed. This guy is actually pretty strong.

“Zu An, who is the one engaging in the illicit drug smuggling according to your sources” Sang Qian didnt bother being polite.

Zu An frowned.

He didnt know which clan it was exactly.

Qiu Hongleis intelligence wasnt that detailed.

But he also reacted quickly.

He immediately thought of a countermeasure.

“Well investigate the goods first!”

The illicit salt trade had explosive returns, but it was also dangerous.

If they smuggled too little each time, then they wouldnt make much profits.

If they smuggled too often, then the risk would also become high.

That was why they would always try to find one chance to smuggle in a lot.

Sang Qian nodded.

With a wave of his hand, his subordinates immediately rushed out.

Their search immediately got results.

A group of soldiers brought a middle-aged man up to them.

“Reporting! Most of the goods in the pier belong to his clan.”

Zu An gave this middle-aged man a look.

His appearance was completely ordinary, you wouldnt even notice him in a crowd.

The only thing worth noting was his smooth skin, his hands without much calluses either.

It was obvious that this guy normally lived quite the good life.

“Uncle Hou, how could it be you”

Zheng Dan suddenly voiced her surprise from the side.

Zu An was startled.

He turned around to give her a look.

“Do you recognize this person”

Zheng Dan nodded.

“He is our Zheng clans butler Hou Yun.

Father has put him in charge of many things.”


A pondering immediately appeared on Zu Ans face.

He suddenly thought to himself, Zheng Dans sudden appearance might not actually be a coincidence.

They were stalled for almost an hour because of her.

Maybe she was trying to buy time.

Then does that mean that Sang Qian had no idea

Sang Qian also spoke up.

“Hou Yun, what are you doing here”

“The Zheng clan was importing some goods today, so I came to monitor the situation.” That Hou Yun said with an apologetic smile.

“Since it is Zheng clans goods, then there shouldnt be any issues.

Examine the other goods.” Sang Qian waved his hand, indicating that he was letting this go.

“Hold on!” What the heck is going on here How can this guy be let off that easily There was no way Zu An was going to just let this matter rest.

He stared straight at Hou Yun and asked, “What are the goods that you were expecting today”

Hou Yun replied respectfully, “Just some ordinary goods.”

“Dont feign ignorance.

What is it” Zu An said fiercely.

Zheng Dan stood up from the side.

“Ah Zu, are you suspecting my Zheng clan of engaging in the illicit salt trade”

Zu An thought to himself do I even need to doubt Does it need to be any more clear Who would have thought that the Zheng clan, one of Brightmoon Citys biggest salt merchants would engage in the illicit salt trade

But this kind of makes sense.

Most of Brightmoon Citys market share is dominated by the Chu clan, while the rest was split up between the other three clans.

This really wouldnt satisfy their appetites.

But of course, he wouldnt say these things out loud.

“Of course not.

But I am worried that some subordinates might be a bit too daring and do some foolish things under the Zheng clans name.

If things end up erupting in the future, what will be tarnished is the Zheng clans reputation! That is why we should still carefully look into this matter.”

“Ah Zu has thought things out well.” Zheng Dan smiled.

Then, she turned to Hou Yun and said, “Uncle Hou, did you hear what he said Just report things as they are.”

No emotional fluctuations could be seen from her voice.

Zu An sighed inwardly with praise.

He really had no idea anymore if this woman was innocent or if she was just pretending.

Her acting skills really were amazing.

“Just some cotton stuff.

The Zheng clan has a big cotton clothing business, so transporting these things shouldnt be illegal, right” Hou Yuns mood wasnt too good from being doubted, so he said this back with a bit of attitude.

“Gate procedures and written official approval Bring them out so we can have a look.” Zu An reached out a hand.

Sang Qian shot him a look from the side. Didnt everyone call this guy an ignorant and incompetent fool Why does he know about all these things

This was where he was mistaken.

Even though Brightmoon Academy yellow class professors didnt teach much on cultivation matters, they lectured a lot on practical matters.

Many students found these lectures boring, but Zu An listened to everything he could understand to get a better understanding of this world.

Such a huge movement of goods definitely required corresponding official approvals.

That Hou Yun gave Sang Qian a consulting look.

Sang Qian snorted.

“What are you looking at me for Zu An is here representing Brightmoon Duke, so just do as he says.”

“Yes yes yes~” Hou Yun immediately handed over the official documents.

Zu An examined them, finding that it indeed recorded some cotton like things.

But he still didnt completely believe this.

He walked straight up to the cargo ship.

“Open up the cabin, I want to search this place.”

Hou Yuns face changed.

“But the goods have already been properly stowed! If you open up the cabin now and we have to load everything again, well be delayed by at least a day! Our Zheng clan has to pay compensation if the goods do not reach their destination on time.”

Zu An said coldly, “Open up the cabin!”

With a wave of his hand, the Chu clans guards held down various parts of this ship.

They were ready to make a move given the order.

Hou Yuns expression also changed at this time.

He said fiercely, “If nothing is found, will you take responsibility for the Zheng clans losses”


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