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Chu Chuyan: “......”

Why did the words from this guys mouth always sound so strange

But she couldnt really argue back, because she really did have to take off her clothes for the treatment.

She turned around with bitterness.

Her clothes slowly slid down her silky skin, revealing a stunning snow white scene that would make any men go crazy.

Zu An thought this wont do.

I gotta tell her I have to treat her front side next time.

But out of fear of scaring her, he decided that he shouldnt be overhasty.

He really had to work hard to hold back a nosebleed while completing tonights treatment.

Chu Chuyan expressed her thanks to him with a reddened face.

Then, she firmly chased him out of her room.

“Who treats their benefactors like this” Zu An snorted in discontent as he left her courtyard.

At the same time, he gave his unsatisfied little bro down there a look. This cannot continue! Ill get sick at this rate!

What did people say before Unsatisfied and ungrown

He mumbled to himself in annoyance the whole way back to his own room.

Suddenly, his mind shook.

He evaded to the side and dodged the attack from behind the door.

“Oh Not bad.

Youve improved from yesterday.” A flirtatious laughter sounded from behind the door.

Zu An followed the source of the sound, seeing Pei Mianman leaning against the door with an ambiguous smile on her face.

Her laughter made great waves ripple across her magnificent chest.

“Eyes up here.” Pei Mianman snorted, noticing his expression.

With a flip of her wrist, her fine white hand stabbed at him.

Zu An jumped in fright.

“Arent we buddies already You dont have to react like this just because I stared for a bit too long, right”

Pei Mianmans tender and beautiful face immediately became extremely cold.

Her playful eyes also revealed a hint of frigid killing intent.

Zu An was alarmed. I dont think she got my joke.

He didnt dare act carelessly either, his hand immediately moving to his Taie Sword.

But before his sword even left the scabbard, Pei Mianman already rushed over, one hand pressing his sword back into the scabbard.

The other hand seized the chance to attack him.

If this was any other time, Zu An would have definitely spent some time complimenting this fine hand, maybe even stroke it a bit.

But the crazy strength coming out of that hand already left him horrified.

There was no charm or gentleness left at all!

He wanted to evade backwards, but the other party stuck right in front of him, not letting him pull open the distance at all.

Zu An already invested everything into sword techniques, so his unarmed combat skills really werent anything special.

Without a sword, he could only fight on instinct.

In a moments work, several fists already landed on his body.

If not for Zu Ans greatly increased cultivation and the Primordial Origin Sutra tempering his body, he might have already been seriously injured, blood pouring out of his mouth.

He wouldve already lost most of his fighting strength.

Even so, there was no way he wouldnt get worked up after being struck like this

The other partys sudden and unreasonable attacks already made him a bit angry.

He immediately used the modifiedSunflower Phantasm, his body suddenly dividing into two.

Pei Mianman was surprised.

She clearly didnt expect this.

Her hand moved even faster, just happening to strike Zu Ans chest acupoint.

However, she didnt feel a hint of happiness.

That empty feeling that transmitted back from her fingers told her that she missed.

Sure enough, theZu An she struck scattered into countless fragments of lights and shadows.

She was shaken.

She was just about to dodge to the side, but a cold feeling suddenly pressed against her neck.

A sword was already resting on her shoulder.

“Whats wrong with you Do you accept your defeat”

Zu An also noticed that even though her blows looked heavy, she didnt actually use all her strength.

Since she did hold back a bit, he didnt go too far this time either.

“Youre no fun at all.

Fine, I lose~”

“As soon as she said the wordlose, her body suddenly twisted.

Like a beautiful snake, she slipped out and rammed into his chest.

Zu An was alarmed.

He subconsciously stepped backwards, but it was already too late.

He felt his wrist go numb, unable to hold the Taie sword anymore.

When the Taie sword fell down, Pei Mianmans body winded left and right around him, instantly twisting Zu Ans arms behind his back.

Then, the tips of her toes pressed against the crook of his leg.

Zu An could no longer remain standing, directly forced into a kneeling position.

Pei Mianman twisted his arms while pressing her knee against his back.

Then, with a beautiful smile, she blew gently by his ear.

“So Do you accept your defeat”

“I accept… my ass!” Zu An roared.

He immediately forcefully twisted his body.

His arm dislocated with a crack sound, breaking free from her hold.

Pei Mianman didnt expect him to be this fierce.

Her face turned pale, her other hand also subconsciously loosening.

Zu An already prepared his following moves.

He pounced like a furious lion, instantly pushing her down.

Pei Mianman wanted to evade, but her legs were kicked out from under her, making her lose her center of gravity.

She fell unsteadily to the ground.

Zu An didnt feel any hesitation this time.

He pressed down on her with his weight, and then used the brazilian jujitsu from his past world to lock her down.

Pei Mianman struggled again and again, but her current position robbed her of most of her bodys strength.

“Its this again…” Pei Mianman curled her lips and decided she might as well give up on her struggle.

