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Shes there, then shes there, perfect time for her to witness my insane skills.

She can look for me in the future if she has some menstrual pain or something.

Zu An harrumphed and walked straight in.

It was much easier to sneak around now with thisMirror Mirage concealment skill.

He even saved a use ofGrandgale this time.

But of course, this was only because the Chu clan was mainly guarded against outside intruders.

None of them expected there to be people sneaking around inside.

He arrived under Chu Chuyans window.

It directly opened with a gentle push.

He immediately became quite pleased.

Seems like the wife didnt forget to leave this window open today.

He quietly tiptoed to the bedside.

He could vaguely make out a seductive figure lying to her side.

However, the room was too dark, so it was too hard to make out her appearance.

This time, he didnt dare throw himself over and grope around.

He could call the last time an accident, but if he touched Qin Wanru again, forget about Qin Wanrus reaction, Chu Chuyan might even decide to just chop off his hand.

“Wife, is that you” Zu An asked probingly.

A lazy groan sounded.

“Who else could it be”

Zu An let out a breath of relief.

He rushed over to the bedside and sat down.

“What about your mom”

Chu Chuyan immediately moved away from him to avoid being taken advantage of.

“She already knows that you have to treat me at night.

How can she still have the shame to stay here and embarrass everyone”

Zu An chuckled.

“Respected mother-in-law really is considerate.”

“Now youre calling her respected mother-in-law The two of you looked like you were itching to get your hands on each other earlier.” Chu Chuyan said with a bit of annoyance.

She didnt say anything out of consideration for his emotions earlier, but there was no way she would feel that happy seeing him clash against her mother.

“But nothing happened in the end, right” Zu Ans face became warm.

“Okay, okay.

At worst, Ill just ignore her, I wont hit her back even if she hits me, wont argue back if she criticizes me, wont that do”

“Really This isnt like you at all.” Chu Chuyans gem-like eyes stared into his eyes, her eyes filled with suspicion.

“Of course its real! But if she scolds me once, then Ill kiss her daughter once.

If she hits me once, then Ill…” Zu Ans eyes were already sweeping over her enchanting figure before he even finished his sentence.

“What will you do” Chu Chuyans heart jumped, subconsciously tightening the clothes around her chest.

Her cultivation was clearly higher than his, yet she was still subconsciously scared of this fella for some reason.

“Then Ill spank you! What did you think it was” Zu An had a big smile on his face when he saw her somewhat flustered expression.

Chu Chuyan: “......”

Thats definitely not what this guy was thinking!

But she couldnt really say that, so she could only fume with rage as she glared at him.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 5 5 5…

When he saw that her cheeks were a bit puffed, Zu Ans heart shook.

This much cuter than her usual coldness! He couldnt help but scooch over.

Chu Chuyans eyelashes trembled.

She turned her head bashfully to the side, her small hands grabbing the bed sheets.

She was struggling inside, not knowing what to do.

Seeing that she didnt directly oppose him, Zu An was overjoyed.

Seems like all that effort treating her these days wasnt for nothing! First objective cleared! Were now already a lot closer.

He was already about to kiss her on the cheek when Chu Chuyans brows suddenly froze.

She reached out a hand to stop him.

Her originally bashful expression immediately returned to its usual icy coldness.

“You have the smell of another woman on you.”

Zu An almost slapped himself on the mouth.

He already made this mistake before, and now today was a repeat of that disaster!

“You went to that Qiu Hongleis place again today” Chu Chuyan asked expressionlessly.

Zu An: “......”

Chu Chuyan immediately snorted before he could even say anything.

“Dont even try to deny it.

The smell this time is exactly the same! Hmph! You fought with my mother because of her not too long ago, and then you immediately went to see her.

You really are something!”

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 213 Rage!

Zu An panicked when he saw her rage steadily climbing.

Im really done for if I let this continue…

He said in a hurry, “Im being wronged here! The reason I looked for her isnt because of what you are thinking! It was because there wasnt anything to eat at home, so I decided to eat dinner there…”

His voice became more and more quiet as he spoke.

“If you just ordered any random servant, would they not bring you something to eat Furthermore, should you really be getting food from another woman if theres no food at home” It might have been better if he didnt try to explain himself.

Chu Chuyan only felt more and more angry when she heard his absurd excuse.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 476 Rage!

Luckily, Zu Ans brain moved quickly.

He already reacted during this short time.

“Of course I didnt go there mainly for food! You told me about that headache inducing illicit salt trade, so I only went to Immortal Abode because I really was worried about you!”

“What does going to Immortal Abode have to do with the illicit salt trade” Chu Chuyan said with a frown.

Zu An gulped his saliva and hurriedly explained, “Your Chu clan is a representative of the government, so there are many channels you guys cant access.

But Immortal Abode is different! All types of people frequent that place, information spreads fast.

Qiu Hongleis status is high, so she might be able to obtain some useful information.”

Only now did Chu Chuyans face relax a bit.

“Then what kind of information did you receive”

“I found out that Brightmoon Citys biggest illicit salt dealer is the Whale Gang.

The gang leader is exceptionally mysterious, no one even seems to have seen his real face before…” Zu An recounted everything he heard from Qiu Honglei in full detail.

When she heard all of this, Chu Chuyan couldnt help but say, “Apart from a few parts that are a bit different, we already knew about most of this.

This was all you got out of that trip”

No way, I even got that Mirror Mirage! But he didnt dare tell her this and end up making her even more furious.

“Of course not! Its just that Qiu Honglei didnt pay too much attention to the illicit salt trade.

She agreed to help me look into this affair, so I believe well have new information soon.”

Chu Chuyan said with displeasure, “Which means that youll be visiting her frequently in the future”

“This is all for the Chu clans business! But if my love gives the word, I wont go even if she calls for me! Ill just flat out refuse them!” Zu An made a solemn vow.

Chu Chuyan felt some hesitation.

She obviously didnt want him going to that type of place.

However, with how difficult the Chu clans situation was right now, she could still accept this if he could gather any useful information from Qiu Honglei.

“Why is that Qiu Honglei treating you so well” She suddenly asked.

When he saw that she didnt immediately refuse, Zu An snickered inwardly.

This girl definitely wouldnt make any choices that would harm the interests of the Chu clan.

“Of course its because Im too handsome!” Zu An stuck out his chest.

“Even a glorious dukes esteemed daughter like you chose me out of an endless sea of candidates! If a brothel courtesan like her doesnt even choose me, then wouldnt that be letting down Chu clan young miss discerning sight”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

This guy really is too shameless!

She didnt feel like arguing over this and directly said, “Forget it, I wont stop you from going there in the future, but arrange a spot for one more when you go next time.”


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