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Who has reached my level of awesomeness as a man!

Its not that I want to criticize all of the men Ive met so far, but all of you are trash!

If Zu An had a tail, it would be pointing straight at the ceiling right about now.

However, he did find things a bit strange.

For better or for worse, Shang Liuyu was already a close friend of his.

The two of them could even be considered friends of the soul after their several interactions.

There was even less of a need to talk about Chu Chuyan, but this was his wife, and the two of them even went through life and death together.

They even engaged in the most intimate exchange…

He didnt find it strange for them to give him things at all.

But this Qiu Honglei…

The two clearly tried to deceive each other right from the very start, both of them filled with endless schemes in hopes that the other would fall into their trap first.

Their interactions seemed full of joy and affection, but Zu An knew just how much fakeness there was behind all of this.

But now, he had no idea what in the world this girl was trying to do.

He wasnt in a hurry to receive it.

Instead, he looked calmly into the other partys beautiful eyes.

“This thing is way too precious.

Why would the lady give me something like this”

“Young masters words are really leaving me broken hearted!” Qiu Hongleis expression immediately became sad.

“My heart already belongs to the young master! I dont want the boyfriend I chose to die early...

Im still waiting patiently for the day the young master brings me out of Immortal Abode…”

Zu An: “......”

His rationality told him to not believe a single word coming out of this womans mouth.

However, there was no way he could be unaffected by such a deeply affectionate performance!

He took a deep breath, doing his best to calm down his chaotic thoughts.

He said with a chuckle, “Then thanks a bunch! Ill come get the lady when theres a chance!”

What do I have to be scared of Im a man, its not like I have anything to lose anyway.

Even if there is some conspiracy behind this, at worst, Ill just offer my body or something as compensation.

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“Young master better not turn your back on me.”

Even though the affection behind her tone was enough to melt even the most well-tempered steel, Zu An immediately warned himself to calm down.

“Lady Qiu is so beautiful that I dont think there is any man in the world who can turn their back on you.”

Qiu Honglei gently shook her head, her expression carrying a bit of melancholy.

“How can looks create a lasting relationship Honglei has always been seeking someone who is caring.

I hope the young master doesnt disappoint me.”

Damn it, damn it I cant take it anymore! This woman is too **ing good! “Cough cough...

since this Mirror Mirage can hide ones cultivation and aura, I wonder if the ladys cultivation is extremely high Was this the skill you used to deceive the eyes of everyone in Brightmoon City”

Qiu Honglei said with a smile, “The young masters imagination is truly rich.

All types of guests come to Immortal Abode, Honglei only has a small reputation.

Many of them bring all types of gifts they find precious just to see me smile, so how could I refuse them Thats why I ended up collecting so many secret manuals.

If the young master has a need, you can see if there is anything else that catches your eye.”

Zu An felt like he was being tossed about in a storm.

There are always many simps regardless of what world youre in… They have no idea their precious things are being used to curry favor with another man!

Hm But why do I feel so good

“This beautys affection is too strong, I really dont know how to repay you.

How about I just devote my body to you” Zu An smiled and threw himself at her.

Qiu Honglei tapped with her feet.

Her dress fluttered about, perfectly escaping his hand.

“Ah Zu, you already promised me that only after you take me in will I… will I… serve you.”

Her words were paired with that natural shyness, truly taking this performance to the next level.

“Honglei, seems like Ive been too rude.” Zu An laughed heartily, but his mind was instead incredibly clear.

Seems like this woman really is putting on an act.

His actions looked like they were willful, but he actually paid special note to the angle and timing.

There shouldnt have been any way for this girl to escape, yet she did it so effortlessly.

Her cultivation was high as he expected.

It even seems to be much higher than mine.

Zu An immediately became depressed when he thought about this.

Why are all the girls I run into so crazy strong

Arent there any that are more shoddy so I can have a bit more confidence

But that brat Huanzhao immediately appeared in his head.

At least theres Little Huanzhao to keep me company.

“Ah Zu~” When she heard Zu An change the way he addressed her, Qiu Honglei couldnt help but feel happy.

She also called out intimately in response.

Zu An was trying to figure out her objective, but he just couldnt figure it out.

As such, he just gave up on thinking.

At least it doesnt seem like she wanted to harm him.

In that case, hell just make as much use out of her as he could.

After thinking about it, he then asked, “Honglei, your Immortal Abode has an excellent information network, right”

“Men from all over the world love to frequent this place.

You know how men are once they drink a bit, theyll easily run their mouths in front of women.

That is why our Immortal Abode knows about many things.” Qiu Honglei said with a smile, “I wonder what it is that Ah Zu wants to know”

“Do you know about Brightmoon Citys illicit salt situation” Zu An thought of the issue that was deeply troubling Chu Chuyan.

He couldnt help but ask about this.

“Illicit salt” Qiu Hongleis heart moved.

“Ah Zu is worried about the Chu clans current situation”

Zu An said with a bitter smile, “Honglei is exceptionally intelligent as expected.

Chu clan is a bit troubled by the rampant illicit salt trade, currently fretting over the way to deal with this issue.”

He wanted to test the waters with the Chu clans situation, see just what side Qiu Honglei was on.

Qiu Honglei said with a frown, “Brightmoon Citys illicit salt trade has indeed begun to spread unchecked.

