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Wang Yuanlong: “......”

Chu Yucheng: “......”

Why do I always want to smack this guy in the face

The two of them looked at the guqin performing Qiu Honglei at the same time.

They immediately felt despair, no idea how they were even supposed to respond to this.

You have successfully trolled Wang Yuanlong for 666 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Chu Yucheng for 666 Rage!

Zu An immediately sighed in appreciation when he saw the points come in. We really are good friends as I expected! You really didnt have to be this generous guys…

Behind the pearl curtains, Qiu Honglei was paying attention to everything that was happening.

She couldnt help but smile, feeling that this Ah Zu really was unique.

Wang Yuanlong hurriedly changed the topic to prevent his self-confidence from being dealt an irrecoverable blow.

“Brother Zu, what made you suddenly free up some time to invite me for a drink today Do those back home know”

Hmph, who in Brightmoon City doesnt know that Chu Chuyan is proud and arrogant If you keep visiting brothels like this, your wife might just make you sleep on the couch tonight.

He didnt really have any malicious intentions when he said this.

It was just that men always had a bit of pride about these things, they always secretly compared themselves.

“Youre talking about Chuyan Yup, she knows.

She even gave me some more silver to play around with when I told her I was coming here.

She made sure to warn me that men absolutely cannot be stingy when playing outside, that I cannot wrong lady Qiu!” Zu An said in a completely unconcerned manner.

“Youre joking!” Wang Yuanlong was dumbfounded.

Young miss Chu didnt seem like the kind of person who would ever agree to share a man!

Chu Yucheng said with a bitter smile, “I fear that this is actually true today.

Young miss Chu even specially straightened out his clothes before we left today.

She really did tell him these things.”

Wang Yuanlong: “......”

What the ** man

How am I any worse than this guy regardless of whether it is character or background

You have successfully trolled Wang Yuanlong for 233 Rage!

Seeing another generous donation of Rage points, Zu An thought to himself men with too many chicks really cant avoid offending other guys.

Forget it, I wont mess with him anymore.

Really dont wanna mess today up.

Zu An then chatted with him about random things.

Together with a veteran party goer like Chu Yucheng here and a group of girls to keep them company, the atmosphere immediately became great.

When he noticed that now was a good time, Zu An had the other girls withdraw.

Then, he began to discuss todays real purpose with Wang Yuanlong.

“I have a gift here to give Brother Wang.”

“Brother An is too generous!” Wang Yuanlong was stunned.

He immediately declined.

Zu An didnt argue with him.

He dragged out several large chests from the rear hall.

Even though silver was heavy, it wasnt anything too much for a cultivator.

He directly opened them.

Flickering white silver immediately lit up the entire room.

“This…” Wang Yuanlong was quite a competent person as well.

He immediately had a rough idea when he saw so much silver.

Zu An thus said, “Theres two hundred thousand taels of silver here, Brother Wang should use it to pay back those individual sellers first.

I must also trouble Brother Wang to speak to your father in my place, tell him that the Sang clan is deliberately sowing dissension.

We really do not want a good relationship between clans to fall through just because of this.”

Wang Yuanlong was in a daze for a long time.

Finally, he said, “Brother Zu, youve truly earned a whole new level of respect from me!”

He naturally understood that the two hundred thousand silver wasnt from Zu An, but from the Chu clan.

The reason for his shock was because everyone thought that Zu Ans title as a young master was but a figurehead.

Now, however, he was even entrusted with such an important task! The Chu clan clearly placed great trust in him!

Wang Yuanlong didnt reject him either.

He said with a solemn expression, “Brother Zu, please tell Brightmoon Duke and first miss Chu that our Wang clan will not forget this kindness!”

The Wang clan truly was in dire financial straits.

This silver really was bailing them out.

Now that they were discussing important matters, the intoxication in Wang Yuanlongs eyes disappeared.

He didnt want to continue partying in this type of place anymore.

He wanted to bring this silver back as soon as possible and talk to his father.

Zu An didnt stop him.

“Then I wont keep Brother Wang.

Lets share another drink when all of this blows over.”

“But of course!” With his clans crisis averted, Wang Yuanlongs mood became much better too.

