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Pei Mianman already began her demonstration after speaking.

She was born beautiful.

Together with the gracefulness of this technique, she didnt seem like she was displaying a martial art at all, but as if she was dancing.

This truly was a splendid and wonderful performance, as if a goddess appeared in the world of mortals.

Zu An couldnt help but release a sigh. What the heck was I even watching before Those ancient costume dramas have nothing on this! Those court dancers all look so stupid in comparison.

I guess its still mainly because those drama dance performances werent that amazing, or else everyones eyes would be glued to their screens.

Zu Ans eyes also followed Pei Mianmans movements back and forth.

He felt as if his own heart was jumping along with her dance.

Pei Mianman demonstrated the technique while explaining the technique.

When she saw his dumbfounded expression when she was done, she became a bit angry.

“Im done.

How much of it do you remember”

You have successfully trolled Pei Mianman for 233 Rage!

“I remembered all of it,” replied Zu An subconsciously.

“All of it” Pei Mianmans brows immediately furrowed.

She only said that she would only show it once back then out of a moment of anger.

How could anyone have learned it from just a single look She only had a rough idea of this technique after seeing it displayed in front of her three times back then.”

“Yup.” Zu An wiped the corners of his mouth to check for drool. Thank god I didnt drool and embarrass myself.

As for the Entangling Feathersilk Art, he really wasnt lying.

After eating those Marrow Cleansing Pills, his brain felt incredibly sharp, his memory and other parts also extremely great.

He would already more or less learn it after seeing it once regardless of what he was studying.

Sigh, if I had this type of ability in my last life, then I couldve just picked whatever Tsinghua University or Peking University to enroll into!

“Then show it back to me!” Pei Mianman sneered. No wonder so many people hate this guy.

No one likes boasting men.


Zu An began to recall her movements.

He quickly displayed theEntangling Feathersilk Art back to her.

When he went through a larger half of this skill, Zu An suddenly released anaiya cry.

Pei Mianman was completely shocked when she saw him perform the Entangling Feathersilk Art without any mistakes.

When she saw him stop, she finally released a breath of relief. I guess this guy still forgot some parts in the end.

But reaching this point in such a short amount of time was already quite exceptional.

She was just about to offer him some words of praise when she suddenly heard him say, “I shouldve said that I dont remember all of it so that you can teach me while holding my hand.

That would be a perfectly legitimate reason for skinship! Is it too late now to say that I dont remember everything”

Pei Mianman: “......”

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment when he saw her face go cold.

He didnt dare go too far after what happened just now.

He performed the rest of the technique right away.

“What do you think Did I get any parts wrong” Zu An asked in a hurry.

Pei Mianmans red lips moved slightly, but she didnt say anything for a long time.

Then, she finally exhaled.

“There are no mistakes.”

No only was there no mistake, it was simply perfect.

She couldnt find a single flaw no matter how picky she tried to be.

This fella was actually this talented!

Pei Mianman was completely shocked. No wonder that proud and arrogant Chuyan chose him as her husband! She must have known that he was an unpolished gem from the start.

As for the academys yellow class evaluation, thats probably due to the Chu clans involvement behind the scenes.

Chuyan is normally fresh and pure, who would have thought that she is actually this two-faced!

You got me completely fooled!

“Whats wrong” Zu An couldnt help but ask when he saw her changing expressions.

“Are you working together with Chuyan to deceive me!” Black flames suddenly rushed out from Pei Mianmans entire body.

A ring of black flames surrounded the two of them, as if she was going to burn him to ashes a second later.

Zu Ans expression changed at once when he felt the terrifying heat.

His entire body immediately went taut in preparation against the other partys possible attack.

He swallowed his saliva and said, “How am I deceiving you”

“The two of you are showing the rest of the world how much the Chu clan dislikes you, deceiving me to the point where I foolishly even cooperated with you.

Is Chu Chuyan laughing from behind the scenes” Pei Mianmans willowy brows shot up vertically.

Her eyes didnt carry any feigned fierceness, but rather true killing intent.

“Its not like you didnt see for yourself how I am treated in the estate! That Qin Wanru was criticizing me so much she almost chased me out! How did I deceive you” Zu An had an innocent look on his face.

He didnt know why she would suddenly get so angry.

“You told me you wanted me to help you pursue Chu Chuyan, that youll help me look for her account book, but your relationship doesnt seem to be that bad!” Pei Mianman still didnt dispel her doubts.

“The two of us really werent that close in the beginning! My title as the young master only exists in name, she doesnt treat me like a real husband at all.

It was just that after that dungeon experience, Shi Kun and his experts chased us all over the place.

Our relationship only made a turn for the better after going through all of this.

But even so, we are still far from a real husband and wife!”

“Is that true” Only after hearing him say these things did Pei Mianman relax.

“Of course it is!” Zu An carefully moved her hand away from him.

“But this best friend of hers doesnt seem to have done much You said you would help me get Chuyan, but I didnt even see any effort! I figured itll be faster if I just did things myself.”

“Do you really have the nerve to say this Then what about that account book you agreed to find for me You didnt find a thing!” Pei Mianman said hatefully.

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment.

“But you couldve at least done something.

Also, my status in the Chu clan is really too low, I dont have access to that stuff at all.”