The cause for this is still because the profits are too great.

All those who engage in the illicit salt business are fugitives, and for the sake of resisting the authorities, theyve all grouped up into their respective underworld gangs.”

“Gangs” Zu An was stunned.


From what I know, the largest gang in the vicinity is the Whale Gang, and they seemed to have become rich precisely through this illicit salt trade.

Their gangs leader has always been mysterious.

The opinions over his true identity differ, there isnt a single definitive conclusion.” Qiu Honglei said after thinking for a bit.

“Whale Gang…” Zu An had a pensive expression on his face.

“Is there any other information”

Qiu Honglei shook her head, saying a bit apologetically.

“You know what my current status is as well.

It is difficult for me to come into contact with these people.

I never paid special attention to this affair either, so I do not know too much.

But since you want to know so badly, I can help you look into it in the following days.

I might be able to gather some information.”

“Then Ill really have to thank Honglei!” Zu An was overjoyed.

The Chu clan was still under the government after all, so it would be hard for their investigations to produce anything.

However, Immortal Abode hovered on the borders of legality to begin with.

Information should spread much more quickly here.

Moreover, with Qiu Hongleis status, things will definitely move much quicker.

“Why is there a need for thanks between us” Qiu Honglei said with a smile.


Zu An chatted with her for a while longer.

Eventually, the sky already darkened, so he got up to bid her farewell.

Qiu Honglei was also worried that he might do something that crossed the line if he stayed here, so she didnt pressure him to stay.

After seeing him out and returning to her room, Gu Yueyi was already waiting by the entrance.

His eyes were still completely bewitched when he looked at her, but after last times affair, he showed much more restraint.

He immediately lowered his head to ask, “Junior sister, why do you treat that guy so well Youve even passed on your clans special skill to him!”

Qiu Honglei sat down on a chair in a rather relaxed manner.

“He is someone I picked, so how can I just let him get killed by Chen Xuan”

Gu Yuyi raised his head to sneak in a peak.

Her dress moved about when she sat down, as if something inside might be revealed.

Unfortunately, he couldnt see anything.

Screw that absolute area!

He was worried that she might notice his actions, so he hurriedly asked, “Do you really want to help him deal with the illicit salt dealers Those fellas are all ruthless and cold-blooded criminals!”

“Are we any different” Qiu Honglei sneered.

Her legs changed their posture in an extremely natural manner.

“I was worried about how I was going to get involved before, and now a good opportunity is presenting itself.

Zu Ans status in the Chu clan is still too low right now.

This wont be beneficial for our future plans.”

“We can use this chance to help him get rid of this illicit salt trade that has troubled the Chu clan, and this should allow him to slowly climb up the clans ranks.

I can even borrow this opportunity to get closer to him.

Hell realize that he definitely needs our help if he wants to have some say in the Chu clan.”

Her action of folding her legs made Gu Yueyi swallow his saliva.

“Junior sister has thought far ahead after all!”

Qiu Honglei snickered.

She reached out her hand and then suddenly clenched her fist.

“Even though that fella is a bit different from other men, he still wont escape my grasp.”


Zu An suddenly sneezed on his way back to the Chu clan.

“I wonder which beauty is thinking of me.”

Jiao Shao and the other two guards really wondered just how this fella trained to have such thick skin.

But the three of them had a wonderful time in Immortal Abode, so they understood that they were sharing Zu Ans glory this time.

As such, their eyes carried a bit more admiration for him than usual.

Zu An didnt pay them any attention.

He was constantly checking around him, yet he never found any traces of Chen Xuan.

Not even the Rage points picked up anything.

Hes probably not here.

Zu An thus began to flip through the jade strips he received just now from Qiu Honglei.

As a wave of vital energy entered the jade strips, a streak of light flickered past the surface of the jade strips.

He could feel many words entering his brain.

“The body is the tree of wisdom, within the heart rests a mirror.

Wipe it frequently, do not let it grow dusty…”

Upon carefully studying it, he discovered that this secret arts principles were a bit similar to his past worlds buddhist doctrine.

They both pursued a state ofnothingness.

If one wanted to completely conceal their cultivation and auras, then they had to completely becomenothing first.

The further he comprehendednothingness, the greater the effects of concealment.

This would enable him to hide his cultivation from even higher level experts.

He continued to ponder over this secret art on the way back.

When they were about to reach Chu estate, the surrounding Jiao Shan, Feng Daniu, and Zhou Fujun turned around, all of them voicing their surprise.

“Whats wrong” Zu An asked.

“Nothing, it might have just been our misconception.

The young master seemed to have suddenly disappeared just now.” Zhou Lujun replied.

The other two also nodded in agreement.

But Zu An was clearly still there! Could it be that they ended up going a bit too ham today in Immortal Abode that their minds became weak

Seems like we really need to show a bit more restraint in the future.

The three of them were filled with shame.

Zu An was instead delighted.

He was a transcendent talent genius after all! He already learned this secret art so quickly!

When he returned to the estate, Zu An returned to his room first.

Then, he secretly made his way to Chu Chuyans courtyard.

It was time for his dear wifes treatment again.

When he saw that it was pitch-black inside, Zu An suddenly felt a wave of hesitation.

Qin Wanru wont be inside again tonight, right


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