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Jiao Shanhe and the other two guards suggested that Zu An travel in a carriage today.

There was no way others would be able to tell if Zu An was inside an enclosed carriage.

This would add another layer of protection.

Zu An rejected this suggestion.

If they did this, then his line of sight would be blocked and he wouldnt be able to discover danger ahead of time.

This was related to his very life! He didnt want to give his enemy the initiative.

When the three guards saw Zu An ride proudly along the street as if he was scared that others wouldnt know, the three guards became completely speechless.

But since this was already how things were, they could only grit their teeth.

They were all praying that nothing would happen.

A distant small peddler secretly released a pigeon when Zu An had just left the gates.

Soon afterwards, a red haired man removed a small slip of paper from this same pigeon in a hidden courtyard.

He frowned when he read the coded message.

“He left this quickly, moreover with just three guards”

One of his subordinates said excitedly from the side, “This kid really has a death wish! This is a great opportunity! Lets just get rid of him and avenge the second boss!”

Chen Xuan immediately roared at this subordinate, “Is that how I taught you Never underestimate your enemy, only then can you live a long life! This bastard Zu An took down Plum Blossom Sect and even ended your second boss life! Do you really think hes some idiot”

That subordinate shook his head.

“I dont think so.”

“Thats more like it.” Chen Xuan snorted.

“In my opinion, this is completely a trap to draw me out.”

“But what if it isnt Itll be such a huge waste to let this chance go…” That subordinate muttered.

Chen Xuan thought for a moment.

“Ill take a look around and make a move if theres an opportunity.

All of you can just stay here.

Theres people looking for us everywhere in the city, itll only be more dangerous if all of you come along.”

“You have to be careful boss!” The others all cupped their hands and voiced their acknowledgement.

Chen Xuan grunted in approval, and then he secretly left the courtyard.

Only after noticing that there was no one around did he remove the thin mask on his face.

When this mask was removed, his appearance began to slowly change, transforming into an ordinary face that wouldnt draw any attention in a crowd.

Even his head of fiery hair became the most ordinary and commonly seen black color.

This was the Blackwind Stockades Chen Xuan, someone who had run rampant for so many years.

He had done so many outrageous things, yet no one could ever catch him.

How could someone like this possibly be of the hot-headed and impulsive sort

When he appeared in Immortal Abode with a head of bright red hair and an arrogant and aggressive demeanor, that was an image he deliberately created.

He wanted everyone to associate him with red hair.

But how could this Chen Xuan be stupid to the extent where hell show his true face to others

Not even the people in the Blackwind Stockade knew that he always wore a mask

He was already used to all types of betrayal, lingering on the brink between and life and death since his youth.

There was no way he would show his trump cards to outsiders.

Chen Xuan rushed straight in Zu Ans direction.

He was able to quickly catch up with his speed.

He secretly observed for a while, but he didnt notice any type of ambush nearby.

An evil grin appeared on his face.

When he was just about to make a move, he suddenly noticed Zu Ans completely carefree expression.

This brat looked like he was marching in a parade or something, as if he was scared others wouldnt notice him.

He immediately hesitated.

What the hell

Soon afterwards, he understood what was going on!

A normal ambush wouldnt do anything against him.

There had to be another top level expert hiding nearby.

It might very well be Chu Zhongtian or the academys Jiang Luofu that personally came.

With those twos skills, he obviously had no way of locating them.

“Holy **! I almost fell for his trap!”

Chen Xuan wiped at the cold sweat pouring out of his forehead.

He stared fiercely at the distant Zu An.

“This little bastard really is treacherous!”

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 666 Rage!

Zu An felt a chill run through him when he saw the Rage points come in.

He immediately went completely on guard.

He secretly examined his surroundings to find out where Chen Xuan was.

But how could he possibly know that the current Chen Xuan wasnt that red haired man in his mind at all

Even though he was careful with his observations, how could it escape the detection of an experienced person like Chen Xuan

He immediately noticed Zu Ans unusual behavior.

A wave of shock filled Chen Xuans mind.

There shouldnt be any way for this kid to have noticed me with his cultivation level!

Did that hidden expert notice him

He began to panic.

After all, he was using his real appearance right now! Things really will become troublesome if he was seen.

But he was still a veteran in this field.

He didnt reveal anything out of the ordinary and continued his act as an ordinary pedestrian, leaving this street.

Only after walking past a few streets and making sure that no one was following him did he finally release a breath of relief.

“I have to be more careful in the future… today was too close of a call…”

On the other side, Zu An looked everywhere, yet he couldnt even find a single trace of Chen Xuan.

He didnt receive any more Rage points from the other party either.

He then realized what happened.

This Chen Xuan probably secretly left.

“Did I make it too obvious”

Zu An began to reflect over his actions.

From the various intelligence he had on this fella, Chen Xuan was more crafty than a fox, more cautious than a mouse.