Pei Mianman harrumphed.

Her eyes suddenly turned to the side.

“Hm Your swords not bad.”

She was a bit surprised when she saw the Taie Sword stab into the ground like tofu.

When she was just about to examine it, Zu An was worried that she might find out about something.

He said in a hurry, “Um… arent you worried about the elemental fluctuations drawing attention in this Chu estate”

The first time they met was in Chu Chuyans room.

Pei Mianman didnt even use her black flames in that life and death struggle precisely out of fear of alarming the clans experts.

But the situation suddenly escalated to that point, so there was no way they wouldnt alarm anyone.

Sure enough, Pei Mianmans expression changed.

“Its all your fault!”

After shooting him a glare, she disappeared into the night with a tap of her toes.

When he thought about the anger and ambiguity behind her look before she left, a gentle smile couldnt help but appear on Zu Ans face.

Why in the world did I suddenly kiss her

Its even more strange that she didnt even show much of a reaction… no, her reaction was pretty big…

When Chu clans commander Yue Shan rushed over with a group of guards, they saw that Zu An was currently looking at a mirror.

He hurriedly asked, “Young master, did an enemy intrude here”

“Nope.” Zu An said in a carefree manner.

The guards looked around for a long time, but they indeed didnt find anything.

When they were just about to leave, Yue Shan finally couldnt help but ask, “Young master, why do you keep looking in the mirror”

The other guards shared his confusion. Why is a man like you staring into a mirror so late into the night So awkward.

“I am trying to figure out if I really am too handsome.

Otherwise, why would so many girls end up liking me” Zu An subconsciously replied.

It was first Shang Liuyu, Chu Chuyan, and then Qiu Honglei and Pei Mianman.

All of them ran over with all types of items and skills as soon as they learned that he was being targeted by Chen Xuan.

How could he not feel cocky about his face

Yue Shan: “......”

All of the guards: “......”

Sorry for disturbing you, were out of here.

Why do I suddenly feel like throwing up

Those guards all left with strange expressions.

When he saw the string of Rage points come in, Zu An thought to himself that these people really were petty.

This was purely jealousy.

Early the next morning when Zu An was still fast asleep, he was suddenly woken up by the doors pounding sounds.

“Who is it!”

Zu An was full of morning grumpiness. Which idiot is pounding on my door so early in the morning

He turned his body, about to ignore it.

Suddenly, the entrance was kicked open.

“Lazy ass brother-in-law, the suns already shining on your butt.

Wake up already!” Chu Huanzhaos unique tender but unruly voice sounded.

When he looked at the broken door bolt, Zu Ans face darkened.

“Girl, would it hurt you to be a bit more lady-like Im really worried that no one will want to marry you in the future.”

“Its none of your business even if no one wants to marry me!” When Chu Huanzhao saw that he was still wrapped within his sheets, she couldnt help but say, “Hurry and get up already! Im going to pull off the covers if you still dont get up!”

Her hands were already reaching into his covers while speaking.

Zu An was given a fright, saying in panic, “Im not wearing anything! If you want to remove the covers then go for it!”

“Pervert!” Chu Huanzhao instantly pulled back her hands as if she had been shocked by electricity.

Zu An became speechless. Im the one sleeping peacefully here and youre barging into my room, so how am I the pervert here!

“Why arent you going to school today” Chu Huanzhaos face was a bit red.

She turned around and asked.

“Who told you” Zu An was a bit shocked.

“Big sis told me.” Chu Huanzhao harrumphed.

She ran over right away for confirmation when her older sister told her Zu An wasnt going to school today, that she didnt have to wait for him.

“Yeah, I have some important matters to take care of today.” He couldnt fall asleep again after being disturbed like this.

Zu An got up and began to put on some clothes.

“Tsk, what kind of important matters could you possibly have” When she heard the sounds of him putting on clothes, Chu Huanzhaos little face became more and more red.

At the same time, she began to wonder what her brother-in-law looked like without clothes on.

She was horrified as soon as this thought appeared in her mind.

She began to spit pah pah pah!

“What the heck are you doing” Zu An asked with curiosity.

“Nothing! If youre not going then whatever, Ill go by myself!” Chu Huanzhao immediately ran away guiltily as if he might find out what she was thinking if she stayed even a second longer.

Zu An was baffled.

Why did this girl suddenly get so flustered He really couldnt figure out the thoughts of young girls.

Soon afterwards, Chu Chuyan contacted him that the silver was already being prepared, so he could start making plans.

Zu An thought to himself for a bit. Me and that Wang Yuanlong only met once.

I should grab Chu Yucheng too as a middle-man.

The two of them already have a good relationship.

Chu clans third branch was also incharge of Chu clans salt business, so she didnt have any objections to this either.

Soon afterwards, Chu Yucheng contacted Wang Yuanlong.

By noon, the three of them already met in Immortal Abode.

Wang Yuanlong couldnt help but sigh with praise when he saw Qiu Honglei behind the beaded curtains.

“I really respect Brother Zu… Otherwise, I would have never gotten the chance to admire lady Qius beautiful zither sound from up close.”

Zu An said with a hearty laugh, “Youre overpraising me, I dont really have any other skills, I just happen to be good with girls, haha~”


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