The two of them still werent acquainted with each other back then.

She was also locked down by this fella in the end by this guy.

Zu An was gasping for breath.

The tremendous strength he erupted with just now left him more tired than even running three kilometers in his past world.

“Woman, you admit defeat”

“I admit defeat, I admit defeat.” Pei Mianman shot him a complaining look.

“Big guy, you have to teach me this later.”

Zu An didnt dare act carelessly after the painful lesson he just learned.

He didnt let her go and instead continued to ask quietly, “What the heck were you trying to do Why did you suddenly attack me”

“It was mainly to train your reaction speed.

Arent you being targeted by that Chen Xuan right now As a friend, I obviously need to help you out with your training,” replied Pei Mianman.

Her peach blossom eyes seemed like they could speak, always filled with a smiling expression.

It was as if she didnt take any of this to heart.

“Is it really just this” Zu An was a bit skeptical.

“You cant blame me for having some selfish motives, I wanted to test you out a bit.

I wanted to see just just what kind of skills makes you normally so confident,” Pei Mianman said this without hiding anything.

Zu An began to think to himself.

He was actually already eighty percent convinced.

Even though this girl did attack him quite fiercely, she didnt really want him dead.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have subconsciously let go when he endured the pain and dislocated his own arms.

Pei Mianman finally became a bit annoyed when she saw that he still didnt move.

“Get off me already! Does it feel that good to press down your wifes close friend like this”

It would have been fine if she didnt say the second sentence.

Zu An was already irritated after leaving Chu Chuyans room.

But now that he was incited by these ambiguous words, his entire body went rigid.

“What is prodding at me” Pei Mianmans brows furrowed.

“Who would have thought that a brat like you would even fiddle with secret weapons! You really did still have some tricks you didnt reveal.”

Zu Ans face turned red.

What was he supposed to say here He immediately became speechless.

Pei Mianman subconsciously turned around.

Her charming face suddenly flushed red.

How could she not figure out what happened

“Damn brat, get off me right now or Ill burn you down!” Pei Mianman said while biting down on her lip.

A black flame began to jump about on her finger.

Zu An was originally about to get up.

But when he heard the threatening tone in her voice, his stubborn nature immediately flared up.

“No way.

If you have the skill then just burn me! Even before I die, Ill drag you down with me.

Dying as lovebirds doesnt seem that bad!” Zu An was worried that she would escape, so he pressed down even tighter.

“You… scoundrel!” Pei Mianman finally began to panic when she felt the heavy impact.

She cant just burn him down over some small matter like this, right

But Ill burn him to death if he keeps doing stuff like this even if hes Chuyans husband!

Pei Mianman continued to set bottom lines in her mind.

Zu An was extremely amused when he saw this usually flirtatious and charming woman become so flustered.

He carefully examined the girl beneath him, noticing a blushing spread across her beautiful snow white face.

This type of bashfulness really couldnt be faked.

He was inwardly stirred.

He lowered his head to give her cheek a kiss.

“Ah!!!” Pei Mianman was frightened.

She clearly didnt expect him to suddenly do this.

Her entire body trembled.

The black flame on her fingertip also completely went out after jumping a few times.

Her voice was shaking a bit, her peach blossom eyes even produced a layer of watery mist.

Zu An was given a fright.

Why was her body this sensitive

The room immediately entered a strange state of silence.

Only these twos panting remained.

Pei Mianman finally calmed down after some time passed.

Messy hair covered her face, hiding her current expression.

“Get off!”

Zu An already regretted his impulsive action a bit, his guilt-ridden self unable to continue this.

He crawled up in a flustered manner.

“Just now, I…” Zu An was just about to apologize, but inside, he was wailing in anguish.

What was the use of an apology now

But who wouldve known that Pei Mianman would immediately cut him off here

“I was testing you before to see what level you are at.

Your movement techniques and sword skills arent bad, but your hand to hand combat skills are too poor.

Ill teach you the Entangling Feathersilk Art so that you still have a way to protect yourself against Chen Xuan in a situation where you cant use your sword.”

Zu An blinked his eyes. Are we just going to pretend nothing happened

Seeing that he didnt say anything in reply and continued to stare at her, Pei Mianman suddenly became annoyed.

“Are you listening!”

You have successfully trolled Pei Mianman for 111 Rage!

Zu An gulped.

“I heard you, but just now…”

“There are no buts.

Nothing happened at all just now.

The things I am teaching you today… you cannot tell Chu Chuyan either, understand” Pei Mianman stared at him, her eyes full of admonishment.

“Understood!” Zu An reacted straight away.

Since she didnt want to mention what happened anymore, then he wouldnt continue to beat the dead horse.

Either way… he wasnt the one losing out.

“Watch carefully, Im only going to show you once! If you dont pay attention then thats on you!” Pei Mianmans face blushed slightly.

She was clearly trying to deceive herself with her words before.


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