“Take care on the way back,” said Zu An.

“Dont worry, this amount of silver wont trouble us.

I still have at least this much faith in my guards.” Two hundred taels of silver really was an astronomical sum for an ordinary family, but it wasnt nearly as imposing for a big clan.

If it wasnt for the series of misfortune that happened in succession, the Wang clan wouldnt have fallen to a point where they couldnt bring out this much.

They were still in the city right now.

The public security was still decent.

Furthermore, why would any clans that can afford to offend Wang clan do so over a trifling two hundred thousand taels

Zu An only said that in passing without much thought.

Then, he had Chu Yucheng see him off.

When the two left, Qiu Honglei also walked out slowly from the inner hall.

“Im surprised that the Chu clan entrusted Ah Zu with such a serious mission.

It seems like Ah Zus status in the Chu clan is climbing higher and higher.”

Zu An laughed and said, “This is all thanks to you! If it wasnt for the intelligence you gave me last time, how could I have gained the Chu clans trust so quickly”

He hooked his hand towards her waist while talking.

This woman was clearly scheming against him, so he had to at least get something out of her.

Qiu Honglei evaded without any obvious signs.

She said with a smile, “I didnt expect my intelligence to prove so useful.

Ive just received a new piece of information regarding the illicit salt trade.

I wonder if Ah Zu is interested”

“Oh” Zu Ans eyes lit up.

“Of course I am! Please do tell.”

Qiu Honglei walked over to the entrance.

She pointed towards the distant gleaming lake surface.

“I received information from a trustworthy source stating that Whale Gang will be transporting a batch of illicit salt by the pier tonight.

Whether or not this opportunity can be seized will depend on the young master.”

Zu An laughed heartily.

“Honglei, you really are my lucky charm! You managed to pick up such an important piece of news so quickly! Come, give me a kiss.”

Qiu Honglei evaded backwards.

She said with a lovable laugh, “Ah Zu, you should hurry and go prepare, time is of the essence.

We dont know when therell be another opportunity if you miss this chance!”

“Youre right!” Even though Zu Ann was smiling, he was cursing inside.

This woman was always throwing herself at him, yet he couldnt even touch her, still playing at this chaste game.

But playing around is playing around.

I still have to properly deal with this matter.

He also left Immortal Abode in a hurry.

However, he didnt fully trust Qiu Hongleis words.

He secretly made a detour around the pier.

From his hidden observations, the pier seemed more busy than usual.

There were quite a few strong men who were constantly looking around while transporting goods, their behavior extremely suspicious.

As such, he rushed back to tell Chu Chuyan at once.

Chu Chuyan then quickly contacted her mother.

When Chu Zhongtian learned of this illicit salt movement, he was elated.

He immediately prepared to dispatch men to the pier.

But Qin Wanru said from the side, “Even though Whale Gang doesnt have many experts, they have numbers.

The Chu clan might not have enough men to deal with this situation.

Should we call over Sang Qians River Patrol Army too This is supposed to be their job anyway, and Sang Hong has even used this as part of our deal.

We cant just let them sit there when we have to donate so much, right”

Even though the clan had a private army, dispatching troops into the city without a court order still went against the law.

Chu Chuyans condition was still poor, so some of the guards had to remain in the estate to protect her.

This meant less men to catch these crooks.

Chu Zhongtian thought that this made sense too.

“Ah Zu, bring some men to aid Commander Sang.

Have him get involved in this operation.”

He decided to just leave Chu clans guards back at the estate and entrust this entire affair to Sang Qians army.

If they screwed this matter up, then hell have something to use against Sang Hong in the future.

“Okay!” Zu An saw the look Chu Chuyan gave him from the side.

He knew that this was the chance she fought to obtain for him, so he immediately agreed.

Out of worry that Chen Xuan might try to assassinate him along the way, the Chu clan sent out a dozen guards to accompany him.

Along the way, Zu An thought to himself I wonder if that Sang Qian would immediately throw hands if he knew I copped a feel of his fiances legs.

But I mean, Zheng Dan did approach me first, so who knows if this Sang Qian is involved behind the scenes or not.


Dont tell me Sang Qian actually has some weird fetish

I really dont mind having a friend like this!


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