It might not be that easy to bait this kind of guy into a trap.

They had already unknowingly arrived at Immortal Abode.

Because his invitation card was from Qiu Honglei, there was a servant girl who quickly brought him to Immortal Abodes rear court.

Qiu Honglei didnt bother with anything like boating this time after the disturbance last time.

She directly received him in her room.

She was immediately stunned when she saw this man wolf down the food in front of him.

“There really arent many men who think of food in this type of place.

You might be the first.”

“Cant help it, Im starving.

My stomach has b een rumbling the whole way here when I thought about the good food here.” Zu An said while shoving food into his mouth.

Qiu Honglei handed him a cup of tea when she saw his rather sloppy table manners.

She couldnt help but shoot him a look.

“Slow down, no one is trying to steal your food.”

Her change in expression was just too touching, enough to such the soul right out of ones body.

It was just a pity that Zu An was completely preoccupied with his food.

He didnt notice that beautiful scenery in front of him.

“By the way, how are those buddies of mine doing” Zu An asked while drinking the tea she gave him.

Qiu Honglei couldnt help but smile.

“Arent you the loyal one Dont worry, there will be people entertaining them to ensure that their trip wasnt made in vain.”

Zu An was a bit stunned when he heard her ambiguous words.

He just wanted to get those guys a bite to eat too, but why did he suddenly feel like he just signed up for some huge package

With Qiu Hongleis status, how could her arrangements be poor

Those fellas really are getting a good deal here! That idiot Cheng Shouping has no idea what he\'s missing out on.

Hold on… I better not be the one footing the bill for those guys expenses…

Damn it, Ive been scammed.

I came for free food.

I didnt even receive any benefits myself and the ones having the time of their lives are also those guys, but Im the one who has to pay

He began to curse himself for his stupidity.

Qiu Honglei couldnt help but ask with curiosity, “Does the glorious Chu clan not even provide you with a meal”

“Its complicated…” Zu An gave her a rough summary of what went on between him and Qin Wanru.

Of course, he left out some details he shouldnt be talking about.

Qiu Honglei immediately said, “With the young masters character and competence, how can Chu clan treat you like this! Honglei feels injustice in the young masters place.”

Zu An chuckled.

“Can I interpret this as you secretly inciting disharmony between me and Chu clan”

Qiu Honglei harrumphed in displeasure, playfully complaining, “I only said this because I treated the young master as a friend! Otherwise, who would dare speak poorly of Brightmoon Dukes clan”

“Alright, its my bad for doubting your noble character.” Zu An couldnt help but sigh inwardly.

Everyone always says that brothel girls know exactly what to say to make you feel better.

Seems like Ive gotten a first hand experience today.

Even though he clearly understood that this girl was still putting on a bit of an act, it still felt amazing.

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“This humble one doesnt have a noble character, I am just an ordinary girl.

I am already truly thankful that the young master doesnt find my words too short-sighted.”

“Lady Qiu must be joking.

Is this called short-sighted Then what do we call the countless men from Brightmoon City who prostrate themselves in front of you” Zu An replied with a smile.

“It doesnt matter how many other men prostrate themselves.

If I cannot move the young masters heart, then all of that is completely meaningless.” Qiu Hongleis large and beautiful eyes looked at him, within them swirling an enchanting radiance.

Zu An inwardly praised her skills.

This woman really was an alluring witch, the type that dragged others down straight to hell.

Qiu Honglei clearly didnt want to go too far either.

She quickly retracted her gaze and said with a gentle voice, “By the way, I heard that the young master suffered an attack from Chen Xuan in the morning”

Zu An said with surprise, “News really reaches lady Qiu quickly.”

“I was almost harmed by Chen Xuan last night too, so I paid special attention to any information on him.

Young master, please wait a bit.” Qiu Honglei suddenly got up and rushed into the inner hall.

Soon afterwards, she handed him a set of jade strips.

“Please accept this.

It might be of some help to the young master.”

Zu An was stunned.

He noticed the words on the glossy surface: Mirror Mirage

Then, with a flicker of light, the words faded into the jade strips again.

“What is this” Zu An couldnt help but ask.

Qiu Honglei replied, “These jade strips record the cultivation method Mirror Mirage” This secret art allows one to hide their cultivation, and it can also completely hide all of your aura.

Your enemies wont be able to see these things.”

“Chen Xuan is currently hiding in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity to assassinate the young master.

After thinking about it, Honglei decided that a movement technique would be unhelpful as it would be too hard to learn quickly.

Thats why I found this secret technique.

This might grant the young master more chances of survival against Chen Xuans attacks.”

Zu An was immediately stunned upon hearing her words.

Shang Liuyu gifted him a jade pendant, Chu Chuyan gave himSnowflake Sword, and now there was camouflaging secret art from Qiu Honglei…

Who the ** said mooched food doesnt taste good


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